The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079

“It’s not important. I will find it if you don’t say it. It’s just a chance for you.” Sheldon didn’t hold much hope, after all. Less than one-third of the people caught in these years can confess their status, and these people are the coward and fearful of death.

Even more, they will grit their teeth and will not reveal any news even if they are dead.

“Sheldon, don’t think too much of yourself!” Quan Zuo gritted his teeth. He knew that he could not be the opponent of the person in front of him, but he gave up without any chance. Even if he couldn’t kill Sheldon, even if he died, he would still be injured. To!

But what he didn’t know was that because of Endo’s sudden injury, his state of mind was already confused, and all he was thinking about was hatred with Sheldon. At this time, he was not only performing the employment tasks given above, but also Revenge Endo.

Quan Zuo was in chaos now, only thinking of killing Sheldon in his mind.

So his moves were very clumsy, and he took a dagger and pierced directly into Sheldon’s chest.

In Sheldon’s eyes, this inferior offensive method is like a three-year-old kid hitting an adult with a wooden stick.


Sheldon reached out and grabbed his arm and twisted hard. With a click, his bones were abruptly twisted.

“You are looking for death!” Quan Zuo hadn’t felt the pain for many years. He rushed towards Sheldon like crazy, but before he got close to Sheldon, he was kicked a few meters away and fell on him. By Endo.

One was injured and the other was fractured. In less than five minutes, the two killer captains of the Hanoi family had been damaged in Sheldon’s hands.

“Ok… so strong…” Erye Feixu, who was still protecting herself at the back and was ready not to drag Sheldon to escape at any time, saw this scene with her own eyes. She covered her mouth and said softly, even her eyes All were trembling slightly.

On the day behind the hotel, due to the darkness, injuries and Sheldon’s speed, she didn’t expect anyone to help. She just felt that Sheldon’s strength should be very strong, but she didn’t have much to do with it. the concept of.

But tonight she saw with her own eyes that Sheldon’s strength has reached the level of horror in her opinion. She thinks that she is very strong in the army, but compared with Sheldon, she is basically playing with children. It makes no difference.

With Sheldon’s strength, I am afraid that all the masters of their Japanese country can easily solve it, and even those hidden ninjas that are almost legendary can fight against it.

“Since you don’t want to say anything, let’s stay here forever.” Sheldon walked towards them with a blood dripping dagger. The two of them are very strong. If you let them go back like this, you will be in time. Serious injuries will pose a threat to yourself in the future.

Sheldon will never allow this to happen.

When they walked in front of them, Endo and Izumizuo couldn’t stand up at all. They could only stare at Sheldon, and then closed their eyes to prepare for the arrival of death.

Sheldon raised his dagger, aimed it at Endo’s chest, and stabbed it forcefully.

“Mr. Sheldon wait, don’t kill them yet!” Just when the dagger was less than an arm’s distance from Endo’s chest in singer Chen, and Endo was already shaking all over, a voice suddenly came from behind.

Sheldon took his hand, and the dagger was already on the clothes on Endo’s chest.

One second later, the dagger will pierce his heart directly, and even the best doctors in the world will not be able to save him.

“Patriarch Takuya.” Sheldon threw the dagger aside, got up and looked behind.

Endo Izumi who was lying on the ground was panting heavily. Although he was ready to die, the ease after the disaster caused them to shed cold sweat.

“Mr. Sheldon, don’t kill them yet, it’s still useful to keep them!” Takuya ran to Sheldon panting, and he sighed in relief when he saw the two on the ground were still alive.

“How did you know?” Sheldon closed his eyes and dissipated the killing intentions from his body, and then asked calmly.

“Why don’t I know!” Takuya clutched his chest and shook his head with a wry smile, “You have such a big movement here, I knew it the first time, so come and see the situation quickly.”

“Blame me, blame me.” Sheldon scratched his head and said embarrassingly.

“Let’s keep them for now. Since we dare to go to our Erye family’s manor to assassinate with great fanfare, we have to ask something out of their mouths. It’s a shame to let them die in vain.” Takuya pointed and lay down. The two people on the ground said to Sheldon.

“I asked, they didn’t say anything about killing.” Sheldon shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. I have seen a lot of hard-mouthed people.” Takuya beckoned, and the clansman standing behind him stepped forward and pulled Endo Izumizu up. “But not many people can survive me. Means, before dawn tomorrow, be sure to let them explain it honestly.”

“It’s best,” Sheldon laughed.

“Take them to the medical room and save your lives!” Looking at the blood in the place, Takuya frowned and ordered.

Soon, Endo and Izumizuo were taken away, but when he left, the blood on Endo’s body was still flowing, ticking along the way.

“Go to my place and sit down.” After they left, Takuya turned his head and said to Sheldon.

“It just so happens that I have something to talk to Chief Takuya.” Sheldon nodded, seeing Feixu still standing motionless not far away, and continued, “Miss Feixu, the danger has been eliminated!”

“Well… .. Thank you!”

Feixu returned to his senses, but the expression in Sheldon’s eyes was much more complicated.

In the main hall.

After the three of them came in, they immediately closed the door to the room, Takuya made a pot of hot tea, handed Sheldon a cigarette, and personally lit it. He knew that it was thanks to Sheldon again today, otherwise the two of them Entering the manor quietly, I’m afraid he and Feixu’s lives will be explained here.

“Brother Sheldon, today is really thanks to your help. I don’t know how to thank you for this one after another!” Standing in front of Sheldon, Takuya stood straight, and after speaking, he bowed deeply to Sheldon. Bowed.

“Don’t be like this, tell you the truth, Patriarch Takuya, today these two people are likely to come for me.” Sheldon quickly got up and helped him up.

“Oh? Did you offend any power in the country?” Takuya was taken aback.

“I’m not very clear. I guessed it was Jinchuan or Hanoi at first. Hanoi is more likely, but I don’t rule out that other forces are making trouble for me.”

Sheldon took a sip of a cigarette and saw Takuya’s eyes of doubt , Explained.

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