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Chapter 1

In the hospital, the smell of disinfectant is permeated.

Jamie Ye rushed out of the doctor’s office with the test sheet and was about to make a call. Her phone rang first, she connected, and her uncle’s voice came, “Jamie, are you and Juan Mu okay?”

“It’s okay? Why are you asking?”

“I just heard that Juan Mu took a pregnant woman to the prenatal checkup the day before yesterday…”

Jamie Ye laughed suddenly, “Do you think Juan Mu raised a woman outside?”


“Don’t worry, even if all the men in the world cheat, Juan Mu won’t!”

After hanging up the phone, Jamie Ye called Juan Mu, and the phone rang for a long time before connecting: “I’m very busy, don’t call me if there is nothing important! That’s it!”

With a cold voice without the slightest emotion, Jamie Ye had no voice at the end before she could speak. She held the test sheet, and her enthusiasm dropped to the freezing point.

After three years of marriage, Juan Mu has always been very gentle with her, but recently his attitude has become too fast. Not only is he cold, but also impatient to connect to her phone. What happened to make Juan Mu change so much?

Thinking about it, turning around, the face shook, and a soft voice rang in his ear: “Sister!”

Jamie Ye looked over and saw Karen Xia and a middle-aged woman appear next to her.

Seeing Karen Xia, the third person’s daughter, Jamie Ye frowned, her face was disgusted, and her voice became cold by three minutes, “Don’t bark, my mother only gave birth to me!”

Karen Xia was not annoyed, she smiled at her, her voice was gentle, “Sister, are you here to see doctor for your infertility again?”

“What’s your business?”

“Don’t you ask me why I appeared at the entrance of the pregnancy exam?” Karen Xia looked at Jamie Ye provocatively and smiled, “I’m pregnant with Juan’s child!”

After these words, Jamie Ye realized that her stomach was a little round. Karen Xia’s thoughts on Juan Mu were very obvious. Before getting married, she tried every means to hook up with him every day. Jamie sneered: “You have no brain disease, right?”

“Don’t believe me? Look at this!”

Karen Xia held up a checklist to Jamie Ye and read the familiar handwriting of Juan on the checklist. Jamie Ye’s expression suddenly changed. How could these signatures can be of Juan Mu?

“I was with Juan the night four months ago. Juan was so good. After a whole night of tossing, I became pregnant!” Karen Xia smiled triumphantly: “Juan likes this child so much. You can give me way and step down after my child is born!”

“B!tch!” Jamie Ye was trembling with anger, and slapped her over. As expected, Karen Xia suddenly fell to the ground, “Oh, my stomach!”

It was obviously on the face, but as Karen Xia fell to the ground, red blood flowed out of her trouser legs. Jamie Ye was startled. How could this happen?

Karen Xia was sent to the emergency room by the medical staff. Jamie Ye did not dare to leave, and followed to the emergency room.

After waiting for a while at the door,she heard some footsteps comming over. It was mother-in-law Lisa Lin, who saw her with a fierce look, “What’s the matter? Why did Karen enter the emergency room?”

“It’s Miss Ye…no, it was Mrs. Mu Juan who pushed it!” answered the middle-aged woman who accompanied Karen Xia.

“B!tch, you’re a chicken that doesn’t lay eggs! If you Can’t give birth why don’t you let others live?” Lisa Lin slapped Jamie on her mouth. Lisa Lin never liked her. She slapped her so hard that Jamie Ye’s face soon became swollen.

If she thought that Karen Xia was lying before this, then the attitude of her mother-in-law has explained everything.

There was despair in her heart. The feeling of suffocation made Jamie Ye faint, but at this time the door of the operating room opened, and the nurse walked out and said that the child in Karen Xia’s belly had not been saved.

These words made Lisa Lin so angry, she rushed over and grabbed Jamie by the hair and punched and kicked her.

Jamie Ye was beaten to stare at Venus, and suddenly fainted.

When she woke up, she saw nothing but a white sea. She tried to sit up, her whole body was hurting, she just leaned on the bedside and took a breath, the door was pushed open, and a man with gold glasses walked in.

“Miss Ye, hello, I am Juan Mu’s lawyer!”

“Lawyer?” Jamie Ye looked at the man in front of her in amazement.

“Yes, I am Mr. Mu’s personal lawyer. Mr. Mu has entrusted me to discuss divorce matters with you.”

“Divorce? Juan Mu is going to divorce me?” Jamie thought she had a problem with her ears.

The lawyer walked to the bed and handed her a document, “This is the divorce agreement, look at it.”

Jamie Ye’s hands were shaking, and she never dreamed that one day Juan Mu would give her a divorce agreement. She did not read the divorce agreement, but looked at the lawyer: “Let Juan Mu come to see me! Let him tell me in person. !”

“Mr Mu is very busy, he is not free!”

“Very busy, not free?” Jamie Ye laughed. When did she and Juan Mu become so indifferent, so that she couldn’t even see him?

She closed her eyes, grabbed the phone on the bedside table and dialed out, but the phone could not be connected.

When did she and Juan Mu come to this point? Betrayal, divorce…

The lawyer is still waiting for her, “Miss Ye, please look at the agreement, I’m very busy!”

The lawyer’s attitude is unquestionable. After marrying Juan Mu for three years, no one around him treats her disrespectfully. Now the lawyer’s attitude is cold and cold, which is clearly what Juan Mu meant.

Jamie Ye picked up the divorce agreement and scanned the column of property division. All the property belonged to Juan Mu before marriage and it’s still the same.

He once said that she is his everything and everything he has is hers, but in only three short years, the love has become empty, has Juan Mu finally revealed his true face?

He raised a woman outside behind her back, and she was pregnant!

So she should give way to a chicken who can’t lay eggs, right? Feeling bitter to the extreme, Jamie Ye didn’t look any further, raised her gaze to look at the lawyer who had been staring at him, “Give me a pen!”

The lawyer opened the briefcase and took out the pen and handed it to Jamie Ye. When Jamie Ye took the pen, he added another sentence, “Mr Mu has said that you can’t take away a single trace of all the jewelry he bought for you!”

Jamie Ye stared blankly at the front, and did not move for a long time. Just when the lawyer thought she would refuse, she slowly said, “Okay!”

Dropping the word, she quickly picked up the pen and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

The lawyer took a look at the agreement and turned to leave.

There was a luxurious Aston Martin parked in the hospital parking lot. The window opened, revealing a beautiful face that turned all living beings upside down. The lawyer walked a few steps to the front of the car and said respectfully: “Ms. Jamie, signed! “

“Signed?” The man slowly uttered two words, looking at the lawyer’s face with a deep gaze.

The lawyer looked at his uncertain face, he had a little drummer in his heart. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say a word. The man turned his deep gaze over the lawyer and looked at the dark night sky. After a while, he uttered two words, “Go Right!”

Chapter 2

Three years later.

In the night, dazzling, luxury cars gathered at the entrance of the Hills Hotel in North City, and a group of reporters blocked the entrance with long guns and short cannons.

Tonight, Diamond Group held a cocktail party here, and invited business leaders from Olathe to attend. The reporters also followed the news and came here to grab the headlines.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, a Maybach drove over.

“Roy Qin! Roy Qin of the Diamond Group is here!” The reporters raised their long guns and short cannons and immediately greeted them.

Roy Qin dressed in a white suit with a cynical smile on his face and got out of the car. On the other hand, the supermodel Laurel got out of the car in a strapless evening dress. Roy Qin reached out and took Laurel’s hand and faced the media generously. Shoot.

Jamie Ye sat on the Back-seat, holding a briefcase in her hand, looking at Roy Qin and Laurel through the car window.

It’s a hell, why didn’t he forget to take me along to such parties. Roy Qin is not sick! she said to herself.

Sorrowing inwardly, the driver on the side reminded: “Assistant Ye, please get out of the car! Young boss will be upset if it’s late!”

She sighed and hugged her briefcase, bowed her head and opened the car door.

Roy Qin had reached the door of the hotel holding Laurel’s hand. She quickened her pace and just walked to the gate. The reporter behind her exclaimed, “Juan Mu! Juan Mu is here too!”

The three words Juan Mu made Jamie Ye turn her head reflexively. A luxurious and noble Aston Martin slowly stopped in front of the main entrance of the hotel, and the security guard respectfully stepped forward to pull the car door.

Juan Mu got out of the car in a black suit and he was looking so handsome. His aura has always been that way, whether it was three years ago or three years later.

While she was thinking about Juan, the security opened the door of the other side of the car, Karen Xia dressed in a flaming evening dress with a small smile on her face, and slowly got out of the car.

“Wow! such a beautiful couple!”

“Who would say no, one is the secretary’s daughter, the other is the Business tycoon, these two are so talented and beautiful!”

Everyone’s discussion came one after another, Jamie Ye looked at the long jade pair of biren with a sneer on her face.

She didn’t want to see these disgusting dog men and women at all, so she quickly turned around and followed Roy Qin.

Roy Qin and Laurel had already entered the elevator. Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Jamie Ye rushed over at a speed of 100 meters.

When the elevator door was about to close, she stretched out her hand and moved it open, watching her follow Roy Qin with a sneer: “Assistant Ye, you seem to like scaring people?”

“I’m sorry!” Jamie Ye apologized with her head down.

Roy Qin snorted coldly: “Next time, follow up. If you don’t then, be careful that I fire you!”

“Yes, I remembered it!”

Seeing Jamie Ye’s excellent attitude, Roy Qin couldn’t find a reason to get angry, and let her go by glaring at her.

The elevator stopped on the eighteenth floor. Roy Qin holds Laurel’s waist and walked out of the elevator. Jamie Ye hugged her briefcase and quickly followed, and walked to the entrance of the hall. Roy Qin turned his head: “Go to the lounge and wait for me, remember to follow along. If I can’t find you, this month’s bonus will be halved!”

“Yes! Qin, I know!”

Watching Roy Qin and Laurel enter the hall, Jamie Ye turned and headed straight to the lounge as if relieved.

On the other side, the elevator stopped, Juan Mu and Karen Xia walked out of the elevator and glanced at Jamie Ye, who was pushing the door of the lounge at one end of the corridor. Juan Mu had a pause, was she?

No, she has disappeared for three years, how could she appear?

I must have read it wrong! Juan said to himself!

Seeing Juan Mu staring straight at the end of the corridor, Karen Xia, who followed him. But there was nothing, so she froze for a moment: “Juan, what are you looking at?”

“Nothing, let’s go!”

Jamie Ye waited in the lounge for more than an hour, groaning with hunger, Roy Qin, a perverted fellow, who warms the fragrant nephrite in his arms, drank fine wine and ate the high-end buffet, but made her assistant hungry here. , Really a black-hearted capitalist!

The call from Roy Qin came over, “Go to the lobby and find something to eat. Remember my words, don’t run around, don’t walk around, don’t look around! Go back to the lounge and wait for me after eating!”

“Yes, Qin!”

Jamie Ye opened the door and strode straight to the hall. In the hall, there were all rich and powerful ladies. She just glanced at the buffet area ignoring everyone else.

After taking a glass of juice and choosing a plate to eat, Jamie Ye was about to find a place to sit down and start eating. She couldn’t find a place yet, and a voice came from behind: “Bring me something to eat!”

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