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Chapter 399

“It’s so sweet!” Blair Elijah smiled and handed the cucumber to Hazel. “I have eaten it anyway, so you won’t use it for cooking! Come on, take a bite…”

“I do not want!!”

He had eaten it, and let her bite it, it was dirty!!!

“Take a bite, relax and relax! Cooking a meal, is it so depressing for you?” Blair Elijah put the hand in front of her without any intention of removing it.

Hazel stared at him.


Blair Elijah urged.

Seeing him bend over to coax her, the corners of Hazel’s tight lips slightly, and even opened her lips in a ghostly manner, and took a heavy bite on the cucumber he stretched over.

It’s really sweet…

The sweetness almost permeates the deepest part of her heart…

“Wow, you have a big mouth! One bite is so big!!” Blair Elijah looked at his cucumber, which had been bitten off by more than half, feeling a little depressed.

Hazel wrapped the cucumber and said vaguely, “Who let me bite?!”

Blair Elijah smiled, and continued to gnaw the cucumber in his hand with a happy face, “It’s so sweet…”

“Hey, after being bitten by you, it’s sweeter…”


Hazel because of his words, for a moment she ignorant of him.

After five years of absence, this guy’s skin is getting thicker and thicker!

“Well, since you don’t like me being in the kitchen, then I won’t disturb you, go out and watch cartoons with the little guy!”

Blair Elijah seemed to have received favor and was finally willing to step out of the kitchen.

“Go ahead!” Hazel quickly blasted him.

Blair Elijah leaned close to her ear and muttered ambiguously, “Hey, Allison Hazel…I haven’t seen you in five years, your saliva… is sweeter…”

“Blair Elijah, get out now!!!”

Hazel almost didn’t take the knife to drive him.

Blair Elijah laughed cheerfully and went out of the kitchen.

“Uncle, you guys are so noisy!!”

As a result, they laughed too loudly and annoyed the little guy in the hall who watched cartoons too seriously.

The little guy turned his head and complained.

Blair Elijah hurriedly closed his smile, and after swallowing the cucumber in his mouth, walked up to Landon with seriousness.

A pair of enchanting eyes, as if looking seriously, staring at Landon.

Landon seemed to be a little hairy when he saw him, “Uncle, why are you staring at the puppet!!”

The little guy glanced at him disgustingly, so annoying, that face blocked his TV!

Blair Elijah glanced at the busy Hazel in the kitchen, and then lowered his voice, “Boy, uncle has something to ask you, you must answer me honestly, and… keep it quiet!!!”

“Oh! I’m not free!” The little guy didn’t buy his account at all.

“Hey…” Blair Elijah curled his lips unhappily.

“Alright!!” The little guy finally lowered his shoulders and finally moved his gaze away from the TV. “Let’s talk, what question do you want to ask me?”

“That… Brooks… No, Mateo daddy, is it your daddy?”


The little guy stared at Blair Elijah on the opposite side, just about to nod, but suddenly he heard Blair Elijah say again, “Little devil, don’t lie! Lies are bad words! It hurts!”


“Hmm! I won’t be able to speak in the future.”

“How come…”

The little guy was so frightened that he covered his small mouth with his little hands, and shook his head desperately, “I don’t know, Landon doesn’t say it, and I won’t say it…”

Do not say? He can’t say that…

“Hazel didn’t let you say?”

“En…” The little guy nodded like garlic, suddenly seemed to think of something, shook his head, “I don’t know, I don’t know anything…”

“Good boy!!” Blair Elijah laughed wildly.

“Come on, uncle doesn’t ask anything, don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous…”

At this time, he was so excited that he almost shouted out.

In other words, this little devil…


Is it possible to be his son?!!!

“Boy, you are really, madam so cute…”

Blair Elijah held up his little cheek and kissed him on the cheek several times.

From the forehead to the nose to the cheeks, he rarely let go of his little mouth. Thanks to his son covering his mouth quickly, “No kiss, no kiss! This is for the beautiful young lady Dear…”


“You little man!!!”

How old is this, he knew that his mouth was going to kiss the pretty lady!!!

“Uncle, you are the big sex guy!! Even Landon’s little mouth is never let go…”

The little guy is still covering his mouth, guarding against the man in front of him.


Blair Elijah laughed out loud.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, he fished him into his arms.

To have such a son he is going to die of happiness.

“Hey! Kid, you…do you want me to be your daddy?”

“Daddy?” The little guy’s excited eyes glistened.

“Shhh!!” Blair Elijah hurriedly threw the little guy into the sofa, and the little guy with a little head shrank and poked over, and he was learning his father’s appearance with a serious look, taking a look at being busy Hazel in the kitchen…

“Actually…” Blair Elijah paused slightly when he said this, “Actually, I want to be your daddy.”

Two black and blackheads huddled on the sofa, discussing tricks.

“Great!!” The little guy was very excited, “Uncle, I want you to be my daddy too.”

“So, we have to fix the woman inside first…”

“Huh?” The little guy stared at the opposite man defensively, with his hand covering his chest, a soldier defending, “Uncle, what do you want to do to my mommy?”

Blair Elijah looked at the little guy’s posture and rolled his eyes, “What do you think I want to do to her?”

Loot, rape, and kill?!!!

Blair Elijah looked at the nervous look of the little guy, paused, and said cautiously.

“I want to marry her!!”


The little guy looked at his father in shock…Blair Elijah smiled happily and rubbed his round head with his big hands, “Understood?”

The little guy lit the cute little head with a half-knowledge.

“Then uncle, how do you manage Hazel?”

The little guy squatted on the sofa, showing a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, secretly looking at Hazel who was busy in the kitchen.

This action is so exciting!!!

“Of course you have to rely on your performance! You are so smart…”

Blair Elijah was busy boasting about Landon, and began to prepare for the next plan, “Anyway, let her stay tonight.”

“It’s easy!” The little guy hurriedly raised his hand to answer, “Wrap it on puppet!!”

“Ok!! I know you must do it, kid!! It’s up to you next!!!”

A conspiracy between father and son was born so gorgeously.

And Hazel without knowing she was still busy in the kitchen, preparing a sumptuous dinner for the two men outside.

Looking at the freshly baked dishes, the corners of Hazel’s lips couldn’t help but slightly rise.

One is the man she once loved the most, and the other is the man she loves most now!

It turned out that the feeling of preparing meals for them is so happy…

“What are you discussing? Sneaky!”

Hazel while carrying food from the kitchen to the dining room, she saw two people, one large and one small, lying on the sofa, discussing something secretly.

“No, nothing…”

The little guy covered his mouth and shook his head.

Hazel at Landon, and then at Blair Elijah.

“Alright! I’ll tell you, I promised Landon that I would accompany you to send him to school every day.” Blair Elijah confessed honestly.


On the side, Landon looked up and looked at his father admiringly.

The melon seeds are turning fast, but what did he say that his dad should send him to school every day? He wants to take the opportunity to soak his mom!!!

“Landon, you want to trouble the uncle again! People are very busy!!” Hazel scolded Landon.

Landon was wronged to death, but he could only admit his fate, “Mummy, Landon doesn’t want to be said to be a wild child without a daddy…”

Whoops!!! This kid does this trick again!!!

But obviously, this invincible trick worked!!!

Blair Elijah couldn’t help but cast an admiring look at his son.

Hazel dropped her shoulders in frustration, “Landon, it will be hard for uncle to be like this.”

“No!” Blair Elijah hurriedly talked, hugged Landon into his arms, walked to Hazel, and persuaded her, “Forget it, after all, he is still young, and what a child like that is hurting. Yes, don’t hurt the little guy’s self-esteem, that’s not good!”

Look, he can still pretend to be good!

“Then… won’t I have to trouble you again in the future?” Hazel was a little embarrassed, but more, she was worried.

“It’s okay, it’s just a matter of effort. Okay! Landon, let’s wash our hands and get ready to eat!!”

“Great!!! I’ll be sent to school by Daddy and Mommy from now on!!” The little guy exclaimed joyfully in Blair Elijah’s arms.

Blair Elijah hugged him towards a gust of wind and rushed into the kitchen to wash his hands.

“Uncle, you are so smart.” The little guy praised him while washing his hands.

Blair Elijah just smiled, “You did a good show too!!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!!” The little guy was praised by his father and rubbed his little head in embarrassment.

“Hurry up! Have dinner…”

Hazel in the dining room urged the two people who had been dangling in the kitchen.


A meal is warmer than ever.

At least, this is the best, richest, and most delicious meal that Blair Elijah has eaten in five years.

Looking at the two happy people beside him, Blair Elijah thought, it would be great if life continued like this in the future.

“Uncle, why do you keep looking at me and Hazel?”

The little guy bit the egg in his mouth, while suspiciously asking Blair Elijah beside him.

He kept staring at him and smiled, his embarrassed face began to turn red, put some vegetables into the bowl, and asked him, “What’s wrong? Are the dishes unpalatable?”

Blair Elijah only shook his head without answering.

“I see!” The little guy raised his chopsticks hand, “Uncle must be unaccustomed to suddenly having so many people eating together, right?”

“Little devil, you talk a lot!! Eat quickly!!”

Chapter 400

Blair Elijah quickly bowed his head and began to grill rice.

Hazel looked at him blankly, her heart could not help but bursts of astringency.

For so many years, is it true that he has always been alone?

After eating, Hazel is responsible for washing dishes in the kitchen, while Blair Elijah is responsible for cleaning the dishes, and the little guy is responsible for continuing to watch his cartoons.

Soon, she cleaned up and Hazel found time to play with Hazelic in the turtle tank.


She spilled some minced meat in, looking at the familiar green body, feeling deeply in her heart.

“It hasn’t been seen for five years, it has grown a lot…”

Hazel couldn’t help sighing.

Blair Elijah leaned lazily on the countertop, “Isn’t it! You have to walk for another ten years, you won’t know it!”

It seems like there is something in the words! It seemed to be complaining to her that she had gone too long, or she shouldn’t have left at all.

Hazel’s hands sprinkled with minced meat and paused slightly.

Without answering Blair Elijah’s words, she just played with Hazelic inside.

Hazelic seemed to know her, playing in the water happily, very excited.

“It seems to know me…”

Hazel is also excited.

“Yes!” Blair Elijah sighed, lying on the tortoise tank. “Little animals are more affectionate than people.”


Glancing at him with an uncomfortable smile, “Why are you doing everything like this at me?”

“Innocent…” Blair Elijah spread his shoulders innocently.

But, to be honest, he was depressed for a long time when she left, and five years after she left.

“In fact…”

When Blair Elijah said this, he paused and glanced at her, “Actually, I went to you in five years.”

“Huh?” Hazel looking at him in shock.

“Yes! I have been looking for you for more than a year.” Blair Elijah sighed, “But the ending I found is not ideal at all…”

Blair Elijah said with a chuckle, “I didn’t expect you to be married!”

“Seriously, Allison Hazel, the result was a big blow to me… Later, I always thought I could forget you, but… the effect was not good, even if I changed girlfriend after girlfriend I can’t find the feeling I used to feel…”

“Blair Elijah…”

Hazel at Blair Elijah in shock.

Never thought that he would find her, and even today, he would say something like this to her.

“Allison Hazel, you said…You don’t seem to be a kind of drug, you know you can’t touch it, but you still seem to be in a demon, you can’t extricate yourself!”

Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel completely stunned.

For a while, she only felt that her mind was blank, and she couldn’t find any thoughts.


She was a little confused.

“What are you nervous about?” Blair Elijah looked at her panic and guessed the ending.

She didn’t mean to accept him at all.

And so…

He will not push her too hard!!! He chose to take a step back!!!

“Don’t be nervous! I said I didn’t want to let you do anything!” Blair Elijah tried to make his tone sound a little relaxed.

“I won’t do anything to you…”

Sure enough, Blair Elijah’s words made Hazel breathe a sigh of relief.

But this kind of her made Blair Elijah dull his chest.

Could it be that his love is a burden to her?

Next, neither of the two spoke again.

At night, it was nine o’clock.

The little guy had already gone upstairs to play alone, standing downstairs Hazel calling him.

“Landon, we should go home.”

No one answered.


Hazel shouted again, still silent.

“Could it be that the kid has fallen asleep?” Blair Elijah asked her.

“That…” Hazel was embarrassed, “Can you help me go up and call him?”

“Why don’t you go by yourself?” Blair Elijah looked at her critically, raising his eyebrows, “Allison Hazel, don’t you dare to go up? Is there a cannibal on it? Or is there a memory you dare not face? If you dare not face it, you prove what?”

“Forget it, I’ll go by myself…”

Hazel responded in a flustered manner, turned around, and hurried upstairs.



Hazel searched the guest room all the way, but never saw the little ghost’s footprints.

In the end, the pace stopped in front of her bedroom with Blair Elijah five years ago.

Hand, holding the door lock, some dare not open the door…

Yes! She is afraid…

She is afraid to see everything in the past, she is afraid to face those happy memories of the past…


Suddenly, she could only hear Blair Elijah’s dumb voice.

He lowered his head and looked at her, with a faint smile on his lips.

And his hand, attached to the handle of the door, held her little hand tightly.

“Don’t treat memories as beasts, many times, you should obey your own heart…”

He held her hand and gently unscrewed the door lock…

Hazel’s heart beats like a drum in an instant, beating frantically without rhythm.

Open the door…

Everything in front of her was so familiar that Hazel stopped in place for a while, unable to move.

Her chest is like a frenzy, and her thoughts are flying.

“Go in!” Blair Elijah’s voice rang in a low voice, and then Hazel quickly before returning to her senses.

She saw the little guy’s thin body lying on the big bed, sleeping soundly.

Blair Elijah made a ‘hush’ gesture and walked in gently, and Hazel slowly followed behind him.


She yelled tentatively.

No response.

“It seems that he fell asleep.” Blair Elijah’s voice was very soft.

Hazel a little embarrassed, “What can I do?”

“Or…” Blair Elijah just wanted to suggest that they stay, but Hazel only said, “Forget it, I’ll hold him back!”

Talking, Hazel bent to hug Landon on the bed.

Kneeling feet on the bed, her heart is aching slightly.

Still this familiar feeling…

“Landon, come, go home with Mommy…”

Hazel rolled Landon’s body into her arms, but unexpectedly the little guy in her arms moved and opened his eyes slowly, “Mummy, don’t go back…”

His voice was awkward, with a pitiful smell.

“Landon is going to sleep with Daddy and Mom…”

The little guy rolled into the bed again, and fell asleep again holding a smile, with a happy smile on the corner of his lips, “Landon is going to sleep with Daddy and Mommy…”

As if he were in a dream, he kept muttering, “Sleep together…”

Hazel slightly, and looked at her son’s appearance, feeling painful and uncomfortable.

Perhaps, he is looking forward to sleeping with his daddy and mommy one day…

After all, this is the happiness that every child can have, but he does not!!! Never had it!!!

“Or…you can sleep here tonight!” Blair Elijah suggested just in time.

“This…” Hazel was very embarrassed, sitting on the bed, stiff.

The little guy seemed to be unaware of the embarrassment and embarrassment between the adults. He still closed his eyes and coaxed Hazel, “Mommy, hurry up to sleep!! Even if I want to sleep on your chest, hurry up…”

Seeing the little guy’s eager appearance, there was no way for Hazel, so she had to listen to him obediently and lay down.

The cute little head of the little guy jumped into the arms of Hazel.

Blair Elijah looked at all the warm things in front of him, and couldn’t help but ripples in his heart. Seriously, while being happy, he also envied the affection and warmth between them…

He doesn’t know when he started, but he hopes that one day he can get such happiness…

Maybe it started from memorizing things, or maybe it started from getting to know her!

The corners of the sexy lips can’t help but rise slightly…

“You guys rest first! Then I’ll go out first!” He seemed to have no reason to stay here any longer.

“Uncle Daddy…”

Suddenly, the little guy called him.

Blair Elijah paused, and Hazel on the bed also froze slightly.

He heard the little guy asking him, “Uncle, can you sleep with Landon for one night? Just one night, okay?”

The little guy asked weakly, his voice is so pitiful that people could not refuse.

Blair Elijah didn’t refuse, only looking at the bed, Hazel at the stiff back, waiting for her answer.

Hazel wanted to refuse, but listening to her son’s poor plea, she thought, no matter which mother is the one who can’t bear to refuse, right?

At last…

Hazel turned her head, looking at the man standing behind her.

She tried her best to make herself look a little relaxed, “You…sorry, I trouble you…”

She was nervous and incoherent.

Her words made Blair Elijah’s heart tighten. The next moment, a faint smile overflowed from the corners of his lips, “I’m very happy.”

Whether it is to accompany her or sleep with the kid, he is very happy! What’s more, it’s still two people together!!!

Blair Elijah fell asleep on the other side of the little ghost.

Both of them slept together.


The little guy opened his eyes in excitement, and no matter what, a wet kiss was printed on the faces of his mommy and daddy.

“Hazel is so happy…”

And he, before going to bed, didn’t forget to wink his eyes at his daddy playfully.

Blair Elijah was stunned for a second, then relieved…

Sure enough, looking for a kid to stand on the same line as himself, it was right!!!

The little guy was really tired, or, it is rare to have such a warm environment, which made him fall asleep soon… For a while, in the whole room, only Hazel and Blair Elijah were awake.

The room was almost weirdly quiet.

Only the sound of the little guy sleeping soundly, and the sound of two people breathing slightly nervously.

No one spoke…

Two people, five years later, for the first time, they slept so close, separated by a little ghost.

Two people slept relatively to each other.

Hazel closed her eyes and didn’t dare to open her eyes and take a look at the man opposite.

But Blair Elijah didn’t look like he was going to sleep at all, just staring at the two people opposite.

In this scene, he didn’t know how many times he had fantasized about it, but he didn’t expect that such a day would finally be looked forward to by him!

Under the dizzy yellow light, Hazel fanned those beautiful, disc-like eyelashes lightly, and seemed to be shaking constantly because of tension.

Blair Elijah drew a wicked smile on his sexy thin lips.


He uttered a loud cry.

“Don’t hold on if you can’t sleep.”

Hazel heard what he said, and after hesitating for a while, she opened her eyes.

She looked at him with winking eyes, but she never spoke.

Blair Elijah only smiled and was in a great mood.

“What are you laughing at?” Finally, Hazel couldn’t help but ask him.

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