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Chapter 163 is too similar, who is he?

Christian finally returned to the room, and Lisa choked and said, thank you.

Although it was just an acting, I still have to thank him for acting in this act.

She was really unable to tell Christian by herself that your uncle is no longer alive. Cyril Cong’s expression is still as cold as ever.

It’s okay.

Let’s just start. You now have a few styles on hand. When I heard that Cyril Cong was about to discuss work, Lisa quickly cleaned up his emotions and turned on his computer. Ceng Shan began to discuss the design plan seriously at the dinner table. During this time, Cyril Cong also brought his USB flash drive.

The two unified their styles, and then initiated a video conference with several other colleagues. Cyril Cong stayed at Lisa’s house until the evening. Jia Qi walked out of the room when he was about to eat dinner. When he saw Cyril Cong, he was shocked.

I rely on Xiao San San. Why are you here? , I said, don’t call my junior. Oh, Jia Qi passed Cyril Cong directly and said to Lisa, here, this is the handsome designer I mentioned last time.

I didn’t expect you to get acquainted so soon. Cyril Cong added briefly, so-so, not so familiar. Now that I’m here, let’s eat together tonight. Jia Qi went to the bathroom and put on a facial mask.

He happened to take her son to have a big meal in the evening. Cyril Cong did not refuse, but generously agreed. When he retracted his gaze, he glanced over Lisa’s side face, on her slender neck.

After staying on for half a second, he quickly moved away.

It was really unexpected that she was even so old for her son. Elbert didn’t expect to encounter Lisa in the mall.

Although they didn’t notice him at all.

I didn’t expect that there was a man who looked like Braden next to her.

If he had not witnessed Braden’s death with his own eyes, he would really think that Braden was just a fake death, so that he would continue to live without his eyes, but that man’s temperament was completely different from that of Braden.

Like, Braden is elegant, the man next to Lisa is very cold, only when facing Christian, he will show a little patience. Probably it was just patience dictated by politeness. Elbert felt that his feet had taken root, and the moment he saw Lisa, he couldn’t walk.

He just looked at Lisa’s back, Jia Qi who was smiling beside her, Christian who was happy, and Cyril Cong who was indifferent but exquisite. Where did this man come from? If he is not related to Braden, then why would he appear next to Lisa? Is it because Lisa could not accept Braden’s death, so he found a person who was very similar to his brother as a companion There were countless thoughts in Ye’s heart, but in the end they were all suppressed by him.

He saw Lisa smile very happily, probably because Jia Qi told some funny joke, even Cyril Cong, who had always been paralyzed, smiled rarely. Damn, you have dimples, do you know that Jia Qi pointed to Cyril Cong Dao as if he had discovered the New World.

It’s incredible. Wannian Bingshan actually laughed and Cyril Cong quickly recovered his facial paralysis, but Christian was still clucking.

Laugh, my uncle smiles more handsomely than my uncle. Ouch, you bastard with no conscience. Jia Qi said that when your uncle heard that he was going to fly back from abroad to beat you, Christian ran away and Jia Qi chased after him, so her carefree character can play with Christian’s child, two people You chased me in the mall.

I really don’t know who is more naive.

Lisa smiled with a headache, the two of them were too energetic. Cyril Cong replied lightly, didn’t Jia Qi always be like this? Listen to this tone, you and Qi Qi have known each other for a long time.

Lisa turned his head to look at him. Years.

She looks very sunny, but she has actually suffered a lot of injuries.

It really hurts to be able to maintain a pure heart.

Christian ran away, Jia Qi chased after her, and her carefree character could play with Christian, a child.

Two people chased me in the mall.

Chapter 164 was a terrible defeat and dying of pain.

Across the crowd, the woman chats with the man next to her from time to time.

Although the man has a cold expression, he is educated.

Standing next to the Lisa, he looks like a pair from the back. Elbert was jealous, crazy jealous.

It turned out that Lisa could also stand beside another man in such a gentle and beautiful manner.

It turned out that she could also let go of all guards and targets, but such a side was never revealed to him. Elbert looked like a thief, just staring at her secretly, as if he wanted to put her back into his eyes at this moment. Before changing, he would definitely step forward, even if he couldn’t dismantle Lisa and her Men, also want to say something cold and mocking to make each other feel bad. But now he is scared.

After learning the truth Christian gave him, he was afraid.

He once ignored her pain and blindly maintained Anru, but in reality, he slapped him in the face and told him that he was wrong.

How many times did he push them into the abyss, and watched him, but never once stretched out his hand to save them Elbert.

He only felt that his heart hurts badly. With a throbbing pain, Messy Lin stood aside and found Elbert’s abnormality. When he said, Elbert suddenly withdrew his spirit, looking in a trance, like a nightmare before waking up, he muttered, Messy Lin, who is next to Lisa? Messy Lin did not speak.

He also said, “Check it out for me, even if I’m already my ex-wife, I won’t be coveted by others.

At this time, his assistant spoke.”

Elbert, Miss Tang loved you, but you didn’t want it personally. Miss Tang loved you, but you didn’t want it personally.

In a word, as if a thunder was slammed on his head, Elbert stood cold and trembling in his fingers.

Listen, even his good assistant is secretly taunting him that he deserves to have said to him a long time ago, Xiao Shao, I hope you will not regret how he answered Messy Lin at that time.

He did not hesitate to fight back, he He won’t regret it, it’s impossible for him to regret it in his life, but now, what he wants to say, he regrets it.

How would he admit it, he actually regretted it terribly.

If he can do it again, even if he bet everything, he wants to redeem this tragedy.

How should he talk about it, he hurts, he is dying of pain Reality and memories broke, and all the warmth from the beginning became Ling Chi’s blade. Yes, she once loved him, loved him desperately, but he sent her to jail, made her depressed, made her self-mutilate, made her cut off half of her fingers, her eyes were red with thin eyes, and she closed slowly. Upper eyes.

He wanted to turn around and walk away, watching the warm scenes in the distance, the women and sons who no longer belonged to him, he felt his heart was torn in half by a person, and it was a piercing pain.

Messy Lin raised his hand and glanced at his watch.

Shao Xiao, it was almost time for dinner with President Ye, and we should go up.

The man didn’t hear it in general, and he was stunned spontaneously.

Messy Lin repeated it again, and Elbert suddenly came back to his senses, and withdrew his gaze from the distant scene. Elbert stepped forward and turned around without saying a word. With every step, he felt like he was stepping on The same on the blade.

He is going crazy with jealousy, why, Lisa, why is there a new man around you so soon, but he is cruelly thrown in the memory, he can’t remember clearly, and he can’t remember it as cruel. One ten thousandth of Lisa and Christian used a self-harming method to avenge him heartily.

He lost, and he was defeated.

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