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Chapter 237

Juan Mu laughed. In order to keep his mother from bothering him, he asked Spencer Liu to go to the sperm bank to find sperm and find a surrogate for his mother. Spencer Liu went to the hospital to find a doctor for the sperm. At that time, Juan Mu just deceived his mother.

Therefore, he said to Spencer Liu that as long as the person who provided the sperm was healthy and free from disease, it would be better to be a highly educated person. There was no requirement for race. Spencer Liu relayed Juan Mu’s request to the doctor. The doctor said that there was one in the hospital. The doctor later donated sperm, so he provided the postdoctoral sperm to Spencer Liu.

After Juan Mu got the sperm, he gave it to his mother. After that, he didn’t care who provided the sperm. Until this time, Flora Wu, Karen Xia and others calculated Juan Mu and determined that the child Karen Xia was pregnant was not him. After that, Juan Mu was relieved, so he asked Spencer Liu to check the information of the person who provided the sperm, preparing to wait for Karen Xia to give her a baby.

So Spencer Liu went to the doctor again to find out the information of the person who donated the sperm. Originally, the information of the sperm donor was very confidential. Spencer Liu used special means to finally learn about the situation of the sperm donor. The other party was indeed a postdoctoral fellow. It was a black man.

Hearing that Juan Mu was too surprised by this situation. If Karen Xia is willing to give birth, let her go to give birth. Drink the bitter wine she brewed by herself. This result is the best and best for a scheming and vicious woman like her.

Now that the matter has developed, Juan Mu feels that it is time to close the net. Chen, who he placed next to Flora Wu, should play a role. As long as Chen reports to Patricia Liu about Karen Xia giving birth to a black baby, he will tell Patricia Liu and Wu by the way. Flora already knows that Karen Xia is not her daughter, and this good show will begin. Patricia Liu will definitely think that Flora Wu took the opportunity to retaliate against herself and deliberately let Karen Xia give birth to the black baby and remove Karen Xia’s uterus.

When the time comes, these two vicious women will turn against each other because of this. Now he is waiting to see these two vicious women biting like the dogs. He is looking forward to that scene.

After Juan Mu left, Alexa Xiao still couldn’t control her excitement. Juan Mu’s design was ruthless. Flora Wu and Patricia Liu bit the dog and didn’t know how much old things they had to pull out. Then these two sl*ts would fight in their dens. , They drank tea and watched the theater and waited for the result.

The matter of revenge has settled, and now it is the issue of Jamie Ye’s belonging. Juan Mu must have feelings for Jamie Ye, and Simson Tang also has a deep affection for Jamie Ye. Then who will Jamie Ye choose? Although Juan Mu has done so much for Jamie Ye, for Alexa Xiao, she still prefers Jamie Ye to choose Simson Tang, “Jamie, why hasn’t Simson Tang come back yet?”

Jamie Ye’s face dimmed, “Alexa Xiao, Simson Tang has a knot now, so he can’t come back for the time being.”

“Knot? What knot?” Alexa Xiao was surprised.

Jamie Ye told Alexa Xiao about Simson Tang’s calculations by Hallie Tang, but did not say that Fiona was pregnant. Alexa Xiao became angry, “Why is Hallie Tang so vicious? What are you going to do now?”

“What else? Simson Tang was calculated, of course I have to forgive him.” Jamie Ye replied.

“Simson Tang is innocent, but this woman Hallie Tang is so annoying. I have to talk to Roy Qin about this. How much has he suffered in his life after marrying such a vicious woman?”

Alexa Xiao only thought that Roy Qin didn’t know about it, and she didn’t care about Jamie Ye’s obstruction and went to Roy Qin to talk about it, but didn’t want Roy Qin to know about it. Just know why you didn’t tell me?”

“You have such a big mouth, am I afraid you tell Jamie Ye to affect her mood?”

“Cut! It sounds good for Jamie Ye, dare you say you didn’t want to cover up for Simson Tang, you men are not good things!”

“I am a human being of course not a good thing.” Roy Qin smiled.

“Don’t play word games, I ask you, what do you plan to do with this matter?”

“What do you mean?”

“Hallie Tang, a vicious woman, do you want to marry her?”

“I am a trustworthy person and promised her a three-year agreement. If Hallie Tang waits until three years later, it would be difficult for me not to marry her?” Roy Qin sighed.

“Why are you so pedantic? Is it necessary for someone like Hallie Tang to be credible?” Alexa Xiao glared at him.

Roy Qin laughed, “I’m joking with you. I have a final conclusion on this matter. I am just worried about Simson Tang. Simson Tang is not like me. He has a strong sense of responsibility and accepts death. Now this kind of thing is happening. I have always felt sorry for Jamie Ye. I am worried that there will be a gap between the two of them because of this incident.”

“This matter is not Simson Tang’s fault, Jamie Ye has already forgiven him, there will be no problem.”

“I know Jamie Ye will forgive him, but I heard that the woman who slept with Simson Tang is a helpless woman who has lost her memory. This woman doesn’t even know her identity and naturally has no place to go. If she stays at Tang’s house, this will make Jamie Ye feel flustered when she sees her in the future? And if that woman sees that Simson Tang is handsome and gold, how good can she rely on Simson Tang?”

“This is a problem.” Alexa Xiao also felt that this matter was not easy to handle, “Let Simson Tang send that woman away.”

“I said this suggestion long ago. Simson Tang said that the woman is very pitiful and has no memory at all. Where can she be sent?”

“We want to find a way to help her find her family, and let her leave Simson Tang.”

“Simson Tang has been helping, but the police station doesn’t have any information about this woman’s family?” Roy Qin frowned.

“That’s all right, that woman staying next to Simson Tang will definitely affect the relationship between Simson Tang and Jamie Ye. I mean, it’s better to bring that woman back and keep her away from Jamie Ye and Simson Tang, so that you can’t see and be bothered.” Alexa Xiao suggested, “Or the woman has no news abroad, is it a domestic person? Why don’t we ask Simson Tang to pass her photo to the police for help. Maybe we can find the identity information based on her photo?”

“There should be a difference between the photo on the ID card and the life photo, right?” Roy Qin felt that finding the police station to compare photos was not generally arduous and unrealistic, but so far there was no other way. He considered it and finally Adopted Alexa Xiao’s opinion.

Roy Qin called Simson Tang and asked him to pass the picture of Wendy Tian to the police station for information. Simson Tang also felt that this method was troublesome and might not be able to find clues, but a dead horse was treated as a live horse. So he passed Wendy Tian’s photo to Roy Qin.

Roy Qin was surprised when he received the photo. Isn’t this Wendy Tian?

Wendy Tian is not a good thing. Roy Qin is very anxious when he thinks about Wendy Tian’s calculation of Juan Mu and Karen Xia together. So it seems that the bed with Simson Tang must be designed by Tian and Hallie Tang. This woman is not a good thing, so-called her amnesia must also be in disguise, and he immediately called Simson Tang to talk about it.

Simson Tang was also surprised when he heard what Roy Qin said. If what Roy Qin said is true, then it is really possible that Wendy Tian, Hallie Tang and Karen Xia are in the same group. This calculation must have been designed by her.

Simson Tang was really uncomfortable, he drove home immediately.

Grandma Tang was surprised to see Simson Tang coming back with a solemn expression. She thought it was Wendy Tian’s pregnancy that Simson Tang knew. Simson Tang and Grandma Tang went to the study, “Grandma, I have important things to tell today.”

“whats the matter?”

“Fiona’s true identity has been found.”

“Really?” Grandma Tang was very happy. “What is her real name? Have you notified her family?”

“Her real name is Wendy Tian and she has no family.” Simson Tang replied.

“It’s so pitiful!” Grandma Tang was very sympathetic when she heard that Wendy Tian had no family.

Simson Tang smiled bitterly, “Grandma, what I want to say is not this, but something else. This Wendy Tian is a scheming woman, with a vicious heart that is different from what we saw.”

Simson Tang told Grandma Tang about Wendy Tian’s harm to Juan Mu. Grandma Tang was surprised, “It’s really not a person to look like a woman, who seems to be such a gentle and kind woman is such a vicious person!”

“Yes, so I suspect that she approached me for a purpose. The amnesia must be disguised. Since she can partner with Karen Xia to frame Juan Mu who is kind to her, she will definitely frame me. This time Hallie Tang was definitely not the only one who did it. She certainly couldn’t get rid of her relationship. I thought about handing her over to the police so that the police could send her back to the country.”

Grandma nodded, “The only way to go, send her away and see how she spends her thoughts on harming others!”

After speaking, she suddenly remembered that Wendy Tian was pregnant, “I forgot to tell you, Wendy Tian is pregnant!”

“What?” Simson Tang was taken aback.

“Pregnancy must have been planned by her at this time. I said why she was so easy to talk and let her give birth to a child without a name. She didn’t refuse. It turned out that the idea was to beat him. This vicious woman immediately put her in her stomach. Get rid of her child and let the police send her back!” Grandma Tang was very angry, and all her pity for Wendy Tian vanished.

Wendy Tian was very happy when she heard that Simson Tang had come back. Although she knew that she should not have feelings for Simson Tang, but she couldn’t control herself, so she made tea and prepared to send it to Simson Tang and Tang’s grandmother to drink, but unexpectedly heard Simson Tang and Tang Grandma’s conversation.

I didn’t expect that the memory I lost would be so unbearable. I actually killed Simson Tang’s fiancée. How could this be? Wendy Tian couldn’t accept that she turned out to be a vicious-hearted woman. Hearing Simson Tang and Grandma Tang suspect that she was pretending to have amnesia and Hallie Tang was in the gang, Wendy Tian burst into tears.

The taste of being misunderstood is really uncomfortable. She didn’t calculate Simson Tang, but Simson Tang would not believe her when she saw the situation before her. He had already determined that she was a vicious-hearted woman, and she would definitely not treat herself like before. After listening to Grandma Tang gritting her teeth to knock out the child in her stomach, Wendy Tian could no longer stay, she put down the tray in her hand and stumbled out.

Seeing Wendy Tian running out with her face covered, the security guard at the door felt a little strange, but did not stop her.

After Wendy Tian stumbled and ran out, Bruce Xiao, who had been waiting outside, saw the opportunity and followed her. Taking advantage of Wendy Tian’s unpreparedness, he stunned Wendy Tian and dragged her into the car, and the car sprinted away.

Chapter 238

Besides, Simson Tang and Grandma in the study are discussing how to deal with Wendy Tian, an ungrateful woman. Simson Tang’s phone rang and it turned out to be Juan Mu. Roy Qin called Simson Tang and then called Juan Mu. Juan Mu was told about Wendy Tian’s amnesia at Simson Tang’s side.

When Juan Mu heard that Wendy Tian was still alive, he was very surprised. With Flora Wu’s viciousness, if he knew that Wendy Tian was still alive, Juan Mu would definitely not let Wendy Tian go. The key was that Wendy Tian was still an important witness, and she corrected Flora Wu’s imprisonment. The disaster is inevitable, so he immediately called Simson Tang, “Simson Tang, is Wendy Tian with you?”


Juan Mu talked to Simson Tang about Wendy Tian being the daughter of Flora Wu and Carlo Xia, and also told Simson Tang about Flora Wu chasing and killing Wendy Tian, “Wendy Tian is an important witness. Flora Wu failed to act on her last time. , I suspect that Flora Wu will do something with her again. Watch her and don’t let her surprise her.”

Simson Tang was shocked. He immediately hung up the phone and went to see Wendy Tian, but he didn’t want Wendy Tian to be out of the room. He asked other servants and said that they haven’t seen her. Later, the security came to report that Wendy Tian covered her face and ran out.

Simson Tang immediately instructed everyone to look for Wendy Tian as soon as possible, but there was no trace of Wendy Tian everywhere. He asked the security guards to adjust the surveillance and check and saw Wendy Tian taken away.

Simson Tang immediately called the police and told the police about the license plate of Wendy Tian who had taken Wendy Tian away.

Bruce Xiao stunned Wendy Tian and took her to the car and left. He wanted to kill Wendy Tian directly, but he couldn’t bear it after stunning Wendy Tian. Wendy Tian in a coma looked so beautiful. The evil fire was going out. It was a pity that such a beautiful woman will be killed. Enjoy with her first, thinking that he brought Wendy Tian back to his lair.

Wendy Tian was taken into the room by him, and she put Wendy Tian on the bed. The little nine monkeys began to undress anxiously, and Wendy Tian woke up after such a long period of turbulence.

Seeing Bruce Xiao who was undressing, she was shocked, struggling and wanted to run outside, Bruce Xiao grabbed her hair and dragged her back.

“Let go of me!” Wendy Tian struggled desperately.

“Beauty, you’d better be behaved. If you are obedient and happy to serve me, I may let you live a few more days.” Bruce Xiao said lewd things and started to pull Wendy Tian’s clothes.

“Smelly hooligan, aren’t you afraid of thunder?” Wendy Tian struggled as she cursed.

“Five thunderstorms in the sky? Hahaha!” Bruce Xiao laughed, “Brother Nine, I am a blood licker. What I don’t believe is the world.”

“You will get retribution! I will not let you go as a ghost!” Wendy Tian scolded.

“If there is any retribution, God would have retributed it. When I drove into you, God should have retributed it to me, but in fact, didn’t I live a good life? And you? You are not the end. Didn’t it escape my palm?” Bruce Xiao laughed wildly.

“The car hit me?” Wendy Tian looked at Bruce Xiao in surprise.

His expression was so ferocious, his eyes were so fierce, and the scar on his face was trembling in his laughter. Where does she seem to have seen this face? The head hurts so much that she can’t think of anything else. “Car accident! Car accident!” These words kept flashing in her mind, and her brain became more and more confused.

Bruce Xiao’s grinning face and fierce eyes swayed in front of her eyes, and Wendy Tian suddenly flashed several fragments in her mind.

On the streets in the middle of the night…she panicked…and the car following closely…

The scars on Bruce Xiao’s face and the fierce and cruel eyes flashed alternately with the fuzzy fragments in Wendy Tian’s mind, and they quickly overlapped, as if she had a nightmare, and Wendy Tian woke up like a dream.

murderer! He is the murderer who drove her!

“Ah!” Wendy Tian let out a terrifying scream.

“Bang!” Several heavy objects fell to the ground from the room outside. “Brother Nine!” The horrified voice of those who followed Bruce Xiao, it was a pity that he only yelled out the word Nine Brother, and there was no sound.

The door was kicked open, Bruce Xiao turned his head subconsciously. Outside the door stood a group of policemen in police uniforms, their black guns were aimed at him…

The news that Karen Xia gave birth to the black baby was seen in the newspaper that night, and the entertainment gossip tried his best to promote the matter to the maximum. She said that Karen Xia is pure on the surface, but secretly likes to go to the nightclub for fun. This black baby met in the nightclub. A black species, Karen Xia became a sl*t for a time, and became a condiment for people after dinner. Everyone said that she went to the nightclub to find a black person to give birth to two black babies with a look of disgust and contempt.

Karen Xia’s due date did not arrive, and Flora Wu took care of her. Patricia Liu and Long never thought that babies would be born premature. These days, Jose Long and Patricia Liu have had a very difficult life. They have been trying to save Ana Wen, and there is no time to pay attention to the entertainment gossip newspapers. Naturally, they don’t know about Karen Xia giving birth to a black baby.

Chen was ordered by Juan Mu to find Patricia Liu and Jose Long the next day, ready to sing a big show.

Jay Chen took a taxi to the hiding place of Jose Long and Patricia Liu. When he came out of this place, Juan Mu let people tell him that he had already stepped on it here, so he was familiar with the road.

Hearing the doorbell ringing, Long walked to the door and looked out of the cat’s eye. He saw that the person standing outside was Chen. He was taken aback, turned around and told Patricia Liu in a low voice, “It’s Jay Chen.”

“He came out?” Patricia Liu was also taken aback. How did he come back? She had taken care of it at the beginning and asked him to sit in the prison. She herself did something wrong and felt uneasy. She lowered her voice and asked Jose Long, “How did he know this place?”

“Maybe Flora Wu told him.” Long guessed, “Do you want to open the door for him?”

“Let’s take a look.” Patricia Liu ordered.

Long opened the door and Chen entered the room, “Cousin, I finally found you.”

“When did you come out?” Patricia Liu asked him to sit down.

“I have been out for a long time, and I lived with Flora Wu during this time.” He explained.

“Living with Flora Wu?” Patricia Liu looked at him suspiciously. She knew how much Flora hated him. How could Chen be sent to prison with such exhaustion back then? Live with her? Could it be that he threatened Flora Wu with Flora Wu’s handle? Patricia Liu’s face sank, “Did you threaten her with Karen?”

He grinned: “Cousin, don’t I have nowhere to go when I come out, I can only find her. If she doesn’t take me in, I will threaten her with this.”

Sure enough, as Patricia Liu felt very uncomfortable looking at the cousin in front of her. Flora Wu was not under her viciousness. He even dared to threaten her. It is a miracle that she can survive until now. Of course the most worried thing now is that this cousin will poke out the things of the year. If Flora Wu knows that Karen Xia is not her daughter, the consequences will be disastrous. The most urgent task now is to persuade the cousin to leave. If he is willing to listen to her, he will leave.

“Chen, Flora Wu is not so scheming. If she is easier to clean up than to squeeze an ant, I don’t think you should think about her. Hurry up and use this to threaten her to make some money and find a place to live a good life! “Patricia Liu persuaded.

“I know, this woman is really vicious. She wanted my life several times when I was with her. Fortunately, I was clever.” he sighed, “I have more important things here today. I want to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Patricia Liu was satisfied with Chen’s obedience, and her attitude became more affectionate. “If you need help from your cousin, just say it.”

“Cousin, I don’t need your help in my affairs. I came here to find you for Karen’s affairs. Karen gave birth in the hospital, do you know?”

“Karen gave birth? Didn’t you hear Flora Wu say?” Patricia Liu looked puzzled. Why didn’t Flora Wu call her to inform, she naturally didn’t know that Flora Wu worked all night for Karen Xia , “Has the child been born?”

“Ye the children were born.” He replied.

“Amitabha Buddha, it’s good to be born.” Patricia Liu breathed a sigh of relief and asked Chen, “How is Karen’s body?”

“You didn’t read the newspaper?” Chen sighed, “Karen is very bad, too miserable! Cousin, you should go and see her quickly!”

“Why is it not good?” They said that mother and son are connected, and Karen Xia’s health is not good. Patricia Liu raised her heart when Chen said her daughter was miserable.

“Karen gave birth to two healthy black children. Although the children were born prematurely, there was no problem, but Karen had hemorrhage during delivery…”

Chen spoke slowly and deliberately made the three words “black child” very heavy. Unfortunately, Patricia Liu never thought that her daughter would give birth to two black species. She thought that the black child was black-skinned. She heard her daughter’s bleeding and saw Chen spoke slowly, her heart scorched, “Can you finish speaking in one breath, so you want to rush to death?”

“Karen almost died of hemorrhage during labor. Later, Flora Wu personally took the lead and rescued Karen.” Chen finally finished speaking. I heard that Karen Xia had nothing to do, Patricia Liu put her heart back in her stomach, and how did she think Chen followed again. Said, “Although life is saved, but the uterus is gone!”

“What are you talking about?” Patricia Liu was stunned. Before Karen Xia’s body, Flora Wu said that there was a problem and that she might not be able to get pregnant. But being unable to get pregnant and having no uterus mean two things. Can a woman without a uterus be called a woman?

“Cousin, please go to the hospital and see Karen. It’s okay to comfort her. At this time, she needs the comfort of her relatives the most.”

Patricia Liu couldn’t sit still, Karen Xia was her heart, how could she not worry about her, so she hurried to the hospital.

Karen Xia was sleeping with a tranquilizer. After Patricia Liu entered the ward and saw Flora Wu guarding in the ward, she was surprised to see her come in, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Can I not come to Karen like this?” Patricia Liu anxiously walked to the bedside. “How is Karen?”

“She is not very stable, and fell asleep after taking a tranquilizer.” Flora Wu replied, “I was about to call you to tell you about Karen. She suffered from a premature birth and was rescued overnight. After thinking about anything, there was no way to stop the bleeding. I had no other way but to have her uterus removed.”

“How can this be a good premature birth?” Chen had already told Patricia Liu about the hysterectomy, so she was not as shocked as she was just now, but wondered how Karen Xia was born prematurely.

“I don’t know, Karen was sent to the hospital by Jamie Ye and others. I guess it was Jamie Ye.” Flora Wu didn’t forget to plant Jamie Ye at this time.

“Jamie Ye?” Chen only said that Karen Xia had a premature hemorrhage and had no uterus, but did not say what happened. Patricia Liu was very angry when she heard it, “What a Jamie Ye! Wait, I can’t spare her!”

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