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Chapter 424

Nangong Che’s dangerous eyes narrowed slightly, and he walked over, pinched her chin to examine her face carefully, and sneered.

“Don’t be too smart. I don’t like women who are too smart. It’s better to be stupid.” There was a slight dullness in his voice.

Luo Qingwan stared into his eyes and said softly: “Then can you tell me what you are looking for?”

Nangong Che’s eyes were cold, and he said coldly: “The old man wants to take his grandson home, do you understand?”

Luo Qingwan’s heart jumped violently.

Nangong Che chuckled a smile: “I knew you were smart a long time ago. I never told you about the child. There shouldn’t be anyone from the Nangong family to tell you, but you know everything. I really underestimated you.”

Luo Qingwan shook her head and defended herself: “I have many channels to know the news, not to mention that I saw the kid last time when he came to Nangong’s house. Enxi told me.”

Nangong Che was not interested in knowing this, and didn’t want to explain to her again.

But Luo Qingwan couldn’t bear this silence. She was a little confused. Nangong Che had already said that he was disappointed with Yu Muwan. He would not want a woman who had sex with other men. He would never want Yu Muwan again. of! But today I saw them eating with a smile on their faces. They got along so harmoniously as if they were a family. Luo Qingwan looked at it from a distance in the car window, and his heart was very painful, very painful.

Walking over gently, encircling his sturdy waist from behind, Luo Qingwan pressed her entire soft body against him, a trace of sadness in her beautiful eyes.

“Can you just explain to me? I just want to know why you are together. You told me you will never want Yu Muwan again.” Luo Qingwan asked in a dumb voice, a little helpless.

“I don’t want her,” Nangong Che held the soft boneless hand around his waist, pulled it out and pulled him away, “What I want is the child. Instead of letting the old man spend money to exchange the child, it is better to let That woman willingly gave me her child, and it just so happened that she was cheated by me now, thinking that I didn’t care about her infidelity—you know, Yu Muwan was just a little stubborn, her mind was still simple, far away Not as deep as you.”

Luo Qingwan was puzzled when she heard it, but in the end she turned to the side who believed.

“But I’m curious–” Nangong Che squinted, and the sneer at the corner of his mouth resurfaced, “Will you be so magnanimous? I have an illegitimate child outside. I’m five years old. Can you tolerate it?”

Luo Qingwan looked at him in a daze, and was touched. This man can finally think about the problem from her perspective.

“That’s your child. I can’t help it. I can’t change the relationship between him and you, and I know that even if you don’t want this child, Uncle Nangong still insists that the child recognizes his ancestors. “Luo Qingwan thought for a while, and smiled, “Actually, I don’t know how to have children. It doesn’t matter if this child comes in now. Although I am not generous enough to raise him as a biological child, it is okay to accept him. Because this is not just Yu Muwan’s child, it is yours.”

Nangong Che squinted her eyes and stared at her with a deep smile: “It’s really generous!”

Luo Qingwan raised her face, and the moonlight covered her face with a beautiful layer of frost.

“If I was not generous enough, it would be impossible to be by your side for so long. Do you remember how many girls were around you when you were abroad? But you were so arrogant at the time that you didn’t want any of them. I went to Paris for my business for three years. I will follow you whatever you want. After all, I am not by your side, but when I come back…” The sour memory hurts the wound, Luo Qingwan’s eyes have changes in the wind and clouds, startled. After a second, he laughed softly, “Don’t tell me, you know how low my requirements are, as long as you are still by my side.”

Nangong Che had an ironic taste, and Jun Yi’s eyes were full of coldness.

“Really? If I get married, how will I still treat you like that?” Nangong Che quietly covered her ears and muttered, “You will indeed have children, but if I don’t give you a chance, you go and follow Who gave birth?”

Luo Qingwan’s eyelids twitched, feeling his evil, his suspicion, and his indifference.

“Che, there is no hatred between us. Don’t always treat me so indifferently and fiercely,” Luo Qingwan said softly, “You still remember those things before, so you are inherently biased against women. In the past, you were only good to Enxi. Later, because of Yu Muwan’s affairs, you were not good to Enxi, but what about me? I don’t have any hatred with you. Please relax yourself and don’t force yourself to hate, okay?” Luo Qingwan entered Before, gently shook his hand.

In those eyes, Nangong Che saw only the image of Yu Muwan.

It’s already so late, Xiaoying should be asleep, is she alone in the apartment?

“Che?” Luo Qingwan called him.

Nangong Che returned to his senses and said lightly: “It’s already late, you can go back.”

Luo Qingwan was taken aback, and subconsciously glanced at her low-cut outfit. She was alone in a space with him for so long, and the gentle treatment didn’t make him react.

The phone rang, it was Luo Fanyu’s call.

“Che, do you have time now?” Luo Fanyu’s voice was rare and serious.

Nangong Che glanced at the woman standing on the balcony holding the railing against the wind, frowned, and said lightly: “Just tell me.”

“The things you asked me to check are a bit more eye-catching. Do you remember the young waiter we were looking for that day? He resigned a week later and should now be applying for a pass to Hong Kong. Together with his mother, I asked No one knows why he suddenly quit his job, and no one knows what he did in Hong Kong.” Luo Fanyu said seriously.

“I understand,” Nangong Che said lightly, focusing on Luo Qingwan’s back, “I will do the rest.”

He hung up after speaking.

“Where is the phone?” Nangong Che slowly walked behind Luo Qingwan and asked.

Luo Qingwan was stunned. She didn’t understand why he suddenly wanted this, so she took it out of her bag and gave it to him. It was a small pink-white mobile phone with a smooth arc shape and gentle atmosphere.

“Or this one?” Nangong Che frowned.

Luo Qingwan was taken aback for a moment, nodded, and said softly: “Yes, you gave it to me in college.”

Nangong Che looked at her with a strange look, hesitated for a moment, took out the card inside, and handed her a box by the way: “It’s been a long time. Replace this.”

Luo Qingwan was startled, the card fell on the palm of her left hand, and there was an exquisitely packed box in her right hand.

She just wanted to look up at his expression, but only saw the smooth and handsome arc on his chin, with a masculine charm, flashed in front of her and left indifferently.

Chapter 425

How many years have you not received anything from him?

Under the faint moonlight, the beautiful woman has clear eyes, and a hazy mist floats in it.

Luo Qingwan opened the box. The inside was a high-level purple, a push-pull style. She did not expect that after so many years, this man would still remember her preferences.

“I remember you have the same dark blue one, right?” Luo Qingwan suddenly remembered this.

Nangong Che stood not far away with the wine glass in his hand, and looked at it from a distance, full of charm. He narrowed his eyes and said indifferently: “Don’t like it? You can throw it away if you don’t like it.”

“No,” Luo Qingwan hurriedly clenched her phone tightly, the mist in her eyes was blown by the night breeze, and a gentle smile appeared on her lips, “I like… I like it very much.”

Nangong Che’s surface was still indifferent, without the slightest extraneous expression.

But Luo Qingwan knows that this is him, including when he was studying abroad, he was a sculptural poker face like Tiantian, but there are still so many men who succeeded each other, and only she knows how much the charm of this man can be stretched out. A slight change in his eyes can slap her heartstrings.

The moonlight was lonely, and Luo Qingwan slowly walked towards him and took the wine glass in his hand.

Nangong Che frowned slightly.

In the next moment, she closed her eyes and stood on tiptoe, and k*ssed his cold lips in the moonlight.

He is too tall, even if she has been a model, she has to stand on tiptoe to get his lips. The sexy lip line is very clear and obvious, thin and sharp, she tossing and turning tenderly on it, releasing her complete love.

Nangong Che frowned deeper, almost pushing her away.

However, acting cannot be half done.

Holding his breath and ignoring the shallow breathing of this woman, Nangong Che simply bowed his head, grabbed her waist and touched her lips symbolically, with complex eyes, stroking her head, and then slowly She pushed away.

“It’s getting late, go back.”


The door of the cabin opened and a cold wind blew in.

Pei Yuzhe came out from the inside, confessed a few words to the assistant behind him, walked down, and got directly into the car.

The agent Johnny hurried over with the folder, his face pale when he saw him in a hurry, and he drove the back seat and sat directly next to him.

“Just go to the World Trade Center and put me down. If I have something to deal with, you should go back first.” Pei Yuzhe said.

Agent Johnny was looking at the file, and when he heard him say “pop!” he closed the folder with a sigh, his face was blue.

“You are looking for the woman who gave birth before getting married, right?”

Pei Yuzhe’s face also became solemn, and his cold eyes swept away: “What are you talking about?”

“Just tell me is it right? You go find her again!” Agent Johnny asked angrily.

Pei Yuzhe suppressed his anger and said calmly: “Yes, I had some misunderstandings with her before going abroad, I haven’t had time to make it clear.”

If that weren’t the case, he would definitely stay in the hospital with Mu Wan, but…

“You are sick, are you?” Johnny frowned and threw the folder aside, posing a clear posture to teach him, “You still blame me for pulling you out of the country? You don’t know how to weigh yourself? One is an international award. It’s a woman with a fever, you can’t figure out which one is more important!! What’s wrong with your conflicts? What’s wrong with the explanation a few days later? Do you still expect to find me at the international awards ceremony to give you awards on your behalf? f*cked!”

Pei Yuzhe slowly lowered the window, venting the anger in the car.

“I can’t tell you clearly, do you understand? I care about this woman, more than the piano. What awards you take with her is insulting her,” Pei Yuzhe glanced coldly, “I also warned You, next time you dare to take me out of the country with this forced method, I will just withdraw from this business.”

“You…” Johnny was so angry that he was crazy. “You have a brain problem!”

Pei Yuzhe’s thin lips pressed into a line, rubbing the phone in his palm, anxious in his heart. This group of bastards actually tied Mu Wan to the train on the day he fell ill, and they also detained his mobile phone. They would never come back without attending the ceremony.

He has probably not contacted Mu Wan for more than a week.

“You said, how good is a woman with a child? What if she has cured your disease? Now if you don’t talk about the piano, you are still a useless person? What qualifications do you have to pursue her! “Johnny changed his method to step by step, “I don’t care what woman you chase, but the prerequisite for you to chase a woman is that you have a good career, please don’t know?”

Pei Yuzhe frowned, and said coldly to the driver: “It’s almost here, you stop by the road.”

The driver heard him and stopped the car firmly on the side of the road.

Pei Yuzhe got off the car and said lightly to the agent: “Thank you for reminding, you’d better not push me too quickly, otherwise it will be counterproductive.”

“Bang!” With a sound, Pei Yuzhe turned away indifferently.


In the World Trade Center, Nangong Che stood in front of the French windows with a cold expression.

“Che, what do you think of this one? Uncle would like it?” Luo Qingwan walked over, holding a watch, and asked softly.

Nangong Che did not keep his gaze on it, but asked in a cold voice, “You must come here to pick a gift?”

Luo Qingwan was stunned: “What’s wrong? I just don’t want to run too far to be upset, so I chose a closer one, and this is the top-floor consumption area. Very few people can patronize, don’t you… don’t like it here?”

A few days later, it will be Nangong Proud’s birthday, and Luo Qingwan will take him out today to pick out gifts.

Nangong Che’s face was very bad, he didn’t speak, he just looked deep into the floor-to-ceiling windows-this is the only way for Youyang Elementary School to return to the apartment where Yu Muwan lives, and every time Muwan takes Xiaoying from this road walk over.

He was wondering if the woman behind him was playing tricks again.

She is not a woman who can be fooled by any deceit.

“Choose quickly.” Nangong Che raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist, and said coldly.

“Okay, I’ll pick it right away,” Luo Qingwan stretched out her hand and said with a smile: “That’s it, handsome guy, give me an opinion, I don’t believe my own vision, but I want you to be more satisfied. “

Nangong Che glanced faintly, and the elegant and shiny silver-gray tone really suits the old man Nangong Ao.

“Whatever, you choose yourself.” He remained cold and unchanging.

Luo Qingwan’s smile faded, but she still smiled, retracted her hand, and put the gift back.

She also looked down at the time, which was just right.

“Che,” Luo Qingwan turned around, took a slight breath and shouted with a smile, “I decided to go back and get that set of calligraphy to give to my uncle and go with me.”

Chapter 426

“Okay.” Nangong Che’s patience has been exhausted, and he can’t wait to leave immediately after hearing her say that he is finished shopping.

Luo Qingwan smiled lightly and embraced his arm.

Two people strolled in the brightly lit hall. Even the jewels and diamonds could not resist the light of the rumors they were standing together. The handsome and tall man, the beautiful woman, the perfect intertwining of rigidity and softness, attracted attention.

When entering the elevator, Luo Qingwan did not forget to reach out and help him tidy up his wrinkled tie.

In an inconspicuous corner, the camera without flash clicked and recorded this scene.

Walking out of the huge World Trade Center, a cool breeze hit, Luo Qingwan subconsciously grasped the collar to block the wind, her petite figure trembled slightly, but Nangong Che’s strong arms suddenly embraced her and stopped her footsteps.

“…” Luo Qingwan looked up at him puzzled.

“I’ll go there to pick up the car, you just wait here.” Nangong Che said coldly, not wanting to go with her.

Luo Qingwan was startled for a moment, a panic, he broke free and walked forward. Luo Qingwan immediately followed him, followed him in a few steps, put her clean and white hand into his big palm and gently squeezed it tightly, and smiled sweetly: “I don’t want it. It’s better to run while standing there and blowing the cold wind. You go together.”

Nangong Che frowned deeply, the stride of the meteor stopped, and stared at her coldly.

“Tell you to wait where you are, just wait where you are, aren’t you obedient?” Nangong Che’s tone began to be bad.

Luo Qingwan was startled slightly, seeing his displeasure, she could only easily open his hand.

“Well, you don’t want to frown on trivial matters. Although you look handsome, you can see that you are in a bad mood.” Luo Qingwan’s slender fingers touched his eyebrows, and smiled softly, “I won’t go. Is it okay? You drive a little and come here. It’s really cold here, I’m afraid I will stay here soon.”

Nangong Che froze, feeling the hand on the center of his eyebrows extremely soft.

He stared at Luo Qingwan with deep eyes, only two words in his heart, fairy.

If he didn’t know that she might be hiding behind the crowd, he would almost really be unable to withstand this woman’s offensive. The kind of aura radiating from her body could really confuse people.

Looking at her face, I saw Yu Muwan inexplicably, when that woman could talk to him so tenderly?

I’m afraid-it’s impossible!

The melancholy cloud between Nangong Che’s eyebrows instantly unfolded, becoming dazzling and handsome, and Luo Qingwan was in a daze when she looked at it.

“If it’s cold, wear more clothes next time you come out. Do you think your demeanor can be the temperature?” Nangong Che’s expression returned to coldness, his tone was still bad, he took off his suit jacket and threw it to her.

Obviously it was extremely ironic, Luo Qingwan hugged his coat, thought about it and laughed: “Of course you can be the temperature? Your demeanor can indeed give me temperature.”

The wind messed up her hair, and she wore her clothes on the street. Her slender figure looked more slender and petite in a big suit. She smiled like a flower and had a seductive charm.

Nangong Che frowned. He didn’t know how this woman practiced. Just a little bit of sunshine can really brighten the world.

He ignored it and went to pick up the car alone.

At the same time, Yu Muwan led Xiaoying slowly along the street. After passing the road, there was no zebra crossing on the trail here. She had to fasten the first button of the windbreaker, leaned over and picked Xiaoying, and led him across the road.

Xiao Ying also stretched out her hand to hug Mommy, looked not far away with big eyes, and her brows frowned slightly.

“Mummy, I saw a beautiful auntie.” Xiaoying said in Yu Muwan’s ear.

“Really?” Yu Muwan put him on the side of the road, tidied his clothes, and scratched his nose with his fingers. “Auntie who is more beautiful than Mommy?”

“En!” Xiaoying looked thief, staring suspiciously at the figure in the distance, “It’s strange, why does that person wear uncle’s clothes?”

Yu Muwan was taken aback, looked around, but saw the figure.

She couldn’t see the girl’s face clearly, she just smiled, holding Xiao Ying and trying to walk over, but she raised her eyes and collided with the eyes of the woman in the distance. Yu Muwan was taken aback for a while, and her heart was violent. Impact.

——Luo Qingwan.

The two women standing far away, the woman and the beautiful little boy whom Luo Qingwan was staring at, smiled and waved.

Thinking of the faint provocation between her words at the reception and the repeated forced her to leave, Yu Muwan was in a complicated mood, with a gleaming light on her fair face, and did not know how to respond, so she could only faintly lower her thick eyelashes and tighten them. Xiaoying’s hand.

“Do you know that beautiful aunt?” Yu Muwan just wanted to leave quickly.

Xiaoying jumped around next to her, and said in a cool and evil tone: “You know, don’t you know Mommy?”

Yu Muwan was a little surprised, staring at Xiaoying, thinking about how Xiaoying knew Luo Qingwan: “You know?”

Xiao Ying nodded heavily, squinted her eyes and looked up at Yu Muwan: “Mummy, these things are written in the newspaper, isn’t that pretty aunty is a fashion model who came back from Paris!”

Yu Muwan’s heart was relieved for a while, and he felt that he was too vigilant. This was the case.

Xiaoying grinned and showed white teeth, and continued kindly: “And she’s still the fiancee of some bastard uncle!”

Yu Muwan was caught under her feet and almost fell, blushing and embarrassed, supporting her body and looking at Xiaoying.

Xiaoying smiled more purely, and stepped forward to pat Yu Muwan’s arm: “Mommy, be careful, Xiaoying didn’t say anything, mommy don’t get excited!”

“Xiaoying…you, how did you know?”

“Of course I read the newspaper too! Don’t you read it, Mommy? No wonder Mommy didn’t know the news about the marriage contract between the bastard uncle and the beautiful aunt. Mommy is still embarrassed with the bastard uncle, sin and sin.” Xiaoying pretended to be deep. Tao.

The shock in Yu Muwan’s heart was unimaginable.


These two words pierced like thorns in her heart. She didn’t even know why she accepted Nangong Che at the time. Maybe he was too gentle at the time, maybe his decisive dismissal of the engagement touched her, but She should be able to understand that the entire Nangong clan is so huge, how difficult it would be for him to get out of the disputes over interests without resorting to marriage preservation.

She is no longer young, but how can she still believe and fall in love so easily?

Yu Muwan’s face was slightly pale, holding Xiaoying’s hand, biting her lip and saying, “Mummy also feels guilty, but–“

She smiled bitterly, “I don’t know whose fault it was.”

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