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Chapter 443

Although it was late, fortunately, he still had the opportunity to make up for this regret!

“No, we also missed the most important step…” Hazel shook her head and paused for a while before asking, “Elijah, are you still married to me purely for Landon?”

Hazel asked seriously.

“Of course not!!” Blair Elijah said sternly, “Whether it was before or after this episode, my original intention is still just because I love you, so I simply want to marry you!!”

Blair Elijah seemed worried that she would doubt him in general and eagerly promised.

Hazel nodded, “Me too! I am now married to you, not just for Landon, you know? I still want to live with you, live a family life, so I want to before we hold the wedding…Ask mom’s opinion.”

“Mom? Auntie isn’t…”

Blair Elijah was suspicious, half-sounding, and came over as if it seemed to him, “You mean… my mother?”

“Yes!! I hope she can agree with us, so I believe that our lives will be more complete and happy!”

Moreover, Hazel knew that the man in front of her hoped to be blessed by his mother more than anyone else.

So, even for him, she has to work hard, right?

“But…” Blair Elijah looked at his wife in front of him with pity, “You know that my mother has never been so easy to deal with. I am worried that you will suffer.”

Hazel shook her head, “Some things always have to be experienced! It doesn’t matter, this step should always be taken! Besides, if the mother does not bless the marriage, how can you be happy?”

“Okay!!” Blair Elijah finally nodded, “Let’s go and ask for their consent together!!”


Blair Elijah turned the steering wheel, turned around, and headed directly to the old house.

Quill, Hazel’s phone rang in her pocket.

It was a call from her mother Adeline.

“Mom! Things are going very smoothly.”

She smiled and thought it was her mother who saw that they hadn’t gone back, and was a little worried.

“Hazel, where are you now? An accident happened to Landon…”

On the phone, Adeline’s anxious voice was still crying.

On this end, Hazel was startled, and layers of sweat appeared in her palms instantly, “What happened to Landon? Mom, don’t cry, for now, just say it.”

Upon hearing Hazel, Blair Elijah made a sudden brake on his feet, and the car stopped suddenly with a “G-“.

“Landon was forcibly taken away by Ruby!! Hazel, what to do? The Blair snatched Landon away…”

Adeline’s words made Hazel nervous heart, but still a little relaxed.

Fortunately, it was only taken away by Ruby. At least, this made Hazel know that their baby was not in danger.

“Mom, don’t worry! She won’t do anything to Landon! We are going to her right now!”

With Hazel, Blair Elijah also came over, presumably, his mother had forcibly taken Landon away.

Sure enough, when she heard Hazel, Adeline was also quite settled over there.

“Hazel, you must bring Landon back! You know?”

“Okay! Mom, I see, you wait patiently at home! I’ll call you as soon as I get news. Don’t worry, you know?”


Hung up the phone, Hazel at Blair Elijah, smiled bitterly, “Your mother is fast.”

Blair Elijah shrugged, “Then let’s go quickly.”


As soon as he entered the white house, and even when Hazel stepped into the hall door, Ruby screamed.

“Who let this woman come? Get out!!!”

Ruby’s face was extremely bad.

“Mom, don’t be like this!!” Blair Elijah hurriedly stopped his mother’s excessive behavior.

“Son, are you still speaking for her?!! Will you just stop if you don’t piss me off?” Ruby’s veins burst on her forehead.

“Mom, I came to Hazel today because I have something important to tell you…”

“Landon’s custody issue?” Ruby sneered, “Don’t even think about it! Landon is a child of our Blair, and your Allison is not qualified to occupy him! Allison Hazel, you go back! Landon won’t follow you left!!!”


Hazel called Ruby.

“The blood in Landon’s body is the blood of the Blair, of course, it is from the Blair, so…”

“What did you call me just now?”

Hazel cut her off before she could finish her sentence. If she didn’t believe it, she asked repeatedly, “What did you call me just now?!!!”


Hazel repeated with a firm attitude.


With a slap, she landed on Hazel’s cheek without hesitation, and in the next instant, five fingerprints appeared immediately.

Ruby’s palm still seemed to faintly hurt.

“Mom!! How can you hit someone!!!?” Blair Elijah was a little anxious. He caught between the two women is the hardest thing to do. “Hazel, are you okay?”

“It’s okay! It’s okay…” Hazel hurriedly shook her head, and there was a hot sting on her cheek, “Elijah, that… can you go find Landon…”

“Mom, where is Landon?”

“In the garden behind, he is taking a walk with the old lady!” Lydia answered hurriedly.

As soon as the voice fell off, Ruby glared at Sister Lydia, who hurriedly shut her mouth timidly.

“Go, Hazel! Let’s go to Landon first.” Blair Elijah pulled Hazel and left.

“No need! Go ahead! I have something to talk to mom alone!”

“Are you deliberately distracting me?” Blair Elijah understood what Hazel meant.


“No! I don’t worry!!” Blair Elijah refused to let go of her hand.

Hazel looked straight into his eyes, “Trust me! Leave this to me to deal with…”

Blair Elijah shook his head, “Let’s face it together, okay?”

“Master, you just listen to what the young grandma said, and go to the young master!!” Lydia also joined the ranks of persuading.

Because, she also knows that this is a war between women and women after all, and it is a war that must be resolved. He is just a sandwich in it!

“Okay!” Blair Elijah finally made up his mind, “I’ll come as soon as I go! Wait for me…”


Blair Elijah left, and for an instant, only Hazel, Ruby, and Lydia were left in the hall.

“Mom! Sorry, I didn’t ask for your consent today. I remarried with Elijah…”

With Hazel, Ruby choked a little bit.

“Madam…” Lydia rushed over and held Ruby, “Madam, don’t get excited.”

“Why!!!” Ruby smiled angrily, “Why are you a woman again!! What kind of ecstasy did you give us? Did you hurt him badly enough before? Don’t you want to dismantle our house to be satisfied? Huh?”

“I’m sorry, Mom…” Hazel shook her head, tears welled up in her eyes, and about to burst, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry…”

Except for ‘I’m sorry, at this moment, she didn’t know what else to say or what to say.

“I just want you to forgive me, forgive us…”

“Forgive? Forgive? What do I use to forgive a woman who almost ruined my son? What do I use to forgive you for such a bad fate?”

Ruby’s roar silenced Hazel.

Lips pressed tightly…

Without a word.

Because she no longer knows how to ask her forgiveness…


She bent her knees but knelt without being humble.

The sudden action of Hazel made Ruby startled.

“Allison Hazel, do you think I will agree with you if you kneel here?”

“Mom! Please… forgive me!”

Because… she wants to be with that man, because she loves him, so she is willing to kneel humbly and only ask for his mother’s forgiveness and blessing…

Because she wants him… be happier!!!

“Mom, your blessing will be the greatest happiness of Hazel’s life!! Please forgive us and for our painstaking efforts…”

Hazel put her forehead on the ground, piously asking.

Tears slipped out of the eyes…

One by one, falling on the floor, ripples appeared…

At that scene, she doesn’t know if Ruby’s heart was shaken, but she deeply moved the sister-in-law who was beside her.

“Allison Hazel, since you like kneeling so much, then you should always kneel here!!”

Ruby said coldly and looked at Sister Lydia, “Sister Lydia, I’m a little hungry, please help me steam some desserts!”


Sister Lydia looked at Hazel on the floor distressedly before she turned to the kitchen.

And here…

In the back garden, the old lady was sitting leisurely on the swing chair, closing her eyes and rested.

And beside her, there was a little thing snuggled.

The little thing also held a small book of “Brothers Calabash” in his hand, “Grandma, let me tell you the story of “Brothers Calabash”!”


The old lady groaned, without opening her eyes, but a slight smile appeared on the corner of her lips, and she stretched out her hand to hold the little guy into her arms.

“Once upon a time, there was an old grandpa…”

“Huh? Daddy??”

Before the little guy’s story could be finished, he was caught by the sudden approach.

“Daddy, why are you here? Hazel? She didn’t come together?” The little guy hurried forward, holding his father’s little finger, and walked towards Granny.

On the swing, Mrs. Blair slowly opened her eyes.



Granny Blair groaned, glanced at the seat beside her, and motioned for Blair Elijah to sit down.

She seemed to feel that his grandson had something to say to her.

“What’s the matter, let’s talk.” The old lady took a sip of the tea in the cup and said slowly.

Blair Elijah put Landon on his lap and sat down, “Grandma, I and Hazel…remarried!”

The old lady held the cup in her hand, suddenly stiffened, and then slowly put the quilt back on the stone table, and then said, “That girl, didn’t she almost ruin you?”

“Grandma, this is a misunderstanding.”

Blair Elijah simply explained everything five years ago to Mrs. Blair.

The old lady nodded clearly, “After all, you were the first to make the mistake!”

“En!” Blair Elijah nodded.

He always felt that in the entire Blair, the only person who made sense was his grandmother.

Although there is always no emotion on the face, she is much softer in her heart and bones than his parents.

Chapter 444

“You remarry her, even if my old lady agrees. Your mother can’t agree.”

“Grandma, I hope you can help me persuade my mother…”

Granny Blair shook her head, “No one can persuade her! Her person has been here for most of her life, and this matter depends on your good luck! To be honest, since you are married, you have settled down, why bother about it…”

“Come on! This life is not so long. If everything looked at your parents’ faces, then you wouldn’t have embarked on the road to business! If your grandfather only looked at your parents’ faces, then he wouldn’t marry this old woman! Life is only a few decades after all. Don’t pursue anything deliberately. People like your mother live too paranoid and deliberately…

Granny shook her head, obviously disagreeing, “It’s been more than half of my life, but the happy days, it’s probably not a few days to look back!”

The vicissitudes of Blair Elijah’s eyes revealed feelings that Blair Elijah couldn’t understand, and there seemed to be a touch of regret in it, “The last thing I should have been to force your father to marry your mother! It ruined both of them and ruined it. This home…”

Fortunately, at least, after a baptism of love, Blair Elijah has grown up, matured, and stabilized!!!

“Go! Take Landon and persuade your mother. If you insist on persuading her to stop, it’s fine! Happiness, after all, is not given by others… As long as you do more filial piety in the future, everything is fine! “

Grandma’s words seemed to make Blair Elijah suddenly start to understand.

“Grandma, I may understand a little bit, thank you!”

Blair Elijah led Landon and walked into the hall from the back garden.

As soon as he walked in, Hazel knelt in the hall while his mother was still enjoying tea.

Blair Elijah’s dark eyes shrank sharply.


Next to him, Landon knelt on the ground, greeted her with distress, and slammed his head into Hazel’s arms.

“Hazel, why are you kneeling?”

The little guy looked at his mom with pity, his eyes were red.

“Landon!!!” Ruby did not expect Landon to come in, “Landon, good boy, come here!!”

“Landon, why don’t you accompany grandma in the back garden?” Hazel was unwilling to be seen by her son, so she persuaded him.

Blair Elijah has been frozen in place, motionless.

In the next moment, she saw him taking steps, step by step towards Hazel, “Hazel, get up, let’s go home.”


Hazel stubbornly.

She was unwilling to go back like this!!!

“Be obedient, okay?” Blair Elijah held her face and urged her in harmony.

“Elijah, just let me… for you, be stubborn this time!!”

With Hazel, Blair Elijah’s dark eyes were a little sunken.

“Fool!! No need, come on! Get up…”

“No!!” Hazel shook her head, saying nothing, “Elijah, you just let me be willful once, OK? I just hope that my mother can appear at our wedding, I just hope that our wedding can be a little consummation…”

Hazel said with a smile, tears leaked into her eyes.

Drop by drop, colic pained Blair Elijah’s heart, and also drenched Landon’s heart.

“Hazel, let’s go home, okay? Let’s not kneel anymore! Landon doesn’t like this…”

The little guy lay in her arms, sobbing distressedly, “Why did Mommy kneel? Let’s not kneel anymore, let’s go home.”

The little guy cried so much that it rained.

Hazel’s heart also fell apart with the pain.

She held up the little face in her arms and smiled firmly, “Baby, Mommy has done something wrong, so I have to be punished! Listen to what Mommy said, go to the garden, and accompany grandma! Mommy will call you back later. Home! Okay?”


The little guy shook his head stubbornly.

“Mummy kneels, Landon accompanies you, Landon accompanies you too…”

While talking, the little guy knelt on the opposite side of Hazel.

This kneeling doesn’t matter, but it hurts the hearts of everyone present.

“Baby, get up…”

Hazel cried, tears hazy.

“Landon, obedient!!! Get up!!!” Even Ruby was moved.

And Lydia kept wiping tears from the side.

“Grandma, Landon can’t get up! Please? Please forgive my mommy, please…”

When Daddy was outside with grandma just now, he didn’t quite understand it, but he knew that grandma didn’t like his mommy!

With red eyes, Blair Elijah walked towards his wife and children on the ground, trying to pick them up.


“Don’t let my son become the second me!!”

Blair Elijah’s words shocked Ruby, and there seemed to be a movement in her eyes…

Long time…

She didn’t say a word, but her face was pale as if she was thinking of something.


The tears of the little guy kept streaming.

He just wanted to ask for the consent of his grandma and forgive his mom, and he just wanted a home, a home with mom and dad!!!

The tears of the little guy seemed to touch the most sensitive area of Ruby’s heart…

At last…

“Get up!”

Her voice is still somewhat condensed.

“Thank you, mom!!” Blair Elijah reacted immediately and hurriedly helped Hazel on the ground, “Hazel, come on, slow down…”

“It’s okay! It doesn’t hurt.”

Hazel with tears and shook her head.

Her knee hurts, at least her heart is warm!!!

“Allison Hazel, I didn’t mean to fulfill you either. I just reluctantly agreed with you to be together for the sake of Landon’s future! But if you don’t take this opportunity well, our Blair doesn’t have your footing. The ground!!”

Ruby finally chose to make concessions!!!

In the face of her favorite son and her most precious grandson, no matter how hard she is, she can’t resist their pleading, can she?

In particular, the tears of the baby grandson’s tears pierced like a needle on her heart, making it sore.

“Thank you, mom!! Thank you…”

Hazel sincerely thank her.

However, before she could finish the words, she only felt that her eyes were dark. In the next instant, the whole person fainted completely and fell into Blair Elijah’s arms without any consciousness.



Everyone present was shocked.


“Sister Lydia, call 112!! First aid!!!”

“Hazel, what’s wrong with you? Don’t scare me…”


“Are you awake? Hazel?!!!”

Hazel wryly held her eyes and heard all kinds of calls in her ears.

“You guys are so noisy…”

Finally, her eyes opened, and Hazel stared at the head of the person who was approaching her by the bed.

A cute little face of evildoer, a handsome face, and the face of mother’s vicissitudes.

“You scared us to death!!”

Adeline woke up with a smile and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Hazel sat up from the bed and looked at several faces beside the worried bed, but still seemed to be unable to hide the smile, “What happened to me? Why did I come to the hospital suddenly?”

She didn’t think she was in bad health recently?


Before everyone had time to answer, they saw Evan walking in gracefully from outside in a white coat.

“Senior Evan, I…Is my body okay?” Hazel asked him worriedly.

“Of course something is going on!!” Evan smiled deeply and glanced at everyone present before turning to say, “However, it’s a good thing! Haha…”

“Good thing?”

Hazel blinked in confusion, looked at her mother, then at her husband, and finally, took a look at Landon…

In the next moment, cover her mouth…

“No way?”

She almost couldn’t believe it, “Senior Evan, you won’t tell me, I…I’m pregnant again, am I?”

Evan only laughed.

Adeline’s eyes were a little hot and humid.

“Hazel, you are great!!!” The little guy was so excited that he held Hazel’s face and kissed her again.

Blair Elijah sat down on the head of her bed.

The big hand, holding her hand tightly, rejoiced, covered his eyes, and seemed to be a little moved.

At that moment, he didn’t know what to say.

“My wife, thank you…”

His voice became a little muffled.

Gently grabbed her hand and printed a pious kiss on the back of her hand, “Probably, this is the best wedding gift God gave us!!”


Hazel nodded, tears burst into her eyes.


Suddenly on this most memorable day, Hazel doesn’t know how to express her feelings at the moment!

But besides being moved, it is happiness…

One kind, endless, happiness!!!

On Raine Island, known as the source of happiness an extraordinary wedding of the century is in full swing.

“Makeup artist, hurry up!!”

“Stylist, be fast!!”

“Costumier, are you all right? Are you all right?”

Maya was wrapped in a red cheongsam, holding the walkie-talkie in her hand, and was very busy in the hotel suite.

Hazel sitting in white yarn dignified in front of the mirror, waiting patiently for the fruits of everyone’s labor.

In the mirror…

A delicate and charming face…

The shallow and thin willow eyebrows are paired with a pair of watery and charming eyes, and the curled eyelashes flap-like thin disc wings, which are particularly moving. Under her delicate nose is a pair of sexy rosy lips, where there are like drops of water, it seems that there is water overflowing with each sip.

A plain white tulle, gently hanging on her black and beautiful hair, like a fairy, beautiful and holy.


She is the most beautiful and beautiful woman today! Even the most beautiful Maya could not take away any of her light.

This is her long-awaited wedding…

It was not her first marriage, but it happened that she officially put on her wedding dress for the first time, and officially entered the church for the first time. It was also the first time that she completed the most sacred wedding under the witness of all her relatives and friends!!!

Her heart is so nervous as if it would pop out of her chest at any time.

“Hazel, don’t be nervous…”

She doesn’t know when, Maya suddenly walked over, holding Hazel’s hand with Hazel nervously and still braving cold sweaty hands, “Just relax…”

“En…” Hazel nodded, taking a deep breath.

Once, twice…

But it turned out to be of no use!!!


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