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Chapter 191

She hurriedly walked over and squatted down to check Lisa Lin’s condition, only to see Lisa Lin’s eyes closed, her face was pale, there was a slap mark on her face, and the upper right corner of her forehead was red and swollen, as if it had been hit by something.

Her heart sank, she patted Lisa Lin on the shoulder and called Mrs. Mu twice. She did not see her reaction, and checked her breathing and heartbeat again. They were all very weak, and she was even more anxious. She raised her voice twice. She took out her mobile phone from the handbag she brought with her and dialed the 120 emergency number.

When she called, Erin Liu also came up, and when she saw the situation in the room, she jumped up, “Oh, Miss Ye, what happened to madam? Did you beat her?”

Jamie Ye hung up the phone and frowned, “What nonsense are you talking about? Just now I saw her fall to the ground as soon as I came in, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Erin Liu glared at her suspiciously, “It’s impossible. Madam was fine when I left. How could she fall to the ground for no reason? You see that there are slap marks on her face. You must have just come in and beat her. She fell to the ground, how can you do this?”

“I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.” Jamie Ye was anxious and angry. She couldn’t think that she would be so misunderstood. She glanced at Lisa Lin, who was unconscious. She knew that it was not the time to argue, and it was more important to save Lisa Lin first.

She asked Erin Liu to help carefully turn Lisa Lin’s body over and lie on her back, put her head to one side, and took the quilt on the bed to cover her body, so as to prevent her from lying on the floor and getting cold and worsening her injury.

She was doing this, but Erin Liu yelled and went downstairs, shouting, “Come on, Madam fainted, come on!”

Jamie Ye didn’t care about her either, she picked up her mobile phone and dialed Juan Mu’s phone number.

“Jamie Ye, are you looking for me, what’s the matter?” Juan Mu’s voice was full of joy. It is rare that Jamie Ye would take the initiative to call him, no wonder he would be so happy.

Jamie Ye bit her lip and said, “Juan Mu, I’m at your house now, and your mother fainted. Come back quickly.”

Juan Mu took a breath, “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with my mother?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, you’d better come back and talk about it!” At this time, there was no way to clarify what happened in a few words. Jamie Ye decided to wait for Juan Mu to come back and tell him in person.

On the other side of the phone, Juan Mu said eagerly: “Okay, I’ll go back right away, did you call an ambulance?”

“Already called, the ambulance should be here soon.”

The phone hung up, footsteps and noise sounded outside the door, and Erin Liu ran upstairs again, followed by the old Wu who was driving for Lisa Lin by the Mu family and a security guard.

Erin Liu pointed at Lisa Lin, and said to Old Wu and the others: “Hurry up and take Madam up to the hospital.”

Jamie Ye hurriedly stopped, “Her head is hurt now, so we can’t move her casually. You have to wait for the doctor to come.”

“The hospital is a little far away from us. I don’t know how long it will take until they come. We might as well send her there faster.” Erin Liu said and pushed Wu’s arm. “What are you doing in a daze? lift her up.”

“I said that you have to wait for the doctor to come, why are you not willing to listen to me?” Jamie Ye stopped.

“It’s she who made the Madam like this and can’t listen to her, so quickly send her to the hospital, hurry!” Erin Liu did not listen.

“Erin Liu, am I responsible for messing things up like this?” Jamie Ye was angry.

Seeing her saying that Erin Liu stopped talking, she picked up the phone and called Juan Mu again, “Mr. Mu, come back quickly. Madam fainted.”

About ten minutes later, an ambulance came. The medical staff did a preliminary check on Lisa Lin, carefully carried her onto a stretcher and sent her to the car, and hung the medicine with an oxygen bag.

Jamie Ye and Erin Liu got into the ambulance and went to the First People’s Hospital of the city. On the way, Jamie Ye called Juan Mu again and asked him to go directly to the hospital.

Arriving at the City First People’s Hospital, Lisa Lin was sent to the emergency room for further examination. At this time, Juan Mu and Spencer Liu also rushed over. He knew the dean of the City First People’s Hospital very well and had already called on the road. The dean, immediately called the chief doctor with the most experience in the trauma department to treat Lisa Lin, and he personally came to direct the rescue.

After examination, Lisa Lin was diagnosed with a severe head injury. The head was hit by a heavy object or fell and caused intracranial hemorrhage, which required immediate surgical treatment.

Juan Mu was called by the doctor to go to the office to sign the consent form for the operation. Jamie Ye stood at the door of the office, with a heart swayed, worrying about Lisa Lin.

Soon, Lisa Lin was pushed into the operating room. Juan Mu, Spencer Liu, Jamie Ye and Erin Liu waited at the door of the operating room together.

Just now, Juan Mu was busy handling all the procedures for Lisa Lin’s admission to the hospital. He didn’t care to ask Jamie in detail about the reason for her injury. Now he sits down and looks at Jamie Ye and asks: “Jamie, how exactly did my mother get injured?”

Before Jamie Ye spoke, Erin Liu, who was sitting next to her, said angrily: “Ms. Mu, it must be Miss Ye that pushed Madam to the ground and hurt her.”

Jamie Ye looked at Erin Liu in amazement, “You are talking nonsense, I didn’t push her.”

Juan Mu looked at Erin Liu, then at Jamie Ye, his brows curled up, “What’s going on? You say Jamie Ye.”

Jamie Ye glared at Erin Liu, and said to Juan Mu: “This is how it happened. This afternoon, Aunt suddenly brought an insulated box to me and said that it was the bird’s nest made by your mother to help me. She wanted me to eat it right in front of her. I opened it and took a look. There was saffron in the bird’s nest. You should know that taking saffron will cause miscarriage? I didn’t eat it, but took the bird’s nest to your house and wanted to ask why did your mother want to kill the child in my stomach? Who knows when I walked into your mother’s bedroom and saw her lying on the ground unconscious, I quickly called 120 and called the ambulance and called you again.”

“That’s not the case, Mr. Mu.” Erin Liu hurriedly argued, “How could Madam put saffron in the bird’s nest? Devis and the child in Miss Ye’s belly are her grandsons, so how could she harm her grandson?”

Jamie Ye sneered, “I don’t know that. I just saw the saffron in the bird’s nests. It’s not that I wronged her. I didn’t expect her to be so vicious that even she would harm her grandchildren.”

Juan Mu’s face sank, he looked at Erin Liu sharply, and asked in a deep voice, “Aunt, was there really saffron in the bird’s nest?”

Erin Liu hesitated and said: “The bird’s nest was made by the lady herself. I don’t know if there are other things in it. After she made it, she put it in the incubator and gave it to me to send it to Miss Ye. She asked me to watch Miss Ye eat it with my own eyes. I didn’t watch it at the time. Miss Ye was full of anger and didn’t want to eat it, so I asked her to take the bird’s nest into the house and return it to me. I can go back to work. Ms. Ye took the bird’s nest and went into the house. After a while, she said that there was a problem with the bird’s nest, saying that it was saffron. I opened it and found that there were saffron in it. But I don’t think Madam would do this Mr. Mu, you have to find out, but you can’t let Madam be framed by others.”

Erin Liu’s words clearly meant something. Jamie Ye heard it, and she felt annoyed. Jamie’s eyes widened, and she shouted at her: “What do you mean by this? Is it right for me to put saffron in the bird’s nest to frame admiration?”

Erin Liu curled her lips, “I didn’t say that. Anyway, I believe that Madam will never harm people. This saffron popped up inexplicably, which is really confusing.”

Jamie Ye said: “What came out inexplicably, it was you who came here.”

“Okay, don’t argue.” Juan Mu raised his hand to stop them from continuing to argue. He already understood what was going on.

I just think this incident is too incredible. As Lisa Lin’s son, he knows his mother very well.

Although Lisa Lin is irritable and overbearing, she is not vicious and will never do anything to put saffron in the bird’s nest to harm Jamie Ye, not to mention the child in Jamie Ye’s belly is her grandson. If the child is gone, Devis will not be saved. She wants her grandson so much, how could she attack her grandson?

As for Jamie Ye, Juan Mu also understood very well. She was kind-hearted and open-minded, and she couldn’t do anything like deliberately putting saffron in the bird’s nest to frame Lisa Lin. But now this thing really happened, how can he not make him feel strange?

Naturally, he had to investigate this matter carefully, but now the most important thing is to find out the cause of Lisa Lin’s injury. He asked Jamie Ye in a soft tone, “Jamie, just now you said that when you walked into my mother’s bedroom, you saw her lying on the ground and unconscious, right?”

Jamie Ye replied: “Yes, I came to your house with Erin Liu. Originally, I wanted Erin Liu to call your mother downstairs. I was waiting for her to come down in the living room, but Erin Liu said that your mother was taking a nap upstairs and asked me not disturb. I didn’t listen to her, so I went upstairs, knocked on the door outside and no one paid any attention, so I pushed the door and saw your mother fall to the ground.”

Juan Mu nodded and asked Erin Liu again, “Aunt, you just said that Jamie Ye pushed my mother to the ground. Did you see it with your own eyes?”

Erin Liu said: “I didn’t see this. She was aggressively seeking Madam. I was afraid that she would hurt Madam and told her that she was taking a nap upstairs, but she had to rush upstairs to question. At this time, the phone rang and I just told her that she was taking a nap upstairs. When I answered the phone, I saw the lady lying on the ground. She was calling 120. There was a slap mark on the lady’s face. She must have hit the lady and pushed the lady to the ground.”

Jamie Ye retorted excitedly, “You said nonsense, I didn’t beat her at all, nor did I push her. I went in and saw her lying on the ground and called her a few times. When I saw that she was unconscious, I called you up.”

“Madam was in the house well, how could she fall to the ground for no reason, and hurt her head, how do you explain this? It must be you who did it.”

“How do I know why she fell to the ground injured? If I said it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me.”

The two of them started arguing with each other. Juan Mu’s expression became more and more ugly. Spencer Liu looked aside and hurriedly said, “Miss Ye, Aunt, this is the hospital. It is not suitable to make loud noises. We’ll talk later, when Madam wakes up after the operation, she will naturally know what’s going on.”

“Yes, everything will be clear when my mother wakes up.” Juan Mu turned his gaze to the door of the operating room and looked at the lamp on the door. His heart was heavy. What happened today is too bizarre. His mind was in a mess, he did’t want to think about anything, he just wished for his mother to come out of the operating room safe and sound.

Chapter 192

Jamie Ye looked at Juan Mu’s frowning gloomy face, knowing that he must be in a heavy mood at the moment.

His father passed away early. It was Lisa Lin who pulled him up with one hand. The relationship between the mother and the son is quite deep. Now Lisa Lin has been issued a critical illness notice. The doctor just said that the risk of surgery is very high. She may not be able to get on the operating table, or maybe will remain unconscious.

At this moment, Jamie Ye had completely forgotten all the bullying and insults Lisa Lin had done to her before, and only hoped that God would bless Lisa Lin to be safe, so that Juan Mu would not be sad. At this moment, she realized that she still loved Juan Mu so deeply that she felt sad because of his sadness, and anxious for him.

Touching Juan Mu’s hand lightly, she said softly: “Juan, don’t worry too much, Mrs. Mu will be fine and be okay.”

Juan Mu raised his eyes and glanced at her faintly, and said that he hoped so and turned his head aside and stopped looking at her.

Jamie Ye’s heart sank, and the secret message was not good. Juan Mu’s sudden indifference to her was because he believed Erin Liu’s words and thought that Lisa Lin was injured by her. If this is the case, it would be terrible, if Lisa Lin can’t wake up, wouldn’t it be possible that no one can prove her innocence?

Just about to explain, Erin Liu, who was sitting on her right, suddenly said in a low voice: “It’s a weird thing to say, you don’t know how to gloat in someone’s heart!”

Jamie Ye suddenly turned her head and stared at her: “What did you say?”

“I said I want to go to the bathroom.” Erin Liu pouted, stood up, turned and walked to the bathroom on the other side of the corridor.

Walking into the bathroom, Erin Liu exhaled for a long time. She checked the compartments one by one, made sure that there was no one, and hurriedly took out her mobile phone from her pocket and dialed a number.

After a while, the phone was connected, and she whispered: “The matter has been settled. Lisa Lin is undergoing an operation. The doctor said that the situation is not optimistic and may be life-threatening. Even if rescued, it is impossible to guarantee that she will not become dementia. Now Juan Mu began to doubt Jamie Ye, and his attitude towards her was very cold…

Well, I will call you again if anything happens.”

Hanging up the phone, looking up at her face that was slightly pale because of tension in the mirror on the wall in front of her, she exhaled for a long time, and the scene that happened at Mu’s house at noon appeared in her mind

After Flora Wu came to Mu’s house, she offered to Lisa Lin to give Jamie Ye bird’s nest. Lisa Lin agreed because of Flora Wu’s arrival.

She pretended to walk to the door carrying the bird’s nest, and the villa suddenly went out of power. She yelled and called the security guards in the security room to check what was wrong. The two security guards were busy checking around, and when there was no idea, she let Patricia Liu in.

After Patricia Liu entered, she hurried into the living room. Today, the caregiver who took care of Lisa Lin was absent from work. Apart from the security, there was only the driver in the villa. The driver received a call from his wife half an hour ago and left in a hurry. The security was busy. Looking for a sudden power outage outside, the monitor went blank because there was no power, and their plan was officially implemented.

Lisa Lin was talking with Flora Wu in the living room. When she heard the movement, she turned her head and saw Patricia Liu dressed in disguise.

“Why are you here?” Lisa Lin looked at Patricia Liu in surprise, and then saw Erin Liu who followed up. “Didn’t you go to deliver the bird’s nest? Why did you come back?”

“The driver is not here, I will send it later.” She replied, closing the door easily.

“Call the driver? How come he’s absent during working hours?” Lisa Lin frowned.

“Mrs. Mu, don’t be so cruel. The driver is also a human and has his own business. You are really chilling to people like this.” Patricia Liu sneered.

“It’s not your turn to interrupt my family affairs.” Lisa Lin heard Patricia’s sarcasm, and she also sneered.

“I’m going to interrupt.” Patricia Liu sat down, “Don’t you wonder why I came here?”

“Why are you here?”

“I am here to settle an account.” Patricia Liu saw a fierce light in Lisa Lin’s eyes.

“You vicious old witch, my daughter was coaxed by you to delay her youth for these years, and for this reason, she also made her health worse. You even said that you changed your mind. Are you a human?”

Patricia Liu has always been polite to Lisa Lin, but Lisa Lin gasped for breath when she suddenly cursed, “You shameless junior, you dare to run into my house and be wild!”

“I won’t leave until I see you, the old witch, get retribution.” Patricia Liu said slowly. “To tell you the truth, I came here today to see how you die.”

“You are so lawless, call the security guard to chase her out!” Lisa Lin instructed Erin Liu, but Erin Liu stood still. Lisa Lin stared at her, “Why don’t you even listen to me? Are you trying to rebel?”

“Is it possible?” Erin Liu sneered, ” Since I came to Mu’s house, you have been showing your face and scolding me even though I don’t like it. I always want to ask you, what is your heart made of? How can it be so vicious?”

“Listen, listen…” Lisa Lin did not expect that Erin Liu, who had always swallowed her breath, would suddenly challenge herself, and she turned to Flora Wu, who had never spoken.

“Have you seen such a rampant servant? If I don’t take care of you today, you don’t know how many catties you are.”

While speaking, she grabbed the tea cup and smashed it towards Erin Liu, who dodged her body. Pointing at Lisa Lin with her finger, “You old witch, you are so fierce until you die! I really thought there was no one to kill you?” She raised her hand and slapped Lisa Lin.

Lisa Lin had the wind and the rain all her life. She never dreamed that she would be slapped in the face by a servant, and panted for a while, “You…you wait and see how I clean you up!”

“Pack me? Are you dreaming?” Erin Liu hated Lisa Lin to the extreme, and was ready to do it again. Flora Wu, who had not spoken, reached out and stopped. “A slap in the face is almost the end! It will be bad if you hit too much.”

These words made Lisa Lin turn her head and look at Flora Wu, “What do you mean?”

“Actually, I really want to hit you, but I can’t fight now.” Flora Wu said slowly, “Lisa Lin, do you know how much I hate you? You are snobbish, selfish, insidious, unreasonable, like a b!tch, I Flora Wu is really blind to make friends like you.”


“What am I?” Flora Wu sneered, “I said you are smart, but you are actually as stupid as a pig, don’t you know what you will face next?”

“You are in a group?”

“Isn’t it too late for you to come over now?” Patricia Liu took it, “I just want to laugh when I talk about you stupid woman. I think I’m smart, but I’m actually doing stupid things. Do you know why my daughter was willing to get pregnant for your son? Do you think it is really good for Jamie Ye? I tell you, it was all designed by me. My daughter fell in love with your son, and I think your family is a good family. , So I had to perfect my daughter, but you old witch, who speaks and does nothing trustworthy, has wasted so many years of my daughter’s youth. I want to bite you when I think of this!”

“Sure enough, Karen Xia had a purpose when she approached me, you shameless sl*t. Being a junior, you let your daughter be a junior, do you want to pass on the junior third from generation to generation?”

“Anyway, you don’t have much time, just let you have a mouth addiction, but before that I have to tell you one thing, do you know why Jamie Ye was infertile after marrying Juan Mu for three years?” Patricia Liu sneered, ” I’m telling you, it’s not that Jamie Ye cannot have children, but we made her infertile, okay?”

“She is actually not sick. I forged all the so-called sickness. As for her infertility, she is responsible for her.” Flora Wu took over and pointed to Erin Liu.

“I gave Jamie Ye the anti-ovulation medicine. How could she be pregnant if she can’t ovulate?” Erin Liu also sneered. “Later, we fainted her and she secretly ligated her fallopian tubes, so naturally she is more unlikely to get pregnant!

“Why are you so vicious!” Lisa Lin was trembling with anger, she struggled and shouted as she looked at the malicious faces of the three women. “Security! Security!”

“Don’t waste your efforts. The security guard was taken away by me. He can’t hear your call for help.” Erin Liu sneered. “Mrs. Mu, you should be behaved, so you might be able to leave without pain.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything. I just prepared to add something that can be aborted to the bird’s nest you boiled and send it to Jamie Ye to drink. Soon the child in Jamie Ye’s stomach will have a miscarriage because of eating something that shouldn’t be eaten, and the sick grandson will die without treatment, the Mu family will wean off children and grandchildren…”

“I won’t spare you!” Lisa Lin turned blue with anger and made a ho ho sound in her throat. She used all her strength to get up from the wheelchair and struggling to rush towards Flora Wu.

Erin Liu stretched out her hand and pushed, Lisa Lin’s legs hadn’t recovered well. After being pushed like this, she couldn’t stand steady and fell down suddenly. Her head hit the coffee table heavily, and she fainted all of a sudden.

Erin Liu stretched out her hand and tried her breathing, “There is still air.”

“Take her to the wheelchair first, and wait for the security to come back.” Flora Wu ordered, and the three of them helped Lisa Lin to sit in the wheelchair with her back facing the door.

“That old Wu is about to return. Let’s leave first. When the security comes back, you show him Lisa Lin sitting in the living room. When the security leaves, pushes her upstairs and throws her on the floor, and then immediately sends the bird’s nest to Ye.”

“Will Jamie Ye come?”

“Yes, we have already arranged it, don’t worry.”

“This one won’t wake up, right?”

“No, her body is already sick. Didn’t you change the medicine she took during this period? Her illness has not been controlled, so it will cause a coma if she is stimulated. Now that she falls again like this, it is difficult not to die. You bring Jamie Ye here, I guess she’s almost there too.” Flora Wu’s calculations are naturally accurate.

Erin Liu nodded and took a look. The security guard on duty had not returned yet, so she let Patricia Liu and Flora Wu go first. A few minutes after Patricia Liu and Flora Wu left, the security guards also returned. One of the security guards walked to the living room and reported, “It was a worker who was cutting a tree branch and cut the wire accidentally, causing the power to be cut off here. We have already called for repairs. Soon someone will come over to repair it.”

“Understood, you go to do your work.” Erin Liu ordered.

The security agreed to go down, and the security left. Erin Liu helped Lisa Lin to the second floor, threw her on the floor, falsified the scene and left with the stewed bird’s nest.

When she left the house, she ordered the security guard, “Watch out for some movement. Madam is sleeping.”

What happened later was that she went to deliver the bird’s nest and then introduced Jamie Ye to Mu’s house. The bird’s nest was no longer the bird’s nest made by Lisa Lin, but the bird’s nest that had been dropped and mixed with saffron, in order to prevent Jamie Ye from actually taking the bird’s nest.

After eating, Patricia Liu asked Karen Xia to call Jamie Ye to remind Jamie Ye, and when she asked her to send the bird’s nest, she deliberately showed her uncomfortableness, and left a saffron in the bird’s nest without picking it clean, so that Jamie Ye could take a look.

Seeing that there was a problem with the bird’s nest, she questioned Erin Liu, and Erin Liu took the opportunity to instigate her to confront Lisa Lin, and she succeeded in putting Lisa Lin into a coma and setting the blame on Jamie Ye.

Judging by Juan Mu’s attitude towards Jamie Ye just now, he should be suspicious of Jamie Ye, but this matter has to be looked at again. I hope Lisa Lin can’t wake up. Only in this way, Jamie Ye can be indefatigable.

Erin Liu took a deep breath and then breathed in the mirror, calmed down again, and then walked out of the bathroom.

In the corridor, she saw Juan Mu waving his hands at Jamie Ye from a long distance away, feeling excited, while Spencer Liu was persuading him.

Erin Liu was overjoyed, as things started to develop according to their design.

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