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Chapter 217

Wendy Tian changed her clothes and came out. Seeing that Simson Tang had bought the skirt, he no longer insisted on giving it to her. Instead, he held it in his hand with the purple dress. She couldn’t help asking: “Brother Tang, I said no more, why do you want to buy it?”

Simson Tang smiled and said, “Since you don’t like me, don’t force it. I still have a younger sister in my family. I will buy it back and give it to her.”

Wendy Tian was simple in mind and immediately believed it. She breathed a sigh of relief: “Then do you have anything else to buy?”

Simson Tang looked around, raised his foot and walked to the clothing area for the elderly, and said, “I also want to buy a set of clothes for my grandma.”

“Brother Tang, you are so filial.” Wendy Tian knew that Simson Tang had an old grandmother, and heard from the servants at the villa in the suburbs that Simson Tang was very filial to Mrs. Tang, which now seems to be the case.

Simson Tang took the opportunity to say: “My parents passed away early. It was my grandma who worked hard to raise me and my sister. I should be filial to her. I don’t know if there are any elderly people in your family. Do you have the impression of getting along with them often?”

Wendy Tian frowned and thought about it for a while, and said, “I can’t remember it, but I will have a very cordial feeling when I see the elderly. Maybe I also have grandparents at home!”

In fact, the parents of Wendy Tian’s adoptive parents passed away very early, and she did not spend much time with them. The reason why she has a very kind feeling for the elderly is because she has a kind heart and often visits the nursing home in Olathe. The widowed elderly there, although she has lost her memory, her nature to care for the elderly will not change, and she will naturally feel cordial when she sees the elderly.

Simson Tang was overjoyed. He hoped that Wendy Tian would show love to the elderly. It would be better if she had experience in caring for the elderly, so he would be more relieved to let her accompany Mrs. Tang.

After choosing a set of clothes for Mrs. Tang, Simson Tang went to the children’s clothing area to buy a set of boys’ clothes. Wendy Tian guessed that he must be the son of Jamie Ye, and wanted to ask Simson Tang several times, but she didn’t ask Simson Tang, and she didn’t ask it sensibly, and didn’t want Simson Tang to think she was too gossip.

As soon as there were more things, Wendy Tian naturally wanted to help with them. Simson Tang pretended to be remorseful and said: “I should have asked the driver to pick me up in a car if I knew it, and I don’t know how to take it home with so many things.”

Wendy Tian thought for a while and said, “I can help you get some and take you to a taxi. I just take the subway back to the villa by myself.”

“Why don’t you bother to take a taxi with me to my house, otherwise I won’t be able to take so many things after I get off the car. You don’t know if the taxi can’t enter the gate of our residential area. There is still some distance after getting off the car!” “This is naturally to deceive Wendy Tian. Simson Tang wanted to use this excuse to let her go to his house. The Tang House is a large villa built on private land, not a commercial building. How can there be any gates? Can a taxi drive to his door? It’s not that he has the final say.

“Really, all right! I’ll take you home first, and then I will take the subway back to the villa.” Wendy Tian believed it was true, thinking that Simson Tang’s family must be in that kind of high-end residential area, where the residents are rich and manage It must be very strict, and it is possible to prevent taxis from entering, but she didn’t expect Simson Tang to call the family driver or other servants to pick him up when he reached the gate.

“Thank you so much. You don’t need to take the subway later. I will ask the driver to take you back to the villa.” Simson Tang was touched again. This girl is really frugal. She would rather bother to take the subway instead of spending more money.

Wendy Tian smiled and said, “Don’t be so troublesome. I can take the subway myself. Anyway, you just need to tell me which line to take.”

Simson Tang shook his head, “That won’t work, you have to make a round trip on the subway, and you have to walk a long way out of the subway station. Besides, I trouble you so much today, how can you go back by yourself.”

Wendy Tian knew that Simson Tang was the most gentleman, and she would never agree to her proposal, so she stopped insisting.

When the two walked out of the mall, Simson Tang stopped a taxi, said the address, and drove all the way to Tang’s house.

Ruchi Xin is pregnant! Although the time is short, it is very, very happy for Mike Li. Ruchi Xin is not young anymore, and she has been engaged in the skin and meat business for a long time. It is a miracle that he can be pregnant with a child.

Mike Li felt that this child was bestowed on him and Ruchi Xin by God for the strong support to keep them together. With this child, the mother would definitely not object to them being together. Mike Li’s expectations for this child are simply not high. He checked online what pregnant women should do. He knew that the blood supply to the placenta could be improved after a meal, which is beneficial to the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus, so he offered to accompany Ruchi Xin for a walk.

The two of them walked in the neighborhood where Mike Li was like a kind of child in love. They completely ignored the strange gazes around them, and naturally they didn’t see Erin Liu who was hiding not far away staring at them with a big mouth in astonishment.

Erin Liu was stunned by her discovery! She watched Ruchi Xin yelling at Mike Li dearly, looked at Mike Li’s pro-Ruchi Xin face, and watched unceasingly flirting and cursing in the public.

Until Mike Li and Ruchi Xin walked far away and couldn’t see the shadow, she still hid blankly. Erin Liu went back to the Mu’s house in despair, and this was all sorts of unpleasant feelings in her heart! In her dreams, she never thought that the old woman her son had engaged with would be Ruchi Xin.

Ruchi Xin, why do you want to change the name? No matter whether she is Roushi Xin or Ruchi Xin, she can’t be with her son!

This is incest, and it is said to be intolerable, it is simply intolerable!

This is a long story. Mike Li is the product of Erin Liu’s birth in Sankori Maoer and a gangster, and this gangster is Roushi Xin’s brother Cole Xin.

Cole Xin was arrested and imprisoned. Erin Liu took the child and couldn’t live, so she gave her son to a family named Li, and left Olathe.

For so many years, she had never thought of interacting with them again, but she had never thought that the world was so small that her son and his aunt had gotten together her son made her pregnant.

Never let my son and Ruchi Xin be together! But how should I tell my son about this matter? Can’t tell him that Ruchi Xin is his aunt, if her son can’t stand this blow, the consequences are not in her imagination.

But her son has a deep affection for Ruchi Xin, and he will definitely not listen to her. What should she do?

Erin Liu is anxious like an ant on a hot pot. Now it is impossible for her son and Ruchi Xin to get hands on her hands. The most important thing is to get rid of the evil seed in Ruchi Xin’s belly. It is a product of incest. They say that close relatives will give birth to monsters. The child in Ruchi Xin’s belly didn’t know if it would be a monster. Thinking of this Erin Liu was scared. This thing must be done quickly.

Lisa Lin finally got better after being treated for so long in the hospital. The doctor said that she would soon regain consciousness in this state. Juan Mu was very happy to hear that his mother would wake up, in order to prevent Flora Wu and others from knowing Lisa Lin he strictly ordered the hospital to block the news. The news that Flora Wu and others knew was that Lisa Lin would never wake up.

After Patricia Liu was picked up from the hospital, she never came back. The phone showed that it was down. Karen Xia was worried that she called Carlo Xia and asked about Patricia Liu’s whereabouts. Carlo Xia also hated Karen Xia, only considering that she was his own specie. Without sending her off, Carlo Xia told Karen Xia impatiently on the phone to let her stay in the hospital and take care of her. He would ask two nurses to take care of her.

He also said that Patricia Liu has things now, so she should not worry. Karen Xia is not a fool either. For Patricia Liu, there is nothing more important than her. Intuition there is a problem, and she also started to be afraid. Could it be Carlo Xia who discovered their conspiracy and started to punish her mother, right?

Karen Xia told Flora Wu of her worries. Flora Wu was shocked when she heard the news. There is no need to shut down if there are things. This thing is completely wrong, we have to figure it out before we talk.

Before Patricia Liu and her were embarrassed, Flora Wu did not feel that she was fighting alone. Now Patricia Liu suddenly disappeared. Flora Wu was worried. She started to inquire about Patricia Liu, but Carlo Xia kept it tight, and there was no news at all. Flora Wu had no choice but to hire a private investigator to investigate.

Flora Wu’s investigation has just begun. Suddenly news came that Patricia Liu died in a car accident!

Except for Carlo Xia and Karen Xia, Patricia Liu has no other immediate family members, so Patricia Liu’s death did not disturb anyone. Patricia Liu was involved in the accident outside. Carlo Xia moved quickly. The local police immediately took Patricia Liu at the location of the accident after issuing the cremation certificate. It was cremated, and no one was disturbed during the burial.

This is Carlo Xia’s personal affair, and others naturally don’t care about it, but Flora Wu can’t help but care. Carlo Xia’s doing this is completely wrong, there must be other reasons, she has to figure it out.

The death of Patricia Liu made Juan Mu and Jamie Ye too surprised. Jamie Ye was very angry. Patricia Liu died before she avenged her mother. She would choose the time to die. Isn’t it too cheap for her to die?

Juan Mu thought the same way. This b!tch was dead at the right time. She died just now when he wanted to clean up, and she was relieved so quickly.

Alexa Xiao claps her hands better. This is called retribution for evil. Patricia Liu’s present report comes too late. Without Patricia Liu, a vicious-hearted woman making troubles, Jamie Ye’s life would have been much better in the future. Karen Xia was single-handedly weak and now pregnant, her way of thinking about Jamie Ye is still far away.

Roy Qin didn’t look at it this way. He intuitively felt that things were strange. Patricia Liu suddenly had a car accident too strange. Roy Qin told Juan Mu about his thoughts. Juan Mu also meant this. Patricia Liu died too late, he intuitively felt Think Carlo Xia must have concealed something.

Juan Mu let people secretly observe Carlo Xia. There is no one beside Carlo Xia except the driver and Aunt Kin. The people who followed have been staring at Aunt Kin and the driver. At first they found nothing. After a while, they saw the driver go to a lunatic asylum.

Juan Mu’s people conducted an investigation into the lunatic asylum, and the results of this investigation came out immediately, and Patricia Liu was actually locked in the lunatic asylum.

Chapter 218

Carlo Xia must have known something about Patricia Liu’s sudden attack. I heard that Patricia Liu is now in a lunatic asylum. Juan Mu admires Carlo Xia. Carlo Xia deserves to be an official. This heart is dark enough and his behavior is poisonous enough. All ways have been figured out.

Juan Mu’s original purpose was to make Patricia Liu better than to die. Now that Carlo Xia has done what he wants to do, he will let Patricia Liu enjoy the rest of her life in the lunatic asylum. He told Roy Qin, not to tell Jamie Ye about this, and wait for Jamie Ye to give birth to the child. Roy Qin naturally agreed.

In the past few days, Erin Liu thought about it for several days and finally came up with a way. If she put the abortion pill in Ruchi Xin’s drinking water for her to drink, it would be difficult for her not to have an abortion.

Just how can Ruchi Xin drink water containing abortion pills? This thing has to be done without knowing it, and it can’t make people doubt it.

Her son has no money and all the daily necessities were prepared by her. Erin Liu thought about it and decided to send some daily necessities to her son. Then she would bring a box of water that her son liked to drink. The abortion pill was placed in the water. Worried that the abortion pill would affect her son’s body, she called Flora Wu. Flora Wu told her that the abortion pill would not have any effect on a man’s body before she began to implement the plan with confidence.

Erin Liu bought a lot of abortion pills and used a syringe to dissolve the abortion pills into the drinking water she was going to send to her son. In addition to the bottled water, she also bought a lot of food and some daily necessities, so she was sure about Ruchi Xin when she was not there, she personally sent it to her son.

Naturally, Mike Li didn’t know that Erin Liu was going to calculate them. He was very happy to see that his mother had sent so many things. Erin Liu did not object to him and Ruchi Xin again. He just said that his current identity should not be exposed. The son must not talk about the relationship between them.

Seeing that his mother did not oppose him and Ruchi Xin, Mike Li was overjoyed. The mother’s identity is indeed a trouble. I can’t talk about it now. After he and Ruchi Xin became a family, he said, so he agreed to Erin Liu’s request.

Ruchi Xin came back in the evening and drank the bottled water sent by Erin Liu. In the morning, she suddenly felt pain in her lower abdomen and began to bleed. Both of them were terrified. Mike Li immediately called Erin Liu for help, but Erin Liu naturally did not dare to take it. Ruchi Xin sent to another hospital, so he ordered her son to stop the car and take Ruchi Xin to the hospital where Flora Wu was located.

She called Flora Wu again and asked her to help clear the relationship and conceal the cause of Ruchi Xin’s miscarriage. Flora Wu naturally agreed to her request.

Ruchi Xin was quickly sent to the hospital for treatment. Not everyone is suitable for drug flow. Drug flow and crowd flow also depend on people. Some people are not suitable for crowd flow and others are not suitable for drug flow. Ruchi Xin is not young, and It was an accidental drug flow, and the remaining fetal membrane tissue inside caused a blood collapse, and the bleeding began immediately. It would be impossible to save her life if she was not sent to the hospital in time.

After Erin Liu heard about it, she secretly regretted that she had known her son to send her to the doctor slowly. This might make Ruchi Xin die unconsciously like this, and she would feel better.

Flora Wu asked a private detective to investigate Patricia Liu’s affairs. The private detective did not let her down, and soon told Flora Wu about Patricia Liu’s detention in a lunatic asylum.

Flora Wu was surprised. She never thought Carlo Xia would come to such a trick. Carlo Xia used such a vicious move to deal with Patricia Liu. He must have known some thing about the past. Flora Wu was a little frightened, wondering if Patricia Liu did anything to her. Give it out, if Carlo Xia knows what she did to Jamie Ye back then, Carlo Xia will definitely not let her go.

Carlo Xia is not a kind person. If he doesn’t do it right now, it doesn’t mean he won’t do it to her in the future. She has to find a way to deal with it quickly.

What Flora Wu is most worried about right now is not herself, but the safety of her daughter Karen Xia. With Carlo Xia’s viciousness, she will never let Karen Xia go when she can deal with Patricia Liu in this way. She has to ensure the safety of her daughter.

Flora Wu went to the private hospital to see Karen Xia. Karen Xia lived well in the private hospital. Patricia Liu died and Carlo Xia kept her from her. Seeing that Karen Xia lived in the best ward in the hospital, the treatment was also the best, Flora Wu felt very peaceful, if Carlo Xia knew the horrible things they did, he would definitely not let Karen Xia go. It seemed that Patricia Liu hadn’t bit them out.

If this is the case, she has to find a way to rescue Patricia Liu to prevent Carlo Xia from asking about something when she suddenly finds out. Then she will have no chance.

Flora Wu spent money to hire a group of gangsters, let them set fire to the lunatic asylum, and rescued Patricia Liu while transferring the patients in the lunatic asylum.

Patricia Liu was dirty and stinky, skinny with broken legs. I thought I would spend my life in a lunatic asylum, but I didn’t expect to be rescued. Patricia Liu was very happy. At this time, avoiding Carlo Xia is the most important thing. , She is now a dead person, if Carlo Xia is allowed to know about her, she will soon become a corpse.

Patricia Liu didn’t care about concealing Flora Wu Jose Long’s affairs, she asked Flora Wu to send her to Jose Long’s house.

Carlo Xia quickly learned about the fire in the lunatic asylum. Except for Patricia Liu, no other patients suffered any loss. He understood that the fire was aimed at Patricia Liu. Carlo Xia arranged for Patricia Liu’s death only to make people not suspect. Patricia Liu disappeared suddenly.

Of course, it was also for Patricia Liu to spend the second half of her life as dead as she could. He cut off Patricia Liu’s vitality, but he never thought that anyone would save Patricia Liu.

It seems that he is underestimating this b!tch, and it seems that she has other accomplices outside. It seems that we have to find a way to find her accomplices, but this matter cannot be done on the table, it has to be done secretly.

Juan Mu knew that Patricia Liu had been rescued after he heard that a patient ran away in a fire in the lunatic asylum. Patricia Liu had nowhere to hide now, and the only person she could find was Jose Long.

Before Carlo Xia’s arrangement made her suffer in the lunatic asylum for a lifetime, he didn’t intend to move her. Since Patricia Liu is going to tossed out, it is indispensable to connect all these things to make a big picture.

After Patricia Liu had been tossed for so many days, she was suddenly rescued from hell to the world. She took a bath and ate a beautiful meal. This was why Carlo Xia had to deal with her Long told her.

Long was shocked when he heard it. Now that Carlo Xia knew that Meghan Ye was killed, he must be in danger as well. No, he couldn’t stay in this place anymore. He had to leave Olathe and hide in another place.

Patricia Liu naturally knew that it was not appropriate to stay in Olathe now, but she was not worried about Karen Xia, and she had to figure out who threatened her with an anonymous letter.

Only she and Long knew about Meghan Ye’s death. She had never told anyone, then the problem was Jose Long.

Patricia Liu asked Jose Long if he had told others what happened back then, and now that Jose Long naturally knew that this matter could not be concealed, he told Patricia Liu that Ruchi Xin knew about it.

Patricia Liu was so angry that she scolded Long fiercely. Jose Long didn’t dare to speak when he saw her like this. After Patricia Liu vented a burst of anger, he began to think about how to take revenge.

I understand that this anonymous letter must have something to do with the b!tch Ruchi Xin. She was not the one who revealed the matter. Patricia Liu is now injured and her legs are crippled. The reason is that the b!tch Ruchi Xin did a good job. Patricia Liu has never been a kind person. Now that she knows that Ruchi Xin has let herself fall to this point, how can she let Ruchi Xin live freely? She has to avenge her revenge before leaving.

Juan Mu approached Director Li to release Erin Liu’s man Cole Xin from the prison in advance. After being released, Cole Xin returned to Water Park in the old nest. Although he was a mao’er alley in Water Park back then, he did not mention that. Most of the gangsters with him back then are no longer in Water Park, and now the gangsters who are bluffing in Water Park are not someone he knows.

Cole Xin’s return did not arouse anyone’s attention. He came to his door with simple luggage and saw a picture of long grass on the wall, and a tattered scene.

His parents both died more than ten years ago. Both parents passed away and his sister was nowhere to be seen. This house has not been lived in for more than ten years. Seeing the dilapidated and desolate scene in front of him, Cole Xin felt a little sad. People who used to be proud, never dreamed that one day they would get into such a situation.

When he was released from prison, he had thought that his return would cause a sensation, and there would definitely be a lot of gangsters to welcome him and ask him to eat and drink, and then he would be as gangster as before.

Everything in front of him made Cole Xin’s dream come to life. It was impossible to live in the house. Cole Xin carried simple luggage and prepared to find a small hotel nearby to live in, and then come to repair the house after he settled down.

Cole Xin didn’t have a lot of money. It was all earned during the prison labor reform these years. Such a small amount of money would definitely not last for a few days. Cole Xin was still thinking about finding a way to earn money.

After staying in the small hotel, Cole Xin went outside to buy some instant noodles and prepared to go back to the hotel to soak and eat, but he didn’t want to be stopped by someone facing him. The person looked up and down at Cole Xin and said enthusiastically: “This is not Xin?”

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