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Chapter 165

At noon the next day, Carlo Xia carried a large bag of gifts and found Roy Qin’s villa. Jamie Ye heard the doorbell open the door, and saw that Carlo Xia’s face suddenly sank. “How did you come?”

“I’ll take a look at my grandson!” Carlo Xia didn’t care about Jamie Ye’s attitude, and went straight into the villa. Devis was playing puzzles in the living room and heard the voice looking up.

This was the first time Carlo Xia saw his grandson, and he fell in love with him. Devis and Jamie Ye look so much alike. He put the gift he bought for Devis in front of Devis, lovingly reached out and touched Devis. “Your name is Devis, right? I’m grandpa.”

“Grandpa? What is Grandpa?” Devis asked with open innocent eyes. Jamie Ye had never mentioned Grandpa in front of him, so he didn’t even know what Grandpa was.

Carlo Xia’s face was a little red, “Grandpa is mom’s father, understand?”

“Yes.” Devis actually seemed to understand, turned his head to look at Jamie Ye, “Mom, do you have a dad?”

Jamie Ye smiled reluctantly, Carlo Xia came to the door, and she didn’t want him to faceless, so she nodded.

“You are mother’s father, why don’t you take care of your mother and let her be bullied by bad guys?” Devis turned to look at Carlo Xia again.

“Grandpa is wrong. From now on, Grandpa will take care of you and your mother and prevent you from being bullied by anyone.” Carlo Xia felt very guilty.

“Really?” Devis was happy. He was terrified by Lisa Lin. If there is a father, he will definitely not be bullied like this. Now my mother has a father and will definitely protect him and mother. “There is a bad mother-in-law who often bullies me and Mom, you must help us beat her, she is so damned!”

“Well, next time she dares to bully you, you will tell Grandpa that Grandpa will definitely protect you.” Carlo Xia promised. Looking back at Jamie Ye again, “Since Jamie is back, you can take your child home and live.”

Although knowing that Carlo Xia helped him out this time, Jamie Ye still has no way to feel good about him, “No, it’s nice for us to live here.”

“No matter how good it is, it’s someone else’s home. Dad will ask Aunt Kin to help Devis clean up the room. You can take him back.”

“To me, this place is more like my own home than yours.” Jamie Ye was not polite at all. She didn’t want to see Carlo Xia at all, but she couldn’t push Carlo Xia in front of Devis. It was at this time. Andre Ye is here.

After Jamie Ye moved Devis to Roy Qin’s villa, Andre Ye also came to help take care of him. He was obviously surprised to see Carlo Xia here, and his face immediately sank, “What are you doing?”

Devis was very happy to see Andre Ye coming, and immediately threw down Carlo Xia and ran to Andre Ye, “Uncle grandpa, I just ate some snacks and I am not hungry. You are cooking later, so play with me first.”

“Okay, Grandpa Uncle will cook later, and now I will play with Devis.” Andre Ye said that he was about to go to the kitchen to put the vegetables he bought. Jamie Ye reached out and took the dishes from Andre Ye, “Uncle, you accompany Devis. let me cook today.”

“No, Devis likes to eat the dishes I cook, so I will do it.”

“The dishes cooked by grandpa uncle are better than those cooked by my mother. I want to eat the dishes cooked by grandpa uncle.”

“Little thing, can’t you let Grandpa Uncle take a rest?” Jamie Ye glared at him.

Devis hid in Andre Ye’s arms, “Uncle grandfather, mother is scolding me!”

“Don’t be afraid, grandpa is here.”

Seeing how affectionate the mother and son Devis were to Andre Ye, Carlo Xia had five flavors in his heart. Jamie Ye is his daughter, and Devis is his grandson. They have a deep relationship with Andre Ye, an outsider, and her biological father is close to her. Grandpa was ignored, and his heart was really awkward.

Devis made a grimace at Jamie Ye in Andre Ye’s arms and saw Carlo Xia standing aside. He poked his head out, pointed at Carlo Xia and told Andre Ye, “Uncle grandpa, my mother has a father, so bad guys won’t dare to bully me and Mother!”

“He?” Andre Ye sneered. If it weren’t for Devis’s face, he would certainly not be polite. Andre Ye’s sneer irritated Carlo Xia. If Andre Ye hadn’t taken Jamie Ye away back then, Jamie Ye would definitely grow up by his side, and he would definitely get along. Her feelings are very good, and she would not suffer so much. He inexplicably resented Andre Ye.

“What’s wrong with me?” He stared at Andre Ye coldly, “From now on, my daughter and grandson, Carlo Xia, will take care of them, so you won’t bother.”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to say this?” Andre Ye sneered. “Jamie Ye and Devis don’t need your kindness.”

“It’s not your turn to be an outsider to speak.” Carlo Xia also sneered. He has always been tolerant to Andre Ye and never confronted him for tit-for-tat. The reason is only clear to him, but at this moment, he doesn’t want to bear it anymore. “I tell you, next time you see me, be polite, don’t let me shake out your ugly things.”

“Carlo Xia, are you still a human?” Andre Ye turned blue with anger. Carlo Xia gave a naked threat. He was telling himself that he wanted to tell Jamie Ye what he was not really Andre Ye, but he didn’t want Jamie Ye to know all this.

Seeing their swordsmanship, Jamie Ye felt uncomfortable. Although Carlo Xia cheated on her mother and her, it is undeniable that Carlo Xia treated her very well when she was a child. It is precisely because Carlo Xia treated her well that she could not accept that her father was such a person. .

Although Andre Ye is an uncle, he has been caring for her since she was a teenager, and he has played the role of uncle and father in her life. She didn’t want to see the two of them facing each other, so she spoke to Carlo Xia, “You Go back first.”

At this moment, Jamie Ye’s opening to let him go back is undoubtedly helping Andre Ye to push him. Carlo Xia’s heart is even more angry. He looked at Devis and suppressed the anger, “Devis, grandpa will come to see you tomorrow, you have to listen mother’s words!”

“Okay, goodbye grandpa!”

Carlo Xia didn’t leave immediately but looked at Andre Ye coldly, “Thank you for taking care of Jamie Ye over the years. I will invite you to have tea someday.”

“I can’t afford the tea of Master Secretary, so let’s avoid it!” Andre Ye wanted to have trouble with him.

Carlo Xia smiled and didn’t smile, “It must be, I will personally invite you when the time comes.” Throwing down these words, he strode away.

After Carlo Xia left, Andre Ye’s face was a little pale, and Jamie Ye comforted, “Uncle, please ignore him, Devis and I won’t get involved with him.”

Andre Ye smiled bitterly. If he were the real Andre Ye, Jamie Ye would definitely not have anything to do with Carlo Xia, but if Carlo Xia told Jamie Ye his true identity, would Jamie Ye still be like this?

After lunch, Juan Mu found him. He looked haggard and he was a lot thinner. Seeing the energetic Juan Mu become like this, Jamie Ye couldn’t bear it. “Juan Mu, don’t you come to disturb us, okay? I promise you to wait for Devis to recover and let him recognize you, can’t you?”

Juan Mu smiled bitterly, “Jamie, I didn’t come to recognize the child. I found a doctor for Devis. He is a well-known old Chinese doctor in Eurasia and has rich clinical experience in treating leukemia. Let him show Devis. Right.”

“Chinese medicine?” Jamie Ye hesitated.

“Mr Mu heard that the old doctor Arthur Zhang has a lot of experience in leukemia treatment, so he specially ran for thousands of miles as I invited him over, you can let me show Devis.” Spencer Liu interrupted.

“I also heard that there are cases of recovery of leukemia treated by traditional Chinese medicine. Now that the doctor is here, let him see Devis.” Andre Ye persuaded.

Seeing that Andre Ye had no objection, Jamie Ye opened the door and let the three of them enter the house. Doctor Zhang checked Devis and read Devis’s inspection report. He said that Devis had been treated before and the patient later Healed without recurrence, it is recommended that Devis be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.

Jamie Ye naturally didn’t dare to be careless about the child, so she accepted his suggestion. Arthur Zhang prescribed some Chinese medicine prescriptions for Devis, and said that he would give Devis two courses of treatment first to see the situation.

Andre Ye carefully asked about the idea of drinking Chinese medicine. The doctor said that it is forbidden to eat hot, sour and spicy food. Jamie Ye thanked the doctor for taking the prescription and preparing to grab the Chinese medicine. Naturally, Juan Mu would not give up this opportunity and immediately offered to drive Jamie Ye. Jamie Ye did not refuse to get on Juan Mu’s car.

This is the first time the two have been alone since returning to Eurasia. Juan Mu looked at Jamie Ye carefully, “Jamie, I’m sorry, I was wrong this time, otherwise I won’t cause you such a big trouble.”

“Juan Mu, what else would you say except I’m sorry?” Jamie Ye snorted coldly, “You are always making mistakes and apologizing, is this interesting?”

“Not next time.” He accompanied her carefully.

“And next time?” Jamie Ye sneered.

Juan Mu was so speechless that he couldn’t say anything, and after a long time he begged, “Jamie, I want to visit my children often, okay?”

“Can I say no?” Jamie Ye was not angry.

This is not to refuse him to watch the child, Juan Mu was happy, with a smile on his face, “Jamie, thank you.”

“Thank me for what? Juan Mu, I warn you, don’t make an inch of it. Just let you see the child, don’t think about making any crooked ideas.”

“I’m just looking at children, so I won’t have any crooked ideas.” Juan Mu assured.

The two went to the Chinese pharmacy to prepare the Chinese medicine, and they were about to go back. When starting the car, Juan Mu’s eyes swept to the figure in the rearview mirror and couldn’t help but “Hey”, “Isn’t this Aunt Liu? Why is she here?”

Jamie Ye followed his gaze and saw Erin Liu, the nanny of Juan Mu’s family, appeared at the door of the pharmacy. Juan Mu glanced at Jamie Ye, “I will go down and ask her what she is doing here, and ask her something by the way. “

Jamie Ye knew what Juan Mu meant, and she must be worried about Lisa Lin. She didn’t say anything. This was Juan Mu’s matter and she had nothing to do with him. Seeing Jamie Ye’s noncommittal, Juan Mu explained again.

“I went out to find a doctor for Devis these days, and gave my mother to Aunt to take care of her, so…”

It’s normal to worry about parents for children. Juan Mu’s cautious appearance made Jamie Ye couldn’t help but say: “Juan Mu, when I was with you before, I never cared about you, let alone now that we are already It doesn’t matter anymore, you can do whatever you want without explaining to me.”

“I…” Juan Mu looked at Jamie Ye complicatedly. While he hesitated, a man walked to Erin Liu, the two greeted intimately, and then entered the pharmacy together.

“Isn’t this Li? How could he know Erin Liu?” Now it was Jamie Ye’s turn to be surprised. The man who entered the pharmacy with Erin Liu was not someone else but Carlo Xia’s driver Mike Li.

“Yes, how did Aunt know Xiao Li?” Juan Mu was also surprised.

“Juan Mu, don’t you want to ask about your mother’s situation? Go and ask?” Jamie Ye urged.

Chapter 166

Juan Mu got off the car and entered the pharmacy. He saw Erin Liu and Mike Li at the place where he was grabbing the medicine. Although Mike Li was standing beside Erin Liu, his eyes were always looking around.

He saw Juan Mu when he appeared from the elevator. When he saw Juan Mu subconsciously distance himself from Erin Liu, he took the initiative to come over and greet Juan Mu, “Mr. Mu!”

This sound made Erin Liu, who was facing Juan Mu back, turned her head, and she was obviously shocked when she saw Juan Mu. Fortunately, Mike Li stopped Juan Mu’s greetings and gave her a buffer period.

Her complexion immediately recovered after a moment of abnormality. After adjusting, Erin Liu walked towards Juan Mu casually, “Mr. Mu, when did you come back?”

“I just came back today.” Juan Mu replied. “How is my mom’s situation?”

“Madam is recovering well, but her temper is not good. If you go to see her, it’s fine.” Erin Liu replied.

Mike Li on the side saw Juan Mu and Erin Liu talking about private matters, and politely said goodbye to Juan Mu, “Mr. Mu, I have something to leave first.”

Juan Mu nodded and followed Mike Li’s gaze. How did he feel that Mike Li was a little flustered? Could it be that he was worried? Seeing his gaze following Mike Li’s figure, Erin Liu’s heart jumped abruptly, and she forced a smile, “Who was that just now?”

Juan Mu was taken aback by her question. What did Erin Liu’s words mean? She didn’t know Mike Li? It’s just that he just clearly saw the two people at the door greet and enter the pharmacy together. Why didn’t they know each other in an instant? What’s the situation?

He had doubts in his mind, but he did not reveal it, “Secretary Xia’s driver.”

“It turned out to be the secretary’s driver!” Erin Liu replied monotonously, and then explained, “Madam has been a little angry these days, so I came to buy some honeysuckle soaked in water.”

“Thank you!” Juan Mu knew the temper of his mother. He did not show up during this period. She would definitely send the fire to Erin Liu. Erin Liu did not dare to talk back. This is a normal thing. Find two more caregivers for her right away, and you can rest for a while.”

“No need to rest, I can take care of my wife.” Erin Liu hurriedly stated that Juan Mu was generous. Although she was often scolded by Lisa Lin for her work at Mu’s house, her wages were not average. It was for the sake of money. No matter how Lisa Lin harmed her, she did not complain at all.

Of course, besides the money, she has another purpose for staying at Mu’s house. The salary Patricia Liu gave her is not generally high. How do you see how cost-effective to get two wages for one job? If Juan Mu really asks to take care of Lisa Lin , So that the newly hired caregiver won Lisa Lin’s favor, how can she have her position in the future.

Afraid that Juan Mu would really ask for a caregiver, she immediately confessed, “I have stayed with madam for a long time, and I understand the her preferences better, and the you can rest assured that this newly hired caregiver will definitely not satisfy Madam.”

This makes sense, and Juan Mu nodded, “If you can’t make it, just tell me.”

Jamie Ye waited in the car for a while before Juan Mu came out. Watching him get in the car, Jamie Ye couldn’t help asking him, “It doesn’t matter your mother, right?”

“Aunt said there was nothing wrong, and the recovery was pretty good.”

“Go and see her.”

“I’ll take time to see her.” Juan Mu replied and started the car. He asked Jamie Ye a question, “Did Aunt and Mike Li greet at the door just now?”

“Yeah?” Jamie Ye was a little strange, “What are you asking about this?”

“Nothing, I just confirm whether there are flowers in my eyes.”

Sending Jamie Ye back, Juan Mu and Spencer Liu left together. On the way, he told Spencer Liu everything he saw today, “Two people I know pretend not to know each other. There must be something tricky in this, you go check that Mike Li.”

Spencer Liu nodded and agreed.

Although Carlo Xia had spoken about not allowing Karen Xia to go out, how could Karen Xia stay at home, not to mention, Lisa Lin was hospitalized, she had to take the time to show her hospitality, and take a look at Lisa Lin’s attitude towards her.

Seeing that Carlo Xia was not at home, she bought something Lisa Lin liked to eat and went to the hospital. When she saw Karen Xia come to see her, Lisa Lin was very happy. She took her hand to ask questions. Karen Xia naturally followed her words and made Lisa Lin amused. I’m very happy, the more I look at you, the more I feel that Karen is more pleasing to the eye, “Karen, don’t you have any news yet?”

Karen Xia smiled shyly, “That didn’t come.”

“Really?” Lisa Lin was overjoyed, “have you checked?”

“not yet.”

“Quickly check, if there is good news…” Lisa Lin suddenly felt the feeling of sunrise, and if Karen Xia was pregnant, Jamie Ye would be dreaming of starting with Juan Mu.

Karen Xia watched Lisa Lin return home and talked to Patricia Liu about Lisa Lin’s reaction. The mother and daughter were exchanging ideas. When Xia just came back, he asked Patricia Liu to immediately clean up the room and set up a children’s room.

Without asking, Patricia Liu knew that this meant to let Jamie Ye’s son live in. She hated it in her heart, but didn’t show it on her face, “Does Jamie want to live in with the child?”

“Yes!” Carlo Xia replied very briefly. “Set up nicely.”

Aunt Kin on the side was excited when she heard it, “Secretary, leave it to me to clean up the room. I will definitely arrange it beautifully.”

“Then I’m sorry.” After Carlo Xia finished speaking, she sat down, and Karen Xia made tea diligently. Carlo Xia took a sip of the tea and looked at Karen Xia, “You have graduated for several years. Do you have any plans? ?”

Karen Xia was stunned by his question. Except for wanting to marry Juan Mu, the Mr.’s wife and Juan Mu who everyone admires, she really has no other plans. She stubbornly said, “For the time being. I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Carlo Xia frowned. An adult has no future plans. Can this person be called a human? Think about Karen Xia and then think about Jamie Ye. He started to feel uncomfortable in his heart. He was also his daughter, so why would she look different.

Jamie Ye was low-key and restrained. Even when she married Juan Mu as a wealthy wife, Jamie Ye was also very low-key, and he never saw her going into high-end places.

But Karen Xia is different. Shee only knows to go to high-end places all day, and she is in a group with those daughters. He is completely disgusted in his heart, and his eyes are cold again. “Since you don’t have after planning well, I thought about it. Why don’t you go to study abroad.”

“Going abroad?” Karen Xia was stunned. She was planning to marry Juan Mu. It is not clear that going abroad is a good thing to disturb her, “Dad, I don’t want to study abroad.”

“What do you want to do when you don’t want to study abroad? Others just like you started working and running for life. You are the only one who has nothing to do all day and only knows how to eat, drink and have fun. Do you find it interesting to live a lifetime like this?”

“I…” Karen Xia couldn’t answer his question, but looked at Patricia Liu for help.

“Karen is not doing nothing. She wanted to find a job at the beginning, but she was delayed for a Jamie’s purpose. Later she fell ill and stayed at home to recuperate…” Patricia Liu immediately helped her daughter.

Carlo Xia smiled faintly, “The previous thing was that we were not good parents and wronged you. Now I want to make up for you and send you to study abroad. As long as you study well, I believe you will be able to achieve something.”

“Why do you want to send Karen to study? I am unfamiliar with my life and I can’t bear my daughter’s suffering.” Patricia Liuvhurriedly took over.

“Suffering? Others have sharpened their heads and want to go abroad, but you regard this as suffering?” Carlo Xia’s voice raised unnaturally.

“Dad, I don’t want to go out, I can’t bear to leave you.” Karen Xia begged.

“Can’t bear us? What are you talking about? Do you want to stay at home for the rest of your life with us?” Carlo Xia sneered. Karen Xia bowed her head silently. Patricia Liu hurriedly interjected, “Xia, my daughter is unwilling, so don’t force her. I will ask her to find a job and start working another day.”

“Now it’s not a problem of going to work, but a problem of Jamie. Jamie and Devis are going to move back right away, and Juan Mu will inevitably come over. Karen stays at home all day without looking up and seeing her. I don’t think it’s too good, so I thought I want to send you out to study, so that’s good for everyone.”

Karen Xia bit her lip, “Dad, if you are worried about this, I will move out.”

“You still don’t understand what I mean. Your staying here will only make Jamie and Juan have lumps in their hearts, so the best way is to go abroad.” Carlo Xia understood the words more clearly, and Karen Xia’s face changed a lot. Looking at Patricia Liu, “Mom, I don’t want to go out, nor will I go out if I’m killed!”

Patricia Liu felt as uncomfortable as a cat’s claw, but she still had a smile on her face, “Since it is for Jamie, let Karen study abroad, Xia, you can arrange it, and I will persuade Karen to agree.”

Carlo Xia saw Patricia Liu clear things up, and her calm expression looked better, regardless of the crying Karen Xia, “I’ll let someone do it right away. You guys should prepare first these days.”

Seeing Xia just entering the study, Patricia Liu and her daughter also went back to the room and closed the door. Karen Xia was crying, “Mom, my father forced me to leave in order to make Jamie Ye comfortable. I am also his daughter. How could he be so eccentric?”

Patricia Liu didn’t speak, and Carlo Xia was pretty good to her and Karen Xia before. Why is it now uncharacteristically? Was it because of Jamie Ye’s return or did he start to doubt?

Karen Xia became more anxious when she saw her mother not speaking, “Mom, why did you agree to him just now? You should find a reason to refuse.”

“What’s the noise?” Patricia Liu frowned, “Aren’t you okay to sit here now? I’m just a tactic of slowing down. The road is one foot high and the devil is high. Don’t worry, Mom won’t let you go abroad.”

“What can you do now?” Karen Xia was really anxious. “Mom, why don’t we tell my father about my pregnancy so that he might not let me go abroad.”

“Idiot!” Patricia Liu glared at her, “Tell him at this time that you want to die fast. Based on what I know about him, he will definitely force you to go to the hospital and kill the child.”

“What should I do? Don’t tell him until he is born?”

“Don’t wait so long, I will find a way. You stay at home obediently these days and don’t go anywhere.”

Xia just frowned after entering the study. Karen Xia’s reaction to crying and refusing to go out was normal. She was accustomed to opening her mouth when she came to Olathe to reach out for food, and she would definitely not want to let her go abroad.

Patricia Liu is so accustomed to Karen Xia, and according to common sense, she would follow her opposition. Carlo Xia thought she would cry and stop like Karen Xia, but she just raised an objection and immediately agreed. It’s not like being a mother. reaction. Although Patricia Liu’s marriage to him is important to him, why do things today feel so abnormal?

Aunt Kin knocked on the door to bring him tea, and watched him frown to comfort him, “Don’t worry about the secretary, the lady just loses her temper for a while, and she will be better later.”

Carlo Xia nodded, thought for a while and suddenly asked, “Is the house normal recently?”

“Nothing was wrong.” Aunt Kin replied.

Carlo Xia hummed, “At home, you bother more.”

Aunt Kin nodded, “I will pay attention.”

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