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Chapter 193

Erin Liu walked a few steps, and quickly walked to Jamie Ye and Juan Mu’s side, and saw a paper cup scattered on the ground. There were water stains on the ground. She pretended to be surprised and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Madam is in distress, and Mr. Mu is in a bad mood.” Spencer Liu explained.

Erin Liu’s look was first-rate actor. Although Spencer Liu was closing the field, she knew what was going on at a glance. Jamie Ye must have poured water to Juan Mu to drink. He overturned the cup without mercy, and she was secretly delighted.

Jamie Ye’s face flushed, and she just noticed that Juan Mu’s mouth was dry and cracked, she went to pour him a glass of water, who knew that Juan Mu didn’t appreciate it, and when she raised her hand, the water glass in her hand overturned and said she didn’t need to fake kindness.

Juan Mu has always had a good temper with Jamie Ye. Even if he divorced her, he never scolded her like that. Jamie Ye felt a bit wronged. If it weren’t for Lisa Lin, she would have turned around and left.

She did not go and continued to stand aside waiting for the result. She felt a little sore in her waist because she had been pregnant for so long, so she stretched out her hand and rubbed her waist. Juan Mu kept staring at the door of the operating room, his face was gloomy and unreliable.

Spencer Liu saw Jamie Ye rubbing her waist and knew that she must have been standing for a long time, so he kindly said to Jamie Ye: “Miss Ye, you are still pregnant. You are tired after waiting for so long here, so go back and rest. , I will let you know if I have news.”

Juan Mu glanced at Jamie Ye when he heard Spencer Liu saying this. There was no change in his face and his eyes were cold, “Why are you still not leaving? Do you want to see how miserable my mother is?”

Jamie Ye didn’t speak, she knew that Juan Mu felt uncomfortable, and she didn’t care about him.

Erin Liu on the side was so happy when she heard it, “Miss Ye, you’d better go back. It won’t help to stay here, and it also upsets Mr. Mu.”

Jamie Ye glared at Erin Liu. It was all this woman. If it weren’t for what she said, Juan Mu would never treat her like this. Why did this woman say this, and what was she really at ease with?

She wanted to question Erin Liu very much, but when she thought about Lisa Lin’s operation inside, she took it all the time, when her phone rang.

Jamie Ye hasn’t gone back since she came out. Andre Ye was worried about calling to ask about the situation. Jamie Ye lowered her voice to tell him about Lisa Lin’s injury, saying that she was in the hospital now and would go back later.

Finally the door of the operating room opened, and the nurse pushed Lisa Lin out.

“How’s it going?” A few people waiting outside surrounded them all at once.

The doctor came out from behind and replied: “The patient has severe intracranial hemorrhage and is in a severe coma. She may not be able to wake up anymore. You must be mentally prepared.”

Juan Mu’s face changed drastically, “Is there no other way?”

“The best is probably the way it is now…” The doctor did not go on, implying that the worst was that Lisa Lin would never wake up.

Juan Mu’s figure shook a few times, Jamie Ye reached out to support him, but was pushed away by him, “Wy are you pretending to be a good person?”

Erin Liu didn’t see the scene just overturning the water glass with her own eyes, but this scene was really real. Juan Mu’s face was full of anger, and Jamie Ye’s eyes were cold.

Spencer Liu stretched out his hand to support Juan Mu, “Mr. Mu is calm, it is still unclear what is going on now, how sad are you?”

Erin Liu scolded Spencer Liu several times in her heart. Damn Spencer Liu, what are you doing right now, but she didn’t dare to cheer on the fire. Juan Mu and Spencer Liu are not fools. What she has to do is to be as objective as possible. The description of the facts he saw made Juan Mu associate it with Jamie Ye.

Putting Lisa Lin into the intensive care unit, Juan Mu asked Spencer Liu to find two professional caregivers for Lisa Lin, and he spit out two words coldly, “Go home!”

Erin Liu knew that he was going home to investigate. She was a little nervous, but she thought there was no loophole in what she did just now, so she followed Juan Mu. Seeing Juan Mu left in strides, Spencer Liu immediately followed. Jamie Ye froze for a while and followed them.

The car quickly drove back to Mu’s house. Juan Mu opened the door and strode into the living room. The living room still kept its original appearance. Juan Mu glanced around and ordered Spencer Liu, “Take care of all the people on duty in the villa today.”

Spencer Liu agreed to go down, and soon the security guard and the driver were called in.

Juan Mu looked at the security guard, “has anyone else been here today?”

“Yes.” The security returned, “Doctor Flora has been here.”

“Doctor Flora said she bought beauty and nutrition products for Madam from abroad.” Erin Liu pointed to the things Flora Wu bought.

Juan Mu picked up the things Flora Wu had sent and put them down, “When did Dr. Flora leave?”

“Doctor Flora left at noon,” Erin Liu replied.

Juan Mu nodded and looked at the security guard, “Well, you can bring me the outside surveillance.”

“Today’s monitoring is incomplete, and the power has been cut for several hours.” The security guard replied.

“The power went out? When did it stop?”

“Doctor Flora didn’t stay for a long time after he came. It stopped for about two hours.” The security returned.

Juan Mu frowned suddenly. He originally planned to adjust the monitor to see the specific situation when Flora Wu came. Now, how does the monitor look at the power outage?

Wait, the security said that the power was cut off when Flora Wu came. Could it be that the mother’s coma had something to do with Flora Wu? Juan Mu swept his eyes from the people in the house, “When did you see the madam last? Tell me more specifically.”

“Madam had nothing to look for me today. I stayed in the driver’s cab and didn’t see Madam until I heard that she had an accident,” the driver Wu said.

The security guard, thought for a moment, “Madam has not been out today, nor has she taken a walk. The last time I saw Madam was when she was in a coma.”

Another security guard replied, “I saw madam when I was reporting the power outage. She was sitting in the living room with Aunt, and I left after reporting the situation.”

The security guard was standing at the door of the living room and reporting. He only saw Lisa Lin’s back. Naturally, he didn’t know that Lisa Lin was in a coma at that time.

Juan Mu frowned, saying that Lisa Lin was good when Flora Wu left.

Erin Liu replied, “The last time I saw Madam was when she fell to the floor, she had slap marks on her face, and Miss Ye gave her first aid…”

“Wait a minute!” Juan Mu interrupted her. “Madame asked you to give the bird’s nest?”

“Yes, last night Madam asked me to find the bird’s nest, saying that she would stew it for Miss Ye to replenish her body. Madam got up early in the morning and boiled the bird’s nest herself.

“Why didn’t the bird’s nest boiled by the lady personally deliver it, but let you send it?” Juan Mu asked again.

“The madam was supposed to deliver it in person, but Dr. Wu came, and it was too late to talk to Dr. Wu. Madam has the habit of taking a nap at noon every day, so it was noon when she finished talking with Dr. Wu, so she asked me to send the bird’s nest. .” Erin Liu explained.

Lisa Lin’s siesta habit that can’t stop at noon every day Juan Mu naturally knows. Juan Mu looks at the security guard, “Anything else happened after this?”

“No. Later, the two of us stayed in the security room and didn’t see anyone visiting or heard any movement until Aunt and Miss Ye came.”

“You can go down now.” Juan Mu told Erin Liu’s security guard and the driver to leave. Only Spencer Liu and the three of them were left in the living room. He was silent and looked at Jamie Ye, “I want to hear what you say.”

“I have said everything I should say. I found saffron in the bird’s nest, so I ran to question, and I came in with Erin Liu. She answered the phone, and I went upstairs to find your mother by myself, and no one answered. , I opened the door and saw her fall to the ground…”

“Jamie Ye, do you think your remarks are convincing?” Juan Mu interrupted her angrily. “My mother was fine before this. The only person who saw her was you, so you still say To be honest, what did you do to my mother that caused her to be unconscious now?”

“Juan Mu, are you unreasonable?” Jamie Ye’s face flushed, “Didn’t I tell you, she was already on the floor when I went in…”

“Do you think someone would believe what you said?” Juan Mu’s eyes became colder and colder. “Jamie Ye, dare to be defensive. If you do, admit it and don’t shirk it. Tell me, did you accidentally push her there? ?”

“Juan Mu, how many times do I have to say before you can believe it, I didn’t push her?” Jamie Ye was mad, and she was really uncomfortable to be wronged.

“Who proves your innocence?” Juan Mu asked back, “My mother has clear palm prints on her face. Do you dare to say that it wasn’t your anger?

“I didn’t beat her, Juan Mu, I really didn’t beat her.” Jamie Ye found that she couldn’t wash herself after jumping into the Yellow River.

“Don’t deny it. Last time I saw you hit her with my own eyes. I chose to tolerate because of loving you, but why are you not conscious at all? Jamie Ye, just admit it. Did you beat my mother? Pushing her to the ground caused her injury. I know that your purpose is not to hurt her like this. It’s just a momentary miss. It doesn’t matter, as long as you admit it, I will forgive you for the sake of your pregnancy.”

“I haven’t done those things how do you let me admit? Juan Mu, how can you doubt me like this?” Jamie Ye shouted.

“It’s not that I doubt you, but the facts before me are like this. Jamie Ye, you really let me down! My mother has already taken the initiative to apologize to you, why are you doing this to her? I know my mother has not been good to you. You are not good too, you must have committed a murder to her because you resent her.”

“You are unreasonable!” Jamie Ye was angry, “Juan Mu, I tell you that it is a crime to slander people. You say that I have bring down your mother, show evidence. If you suspect me, Juan Mu should call the police immediately. Let the police handle it and return me innocence.”

“Do you think I will treat you like that? Jamie Ye, people are watching, my patience is limited.” Juan Mu also shouted.

“I said, if you really doubt me, you can call the police.” Jamie Ye couldn’t bear it.

“Okay! Let me be cruel! Jamie Ye, this thing won’t be left like this, you wait, I will never let it go!”

Chapter 194

Listening to the quarrel between Jamie Ye and Juan Mu in the living room, a smug smile appeared on Erin Liu’s face. Seeing Juan Mu’s current appearance, she fully believed that Lisa Lin fainted because of Jamie Ye. The drama has to be seen.

The door in living room was suddenly opened, and Jamie Ye rushed out of the living room angrily and left Mu’s house.

“This woman is too vicious. She is so arrogant after she has done such a tragic thing. She thought I didn’t dare to call the police to catch her? Spencer Liu, you call the police right away. I want to see if she can be tough enough then?” After Jamie Ye left angrily, Juan Mu also grabbed a teacup and smashed it on the ground, screaming frantically.

Listening to Juan Mu saying that Erin Liu was a little scared, wouldn’t Juan Mu really call the police? If he really reports to the police, it will be difficult to clean up this big mess. She has heard that the police are very skilled in solving crimes. They will not find out that Patricia Liu has been here, right?

Erin Liu was panicked at the thought, she immediately went into the living room, squatted down to clean up Juan Mu’s smashed cup, while observing the movement.

“Mr. Mu, you calm down! This is not the time to get angry!” Spencer Liu advised, “Although the evidence is not good for Jamie Ye, there is no evidence that Jamie Ye did it, and I don’t think Jamie Ye is such a cruel person. “

Spencer Liu still helped Jamie Ye to speak as always. Erin Liu was very angry at Spencer Liu’s help to Jamie Ye, but now she hopes Spencer Liu duo can say a few words to dispel Juan Mu’s thoughts.

“How to calm down? How can you calm me down? My mother has become like this now, Jamie Ye has no regrets. As a son of man, should I just watch and do nothing?” Juan Mu roared. “I’m going to put her in jail, this woman is too damnable!”

“Miss Ye is pregnant now, you can’t do this to her.”

“Yes, Miss Ye is pregnant now, and sending her to the police station will affect her.” Erin Liu also helped.

“I don’t care, she just threatened me with children. There are more women who can have children. Why should I hang on a tree? This Jamie Ye is so vicious, such a person. Can I still miss it? I used to be blind.” Juan Mu was so angry this time that he even said such words.

“That said, you have to think about your child. Devis is still sick. Miss Ye is not alone. She is related to three people.” Spencer Liu was really panicked and afraid of Juan. Jamie Ye quickly moved Devis out. Although I don’t understand what happened at the time, Spencer Liu intuitively believes that Lisa Lin’s fainting has nothing to do with Jamie Ye’s aggrieved look just now. .

“Yeah, I don’t think Miss Ye did it on purpose. Maybe she will regret it when she goes back.” Erin Liu wanted to persuade Juan Mu to dispel Juan’s purpose of sending Jamie Ye to the police station, but also to spill the dirty water to Jamie Ye.

“Does this matter?” Juan Mu hit the coffee table with a punch, “No, I can’t forget it!”

“I mean, isn’t the madam still undergoing treatment? Maybe she will recover. You can bear with it for a while and see the situation.” Spencer Liu saw that Juan Mu was angry, so he could only persuade him as much as possible.

“How to recover? The doctor said that this situation is the best now, my mother…she will never wake up.” Juan Mu’s voice choked.

Erin Liu was initially taken aback by what Spencer Liu said, but now he has settled down after hearing Juan Mu’s words like this. “No matter how bad the situation is, you have to be patient, for the sake of the child, wait until the child is born, and wait until Devis’s illness is cured.”

Juan Mu clenched a fist: “You are right, let her give birth to the baby first, and then I will clean up her. She treated my mother like this, such a vicious woman, how can I not let her continue to take the baby, I want her to experience the pain that life is better than death.”

Juan Mu and Spencer Liu went to the hospital again. Erin Liu breathed a sigh of relief, hid in her room, called Patricia Liu, and described what had just happened. Patricia Liu was very happy and asked her to be careful not to show her feet. .

When Jamie Ye came home, Andre Ye took Devis to play in the living room. Seeing Jamie Ye’s face looked uneasy and worried he asked, “How is Lisa Lin?”

“The situation is very bad. The doctor said that he might not wake up for a lifetime.” Jamie Ye sighed.

Although he has no affection for Lisa Lin, Andre Ye still sympathizes with being a person like this now, “What happened, and how could it become like this?”

“I don’t know, she was in a coma when I arrived at her house.” Jamie Ye told Andre Ye what she saw. Thinking that Erin Liu had been slandering herself, she said angrily: “That Erin Liu, I don’t know if she is ill, and told Juan Mu that I pushed Lisa Lin until she was injured, and Juan Mu actually believed her. Suspecting me, I was so angry that I had a big fight with him.

“You quarreled?” Andre Ye was surprised.

“Yeah, I was very angry at the time, and I quarreled with Juan Mu without much thought. Uncle, you said that Erin Liu and I have no grievances. Why did she say these irresponsible things to mislead Juan Mu? “

“Perhaps she was unintentional and not necessarily.”

“No, I think she did it intentionally. She said those things deliberately to make Juan Mu doubt me.”

Andre Ye comforted, “Jamie, although Juan Mu suspects that you are wrong, he is in a bad mood at this time, and Erin Liu has been misleading him again. It is inevitable that he will lose his judgment. He will be good when he calms down.”

“I hope, but I didn’t push Lisa Lin, I’m not afraid of the shadow leaning, whatever he thinks.”

Let’s talk about Juan Mu and Spencer Liu. The car drove out of Mu’s house. Spencer Liu said worriedly: “Mr. Mu, I still don’t believe Miss Ye would do such a thing. You should have wronged her.”

“I don’t believe Jamie will do such a thing either.” Juan Mu replied.

“Then you just now?” Spencer Liu subconsciously glanced at Juan Mu in surprise after hearing this.

“Just now it was just acting.” Juan Mu sneered, his eyes cold.

“Acting?” Spencer Liu was surprised. Just now, there were people invited by the Mu family. Whom did Juan Mu want to guard against?

“Did you listen carefully to what Erin Liu and Jamie said?” Juan Mu asked back.

“Listen? There is nothing suspicious about their conversation?”

“That’s because you didn’t listen attentively, but I did. After listening to their conversation, I found that there were many doubts. Doubt one. Jamiely discovered that there were saffron in the bird’s nest and asked my mother, if you were a nanny, what would you do?”

“I will definitely explain and stop her.” Spencer Liu replied.

“Yes, this is the behavior of a normal person, but Erin Liu did not. At this time, she should prevent Jamie from going to see my mother, and when Jamie insists on going to see my mother, she should call me immediately to report and let me rush. When she came back to stop her, she didn’t do anything. Instead, she brought Jamie back to Mu’s house. Jamie asked her to call my mother down, but she excused her from taking my mother’s nap as an excuse. When Jamie went upstairs, she didn’t follow her. But the phone rang, she stayed to answer the phone and let Jamie Ye go upstairs alone. This is the second suspicious point.”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence?”

“You continue to listen to me. The third point is that my mother will never take a nap for more than an hour. This is her habit for so many years. It takes an hour for Erin Liu to deliver bird’s nest to Jamie Ye. It takes nearly an hour to get to where Jamie Ye lives. It takes at least two hours to come back by car. By this time, my mother should have already got up. Although she has inconvenience on her legs and feet, she can already walk with things on her hands. She heard Jamie Ye’s screaming when she came. She wouldn’t have stayed in the room rather come out, and Jamie Ye also said that she yelled at the door and pushed the door without agreeing to her. That is to say, my mother was dizzy before Jamie Ye came to my house.”

When Spencer Liu heard Juan Mu say this, his face was surprised. Juan Mu continued to say, “The most important doubt is that my mother likes grandson so much. Grievance will not deal with children, so my mother will never give Jamie Ye a bird’s nest with saffron, and Jamie Ye will not slander my mother out of nothing. The only people who come into contact with bird’s nest are my mother, Jamie Ye and Erin Liu, so this bird’s nest can only be manipulated by Erin Liu.” Juan Mu showed a sneer on his face.

“Although what you said is very reasonable, I just can’t find the reason why Erin Liu did this at all?”

Spencer Liu looked incredible. Erin Liu had been in the Mu’s house for so many years, and she had always been honest. The Mu’s family had not treated her wrongly, and Spencer Liu could not find a reason for her to do so.

“Don’t you think she is deliberately suspicious of Jamie? Since she didn’t see Jamie pushing my mother to her, she shouldn’t accuse Jamie like this. After all, this is a matter of life and death, and a little careless remark can be enough. She’s misleading.”

“Maybe she is just too worried about Madam. After all, she and Madam have been together for nine years, and they are affectionate.”

“If my mother treats her well, I believe she will have feelings for my mother, but you know that my mother has a bad temper and has a poisonous mouth. Erin Liu has not been less angry with my mother over the years. For her Without my mother, her life would be countless times better than now.”

Juan Mu sighed slightly, and remembered the resentful look in Erin Liu’s eyes that he saw that day. Erin Liu had a reason to hate Lisa Lin.

“Even so, she shouldn’t let her do such a thing to Madam? Can she quit her job at all?”

“Some things cannot be inferred by common sense. You and Erin Liu have no resentment for the holidays, nor do you have any grudges against Jamie Ye. So when I targeted them, you were persuading them, rather than contributing to the flames. In 2017, I knew my feelings for Jamie Ye, but she did not describe it objectively and impartially after the incident. Instead, she used those words to make me associate Jamie Ye as much as possible. I can be sure that she definitely has a problem.”

Juan Mu insisted on his point of view, “That’s why I deliberately treated Jamie Ye like this and watched her performance. As a result, her performance became more and more strange to me. She had such an attitude before, but when I said that I wanted to call the police, she suddenly acted like that. It’s so strange that good people persuade me!”

Spencer Liu remembered what Juan Mu said. Indeed, when Juan Mu lost his temper and said that he was going to call the police, Erin Liu did come in to persuade him, which was not the case before. “In this case, we will keep an eye on her to check, if she has a problem, she will definitely show off.”

“Not only to keep an eye on her, but also to keep an eye on Flora Wu, don’t you think it’s strange that Flora Wu had a power outage after coming today? Investigate the person who cut the wire by mistake, and, even though the villa area had a power outage, There is no surveillance to watch, but there was no power outage on Flora Wu’s way here. You can ask someone to investigate the driving route Flora Wu drove over, without letting go of any doubts.”

Spencer Liu nodded, “I’ll do it right away.”

“Let’s investigate the person who cut the wire first. You can wait a few days before investigating Flora Wu’s affairs. Remember not to be stunned, you must be cautious.” Juan Mu warned.

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