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Chapter 421

“Nangong Che, you give me the bill and I will do it myself.” Yu Muwan bit her lip and said.

The man who hugged her frowned slightly, but still smiled and said softly, “I can come.”

Yu Muwan shook his head: “No, I can’t rely on you from now on. I still have nothing to do with you. Give me the bill-I’m serious.”

Nangong Che’s originally soft face gradually stiffened.

“You have to be so clear with me, don’t you? It’s always so stubborn, what happens if you get weak occasionally?” He frowned and said softly.

“Of course I hope someone can rely on me, but I didn’t have it before, and now I don’t want to be extravagant,” Yu Muwan felt a little bit cruel when he said this, and looked at him sincerely, “I mean… I can’t rely on you now, I…”

“Why can’t you rely on me?”

“You still have nothing to do with me. Even if you have a relationship, it’s just a little closer than before, but you have not yet reached the point where you can pay for me to take care of my life. I am an independent person, and I can support myself. You can feed my child-if you really want to take care of me, wait until we really have a relationship,” Yu Muwan finished, biting his lip, and said in a low voice, “but even if you are a couple and have mutual economic Independent, women have their own independent careers…”

Nangong Che only felt that she was going crazy by this little woman.

“Do you know if you do this will make your husband very unfulfilled?!” Holding her face in the palm of his hand, Nangong Che laughed.

Yu Muwan bit her lip, her clear eyes shining brightly: “But the man I want is not just to give me money. I hate that men give me money. You can eat people with short mouths and be soft. Don’t you know?”

Nangong Che laughed more openly, the corners of his melodious mouth dazzling in the bright sunlight.

“That’s your principle,” Nangong Che approached her in an upright posture, grabbed her waist tightly in front of her, bowed her nose to the tip of her nose, and declared domineeringly and tenderly, “and my principle is As long as the woman who follows me, I have to protect it to the end. No matter which aspect, I don’t need my woman to come out and solve it. Otherwise, what do you want me to do? Now, obediently go and pack things up and follow me out of the hospital. Don’t think about anything!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes widened as he listened to him.

“I said I can afford it myself, why don’t you listen… well…” She was k*ssed hard.

Nangong Che grabbed her small mouth and blocked her from speaking. She raised her hand to push him away, so Nangong Che took her wrist and twisted behind her. She frowned in pain, and he was so strong. Be lighter, freeing a hand to cup her face and guide her to raise her chin, forcing her to accept his love from the best angle.

This posture… is very erotic!

Yu Muwan could almost feel the hot assault. There was a hard thing on her lower body against her body, showing great strength and tension, and it was about to break through the fabric in the ironing of his lips and tongue. Pass the heat to her!

“Have everything packed?” Nangong Che let go of her wet small mouth, her eyes shining brightly.

Yu Muwan was almost suffocated and slumped in his arms. He was tightly blocked by his arms and did not soften. Now, after panting in shame, only the blur of the fireworks exploded in his eyes and mind, blurred.

She nodded subconsciously, she had nothing to bring to the hospital.

“That’s exactly, there is still half an hour. I drove to Youyang Elementary School to pick up Xiaoying and have a meal,” Nangong Che continued to induce her softly, “Should we eat outside or go home?”

Only then did Yu Muwan react.

“I… I didn’t promise…”

“You promised to give me a chance,” Nangong Che snatched her words, and rubbed her lips that were a little red and swollen from being k*ssed. “Can’t go back.”

“Nangong Che, I don’t want to be raised by your mistress as I did in the past. I have my own life and I have dignity. Don’t always put me in a world where no light can be seen…” Yu Muwan’s heart is lingering, clear Staring at him and said.

Nangong Che stroked her face lovingly and smiled.

“You are in the world where I can see the most light. I’m just looking for a beautiful and independent young woman, okay?” Nangong Che muttered in her ear, and the evil and graceful smile filled the corners of her mouth.

Yu Muwan was also amused and smiled, then slowly faded away, standing on tiptoe, suddenly his arms wrapped around his neck.

Nangong Che was startled, and his whole body stiffened suddenly.

“If you decide to be with me, you can’t look at other women, betray me, don’t dislike me, don’t abandon me, don’t let me rely on and leave, don’t promise that I can’t do things, let alone treat me Lost your temper and regret your decision today!” Yu Muwan finished speaking in one breath, his face was a little red, but his heart was beating abruptly, very nervous, “Are you afraid?”

For five years, she never gave her heart to anyone, never trusted anyone.

But when she chooses to believe in a person, all the conditions mentioned above must be fulfilled!

She is very demanding on feelings.

“Are you scared?” Yu Muwan relaxed his arms, stared at him with clear eyes, and asked seriously again.

Nangong Che endured the ecstasy in her heart, enjoying her first initiative, her sturdy arms tightened her in her arms, and a dull voice came from her chest, covering her ears lowly: “Don’t be afraid… …As long as you can accept me, I will agree to any request.”

“…Are you accepting me?” Nangong Che was still not sure, the handsome eyebrows were full of anxiety, and the big palm clasped her waist and asked anxiously, “Hurry up and tell me!”

Yu Muwan felt that the words were stuck in his throat, and his clear eyes were very playful, so he wanted to see him in a hurry.

“Hurry up! I can’t wait any longer. I will k*ss until you can’t speak any more!” Nangong Che was eager to get the result, pressing her nose with a dull voice.

Yu Muwan suddenly thought of another one: “I forgot, plus one more sentence, you are not allowed to use Qian Rou to threaten me!” She stretched out a finger to warn him seriously.

Nangong Che bit her tender white finger and said dumbly: “Okay, I promise!”

Yu Muwan was startled, and quickly took his hand out of his mouth.

“Then let’s try it together. After the probation period is over, we will talk about the future – if I think you are unqualified, you will strike out immediately!” Yu Muwan said seriously.

Nangong Che only heard the first half of her sentence, and his deep eyes gleamed.

When the nurse opened the door and took the receipt for Yu Muwan to sign, only to see a handsome and upright man inside. She picked her up in a circle in surprise, she screamed in shock, laughed, ambiguous and warm. The atmosphere filled the room.

The nurse blushed and knocked on the door: “Cough, that, can I come in?”

Chapter 422

Nangong Che put Yu Muwan down and hugged him into his arms, looking at her blushing gasping eyes, correcting the burning desire in her head and eyes, and mutely said to the nurse: “Sorry, you still wait Come here!”

Nurse: “Um…”

The moment she closed the door, she couldn’t help but take a sneak peek. The cracks in the door were full of beautiful scenes of blood spurting. The man’s sturdy arms firmly confined the woman’s soft waist, the perfect blend of rigidity and softness, lips and tongue. Entangled passionately, panting again and again.

It’s too…unbearable.


Xiaoying sat at the dinner table with his arms folded, staring at her lovely mom through her raised cap.

There is a haughty and provocative expression in the clear eyes.

Yu Muwan was slightly embarrassed, his slender fingers scanned the menu, and finally cleared his throat and asked, “Xiaoying, what do you want to eat? Mommy will help you order. If you don’t like it, we will go home. Mommy will help you do it. ?”

Such a baby made of powder-carved jade, staring as if trying to see through all her thoughts, a little bit overwhelming her-God knows how much IQ is higher than her!

Slender fingers stretched out and took the menu in her hand.

“Xiao Ying order what to eat by herself. I am still young and can’t be picky. We can’t change another store, eh?” Nangong Che said slowly in a low voice, sitting in a position with a straight figure that attracted the attention of the whole restaurant, his posture is elegant , There is infinite charm between the low eyebrows and the head down.

Yu Muwan was a little embarrassed, because at this moment Nangong Che’s arm was being carried behind her seat. From Xiaoying’s perspective, this enchanting god-like uncle was holding his mother affectionately.

Xiaoying shook her head in her heart, women are indeed fickle animals.

Okay, don’t worry anymore.

Xiaoying shook his legs, ordered a few dishes loudly, and waited on the seat while peeking at his mommy.

Nangong Che saw some clues, a smile appeared on his lips, and said lightly: “I’ll go to the bathroom first, and you will accompany Xiaoying.”

He patted Yu Muwan on the shoulder, and the soft motion was pampering.

Yu Muwan nodded, and after Nangong Che left, his confidence was even weaker.

“Baby, what do you want to tell Mommy? Don’t keep looking at Mommy like this, Mommy will keep playing drums in her heart.” Yu Muwan took a breath, her beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly, she couldn’t bear it. Staring at Xiaoying and said softly.

“Mummy, what is the purpose of our return home?”

Yu Muwan bit her lip: “Find my sister.”

“Well, did Mommy find it now?”

Yu Muwan thought for a while: “She will return to China in one month, and then we can be reunited.”

“Well, after Mommy finds the aunt, we don’t have to be here?” Xiaoying said, holding her chest and tilting her head. “Or Mommy has nostalgia for this place and is reluctant to leave?”

Yu Muwan: “…”

“Xiaoying, Mommy is a little unclear, but…” Yu Muwan didn’t know how to tell the child, supporting her head with her hand, her delicate eyebrows were getting tighter and tighter, and the palms of her chopsticks were sweating.

“Mom, you don’t need to explain!”

Xiaoying’s bright eyes were shining brightly, and the peaked cap lowered: “A sturdy life, no explanation is needed!”

Yu Muwan: “…”

“Xiaoying,” Yu Muwan held Xiaoying’s hand and said softly, “If you feel unacceptable, tell Mommy right away. Mommy’s own opinions don’t count. We are two people and cannot be separated. If you still If you hate him and hate him, then Mommy will never want him. Is that good?”

Xiaoying’s stubborn and arrogant eyes finally softened.

“Mommy has really had a hard time these years. Xiaoying will never interfere with Mommy’s finding happiness, but this daddy has not passed the test, Xiaoying won’t call him!” The little boy has a pale pink on his face. Said.

Of course, Yu Muwan didn’t expect Xiaoying to change her mouth. She and Nangong Che were only in a normal relationship at this moment, not even in a relationship. She didn’t know how to say it, but it was not as tense as before, so Xiaoying would be less hurt.

Nangong Che walked slowly from a distance, and had already heard Yu Muwan’s words in the corner.

——If the child does not accept it, she will not accept it?

Nangong Che’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and he walked over slowly, his expression returning to his grace and calmness.

He smiled faintly, touched Xiaoying’s head first, and said lightly: “I have studied your game last night. Would you like to hear your opinions?”

Xiaoying suddenly became energetic, sitting very straight, and said in surprise: “Uncle, have you already played?”

“It’s not that fast either. Two all nights, I have been through too much and the last level has not passed yet,” Nangong Che’s expressions were fascinated by exhaustion, and a smile appeared in his deep eyes, staring at the little shadow: “Thinking Don’t want to hear opinions?”

Xiaoying’s big eyes are full of incredibleness-his game has been researched and put to the developer, and almost no one can reach the final level in three days!

“Uncle, you didn’t use a cheat?” Xiaoying asked with a small face.

“Do you have a secret?” Nangong Che replied with a smile.

Xiaoying was entangled, thinking about it or accepting reality, tilted his cap to one side: “Okay! Uncle, let’s talk! Xiaoying is listening!”

Yu Muwan’s eyes were a little confused, unable to join their topic, and could only listen to them. Nangong Che slowly sits upright, his deep eyes have a wise and domineering light: “The idea is very delicate, basically there is no expected plot, so you have to be extra cautious when fighting. This is the advantage, and the disadvantage is that it is breaking. At the level of sharing, you don’t have enough chips to raise, which means that the benefit sharing you get after breaking your level is not attractive enough—”

Nangong Che’s deep and mellow voice hovered in the dining room, staring at the little child in front of him: “This is a little bit lower in terms of your child’s values, but the passion for customs clearance lies in the fact that you give enough things. , Stunning enough and unique enough, this is like a bait in business. When the temptation is large enough, the greater the risk people take and the higher the probability of failure. In fact, fighting spirit will be stimulated, don’t you think?”

Xiaoying was stunned to listen, suddenly felt that this was not a game, but a thrilling business battle.

“Well, I know, I’ll go back and modify it again!” Xiaoying thought for a while, and said affirmatively, the light in her eyes flickered, “Uncle, thank you!”

Nangong Che smiled gracefully, leaning on his seat, angrily: “You are already great.”

Xiao Ying didn’t become ostentatious because of this sentence, but her eyes widened in the next instant-because Nangong Che’s sexy thin lips leaned against Yu Muwan’s ear, but she asked clearly in a low voice.

“You said, the child is so smart, who should he inherit?”

Chapter 423

Yu Muwan blushed suddenly, his expression slightly angry, and his elbow slammed back.

Nangong Che’s chest was bumped by her, and there was no expression of frowning. Instead, she embraced her tighter and smiled softly.

Suddenly everyone’s eyes in the restaurant were directed towards this side, the beautiful and arrogant little boy stared blankly at the men and women who were so close to him, and felt the enviable gazes around him, and a little heart rose up. An inexplicable feeling–

Well, it turns out that it feels like a man is with Mommy…that’s it.


Luo Qingwan began to appear frequently at Nangong’s house.

Nangong Che returned under the stars of the garden, locked the car, squinted, and looked dangerously at the living room.

Brightly lit, Luo Qingwan gently soothed Nangong Enxi on the sofa, like a beautiful goddess, with soft eyes, speaking softly, and patted her on the back with his hands.

“That bastard man, damn man, I want a divorce!!” Nangong Enxi lifted his face, tears in his face.

Luo Qingwan smiled lightly and took a sip from her teacup: “Look at you, why are you involved in divorce again? Yiyi is so old, do you still think about divorce?”

“Why can’t I think about divorce? Am I very old?” Nangong Enxi’s eyes flushed red with anger, wiped away a hand of tears, said fiercely, “How old was I when I married him? For him when I was so young I’m pregnant, and I haven’t had a good life with him, and I can’t just give birth to a maid like I did at home! I didn’t raise it by myself! It’s better now, the daughter is so old, and he has fallen on his own I started messing around outside. I already opened one eye and closed another, but it turned out to be in front of me. Does he want to live?”

Luo Qingwan lightly leaned on the seat and smiled lightly.

“Most men in this world are inferior. Don’t always expect them to understand your painstakingly.” Luo Qingwan tilted her head and said softly, “Didn’t I remind you? Don’t do business trips for men. The’surprise’ after you come back, your surprise will turn into a fright if you are not careful. Now I have said it, right?”

“Sister Qingwan!!” Nangong Enxi cried out in a crying voice, “Don’t let yourself go to bed! I’m already sad!”

Luo Qingwan still laughed and shook her head.

“What are you sad about? Didn’t you chase that woman all the way from upstairs to downstairs with high heels? Now the entire company knows that their boss is stealing fishy, ​​and his wife is like that shrew image, you What are you sad about? Not comfortable?” Luo Qingwan asked softly with her face tilted.

Nangong Enxi almost jumped up with scarlet eyes and trembling all over: “Should I not hit her? That btch actually climbed into my husband’s bed the first day he came back! A secretary stopped me when I rushed in. I, the btch who went in actually asked Cheng Yisheng who I am! Does she even know who I am? Then I will let her know, so that she will never forget it!”

Nangong Che slowly walked up the steps, and a tall figure walked in with charm.

“You should never forget this lesson in your life,” said in a low voice, Nangong Che’s eyes were cold, his slender fingers pulled the car tie, and said coldly, “This is not the first time you have seen Cheng Yisheng and a woman. Are you in bed? Did you teach you enough?”

Nangong Enxi stared, almost fainted by his own brother’s words.

“Heh… I forgot, I forgot that all men under the sky are all the same! Brother, you are the same!” Nangong Enxi stared with anger, pointing to Nangong Che and said, “Aren’t you talking to Qingwan sister? When you got engaged, you hooked up with that guy called Yu Muwan, and you brought that b*tch to the house in front of Sister Qingwan! No matter how disgusting, Cheng Yisheng is better than you, at least he dare not do that. for me!”

“He doesn’t dare to treat you this way because Nanshan’s assets have not been fully transferred to his name, and they will be fully transferred at the end of this year,” Nangong Che’s eyes were colder, and his lips smiled contemptuously. , “Are you stupid? I don’t understand this!”

Seeing Nangong Enxi shocked and thinking nervously and flustered, Luo Qingwan got up, with nostalgia and fascination in his eyes, stepped forward and smiled: “I’m back?”

Nangong Che stared at Luo Qingwan with a calm expression and nodded lightly.

“Don’t tell Enxi so much to irritate her. Yisheng always treats her well. It’s just that she is always suspicious. She has been wronged. You, your brother, will teach her if you don’t help her. What do you think?” Luo Qingwan took a soft breath, comforting Nangong Che with a soft voice.

Nangong Che gave a cold snort, dropped the key on the long table on the wall, and was about to go upstairs.

Luo Qingwan was startled, hesitated, and followed him up.

Nangong Enxi was slightly taken aback when he saw it, and was a little surprised. He grabbed Luo Qingwan’s wrist and asked, “Sister Qingwan, my brother…what about that, are you reconciled?”

Luo Qingwan was a little embarrassed and wanted to say “We didn’t have a stalemate”, but Nangong Che in front of him turned his head, his face was as cold as ice: “A woman who is a good girl loves anyone. If you really don’t know how, follow Qingwan to learn learn!”

Nangong Enxi was speechless for a while: “You…”

Luo Qingwan was a little shocked in her heart, but warmly, smiled lightly, soothed her face, and followed.

“Sister Qingwan, you…you see Lu Wangyou! I saw my husband and forgot my sister-in-law!” Nangong Enxi stomped and said as he looked at them affectionately.

But what she was even more curious about was, what method did Qingwan use to get her elder brother subdued? Amazing!

“Well, I’ll come down to accompany you later.” Luo Qingwan comforted her and said with a light smile.


Under the blurred night, Nangong Che opened a bottle of red wine again.

The red wine of 82 years tasted mellow and refreshing in the mouth, and the woman behind her slowly approached and sighed inaudibly.

There was no warmth in Nangong Che’s deep eyes, and he had no interest in taking care of the woman behind him.

“When I was passing by the World Trade Center today, I saw you at a restaurant window—” Luo Qingwan said directly, “and Yu Muwan, mother and son, are you going to eat there today?”

Nangong Che’s eyelids twitched, and a cold feeling spread in his heart, and the corners of Junyi’s lips sneered.

“You follow me?” His upright figure turned, with a tall and elegant charm.

The gloom really made Luo Qingwan shiver. She shook her head: “I didn’t follow you. I just saw it when I passed by by coincidence. I thought you were looking for something with them, so I didn’t call you at the time.”

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