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Chapter 49

The trembling hand picked up the phone, dialed a series of numbers, and the call was connected, but Noila Mo could not speak. “…”

Allen Chu on the other end of the phone was also silent. The atmosphere was depressing. After a while, Noila Mo was about to hang up, but she heard a woman’s voice on the other end: “Allen, come on! People can’t wait!”

“Pop!” Allen Chu hung up the phone.

Noila Mo bit her lip, a tingling pain somewhere in her heart.

“It’s funny, who do you think you are? You should call the police if you have difficulties, rather than the first thought to find Allen Chu! Noila Mo, why are you so naive?” Noila Mo shook her head mockingly.

The night wind was very cold, Noila Mo didn’t know where to go, nowhere was her home…

Holding her shoulders, she slowly sat down against the corner of the wall, her tired and pale face covered by her long hair. So tired…I really want to fall asleep like this and never wake up…

“Miss Mo, I’m looking for you everywhere! You can leave the hospital.” The nurse’s voice awakened Noila Mo, who had been curled asleep in the corner.

“Huh?” Noila Mo suspected that she had heard it wrong.

“Miss Mo, the president sent me to take you home.” said the man behind the nurse.

It’s Yu Feng.

Noila Mo stood up silently. She can’t refuse, can she? She could not escape from Allen Chu’s side, unless he got tired of playing with her and took the initiative to abandon her.

The Mercedes drove smoothly. “Didi…” Noila Mo’s cell phone rang suddenly. A move in my heart, is it Allen Chu’s text message? Open the screen and see the weather forecast. Noila Mo didn’t know why, but was a little disappointed.

As the car was running on a quiet road, Noila Mo looked at the scenery outside the window, frowning a little puzzled: “Brother Yu, are you going wrong?” Yu Feng turned his head and said affirmatively: “Yes, the president asked me to send it. You go to his apartment in Mid-Levels.”

Seeing how Noila Mo was still unclear, Yu Feng had to explain: “Miss Mo, you have made the president very angry this time. I am afraid the president will never let you step into the Chu family again!”

“Don’t let me step into the Chu family for half a step?” Noila Mo lowered his head and smiled to herself, yeah, this is what Allen Chu punished her slave girl!

In the low-key but luxurious living room of the apartment, Allen Chu’s slender legs rested on the crystal low table in front of the sofa, and his dark eyes squinted slightly, shining dangerously. Liu Zichen stuck to him, softly speaking.

Hearing Noila Mo’s gentle footsteps, Allen Chu’s muscles suddenly tightened.

Liu Zichen turned around, glanced at Noila Mo, and said to Allen Chu disappointingly: “Allen, who is she? Didn’t it mean that there are only two of us tonight?”

Allen Chu didn’t even look at Noila Mo, and said coldly, “She? She’s just a maid! Come and serve us. Don’t think too much.”

Noila Mo bit her lips tightly, her eyes drooping, her thick eyelashes covering all expressions in her eyes.

“Oh, it turned out to be a maid! I knew your vision wouldn’t be that bad!” Liu Zichen suddenly felt relieved.

Chapter 50

Allen Chu squeezed Liu Zichen’s face frivolously, and put a deep k*ss on her delicate red lips. Liu Zichen struggled slightly: “Allen, no! There is someone nearby!”

After listening to Liu Zichen’s words, not only did Allen Chu’s movements fail to converge, but he became more wild. Liu Zichen whispered in pain.

Can’t stand it anymore, Noila Mo only felt a sore heart, “President, if you have no other instructions, I will go down first.” She spoke coldly, with a little stubbornness and contempt.

Allen Chu raised his head from between Liu Zichen’s neck, his sharp eyes swept over Noila Mo’s face, and his voice was even colder than Noila Mo’s: “Clean the living room.”

“Pervert! Great pervert!” Noila Mo cursed secretly in her heart. She didn’t know what kind of nerve Allen Chu was making, and she insisted on forcing her to watch the live erotic palace.

The living room of the apartment is very clean, and Noila Mo has nothing to clean. Allen Chu asked her to clean in the living room, it was just an excuse to torture her.

Holding the rags one after another, wiping the non-existent dust on the furniture, every movement will involve a pain in the abdomen.

The child, her child, is slowly growing up in her belly. Noila Mo slowly touched her lower abdomen with one hand, feeling complicated and unspeakable.

The strange man who hadn’t seen it clearly planted a small seed in her stomach in the dark night. She should hate this child, right? After all, it is a product of rape.

However, I don’t know why, but Noila Mo couldn’t have the slightest hatred for this small embryo in his stomach. This is her child, her child alone. She is a mother, she will protect her and let her come to this world smoothly.

Noila Mo firmly believes that this is a little girl, a pink and tender little girl who is as cute as a little angel. A smile appeared on Noila Mo’s face. She was immersed in the fantasy of her future daughter, and she had no time to care about the men and women entangled like snakes in the living room.

Allen Chu pressed Liu Zichen under him, but his eyes couldn’t help but glanced at Noila Mo.

Damn it! I thought I could see expressions of jealousy and hatred on Noila Mo’s face, but what Allen Chu saw was that Noila Mo gently stroked her abdomen with one hand, with a dreamlike expression on her face. Smiling, she could see that she was looking forward to something, and this longing made her feel happy and fulfilled.

Allen Chu felt like he was stabbed with a knife. The child in her womb should be the senior, right? It can be seen that Noila Mo is looking forward to the arrival of this child.

She loves that man, right?

A sourness filled Allen Chu’s throat, and his deep eyes suddenly became bloodthirsty. He tore off Liu Zichen’s thin skirt frantically, leaving a bruise mark on her with his big hands without mercy.

Liu Zichen’s scream awakened Noila Mo who was immersed in fantasy. Turning his head in disgust, his eyes suddenly matched with Allen Chu’s bloodthirsty eyes!

The look in Allen Chu’s eyes made Noila Mo’s back ooze cold sweat!

Allen Chu, does he know that he is pregnant? What will he do? If he suspends the contract, what will my father do with the money for the operation?

Noila Mo’s heart was filled with deep worries for an instant!

Chapter 51

Seeing that he finally succeeded in attracting Noila Mo’s attention, Allen Chu was relieved. It seemed that Noila Mo didn’t feel at all about him.

Allen Chu kept moving, fierce and wild, but with a pair of dark eyes, he didn’t care about the woman under him at all, but stared at Noila Mo closely.

Noila Mo held a rag in her hand, her pink mouth opened in surprise, staring at the two people who were not shameful at all, she was indeed shocked! How could anyone be so shameless!

Noila Mo felt ashamed and angry, her white face flushed red.

Moving back slowly, Noila Mo tried to move her feet without making any noise. It was disgusting! She can’t stay in this room for a second!

Seeing Noila Mo’s movements, Allen Chu stopped and said coldly, “Stop!”

The action stopped, causing Liu Zichen’s dissatisfaction: “Allen, don’t stop! Allen…” The ending sound dragged long, with a pleading flavor.

Allen Chu smiled evilly. Increased the intensity of the action. Seeing that there was no way to retreat, Noila Mo took it easy.

Okay, Allen Chu, don’t you want to let me go? I will watch a free movie right away! She dropped the rag, folded her hands on her chest, leaned on the table, and stared coldly at the two performing hard on the sofa.

Liu Zichen was too exaggerated, and Noila Mo thought of an adjective: “Howl like a pig.” He couldn’t help but smile.

Hearing Noila Mo’s laughter, Allen Chu was completely enraged! This woman has never cared about him in her heart! Even if he and other women do such things in front of her, they will not stimulate her at all! Allen Chu slowly widened his eyes, his eyes were already blood red!

Pushing away Liu Zichen, who was as satisfied as a cat, Allen Chu put on his clothes without saying a word and walked into the bathroom.

After waking up, Liu Zichen realized that there was a woman standing beside him just now! She finally got a little embarrassed, got dressed in a hurry, and reprimanded Noila Mo: “Hurry up!”

Noila Mo lowered his head to hide the contempt in his eyes. Go out. But the contempt in her eyes was still clearly seen by Liu Zichen.

With a burst of anger, Liu Zichen roared fiercely: “Stop!” Noila Mo turned around, but before he could react, Liu Zichen slapped her face fiercely!

“Batch! What was your look just now!” Liu Zichen’s voice was full of hatred. She hated Allen Chu for making her so embarrassed, but she didn’t dare to vent her anger with Allen Chu, so she had to vent her anger on Noila Mo.

Noila Mo covered her swollen cheeks and looked at Liu Zichen in disbelief: “Batch? Who are you saying?” She wanted to laugh. The person who performed the live show with Allen Chu just now was her Liu Zichen, not her Noila Mo, right? These years, b*tches are less and less self-aware!

Liu Zichen came over again with a slap in the face, but Noila Mo held her wrist tightly and stopped in the air. Noila Mo has practiced taekwondo, and Liu Zichen, a woman who is not working at all, is her opponent, her wrists are pinched bruised but there is no resistance.

“Let go! You btch! Let go!” Liu Zichen started yelling, “Allen! Save me! This btch hit me!”

Allen Chu walked out of the bathroom with only one towel. Liu Zichen immediately started sobbing like a rescuer: “Allen, look, she is bullying me!”

Noila Mo laughed blankly, this woman’s acting skills were really extraordinary!

Allen Chu coldly glanced at Noila Mo’s red and swollen cheeks, frowned slightly, and said coldly, “Let go!”

Noila Mo felt a chill in her heart, Allen Chu, after all, was still defending this woman. What is she Noila Mo? After all, it was just a plaything in his hand. One day when he gets tired, his father’s surgery fee is gone.

Disheartenedly let go, but then heard Allen Chu’s cold command: “Help Miss Liu massage her wrist!”

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