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Chapter 221

Naturally, Erin and her son didn’t know that Cole Xin was hiding from the sidelines. Mike Li took Erin Liu’s hand and begged, “Mom, I don’t have any money anymore. Give me some money!”

“Where do I have money.” Erin Liu was angry.

“What about your salary this month? Isn’t it paid yet?” Mike Li was thinking about Erin Liu’s salary.

“Juan Mu didn’t go home during this period. He called and said that he would come back to pay my salary in a few days.” Erin Liu replied. In the past, Juan Mu made money directly by punching his card, but recently he suddenly changed his mind and said to send them cash, he couldn’t come back recently because of something he asked them to wait for a while before talking.

Mu’s family has a big business, and Erin Liu is naturally not afraid of Juan Mu’s arrears of wages, but Mike Li can’t wait, “Mom, you can misappropriate a little of the reserve money he gave you and give it to me.”

“I gave you a part of the reserve fund last time. I don’t dare to take it anymore. It would be a bad thing to take too much.” Erin Liu shook her head. She had already misappropriated part of the reserve fund to Mike Li, but she didn’t dare to embezzle it again.

“Are you still my mother? You used to leave me alone, which made me look like this. Now you have the ability to support me but are unwilling to support me. In that case, why did you give birth to me in the first place?” Mike Li had a rogue temper. .

“You yelled here, do you want to die?” Erin Liu stretched out her hand to cover his mouth, “Be patient for a few days, and in a few days when Juan Mu comes back to pay the salary, I will send it to you. .”

“I don’t have any money, and I don’t have a cent.”

Erin Liu took out some money from her pocket and handed it to Mike Li, “That’s all I can give you now.”

Mike Li saw that his mother knew that there was nothing to squeeze out, so he took the money and left.

Cole Xin hid from the side and saw this scene. He was so angry that his nose was smoking. This b!tch, in the crowd, is so affectionate with this bastard. When there is no one, I don’t know what will happen. He has to teach this b!tch!

After Mike Li left, Erin Liu was about to go home. At this moment, Cole Xin jumped out and stopped her. Erin Liu was startled by the person who suddenly jumped out. She saw Cole Xin and her expression suddenly changed, “You…how did you come out?”

“Do you want me to be locked up in jail for the rest of my life?” Cole Xin sneered.

“No…no.” Erin Liu was uncomfortable. She knew how Cole Xin was. After he went in, she gave her son away, and he would definitely not let her go.

The most terrible thing was that Ruchi Xin and Mike Li got together. If Cole Xin were to know about this, he would definitely kill her.

“You slt!” Cole Xin stared at Erin Liu fiercely. He was also affectionate for Erin Liu back then. It would be better for Erin Liu to have a heart-to-heart, but this slt is too vicious, and he slammed into it. At the prison gate, she gave away his only son on the back foot, saying that the b!tch is ruthless, she is much more ruthless than the b!tch.

Over the years, he has suffered in prison, but this sl*t lived like a fish outside, and even raised a little white face. Looking at Erin Liu’s well-maintained face, he remembered that she was using this face to seduce little white face. Cole Xin hated from the heart, and punched Erin Liu in the face. “I make you ungrateful!”

He suffocated a lot of anger, and he could imagine how heavy he started. He only heard a scream, Erin Liu’s well-maintained face immediately became swollen, and the surroundings became black, but Cole Xin did not expect to stop, he punched her fiercely again, “I will let you seduce people!”

After this punch, the two front teeth were blown away, and the nose and mouth were bleeding. Erin Liu couldn’t stand the pain and screamed for help. This is a high-end villa area. Usually the security guards are patrolling and encountering disturbances. She would come up to ask, but today she broke her throat and didn’t see a security guard coming up to ask.

And Cole Xin was a little timid when he heard Erin Liu calling for help, but he was relieved when he saw that the security guards hid in the house with an expression unrelated to them, “You b!tch, you have the face to call for help. I won’t spare you today!”

Erin Liu originally thought that someone would come to save her when she called for help, but she did not expect that no one would care about Cole Xin’s bloody violence, so she hurriedly begged for mercy, “I was wrong! You forgive me!”

How could Cole Xin listen to her explanation, and kicked Erin Liu to the side with a heartfelt feeling at her. He followed and pounced again and again, and asked while beating, “b!tch! Where did you send my son?” “

Erin Liu hadn’t planned to tell Cole Xin about Mike Li, but looking at Cole Xin’s expression, if he didn’t tell his son’s whereabouts, he would kill her, so she had to tell Cole Xin about his son, “I found my son. He stayed well by my side, you let me go, I will take you to see him!”

Hearing that his son’s whereabouts had been settled, Cole Xin’s evil spirit dissipated partly. He grabbed Erin Liu’s hair and lifted her from the ground, “Take me to see my son right away!”

Mike Li now lives with Ruchi Xin. If Cole Xin is told that she is dead, how dare Erin Liu take Cole Xin to see her son? Her only thought now is to delay time and wait for Cole Xin to be fooled this time. Think of a way, “I look like this, how do you want me to take you to see your son?”

Seeing her face covered in blood, Cole Xin let go of her, “It’s okay if you don’t see your son. I don’t have money now. You can give me some money to help me respond.”

“I have no money!” Erin Liu’s only money was just given to Mike Li, and now she has no money.

When Cole Xin heard the fire, “You bastard, you just gave money to that guy very generously. There is no money when I come to me. If you don’t give it to me, I won’t spare you!”

“I didn’t raise a little white face!” Erin Liu denied.

“You dare to lie and lie? I just saw him.” Cole Xin snorted coldly, “You bastard, you still find such a young boy at such an age. Are you afraid of losing your life? Give me money or I will break your leg today!”

Erin Liu murmured secretly in her heart, and now it’s no longer enough if she doesn’t say anything, “That’s not a little white face, it’s your son Mike Li…” Erin Liu said Mike Li was Cole Xin’s son.

Cole Xin was stunned at the time, his sister’s little white face turned out to be his own son? He suspected that he had heard it wrong, and asked Erin Liu again, but Erin Liu didn’t know that he already knew about Mike Li and Ruchi Xin together, and expected him to know nothing when he came out, so she answered affirmatively.

Cole Xin was completely stupid! The son and sister had an incest and his sister was pregnant with him. If the child was alive, won’t it be a freak?

All these are good things done by this b!tch Erin Liu. If she hadn’t given away her son, the son would never have an incest with his sister. It was all done by this b!tch!

Cole Xin was furious, grabbing Erin Liu’s hair and punching and kicking her again. Erin Liu didn’t expect that after telling his son’s affairs, Cole Xin didn’t stop at the slightest but started to be even more poisonous. She had tried her best before. He didn’t dare to resist for fear that Cole Xin’s fierce resistance would come out. Cole Xin hits people regardless of the situation and regardless of the consequences. He was sent to prison when he killed someone.

But now when Cole Xin was hitting her deadly regardless of his care, Erin Liu knew that if she didn’t resist, she would be lifeless. She began to struggle to resist, desperately calling for help. Her resistance made Cole Xin’s anger spread like a volcano. This dog She even dared to resist, b!tch!

This is the rhythm of her death. Cole Xin is completely irrational now. When Erin Liu reached out and scratched his face, he poked it straight into Erin Liu’s eyes, and Erin Liu’s head was tilted. The eyes are dodged, and the eyes were not spared.

The blood splattered out Cole Xin’s head and face, and his eyes were covered with blood. The pain made Erin Liu hiss and her lungs screamed. The screams were too shocking. It’s no exaggeration to say one can hear it everywhere.

Cole Xin stretched out his hand to wipe the blood that was blocking his eyes, but suddenly realized that there was something dark in his hand. When he fixed his eyes, it turned out to be an eyeball. He was taken aback and saw Erin Liu covering her face on the ground. On the ground she rolled, howled, and blood flowed out of her face. Cole Xin knew that her eyes had been taken down by him, and that he had to go to jail for her disability. Only then did Cole Xin realize that it was not good, and his anger was flushed with fear. It’s not a long time to stay here!

He threw the eyeballs in his hands to the ground, and regardless of howling and rolling Erin Liu on the ground, he spat and strode away.

After Erin Liu wailed and screamed on the ground for a long time, she finally couldn’t bear the pain and passed out. When he saw Erin Liu passed out, a person watching from a distance called Spencer Liu and asked what to do next.

Spencer Liu asked Juan Mu for instructions. Juan Mu heard that Cole Xin had even dug out Erin Liu’s eyes. He originally expected Cole Xin to just beat Erin Liu, but he did not expect Cole Xin to be so cruel, Juan Mu. Ordered to send Erin Liu to the hospital for treatment.

Spencer Liu wondered, “Why do you want to save this wicked woman?”

Juan Mu sneered, “Save her just to torture her better. You inform the doctors and nurses that you don’t have to be merciful to this poisonous woman. All operations must be performed while she is awake. You must not give her anesthetics. You must let her. Life is better than death!”

Erin Liu was sent to the hospital, and the doctor performed an operation on her while she was awake according to Juan Mu’s instructions. Erin Liu’s screams lasted from the beginning of the operation to the end. At this moment, Erin Liu finally knew what life is not as good as death, she would rather be killed by Cole Xin than to endure this torture.

Although the doctor performed an operation on Erin Liu, the operation was not to treat her eyes, but to make her endure the torture. After the operation was over, the doctor blankly announced that one of her eyes was blind.

Chapter 222

Erin Liu came out of the operating room, and Mr. Wu, the driver of the Mu family, came to see her, “Who did you offend? How could you become like this?”

Wu was surprised to see her look.

“I don’t know? I was stopped by someone so badly that I was beaten, and no one rescued me.” Erin Liu hated it when she said that. The security guard in this villa area usually looks like a dog, he didn’t even show up when she was beaten. If they were willing to show up, she wouldn’t suffer this kind of crime.

“It’s really unpredictable. How can this happen?” Wu sighed, “I have called Mr. Mu about your injury. He said that he would let you rest assured, this one who beat you. He will never let him go. He has already asked the police to investigate. I believe there will be results soon.”

The hatred in Erin Liu’s heart, she really wants to give Cole Xin this b!tch to relieve her anger, but now is not when she is looking for Cole Xin to settle accounts, how does she explain the relationship between Cole Xin and her, if this thing breaks up? , Juan Mu went down to find out what she could bear.

She is more afraid than asking Cole Xin to avenge her. Juan Mu knows her details. She has to find a way to fool this thing. She will never let Cole Xin this bastard go. Let him go away for a few days before she gets hurt. Well, think of a way to clean up him. “I guess the person who beat me must be a mental patient, or how could he suddenly stop me and attack me?”

“I guess so too. You and people have no grudges in the past and recent days. Why would anyone beat you like this? It must be mentally ill.” Old Wu echoed.

Talking about Juan Mu’s special assistant, Spencer Liu, came, and he was very sorry to see Erin Liu’s appearance. He said a lot of scenes to make her take care of her injuries. The person who hurt her has been investigated and will surely take care of him. He found someone to be brought to justice.

Erin Liu felt even more panicked when Spencer Liu said this. What if Cole Xin was caught? In this way, all of her details will be exposed. It is only strange that Juan Mu will not kill her at that time. She is afraid that she will tell Spencer Liu what she said to Wu. The person who intends to beat her must be neurotic. Spencer Liu sighed, “If he is really mentally ill, you will suffer this injury in vain, and Mr. Mu can’t help you, so let’s check it first.”

After saying some scenes, Spencer Liu left the ward, and when he left, he deliberately ordered the nurse to take good care of her, so as not to infect her eyes and so on.

The nurse replied very responsibly. In order to prevent Erin Liu’s eye infection, they would disinfect Erin Liu at any time. The nurse also showed Spencer Liu the alcohol and iodine used for disinfection and said that Erin Liu would be disinfected immediately. .

Spencer Liu nodded and complimented the nurse for a few words and then left. Old Wu followed Spencer. The two of them just walked to the elevator and heard the screams of Erin Liu’s hissing lungs from the ward. Old Wu frightened. Jumped, “What’s wrong?”

Spencer Liu smiled faintly, “It should be the nurse who is disinfecting her!”

“How is disinfection the same as killing pigs?” Hearing the endless screams in the ward, Wu felt a cold back.

Spencer Liu smiled coldly, “Can it hurt if iodine and alcohol get on the wound?”

Old Wu remembered that he had a hand injury and disinfected with iodine. At that time, he accidentally stained the wound with iodine. The pain was that Erin Liu was hurting her eyes now. You can imagine how painful it was.

He touched his hand in fear, and followed Spencer Liu into the elevator. When the elevator door was closed, he could hear the screams of hissing lungs coming from outside.

Spencer Liu has a sneer on his face. Every day after this, Erin Liu doesn’t know how many days she will experience such pain. It is estimated that she will not stop such torture until her wounds are completely healed, but compared to those done by this poisonous woman. For vicious things, such punishment is simply too pediatric.

After Cole Xin injured Erin Liu and fled all the way back to where Xiao lived. Xiao had long received news and saw him come back in a panic and deliberately pretended to ask, “Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

“Sixth son, brother has committed a crime!” Cole Xin said to Xiao about the blindness of Erin Liu’s eyes. “Sixth son, brother, I don’t want to go to jail anymore. I just came out from there. Those days were not for humans, in order not to get tired. You, brother has to run away.”

Louis Xiao stopped him, “Don’t panic, let’s look at the news first, if that sl*t really calls the police, then you can’t run far, so it’s better to live with me for a while and look at the limelight before talking.”

“But this will hurt you.” Cole Xin is still more loyal.

“Don’t be afraid, you stay here first, I’ll get the news.” Louis Xiao comforted.

Cole Xin originally had nowhere to go. The reason why he wanted to go was only because he was afraid of hurting Louis Xiao. Seeing Louis Xiao’s loyalty, his eyes were so moved that tears filled his eyes, “Brother, I will remember your kindness. Just go through fire and water, brothers, just a word!”

“Brother, you just said that. We are all blood lickers. Who doesn’t has a problem in the future? If I’m in trouble in the future, you can help me.”

Erin Liu suffers from the pain every day in the hospital. She can’t help calling her son and let him see her. Mike Li left for the hospital. When waiting for the elevator, people in twos and threes gathered around, and the people around started chatting.

“I heard that the Women’s and Children’s Hospital accepted a woman who suffered a lot of abortion a few days ago. The woman heard that she was a prostitute. She should go to the hospital for regular surgery at her age. She had an abortion at home and she was bleeding.”

“I also heard about this. It was not the woman who took the abortion pill. I heard that the woman fell in love with a man who was more than ten years younger than her and became pregnant. She wanted to marry that man, but she didn’t think of that man. He don’t want her, the abortion pill was secretly given to her by the man, but it is a pity that the woman is still in the dark.”

“No, it’s so vicious? How do people kill someone?” The elevator came while talking, and everyone entered the elevator, but the topic was still the same.

“That man doesn’t care about this, it’s just that the woman is so stupid. She still doesn’t know that her miscarriage was man-made, and she thought it was her own body. It’s really pitiful.

“Such a wolf-hearted man really deserves to be condemned, not to die.”

“Actually, you are all wrong. The abortion pill of that prostitute was not given to her by the man. It was caused by another concubine of the man. It is said that the man had another concubine outside, the nanny of a rich family. Someone saw that concubine go to the pharmacy to buy abortion pills and go to the hospital to take care that the doctor is not allowed to tell the truth about the matter.” Another person interrupted.

“Isn’t it? There is such a thing?”

“I heard from the nurse at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The man’s concubine is familiar with the doctors in their hospital. It is said that the concubine is also an old woman, who can be that man’s mother at an age.”

“This man really has a heavy taste! The jealous scene is just too vicious!”

Mike Li listened to everyone said. It really didn’t feel like in his heart. How could these people talk about things similar to what he experienced?

Could it be that the mother did the abortion of Ruchi Xin? Flora Wu is an expert in women and children, isn’t she?

His heart trembled, the elevator stopped, and he separated the crowd and walked out. At that moment, a woman sneered, “You still sympathize with that b!tch, according to me, she deserves it. She doesn’t know how many people’s harmony has been destroyed by being a b!tch outside , This is retribution.”

“Do you know that prostitute?” another person asked immediately.

“Why don’t you know, that prostitute named Ruchi Xin, doing pimping in a nightclub, a friend of mine’s husband was her regular visitor.” The woman angrily said, “b!tch who destroys the family, deserves it!”

The elevator door was closed, but Mike Li heard what the people inside said clearly. His heart sank, thinking that his mother had sent so many things the day before Ruchi Xin had a miscarriage, Mike Li shook a fist.

Sure enough, the paper couldn’t contain the fire. The incident spread outside. Only him and Ruchi Xin were still kept in the dark. He strode straight to Erin Liu’s ward.

Erin Liu had just been disinfected by the nurse and was lying on the bed with screams. Seeing her son was like seeing a savior, “Why are you here now? It hurts me to death!”

Mike Li didn’t have the slightest sympathy for Erin Liu’s appearance. Just now everyone in the elevator made him crazy. He snarled at Erin Liu, “Tell me honestly, did you do the Ruchi Xin’s abortion?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Erin Liu was taken aback, wondering how her son knew about this? Because of surprise, she felt that the wound didn’t hurt so much.

“Now it’s spread out. You bought the doctors and asked them not to tell the truth. I tell you, it’s no use concealing it. You’d better if you tell me honestly. Otherwise, I’ll go to the women and children’s hospital to ask Flora Wu and get everything away. .”

“Are you crazy? For the sake of an old woman?” Erin Liu saw her son so anxious, “Son, look at other people’s mothers, they won’t do this to her, but Ruchi Xin and you are really bad!”

“I’m crazy, why would I have a vicious mother like you?” Mike Li snarled at Erin Liu, “No matter how that is a life, how can you be so vicious? I finally met a woman I really like, you But doing this to me, do you want me to cut off my children and grandchildren?”

“Son, there is no way for Mom, you and Ruchi Xin can’t be together!” Erin Liu repeated.

“Why can’t I be with her?” Mike Li forced.

Erin Liu didn’t dare to tell Mike Li that Ruchi Xin was his aunt, so she had to lie, “That Ruchi Xin is a prostitute, with a bad reputation and old age, and is not suitable for you.”

“I just like her. I tell you, no one can stop us from being together again!”

“Son, just listen to your mother’s advice. I’m your mother. Can I harm you?” Erin Liu said hardly, “Look at the way your mother is now, but you have suffered a crime. Can’t you make your mother feel happy? ?”

“You suffer? Did you suffer like water? She was almost killed by you!” Mike Li roared. “I knew you had a vicious heart, or you wouldn’t have given me away in the first place.”

“Didn’t I have no choice at the time? How did you let me live as a woman with a child?” Erin Liu lied to Mike Li to say that Mike Li’s father died within a few days of the house, and she had no way to live with the child so she had to give him away.

“There are so many women whose husbands have died, but few give away their own sons like you! You haven’t raised me, so why hinder me?”

“I’m your biological mother! Are you doing this to your mother for a woman? It’s really chilling!” Erin Liu was also angry, she made it like this, her son didn’t have a word of care and comfort, but always blamed her for Ruchi Xin. Although she gave him away, she didn’t compensate him less when she found him?

“Chilling? Do you have my chills? They all say that tiger poison does not eat seeds. Your heart is more poisonous than tigers. You deserve to be like this. God sees you he specially punished you for viciousness!”

“You!” Erin Liu was choked by her son and couldn’t say anything. Mike Li left angrily. Erin Liu lay on the bed. Just now, the wound was so painful, but now her heart is so painful. What evil did she do? How can she raise such a son?

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