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Chapter 195

Juan Mu drove to the hospital and met Flora Wu who came to see Lisa Lin. She saw Juan Mu and Flora Wu come over with tears, “Juan, what is going on? I went to see her during the day and she was fine. , We also made an appointment to wait for her legs to get better. Why did it become like this in a few hours?”

Flora Wu said and tried tears, with a heartbroken look. Juan Mu controlled his nausea towards the old woman and pretended to be angry and replied, “My mother became like this because of Jamie Ye, she Today, went to my house to find my mother’s troubles and pushed my mother down, which caused my mother to become like this.”

“Jamie Ye pushed her? Could it be a mistake?” Flora Wu looked disbelief.

“I can’t make a mistake, it must be her. She went to my house to make trouble with my mother last time. She slapped my mother in front of me. This time there was no one. What else can she do?” Juan squeezed his hands, “If it weren’t for her pregnancy, I would really think… this woman is too vicious!”

Juan Mu’s anger and helplessness Flora Wu saw in his eyes, seeing Juan Mu’s appearance, was so angry and entangled, if Jamie Ye was not a pregnant woman, it is very likely that he would really do something irrational to her. Flora Wu breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. As expected, their plan was impeccable.

In fact, just now Patricia Liu called and told her that Juan Mu and Jamie Ye had fallen out. She was not completely convinced. She came over to see what Juan Mu looked like. Now that she saw Juan Mu with her own eyes, she was completely relieved. Everything will be perfect unless Lisa Lin wakes up.

Flora Wu persuaded Juan Mu a few more words and left with red eyes. When her figure disappeared, a sneer appeared on Juan Mu’s face. He instructed the two caretakers specially invited for Lisa Lin, “Don’t let anyone approaching my mother alone, even the doctor.”

The two caretakers nodded, “Mu, don’t worry, we will be watching all the time.”

Juan Mu left the hospital with a heavy heart. He originally wanted to explain to Jamie Ye, thinking that it is not the time now, so he went straight back home, Erin Liu heard him coming back and immediately greeted him, “Mr. Mu, How’s Madam?”

“She’s still like that.” Juan Mu replied.

“I have packed my things, and I will go to the hospital early tomorrow morning to take care of Madam.”

“No, I have already hired a caregiver.” Juan Mu knew that Erin Liu was showing loyalty, but how could he let a suspected person get close to his mother again.

“I have taken care of Madam for so many years. She has become accustomed to my care. You should let me go. To be honest, other people will not take good care of her. I am not at ease.” Erin Liu requested.

“I know Aunt is kind to my mother, but now my mother is unconscious, and the doctor said that she needs professional care. I have already found professional nursing care.” Juan Mu replied. “My mother is now like this, the house is in a mess, and I don’t have the time to take care of the family, you still stay at home to take care of it, this family does not have a person in charge.”

This meant that the Mu’s family was required to take care of her. Erin Liu did not expect such a good thing. She didn’t know how good the Mu’s oil and water were. Erin Liu was secretly pleased and prayed that Lisa Lin would never wake up.

Alexa Xiao has been on business trips in other places these days, and when she came back and opened the door, she smelled the scent of a house. She was overjoyed, “My luck is really good. This time I can eat delicious food.”

Jamie Ye heard the voice and turned her head and smiled, “It’s not that you are lucky, but that uncle knew that you came back today so he prepared it for you.”

“Really? Oh, my uncle is so kind to me!” Alexa Xiao looked around the room after she said, “Where is my son?”

“I’m here!” Devis ran out of the room.

“Hey, come and let the godmother kiss!” Alexa Xiao opened her arms, Devis leaped into her arms, raised his small mouth and kissed Alexa Xiao first, and then asked: “Aunt Xiao, my gift?”

“I have said that how many times, you must call me godmother, and you call Aunt Xiao without gifts.” Alexa Xiao pretended to be angry.

“I can’t call you a godmother.” Devis was serious.

“Why not?”

“Uncle Qin asked me to call him godfather. I have already agreed. If I call you godmother, won’t you be Uncle Qin’s wife?”

Alexa Xiao and Jamie Ye peeked at each other, and Devis said again, “Uncle Qin has no wife, Aunt Xiao, and you have no marriage too, why don’t you marry Uncle Qin so I can call him godfather and call you godmother again.”

“You kid, what are you talking about?” Alexa Xiao’s face blushed all of a sudden.

“Devis’s suggestion is good!” Andre Ye brought the dishes out of the kitchen, and casually teased Alexa Xiao. Alexa Xiao’s face turned redder.

At this moment a smiling voice sounded, “Son, here comes Dad!”

With a big bag of things in his hand, Roy Qin opened the door with a smile and walked in. Devis shook his head at him, “It’s a godfather, not a father!”

“Okay, it’s goddamn father.” Roy Qin followed his words, put the things in his hands on the table and inhaled, “It’s so fragrant! I have to go and see what’s delicious tonight.”

“It is said that the nose of a greedy cat is sharp, and Mr. Qin’s nose is better than a cat.” Jamie Ye teased.

“Do you know that?” Alexa Xiao also smiled.

Roy Qin ignored the ridicule of the two of them, took Devis around twice, and then went straight to the restaurant. Seeing Andre Ye’s set dishes, Roy Qin was greedy, “There are so many delicious foods, this evening is really a blessing.”

“Aunt Xiao said the same thing just now, you and Aunt Xiao are both greedy cats.” Devis said milkyly.

Roy Qin laughed loudly, “I am not a greedy cat, your Aunt Xiao is a greedy cat.”

“Are you not a greedy cat?” Devis asked curiously.

“I am the God of Cookery.”

“Cut!” Alexa Xiao grunted dissatisfiedly.

Andre Ye brought out the last dish from the kitchen, “You can start!”

Andre Ye’s cooking skills are naturally not covered. A group of people sat in the living room and chatted. Roy Qin asked Jamie Ye.

“Juan Mu’s mother was injured and hospitalized, did you know?”

Jamie Ye nodded and told them what had happened that day. Hearing that Juan Mu suspected that she had caused Lisa Lin to coma, Alexa Xiao jumped angrily.

“Juan Mu’s is a thing that doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong. He treated you the way he did before, but now he doubts you again. Jamie, we will ignore him in the future.”

Jamie Ye was very angry before, but now that she calmed down, she is not so angry. “I understand Juan Mu’s pain. Although I was very angry at the time, I think about him now. If I were him, in that case, I would also behave like him.”

“Are you still helping him speak?” Alexa Xiao looked like he hated iron and steel, “How can you tell me how to say hello, Mu has treated you like this, you are still like this, I look at you, that’s it. Not being bullied enough by him.”

“Alexa Xiao, this matter is not a trivial matter, is it about human life?” Jamie Ye reminded Alexa Xiao, “If it was Lisa Lin who fell and injured herself, but I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“Yes, I don’t think it’s that simple.” Roy Qin interrupted, “I’m not sure about anything else, but Lisa Lin asked someone to give a bird’s nest with saffron to Jamie Ye to eat. I absolutely don’t believe it.”

“Maybe, this old witch wants Jamie Ye and Juan Mu to be completely cut off?” Alexa Xiao still insisted on her point of view.

“No, Lisa Lin has been looking forward to her grandson for a long time. She may do and Jamie snatch the custody of her child, but she will never do anything to kill her grandson. There is absolutely no reason for this.” Roy Qin meditated. “The most important thing is that Jamie Lisa Lin to such a thing. No matter how you look at it, it is a premeditated act. The purpose is to make Juan Mu and Jamie Ye turn against each other.”

“Who is so vicious?” Alexa Xiao also felt that the matter was a bit serious when Roy Qin said this.

“Is it unclear?” Roy Qin sneered, “Who is the least willing to see Jamie and Juan Mu have entanglements now?”

“Karen Xia?” Alexa Xiao was taken aback, “This is really possible, but her hand is too long, right?”

“Karen Xia called me the night before Lisa Lin asked Aunt to send the bird’s nest…” Jamie Ye repeated what Karen Xia had said when she called her. “I thought Lisa Lin was trying to please me, but now I think it’s not like that. Karen Xia knew that Lisa Lin must have been told by someone in the Mu family that Lisa Lin bought me gifts. Combined with Erin Liu deliberately looking at me that day, I guessed that person was Erin Liu.”

Roy Qin agreed, “I think Erin Liu is not easy after hearing what you say. She must have been bought by Karen Xia and become their accomplice. Now it’s up to Juan Mu to figure it out.”

The sound of a car came from outside the talking room, and soon the doorbell rang, Alexa Xiao opened the door and Juan Mu walked in.

“You still have a face?” Seeing Juan Mu and Alexa Xiao was angry.

Juan Mu ignored Alexa Xiao and went straight to Jamie Ye, “Jamie, I have something to say to you.”

Jamie Ye was also surprised to see Juan Mu coming to Jamie Ye, “You came just right, and I have something to tell you, let’s go outside and talk.”

The two went to the garden together. Jamie Ye was about to sit on a chair in the garden. Juan Mu reached out to support her, “Cool, wait a minute.” He took off his coat and put it on the chair, Jamie Ye gave him a complicated look. , Sat down, Juan Mu followed her and sat next to her, he reached out and held Jamie Ye’s hand in his hand, “Jamie, I’m sorry!”

When she heard him say the three words sorry in a guilty voice, Jamie Ye’s eyes suddenly turned red, “Juan Mu, you bastard!”

“It’s my fault, Jamie Ye, you forgive me.” Juan Mu said, reaching out and holding her in his arms, Jamie Ye pushed him, “Let me go.”

“Jamie, let me hug you, it’ll be fine for a while.” Jamie Ye felt uncomfortable after hearing the sadness in his voice, and she didn’t push him again. Instead, she said to him: “Juan Mu, it really has nothing to do with me when your mother becomes like this. I think someone is deliberately designing us.”

“I know that I didn’t really want to scold you that day. I didn’t doubt you at all. My mother would never give you a bird’s nest with saffron. I don’t believe that you caused her coma. I suspect that we are all caused by people, they have calculated us, and Erin Liu may be a accomplice, so I deliberately treated you like that to paralyze the other party. I didn’t come to you to explain before because I was afraid that they would let people pay attention to you and disturb my plan. Now I am sure that no one is paying attention, so I’m here today.”

“I also think that Erin Liu is abnormal. She deliberately targeted me and must have been instigated by others. I suspect that the person who instigated her was Karen Xia.” Jamie Ye told him about Karen Xia’s phone call.

“In this way, it must be her, and Flora Wu’s contribution is definitely indispensable.” Juan Mu sneered, “I have asked Spencer Liu to investigate. I believe there will be results soon.”

“I have nothing to do. As long as I can find out the truth, I can accept any kind of grievance.”

After listening to Juan Mu’s words, Spencer Liu felt that the matter was serious. In order not to get rid of the trouble, he personally went out to investigate the green chemical man who cut the wire.

The worker who builds branches was called. He has been a green chemical industry for more than 20 years. He usually likes to gamble and drink. A few days ago he lost 200,000 while gambling at the casino.

Two hundred thousand is not a small number for a worker, but what is surprising is that he does not has the frown of a loser. It is no different in normal times.

After Spencer Liu heard this information, his intuition was wrong, the worker must have a problem.

Chapter 196

Spencer Liu immediately arranged for someone to follow the labor. He went to the police station to find someone he knew and adjusted Flora Wu to be monitored. It turned out that Flora Wu was in a car when he went to Juan Mu’s house. There was a person in the back seat, and the person in the back seat was so tightly packed that he could not see what he looked like.

On the way back, there was still such a person in Flora Wu’s car, but then Flora Wu drove the car into a small alley, and when she drove out, there was no one in the car.

Although he couldn’t see what that person looks like, this discovery is exciting. When Flora Wu went to Mu’s house, there was no power outage, and the monitoring of the villa area was outaged. Maybe I could see anything.

Spencer Liu rushed back to the villa area non-stop to adjust the property monitoring, and found that Flora Wu’s car entered the villa area and the monitoring also showed that there was this person in the car, but after Flora Wu drove the car to Mu’s house, this person unexpectedly disappeared.

Spencer Liu immediately told Juan Mu of the news, and Juan Mu took a closer look at the surveillance system that Spencer Liu copied. He sneered, “This person is in the car.”

Seeing Spencer Liu’s puzzlement, he explained, “Flora Wu’s car is covered with a car film except for the front windshield. You can’t see the inside of the car from the side and back. Only the front camera can see people in the car. The person was sitting in the back seat before, so she could be seen in the car from the front, but after entering my house, the person should squat down and lie down and hide in the car. This way the front camera is natural. It’s also invisible, and the security guard at home didn’t pay much attention to Flora Wu because she was an acquaintance, so naturally they would not notice someone hiding in her car.”

“It makes sense.” After Juan Mu’s explanation, Spencer Liu also understood. “In this way, this person has been hiding in the car, waiting for the security to leave after the power failure, and she got out of the car without monitoring. In this way, the madam’s fainting must have something to do with this person.

Juan Mu nodded, “Before I only suspected that Flora Wu’s arrival at my house was not normal. I didn’t expect to make such a big discovery. It really is because I know people don’t know my heart.”

“Flora Wu and Juan’s mother are friends, and there is no any problem between them, why did she harm Juan’s mother?” Spencer Liu felt so surprised.

“This is what I want to know, as long as you keep an eye on Flora Wu, the truth will come to light.” Juan Mu sneered.

Although he tried Juan Mu, Flora Wu was still worried and asked Patricia Liu to tell Carlo Xia about Lisa Lin’s injury and coma.

Hearing that Lisa Lin was injured by Jamie Ye, Carlo Xia was surprised, how could he believe that Jamie Ye would do such a thing, so he personally asked Juan Mu about the specific situation.

Juan Mu and Carlo Xia had a very bad attitude after meeting. He clearly told Carlo Xia that the relationship between him and Jamie Ye was over. Now Jamie Ye is pregnant and Devis is sick. He will not be held accountable for the time being, but it does not mean she will not be held accountable for a lifetime. When the child is born and Devis’s condition improves, he is bound to take back the custody of the two children. He also angrily said that following such a vicious mother is not good for the child’s growth.

Carlo Xia said a lot of good things for Jamie Ye. Juan Mu still insisted on his attitude. Seeing Juan Mu like this, Carlo Xia couldn’t help it. After returning home, he felt quite bad.

The child is Jamie Ye’s life, how could she let Juan Mu take the child away, but now that Lisa Lin is like this, Juan Mu will never just let it go.

What should we do about this?

Carlo Xia looked ugly after returning home. Patricia Liu deliberately asked him what Juan Mu said. Carlo Xia was angry. “Mu is too unreasonable. What if Lisa Lin is unconscious by Jamie Ye? Lisa Lin is so vicious and deserves retribution.”

These words were stalemate with Juan Mu. Juan Mu had seen Carlo Xia’s politeness before, but this time the stalemate with Carlo Xia seemed to be really torn apart.

Patricia Liu was secretly delighted and told Flora Wu about this. Flora Wu was relieved. It seems that Juan Mu really believed that Jamie Ye was the one who caused Lisa Lin’s injury. The implementation of the plan was perfect. The only flaw in Lisa Lin was that Lisa Lin did not die as they thought, but still have a breath.

Although Flora Wu had confirmed that Lisa Lin had a small chance of waking up, it was always a trouble, and she had to find a way to eliminate this trouble.

After that, Flora Wu went to the hospital to see Lisa Lin several times, wanting to see if she had a chance to do it, but she didn’t have the opportunity to approach Lisa Lin alone, and the nurse Juan Mu had asked for her to watch them dutifully.

I heard that Flora Wu visited mother several times in the hospital. Juan Mu sneered. It seems that Flora Wu is still alive. Why should she treat his mother like this after so many years of friendship? And who was the person in the car that day? As long as you figure this out, you can close the net. When the time comes, there will be grievances and revenge, and he will definitely let the person who harmed his mother die without a burial place.

Spencer Liu made people stare at the labor day and night. At first, he was normal, commuting to and from get off work normally, and there was no contact with other people. But one night after this lasted two or three days, he went out.

He got on a bus, got off after ten stops, then took a taxi to a large shopping plaza. After wandering in the shopping plaza for a while, he answered the phone and went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, he walked out of the bathroom with a bag in his hand. It was clear from the person who followed him. The labor went in empty-handed, so he called Spencer Liu immediately, and Spencer Liu drove there.

He found the person in charge of the shopping plaza and asked him to adjust the surveillance. In the surveillance, he saw a man wearing sunglasses entering the bathroom with a bag before that labor entered the bathroom.

Spencer Liu tuned all surveillance and inquired about the man’s traces, and soon saw the man in the underground parking lot in a car with the tail number 465.

After inquiries, it was quickly found that the owner of the car was Darlene Wang, the mother of Bar Street, and Spencer Liu began to focus on Darlene Wang.

This Darlene Wang’s real name is not Darlene Wang, her previous name was Ruchi Xin, she changed her name to Darlene Wang because she didn’t like to sound good. Darlene Wang didn’t learn well when she was a child. She was broken by a man at the age of fourteen and she was pregnant , And then the man left her and went away. She looked around and found no results, so that she broke the jar and fell into the business as a b!tch.

When a b!tch reaches over thirty years old, she naturally began to decline. When Darlene Wang got older and became old, not many men would want her, so she started pimping business. Of course, she was not just pimping, but she met some people who are not picky eaters. Reluctant to spend a lot of money to find a stingy old man with a young girl, she went into battle in person to accompany them to make fun.

Darlene Wang usually doesn’t have much hobbies other than pimps and sleeps with old men. Later, the ladies next to each other use a mobile phone to play WeChat and chat online. She heard that the lady under her hand can transfer many men to online chat. Ruchi Xin also Decided to give it a try, so she gave herself a literary-sounding screen name on WeChat called Ruchi Ran. She was very proud. This nickname is also literary and has her own name. She is so talented. A pimp also thought of it. Talented, a typical b!tch and a torii.

Ruchi Xin has used it for a while, but she has not been adjusted to half a good son. She is very depressed. When talking with the ladies, everyone laughed at her bad name and said that people nowadays must be exciting and novel. Your name for such a literary art is naturally unattractive.

Ruchi thought about it and didn’t think of anything good. When she saw that the screen name used by the lady under her hand had some weird symbols, and some people used pinyin, she asked the lady to pick one for her, and the lady thought, why don’t you like the name Ruchi Ran? Just add a symbol at the end and use the pinyin of your surname. Xin Ruchi thinks this name is not good at all, but she can’t think of anything novel. So she adopted the suggestion of Miss, and changed the nickname on WeChat to Ruchi Ran.

She didn’t know that this was actually because the young lady deliberately punished her. Ruchi’s mother, Sang, was very vicious and stingy. She often asked the young ladies about the commission, and the young ladies hated her deeply. The purpose of this young lady’s doing this was actually thinking Make her foolish.

Just don’t say that Ruchi’s change of her name was really effective. Someone chatted with her immediately. She changed a lot of triumphs with the nickname of Ruchi Xin, although most of them were scared after meeting her. They ran away, but there are also people who like to have s*x with old women with heavy tastes. She also had a lot of fun with this WeChat.

Later, Ruchi met Hans, who grew up black as the name suggests, but was sturdy. He worked well in bed, and Ruchi fell in love with him the first time she went to bed.

Ruchi hadn’t slept with a young man with skills for a long time. Naturally, she was not obsessed with this sunspot. The two left each other on the phone after a one-night stand, and then they began to live together.

Ruchi’s opponent is stingy and vicious, but it’s not like that to men. Maybe it’s because of her old age. She is not so good to this sunspot. She often takes the sunspot home overnight, and also provides allowance for board and lodging.

Just like that, Hans had been with her for several months, and Ruchi returned home from the nightclub that night and found that Hans was not at home, and no one answered his phone.

Ruchi wondered, what is going on with this sunspot? Didn’t this happen before?

The sunspot had no trace for two days as soon as he left, and Ruchi was puzzled. This little unscrupulous person won’t be tired of playing with her, right?

They all say that b!tches are ruthless, but Ruchi is different. She really regards the black man as a support. After the black man did not show up for two days, she suddenly woke up and went to check her bank card immediately. This check made her nose crooked. , The deposit in the bank card was missing.

She was out of steam, her bank card and mobile phone were bound, why did she not receive the SMS reminder when the money was transferred? She angrily went to the bank to inquire. This inquiry found that her mobile phone number at the bank had been changed. In the past few months, Hans and her lived and ate as a couple, and she had nothing to do.

Ruchi was half dead and went to the police station to report the case. After she went to report the case, Spencer Liu knew immediately. He looked at Ruchi to find the whereabouts of Sunspot. He thought he could dig out the truth soon, but he didn’t expect Xin Ruchi didn’t know it, but Ruchi’s report made it easy for Spencer Liu to approach her.

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