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Chapter 241

The hospital staff was shocked after receiving Flora Wu’s obscene video and opened it. Flora Wu’s image in the hospital is so good, and it is really surprising that this kind of thing has been exposed now.

People like gossips, so the acquainted employees began to gossip about Flora Wu secretly, “I didn’t expect that the private life of Dr. Wu, who looks noble and glamorous, would be so sl*tty!”

“Yeah, yeah! Look at those postures, tsk tsk tsk!

Every corner of the hospital, including patients, was circulating Flora Wu’s obscene videos. Flora Wu herself was still in the dark. When she went to the hospital to work, she found that the nurses and doctors in the hospital looked at her differently, and she didn’t care about it.

As usual, Flora Wu boiled Karen Xia’s body replenishing soup and entered Karen Xia’s ward, “Karen, drink it while it’s hot!”

She poured out the soup and graciously handed it to Karen Xia. Karen Xia took a sip and couldn’t help it. She didn’t think that the person in the video would be Flora Wu. She thought that the woman in the video was deliberately blacked by Flora Wu. “Aunt Wu, who did you offend? People hacked you like this?”

“What do you mean?” Flora Wu asked back.

“Look at this.” Karen Xia handed the phone to Flora Wu. “These people are really shameless. They used your face. You must sue them!”

Flora Wu clicked on the video, her face changed drastically. Others didn’t know about her, but it was clear that what happened in this video was true. Flora Wu trembled and deleted the video on Karen Xia’s phone. These things are very clear. It was Chen who did it, and she hated him to the extreme, but now she doesn’t want Karen Xia to know that this is true, so she also echoed Karen Xia’s words, “These people have lost their conscience and I must go and sue them!”

This is how she said that if nothing happened, she said a few words to Karen Xia in the ward, and then she left and hid in the quiet part of the hospital. Flora Wu called Chen, and she was vicious as soon as the call was connected. Scolded, “Damn bastard, what are you doing?”

Chen smiled hippily, “surprised, right? More shocking things are yet to come!”

“You wait, I won’t let you go!” Flora Wu shouted viciously.

“I’m waiting. If you have the means, please use it!” Jay Chen sneered, “The thing that will make you cry are yet to come!”

Chen’s confident answer made Wu smelly and smoked. She hung up the phone, panting, and walked out of a quiet place. A nurse stopped her, “Dr. Wu is looking for you!”

“Do you know anything?” Flora Wu asked.

“I don’t know.” After the nurse said, she left like a plague god.

Flora Wu went to the dean’s office, knocked on the door and saw the dean looked at her with a calm face. The dean always smiled at her so serious. Flora Wu had never seen him like this before, and something bad was in her heart. The dean did not let her sit, and threw a newspaper at her directly. “Look for yourself!”

Flora Wu picked up the newspaper and looked at it. She was black in front of him. The headline of the newspaper turned out to be her. The newspaper said that her medical ethics had been corrupted. Not only did the contractor perform artificial insemination without permission, she also had a messy private life and had an affair with multiple men.

Flora Wu’s eyes went dark, and the dean’s cold voice sounded, “You can find another job, our hospital can’t accommodate you!”

The dean said that he threw the notice of her expulsion in front of her and walked away. Flora Wu was ashamed and angry, and finally left the hospital with a gray-headed rat face and went home.

The b!tch Patricia Liu must have done this with Chen. Flora Wu gritted her teeth with hatred, thinking about getting rid of the b!tch Patricia Liu and the bastard Chen, but when he returned home, the house was turned into a mess. , All the valuables were gone, Chen ransacked her property, Flora Wu was fortunate that her money was stored in the bank, and Chen took only the fur.

However, she was still not at ease, so she checked the online banking and found that the money in the bank card turned out to be zero, and when she checked the transaction records, she turned out to be transferred on her home computer.

Wu was so fragrant that she went to the police station to report the crime and asked the police to help her recover the money, but the police were very cold to report the crime and just told her to go back and wait for the news.

At the same time, Spencer Liu asked Harry Han to give to Cole Xin the recording content of Flora Wu and Patricia Liu. Cole Xin and Erin Liu gritted their teeth after hearing the contents of the recording pen. They would not vowed to be a man, and the two discussed what they wanted. Put Patricia Liu and Jose Long together.

Besides Patricia Liu and Long, they also received an obscene video from Flora Wu. The two were laughing happily after watching the video. When the doorbell rang, Patricia Liu got up and walked over. Through the cat’s eyes, she saw a strange man standing at the door. Patricia Liu did not open the door. Asked from inside: “What’s the matter?”

“I’m a resident downstairs. The water pipe in your house is leaking so that my house is full of water. Open the door and I will check it!”

Patricia Liu heard this and opened the door. The man pushed her aside and rushed in and shouted, “Brother, hurry up!”

Following the man’s greeting, Cole Xin and Erin Liu quickly entered the room and closed the door. Seeing Erin Liu Patricia Liu was surprised, “Why are you here? What’s wrong with your eyes?”

It is said that the enemy is extremely jealous when they meet. If the eyes can kill Patricia Liu and Jose Long, Patricia Liu and Jose Long must have died tens of thousands of times. Erin Liu has been staring at Patricia Liu viciously, “B!tch, I became like this because of you! I have done so many things for you over the years, and you have done this to me and killed my only son! It is really hateful!”

Patricia Liu didn’t expect that Erin Liu would know this. Seeing Erin Liu’s vicious eyes, she immediately quibbleed, “It’s not me, I didn’t kill your son!”

On the other side, Cole Xin gritted his teeth and went straight to Long on the sofa: “long, you bastard, you will pay back the life of my son and sister!”

“If you have something to say!” Long was so scared the moment he recognized Cole Xin. Cole Xin was a bully who resounded in Water Park.

“Say it! I’ll talk to you!” Cole Xin raised his fist and smashed at Long viciously. Wen Long was already psychologically invincible. How could he dare to fight Cole Xin, just thinking about how to escape, and Cole Xin was full of words. Furious and bent on revenge, he only beat Jose Long to call his father and mother.

On the other side, Patricia Liu and Erin Liu are also entangled together. Although Erin Liu is blind, she has been a nanny for these years, and she is not at the same level as Patricia Liu, who is a noble woman. Patricia Liu is also a disadvantage and was beaten by Erin Liu. There is no way to fight back.

Long and Patricia Liu were no longer able to fight back. Cole Xin found a rope to tie both of them, and then turned his hand to Harry Han who tricked Patricia Liu to open the door, “Thank you brother for your help. There is nothing for you here. You can go first. We will handle it!”

Harry Han nodded and left. Cole Xin and Erin Liu looked at Patricia Liu and Jose Long viciously. Seeing the two men’s fierce looks, Patricia Liu knew that the fierceness was no longer good, so she shifted the responsibility to Flora Wu. “Your son we didn’t kill him, but Flora Wu killed him.”

“This b!tch dared to quibble when she is going to die, and that b!tch Flora Wu is not a good thing, but it is you and Jose Long who really did it. How did you let my son die? I will let you die!” Erin Liu He slapped Patricia Liu’s face desperately, and kicked her foot again.

Patricia Liu yelled in pain, and Erin Liu still couldn’t get rid of her hatred. She found a stick to hit Patricia Liu’s leg desperately. On the other hand, Cole Xin would naturally not let Jose Long go. As usual, Jose Long’s hands and legs were discounted.

Long and Patricia Liu were so painful that Erin Liu was tired from fighting, and stopped to ask Cole Xin, “What should I do now?”

“What do you do? How did they kill my son and sister, how do I return it.” Cole Xin replied viciously.

“Yes, tooth for tooth, these two sl*ts should also be burned alive!” Erin Liu went to the kitchen to find cooking oil, poured it on Patricia Liu and Jose Long, and lit the lighter.

The fire suddenly ignited, and Patricia Liu and Long were screaming in pain and rolling, saying that there was a reward for evil, but now she deeply felt the pain of being burned by the fire.

Cole Xin and Erin Liu looked at Patricia Liu and Wen Long who were howling in pain and sneered. They left in a big stride, and they came downstairs and hit the opposite side with Flora Wu who had come to see Patricia Liu to settle accounts. Cole Xin did not know Flora Wu and but Erin knew her, she immediately said, “This is Flora Wu who killed our son, don’t let her go!”

Cole Xin pulled Flora Wu by the collar and grabbed her hair to control Flora Wu. Flora Wu was shocked by the sudden attack, “Who are you and what do you want to do?”

“You don’t know me so soon?” Erin Liu sneered, seeing Erin Liu who was blind, and looking at the fierce Cole Xin. Flora Wu was terrified and struggling desperately to call for help. Erin Liu originally brought a handful. The knife came to Flora desperately. Seeing Flora Wu calling for help, she stabbed Flora Wu with a knife. The blood spurted out in an instant. Erin Liu still couldn’t get rid of her hatred. .

When Flora Wu’s call for help was heard by the community, someone immediately started calling the police, and the house where Patricia Liu and Jose Long lived upstairs had a fire, and some people started calling the police again.

A police car happened to be patrolling the neighborhood. After receiving an alarm call, they rushed to the community. Cole Xin and Erin Liu were blocked by the police. The police yelled for Erin Liu to put down the knife. Erin Liu got red eyes. Wherever he was willing to stop, several police officers stepped forward and caught Erin Liu and Cole Xin.

Flora Wu was lying on the ground covered in blood. Someone immediately took her to a nearby hospital for rescue. Patricia and Jose Long upstairs had no such good luck. When the firetruck arrived, they were already burnt.

Chapter 242

Flora Wu was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital for rescue, while Erin Liu and Cole Xin were arrested by the police and taken to the police station.

Jamie Ye soon knew what happened here. Patricia Liu and Jose Long were burned to death. Flora Wu was seriously hospitalized. What awaited her would be a lifetime prison disaster. The murderers who killed her mother got what they deserved. In the end, her mother was revenge, but Jamie Ye didn’t have the slightest happiness in her heart. If she could, she would rather not take revenge, only that her mother could live.

Flora Wu was rescued by a doctor in the hospital and finally out of danger. After several days of training in the hospital, she finally regained consciousness. After regaining consciousness, Flora Wu’s thoughts were all about Karen Xia. She looks like this, I don’t know Karen Xia. How is she now?

Flora Wu thought about Karen Xia, but Karen Xia did not miss Flora Wu the way she missed her.

The deaths of Patricia Liu and Long made Karen Xia’s brain out. After the deaths of Patricia Liu and Long, Karen Xia became nothing. Faced with the two children who were waiting for her, Karen Xia was bored. She was originally an unsympathetic person. How could it be possible? Two children who were useless to her would be a drag on her, so she threw the children to the orphanage and left.

The fact that a mother is so vicious is beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Fortunately, Juan Mu inquired about the whereabouts of the child’s father, and notified the black man about it. The black man took the children from the orphanage after a paternity test.

Although the two children do not have the love of their mothers, it is not too bad to have the love of their fathers. Although the ending is not very good, it is a blessing in misfortune.

Karen Xia’s life didn’t improve after she threw the child in the orphanage. She had originally planned to take refuge in Flora Wu, but when she learned that Flora Wu had nothing like her, she gave up this idea because Flora Wu also lost the value of use. Naturally she would not come to visit Flora Wu.

Flora Wu’s heart was full of Karen Xia, but she didn’t expect Karen Xia didn’t even show her face. She was really uncomfortable. After a few days in the hospital, her body was not as weak as before. Flora Wu tried to give Karen Xia a call, but no one answered.

Where does Karen Xia have any time to pay attention to Flora Wu, she is now struggling with no money, and Karen Xia is now thinking about how to get money and how to live a superior life like before.

She used to spend a lot of time and drink without the slightest self-motivated, and she was used to getting off and on. It was naturally impossible for her to find a job. Karen Xia thought about and decided to go to Carlo Xia. Although Carlo Xia has confiscated all his family properties, Karen Xia didn’t believe that Carlo Xia will not lie in ambush, maybe Carlo Xia has hidden a piece of property privately and has not been confiscated.

Carlo Xia was supposed to be taken into custody, but because of his health condition, he was released for medical treatment. Karen Xia visited as his daughter and finally saw Carlo Xia.

Karen Xia told Carlo Xia what had happened to her, and she shed tears as she talked, and saw Karen Xia dressed in plain clothes with a sallow face, Carlo Xia felt soft. He didn’t even know that Karen Xia deliberately put a lot of effort into dressing and appearance in order to see him, in order to win his sympathy.

Carlo Xia was convinced that Karen Xia was his daughter. When Patricia Liu returned with Karen Xia, he did a personal identification, which proved that Karen Xia was indeed his daughter. Now that Patricia Liu sl*t deserves to die. Karen Xia was innocent of the retribution.

Carlo Xia even thought that Karen Xia’s nature is not bad, if it were not for Patricia Liu’s sl*t, she should be a kind child like Jamie Ye.

With this idea, Carlo Xia thought to help Karen Xia.

All of Carlo Xia’s property has been confiscated. The only thing now is the ancient paintings given to Juan Mu earlier. Those ancient paintings were said to be for Jamie Ye’s dowry. Carlo Xia thought about asking Jamie Ye to give a pair of ancient paintings to to Karen Xia.

When Jamie Ye came to the hospital to visit Carlo Xia, Carlo Xia talked about Karen Xia and also mentioned the ancient paintings, which meant that Jamie Ye divided the ancient paintings to Karen Xia, or gave Karen Xia some money so that Karen Xia could have everything.

Jamie Ye doesn’t take money seriously, but Carlo Xia’s request made her very angry. Those ancient paintings were originally Wu Brent’s things, and Carlo Xia shamelessly took possession of them, and now he still has the face to ask. For ancient paintings, Jamie Ye couldn’t help asking Carlo Xia, “When it comes to ancient paintings, I have something to ask you. You always say that those ancient paintings are handed down from the family. Is that really the case?”

Carlo Xia was a little embarrassed, “Of course it is from the family, otherwise, where can I have the money to go shopping for such valuable things?”

Jamie Ye didn’t expect that Carlo Xia was still sophistical at this time. She kept holding back not to say that she didn’t want to embarrass Carlo Xia, but today Carlo Xia’s words and deeds really broke her heart. She sneered and asked: “These ancient paintings belonged to my uncle. Things, do you think you have the right to dispose of them? Don’t you have a guilty conscience by taking them as your own?”

Carlo Xia was flushed by Jamie Ye’s questioning, and he lowered his voice and begged, “Jamie, I just look at Karen. How can she survive without a penny? How can you and her be sisters, look at her father’s face to Karen. A way out?”

Jamie Ye was irritated by Carlo Xia’s words, “Did Karen Xia have a terminal illness or a broken hand or leg? Why can’t she go to find a job and live by herself if she has hands and feet?”

“Karen has never suffered since she was a child, and was taught by Patricia Liu as a b!tch again. I think it will take some time for her to change…”

Jamie Ye interrupted Carlo Xia unceremoniously, “If she changes deliberately, this is the time when she regrets it. I don’t think it takes time to change. People are forced out. Karen Xia has hands and feet as long as she is willing to endure hardships she won’t starve to death!”

“You and Juan have so much money, and they can’t use it up anyway, so I sent a beggar at that time!” Carlo Xia also tried to persuade Jamie Ye.

“No one in this world is born noble. I don’t help Karen Xia because of the money. There are more people than her who need help! I might as well help the poor children as I splurge on her.” Jamie Ye sneered. “Besides, I am also a pauper, Juan Mu’s money has nothing to do with me!”

The meeting broke up this time. Jamie Ye was angry after returning. Alexa Xiao asked her what happened. She told Alexa Xiao what Carlo Xia had said. Alexa Xiao was so angry, “Your father is really shameless, back then. I haven’t seen him caring much about you. Now, for the little b!tch Karen Xia, he is willing to put down that old face. You don’t care about him. It’s not worth it to be angry with someone like him!”

Jamie Ye sighed, “I don’t care about money. I always say that the prodigal son will not change money. If Karen Xia is sincere to change, I will give her a chance, but you have also seen how shameless and vicious she is, a person who is willing to even leave her own children. How poisonous is her feeling?”

“Yeah, it’s strange that someone sympathizes with such a scorpion-hearted person. Your father was blinded by lard.”

The bad guys have been sanctioned. Lisa Lin naturally didn’t have to pretend to be sick in the hospital. She came to see Jamie Ye after she was discharged. Lisa Lin naturally took a lot of thoughts to save Jamie Ye.

When she came to see Jamie Ye, she cooked the soup and brought it to Jamie Ye to drink. Lisa Lin came to stretch out the rice and opened her mouth. When would she be willing to cook it herself, watching Lisa Lin bring the soup she cooked to see her? Jamie Ye was very moved.

“You are not in good health, so don’t bother. Uncle Tang will cook it for me.”

“It should be right. I didn’t take care of you when you were in Devis, which caused you to suffer so much. Now that I have this opportunity, how can I give up as a grandmother.” Lisa Lin smiled and cooked it up. The soup was poured out and handed to Jamie Ye, “Drink while it’s hot, it’s good for you and your child!”

When Jamie Ye saw her saying this, she didn’t refuse, and took a few sips of the soup. The two talked affectionately. Lisa Lin asked Jamie Ye to move to Mu’s house to take care of her.

Jamie Ye knew what she meant, “I’m used to living here, and I won’t be able to adapt to the sudden move. I’ll talk about it when the child is born.”

“Jamie Ye, just give me a chance and let me take care of your childbirth. I promise to love you like a mother.” Lisa Lin requested.

The words “mom” made Jamie Ye’s eyes a little moist. Although she had been calling Lisa Lin’s mother after marrying Juan Mu for so many years, Jamie Ye knew that she had never accepted her with her heart. Now seeing her look forward to her, she speaks sincerely she knew that Lisa Lin really wanted to make up, but she could only say thank you to her at this time. Seeing Jamie Ye still didn’t agree to move back, Lisa Lin left with disappointment.

When Juan Mu went home in the evening, she told Juan Mu about it, “Son, you have to come on, don’t let Jamie Ye be abducted by Simson Tang.”

“Mom, don’t worry, Simson Tang will not abduct my wife. I am confident that Jamie Ye and I will start again.” Juan Mu is full of confidence. During this time, he was going to please Devis and Jamie Ye overtly and secretly. Even Alexa Xiao didn’t let it go. Jamie Ye’s attitude towards him was still the same as before, but Devis and Alexa Xiao had changed a lot. Alexa Xiao began to talk to him in a strange way, and Devis also began to call him father, and with the strong backing of my son, I believe Jamie Ye will start again just around the corner.

“I don’t think you should be too optimistic!” Lisa Lin was not as optimistic as Juan Mu.

“Don’t worry, Mom, Jamie is not such a cruel person!”

Seeing that her son was full of confidence, Lisa Lin had no choice but to let go.

Carlo Xia is now full of Karen Xia, worried about Karen Xia’s suffering. Seeing that Jamie Ye could not be convinced, he hoped to convince Juan Mu that Juan Mu went to see him, and he told Juan Mu what he had said with Jamie Ye. Juan Mu was also outraged. How could Carlo Xia do favoritism? He didn’t want to stimulate Carlo Xia. Now since Carlo Xia is so obsessive and obsessed with understanding, he has to give out the truth.

Patricia Liu was a socialite who died in Water Park back then. She had an affair with countless men. Who knows if Karen Xia is Carlo Xia’s species. Originally, if Karen Xia was honest, she would not want to take care of it. Now since Karen Xia is honest such shamelessness, it is necessary for him to suffer Karen Xia’s a bit, and by the way Carlo Xia will give up.

Juan Mu took Carlo Xia’s hair and Karen Xia’s and sent it to the laboratory. A few days later, the appraisal report came out. Juan Mu sent the appraisal report to Carlo Xia.

Seeing the unrelated relationship written on the appraisal report, Xia just vomited a mouthful of old blood and fainted on the spot.

After being rescued by the doctor, Carlo Xia was in tears, and he was really unacceptable for raising children for others over the years! It’s just that he did a paternity test back then, why is it different from now?

Juan Mu sneered and told him that the sample of the paternity test had been stolen and changed, and the results he got were not the test result of him and Karen Xia at all.

Carlo Xia didn’t need to think about who had secretly exchanged the appraisal results. When he gritted his teeth with hatred, Karen Xia couldn’t sit still and came to him again. Carlo Xia watched Karen Xia come in and threw a teacup over her face.

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