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Chapter 243

Karen Xia couldn’t dodge and was smashed with water. The water poured on her face made her show her true face. The makeup that was deliberately made to fool Carlo Xia was all spent by the water, and he saw Karen Xia unexpectedly. To deceive himself in this way, Carlo Xia almost vomited blood again.

Pointing at Karen Xia at the moment: “b!tch, get out of here!”

“Dad, are you confused? I’m Karen, your daughter Karen?”

“F*ck! You bastard!” Carlo Xia trembling hands. Juan Mu sneered from the side, “Miss Xia, look at this!”

Karen Xia took a look at the personal appraisal report, “Whose is this?”

“It’s you and Secretary Xia. Do you still think you and Secretary Xia are in a father-daughter relationship?”

“It’s impossible?!” Karen Xia was also dumbfounded. She always thought that she was Carlo Xia’s daughter, and never dreamed that she had nothing to do with Carlo Xia.

“How can’t it be? Your mother Patricia Liu was a famous socialite in Water Park at the time. Whose kind is Miss Xia needs to be investigated. Of course, you can also ask your cousin Chen, maybe he will know which gangster’s child you are!”

Karen Xia flushed, and left with a gray-headed rat face.

Flora Wu’s body recovered well. She heard that Flora Wu’s health was getting better. Lisa Lin personally visited her in the hospital. Flora Wu saw Lisa Lin thinking that she was dreaming, and she opened her eyes and couldn’t believe that Lisa Lin has wake up. How could she appear in front of her alive, rubbing her eyes with her hands, and muttering to herself: “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“You’re not dreaming, I’m not alive and well let you down, am I?” Lisa Lin laughed mockingly.

Hearing Lisa Lin’s mocking voice, Flora Wu knew that Lisa Lin was really alive. She was frightened and afraid that she would immediately start quibbling: “I didn’t mean to treat you like that. It’s all Patricia Liu. She holds my handle. I……”

“Okay, you don’t need to perform, I know all the evil things you did!” Lisa Lin interrupted her, looking at Flora Wu with disgust.

The woman lying in the hospital bed is the one she has always regarded as her best friend. They all say that the doctor is an angel in white, but this woman is not an angel. She is a viper. She takes up her trust and makes her home uneasy. Separating her son from his wife and she almost died.

Thinking of everything in the past, Lisa Lin couldn’t wait for Flora Wu’s skin cramps to relieve her hatred.

“I was really blind in the past. I trusted you as my best friend. It’s funny to think about it. On the surface, a beautiful and noble woman can be so lowly and vicious, and adulterous with gangsters, and has a relationship with Carlo Xia, and killed her own sister, Flora Wu, how can you be so dark-hearted.” Lisa Lin questioned?

“I do not have!”

“Flora Wu, don’t deny it. I know everything about you. I didn’t come here today to see you, but to see how you were retributed. By the way, I will tell you the truth and make you happy. “Lisa Lin looked at Flora Wu contemptuously. If this vicious woman knew that Karen Xia was not her biological daughter, she didn’t know what her expression would be.

Looking at Lisa Lin’s contemptuous eyes, Flora Wu lowered her head and did not dare to look at her. Although Lisa Lin had a bad temper and snobbery, she was really good to her. Every time she had a good thing, she would want to share with her. If there were any thoughts and worries she would talk to her. If it were not for her daughter’s happiness, she would never calculated her. Although Flora Wu had a guilty conscience, she did not feel that she was wrong. She did all this for her daughter. If she did it again, she would still Choose this way.

“I already know the reason why you worked so hard to help Patricia Liu and daughter to calculate my family. You must think that Karen Xia is your biological daughter? I tell you, you are wrong. Karen Xia is not your daughter. She is Patricia Liu’s daughter, you have been deceived!”

Seeing Flora Wu dodge her eyes with her head down, Lisa Lin became disgusted, saying that dogs can’t change the virtue of eating shit. Looking at Flora Wu, she knew that she would not repent at all, and she naturally didn’t have to be polite.

How could Flora Wu believe that she would be used by Patricia Liu and retorted: “Impossible!”

“How is it impossible? Do you think you are very smart, or do you think that you are the only one who can count others?” Lisa Lin laughed mockingly, “Patricia Liu is no more stupid than you. She already knew when you counted her back, so you just counted others. I have calculated you!”

“No! She won’t know!” Since Lisa Lin knew about it, Flora Wu didn’t want to pretend. Chen would not be so cruel to send away his daughter!”

“Haha! Flora Wu, you are such a complete idiot. You calculated that Patricia Liu and Carlo Xia but that night it was you and Carlo Xia who slept in bed. The child you gave birth was not Chen’s at all, do you understand? “Lisa Lin sneered, “It is said that the agency is too smart. It is sad to think about you. You have been used as a wedding dress for someone else’s daughter by Patricia Liu for so many years!”

“No, you must hate me so you deliberately irritated me. The truth back then will never be what you said, Karen is my daughter!” Flora Wu didn’t believe it at all.

“If you are so obsessed, let the person involved tell you the truth!” As Lisa Lin’s voice fell, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Chen walked in.

“Flora Wu, what Mrs. Mu is telling is the truth. Back then, you and Carlo Xia slept. My cousin asked me to move you away. You asked me to exchange the two children. My cousin found out. She threatened me to take the child. You didn’t allow to hold back intact, so the child you asked me to send away was your biological daughter, and that child is not mine. Her blood type is different from mine and also different from you, I’m sure That child is Carlo Xia’s biological daughter. You asked me to take her away. I thought she was pitiful, so I stole your jade pendant on her body.” Chen put out everything from that year.

How could Flora Wu believe, “I don’t believe it, you lie, you lie in partnership!”

“Do we have to lie to you at this time?” Lisa Lin asked rhetorically. “You just accept this fact?”

“No! I don’t believe it!” Flora Wu screamed. If what they said is true, then she was deliberately helping Patricia Liu’s daughter, and Wendy Tian who was killed was her biological daughter. How could Flora Wu not accept her own hands? The fact that she killed her daughter.

“I know why you didn’t admit all of this? You used Wendy Tian to calculate the promotion, fearing that the incident will be revealed, and you let Bruce Xiao kill Wendy Tian. You deny that all of this is because you don’t want to admit that you killed your daughter with your own hands. But the real truth is like this. Wendy Tian is your daughter. If you don’t believe it, you can do a paternity test with Karen Xia to see the result.”

Flora Wu is about to collapse, “I won’t do it. Karen is my daughter. You don’t even want to stimulate me. I won’t believe it!”

“You are really obsessed, Flora Wu, don’t deny it. We have already compared Wendy Tian’s hair with yours. As a result, Wendy Tian and you are indeed in a biological mother-daughter relationship. In fact, if your heart it’s not that vicious. If you don’t think about calculating people, you should find Tian and you look a bit like you.”

What Lisa Lin said was indeed the truth. Wendy Tian did look like her, but she never thought about it. Flora Wu covered her face with her hand, she couldn’t imagine it.

“Hurt others and hurt yourself! Flora Wu, don’t think that you can escape sanctions if Patricia Liu is dead. I tell you, I will not let you go! A vicious woman like you should be punished like this. For the rest of your life, endure the condemnation of your conscience and enjoy endless regrets in prison!” Lisa Lin finally looked at Flora Wu with contempt and strode out of the ward.

Erin Liu and Cole Xin were taken back to the police station by the police for rigorous interrogation. They were caught by the police and Erin Liu knew that he could not escape the death penalty. If Lisa Lin woke up, she would not let her go. Anyway, they were all dead. She also didn’t want to make her eyes blinded by Cole Xin. Erin Liu, holding on to the idea of dying, killed Cole Xin, saying that everything was instigated by Cole Xin.

Cole Xin was a man. When the police interrogated him, he made a point. Juan Mu thought Cole Xin was a man. After hearing that Erin Liu killed Cole Xin, he would naturally not let Erin Liu get what she wanted, so he used his relationship to protect Cole Xin and all responsibilities were pushed onto Erin Liu.

In the end, Cole Xin was prosecuted and sentenced because of accidental injuries. Juan Mu asked him to apply for medical parole for Cole Xin. Nothing happened to Cole Xin.

Cole Xin is a person who knows gratitude. I heard that it was Juan Mu who saved him. He naturally swears allegiance to Juan Mu. This is a later story. Let’s talk about Erin Liu. He originally thought she was as mortal as himself, but she didn’t. He hated her when he thought that Cole Xin had nothing to do with it.

While waiting for the execution of the death sentence in the detention center, Juan Mu asked her to take extra care of her every day. Erin Liu once again experienced the in the detention center that life is worse than death. Only then did she know that she regretted it. Unfortunately, it was too late to regret. Erin Liu finally knew, it was impossible to escape death. By the time the execution ground was brought down to execute the death sentence, Erin Liu had only half her life left.

Bruce Xiao was subdued by the police. Wendy Tian was rescued and made a transcript. The police called Simson Tang and told him to come and pick up Wendy Tian. Wendy Tian, who recovered her memory, recalled that she was deceived and framed by Flora Wu and she was regretful and hateful.

After her tossing, Juan Mu and Jamie Ye must have encountered a lot of troubles. Juan Mu was kind to her, but she was not kind enough to avenge him. Juan Mu must hate her deeply.

Fortunately, God has eyes for her to survive when she meets Simson Tang, or else this scapegoat is back.

No, she must tell Juan Mu and Jamie Ye the true face of Flora Wu, and must bring this vicious woman Flora Wu to justice!

Chapter 244

Simson Tang received a call from the police and went to the police station. Seeing that Simson Tang’s gentle eyes turned into contemptuous eyes, Wendy Tian was really uncomfortable. She never dreamed that Simson Tang, who she liked, was the one who had guarded Jamie Ye for nine years. There are many people, why are the people she likes related to Jamie Ye, first Juan Mu, and now Simson Tang.

She was pregnant with Simson Tang’s child now. Simson Tang hated her so much. Wendy Tian didn’t want to be misunderstood by Simson Tang. After seeing Simson Tang, she told Simson Tang all the things that happened to her.

Simson Tang originally heard that Roy Qin said that Wendy Tian was a scheming woman, but now that he heard that she was deceived by Flora Wu, he naturally didn’t hate Wendy Tian as he did at the beginning. Simson Tang decided to take Wendy Tian back to Eurasia.

Hearing that Simson Tang was about to bring Wendy Tian back, Juan Mu went to Jamie Ye and told Jamie Ye about Wendy Tian’s murder planned by Flora Wu, and also told Jamie Ye about Wendy Tian’s amnesia and Simson Tang’s rescue.

Jamie Ye is not stupid. Hearing Juan Mu’s words, she immediately understood that the woman who had s*x with Simson Tang was Wendy Tian. Her face sank suddenly, and she had no affection for Wendy Tian.

A good person is willing to be Juan Mu’s lover. Although the lover is a fake, this is not something that a serious person does. In addition, Wendy Tian even went to her to talk to her about Juan Mu’s affairs. Disgusted even more.

In the end, Juan Mu was also calculated by this Wendy Tian. If it weren’t for Karen Xia’s menstruation, Juan Mu would definitely have s*x with Karen Xia. Such a disgusting woman ended up in Simson Tang’s bed by mistake. The key is now Wendy Tian was still pregnant with Simson Tang’s child. Jamie Ye did not believe Wendy Tian’s amnesia at all. She suspected that Wendy Tian was disguising her amnesia and could not let Wendy Tian, a disgusting woman, do harm to Simson Tang. She had to tell Simson Tang about this.

Juan Mu knew Jamie Ye’s heart knot, and he told Jamie Ye, “Jamie, there is one thing I didn’t have time to tell you, Wendy Tian may be your half-sister.”

“How is it possible?” Jamie Ye was surprised.

Juan Mu told Jamie Ye everything that Jay Chen told him. Jamie Ye didn’t expect that there would be such a thing back then. If Wendy Tian was really the child of Carlo Xia and Flora Wu, this matter would be difficult to handle.

Wendy Tian was taken back to the country by Simson Tang. After returning home, she immediately came to Jamie Ye to apologize and begged Jamie Ye for forgiveness. Jamie Ye was originally a kind-hearted person. She was forced to hate Wendy Tian’s actions before, but now she see Wendy Tian being so pious. Come begging for forgiveness, all her disgust and anxiety disappeared.

Especially seeing Wendy Tian look like her own, and thinking that she might be her half-sister, Jamie Ye felt even softer, and she forgave Wendy Tian.

Carlo Xia has not been alive for a few days now. If Wendy Tian is really the daughter of Carlo Xia and Flora Wu, this matter must be known to Carlo Xia before he dies.

Jamie Ye asked Juan Mu to do a paternity test for Wendy Tian and Carlo Xia, and the results came out very quickly. Wendy Tian is indeed Carlo Xia’s daughter.

Knowing that she and Jamie Ye were half-sisters, Wendy Tian was surprised and delighted that she finally had a relative, but it was followed by even greater troubles. Jamie Ye’s mother was designed by Flora Wu. When she passed away, Flora Wu was her biological mother. With such hatred, would Jamie Ye admit her sister?

She actually did a lot of things for that she was sorry to Jamie Ye. At the beginning, Juan Mu and Jamie Ye were going to get back together but she torn them apart. Now Jamie Ye and Simson Tang planned to be together. But she was pregnant with Simson Tang’s child, and it became a stumbling block in front of Jamie Ye.

Wendy Tian admires Simson Tang very much in her heart, and is willing to have children for Simson Tang. Jamie Ye has already conceived two children for Juan Mu. Juan Mu has a deep affection for Jamie Ye. She actually hopes Jamie Ye and Juan to get back together so that she and Simson Tang could be fulfilled, but now that she thinks about it carefully, she feels that she is too selfish.

The person Simson Tang loves is not her. She has no reason to use her child to stumble Simson Tang because she loves Simson Tang. Simson Tang has loved Jamie Ye for so many years and should give him a chance to fight for it.

Jamie Ye’s heart is also very complicated. If Wendy Tian has nothing to do with him, she can still accept Simson Tang and her being counted into bed, but now Wendy Tian is her own sister, whether they are being counted or not, she can’t live with this hurdle in her heart.

In the past few days, she could see that Wendy Tian loved Simson Tang very much. She looked at Simson Tang so affectionate. Jamie Ye asked herself that her love for Simson Tang was not as deep as Wendy Tian’s, and she planned to retreat in her heart.

Carlo Xia’s health was getting worse and worse. Wendy Tian was Carlo Xia’s daughter and she had to tell Carlo Xia as soon as possible, but Jamie Ye was worried that Carlo Xia would be stimulated when he hears about it, so she couldn’t make a decision.

Juan Mu knew what she was thinking, and took the initiative to propose this matter to him. Jamie Ye couldn’t think of another way for a while, so she had to obey Juan Mu’s words.

How could Simson Tang feel better. He had expected Jamie Ye to forgive him before, but now that Wendy Tian turned out to be Jamie Ye’s half-sister, Simson Tang knew that it was impossible between him and Jamie Ye.

Simson Tang felt very painful. He originally thought that his love could blossom and bear fruit, but he didn’t expect to be like this. Seeing Simson Tang’s pain, Wendy Tian felt even more uncomfortable.

She became more determined to get rid of the child. Wendy Tian went to the hospital secretly. Her mood was very complicated. Standing in the lobby of the hospital, she whispered to the fetus in her belly over and over again: “Child , It’s not that mom doesn’t want you, and mom can’t do anything, just forgive mom!”

Finally she plucked up the courage and went to the obstetrics and gynecology department. When she heard that she was going to have the baby, the doctor ordered her to do something that she had to insist on and then let her pay.

Wendy Tian took the doctor’s bill and went to the billing office to pay the bill, but didn’t want to meet Flora Wu. Flora Wu had recovered and was being escorted to prison by two female policemen to serve her sentence. She saw Wendy Tian in white dress taking the bill to the billing office Paying the fee, she shuddered in fright, is this hell in the daytime?

Lisa Lin naturally didn’t tell her about Wendy Tian’s death. The purpose was to make Flora Wu endure the condemnation of her conscience. She was really frightened when she saw Wendy Tian appearing in white clothes and Flora Wu appeared, and she couldn’t help thinking of ghosts in her mind.

Was it because Wendy Tian died unjustly, so she came to her to claim her life? During this period of time, she was under intense stress every day, and the nerves in her mind were too tight.

Wendy Tian turned her back after paying the fee and saw Flora Wu. She was disgusted with her biological mother. If she could, she would rather die than know the truth. She took the slip and went to Flora Wu, ready to question her a few words.

Seeing Wendy Tian walking towards her, Flora Wu was terrified. During this period of time, her nerves that she couldn’t sleep every night were very fragile, and she was shaking like a ball: “Ghost! Ghost!”

“Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, what are you afraid of, Doctor Wu?” The policeman who controlled her yelled at her.

“Look, ghost, ghost came to me!” Flora Wu pointed at Wendy Tian and shook her head.

“Where is the ghost? Isn’t that a human?” the policeman reminded her.

How could Flora Wu believe that when she saw Wendy Tian walking towards her, she was scared to death. She let out a hissing scream and broke free from the control of the two policemen and turned and ran. The two policemen followed behind, Flora Wu panicked. Fleeing, there were a bunch of ghosts in her mouth, and finally she stomped down and rolled down the stairs.

Seeing Flora Wu rolling down the stairs, Wendy Tian was also taken aback. Although she hated Flora Wu, she was also her mother. Wendy Tian was a kind person, worried that Flora Wu would break, so she followed Go down to see what happened.

Flora Wu fell to the ground and was covered in blood. Wendy Tian felt distressed when she saw this scene, so she reached out to help Flora Wu regardless. Flora Wu was sent to the emergency room for emergency rescue. She broke her leg again and stayed behind to receive treatment in the hospital.

Wendy Tian heard that Flora Wu had broken her leg and felt very uncomfortable, so she did not leave, and waited in the ward for Flora Wu to wake up. Flora Wu woke up and opened her eyes to see Wendy Tian standing in front of her. Wendy Tian was just supporting her and the blood stains on her white clothes looked shocking, she decided that she was haunted by ghosts, and the strings in her mind were already tense and fragile, so she made a hissing noise and ruptured her lungs.

Flora Wu is crazy! She was scared because she did too many bad things!

Besides, Wendy Tian suddenly disappeared, frightening Jamie Ye, Juan Mu, Simson Tang and others. They found her phone turned off when they called her. Several people split up and looked for no trace of Wendy Tian everywhere.

Later, someone said that they saw Wendy Tian go to the People’s Hospital. Jamie Ye and Simson Tang looked at each other and immediately understood what Wendy Tian was doing in the hospital. Several people rushed to the hospital.

There were no words from a few people on the road, Jamie Ye was not a cruel person, and Wendy Tian was her own sister again. How could she bear the heart to let her kill the child. Naturally, Juan Mu didn’t want Wendy Tian to give up the child, and both publicly and privately, he hoped that this child could be born, so that he could have the opportunity to recombine with Jamie Ye.

Simson Tang’s mood was also very complicated. He didn’t hate Wendy Tian either. He didn’t feel happy to think that she was a girl who would suffer this kind of pain at a young age.

Wendy Tian is innocent, she should not endure such pain.

The three hurried to the hospital and rushed to the operating room. They didn’t see Wendy Tian in the operating room, and immediately asked the doctor. The doctor said that he had not operated on such a person, and several people were relieved.

The three searched separately in the hospital, and finally found Wendy Tian in the ward where Flora Wu went crazy. Wendy Tian was so scared because of Flora Wu’s madness, she stood in the ward stupidly to see the doctor giving Flora Wu a tranquilizer.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice and turned her head, and saw Jamie Ye and others tears rolling out of their eyes, “Why did you leave without saying, and what did you run here for? It frightened us!” Jamie Ye complained.

Listening to Jamie Ye’s complaining voice, Wendy Tian couldn’t help it anymore. Although Jamie Ye’s voice was full of complaints, she could not understand the worry and concern in her voice. It was the first time that Wendy Tian felt it after she had lived so much. Worried and cared by her relatives, she pounced on Jamie Ye and hugged her and burst into tears. “Sister! My mother is crazy!”

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