His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1986

Read Chapter 1986 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1986

Han smoke did not expect to hear Tang Ye scared to say, after a long time she said, “Mommy Daddy now I have to take care of, very good …… it should be”

very good of.

It’s pretty good.

Daniel Ye suddenly choked up, as if he was thinking of the past. He once had all of Jia Qi, but now, he seems to be superfluous even to care.

“I haven’t seen it for a long time…”

“Want to see my mommy?”

Han Qingyan squinted and smiled. “My birthday is coming soon . Why do n’t I invite you, Uncle

Daniel Ye .” Daniel Ye said something. I was stunned. Various pictures flashed in his mind. He laughed at himself and said, “I will trouble you in the past, right?”

“No trouble, my paper and your help, my mommy is not that right or wrong. Regardless of people, let alone…” Han Qingyan paused, “For so many years, it’s gone. When you vowed to draw your sword, maybe you and my mommy have become more gentle. She And my daddy is very good now, there is no conflict, I want to see you, everyone will let go. You are right, I can’t hide some things, and you, there are some things that can’t be avoided, it’s better to go Reconcile, sit down together with a hand shake.”

This is a relief, but it is a heartbreak.

All right.

With those bloody past… After all, it is over.

Daniel Ye lowered his eyes, as if he was imagining how Jia Qi is now, whether he would be the same as he remembered. He smiled so charmingly and politely said, “Long time no see, President Ye.”

There was a fine pain in the depths of the heart. It seemed that Daniel Ye could see Jia Qi’s face through Han Qingyan’s voice.

“Then happily decide. I’ll call our housekeeper to send you invitations.” Han Qingyan’s voice is cheerful and lively. She seems to have figured it out. She has restored her former vitality and is no longer calling you just now. Daniel Ye looked like she was stunned. At this moment, Daniel Ye could feel that her eyes were sparkling. Hearing her say, “Even if-you helped me with so many papers, my little return Come on!”

Han Qingyan politely said goodnight to Daniel Ye, and then hung up the phone.

Daniel Ye had a dream that night. He dreamed of returning to Jia Qi’s wedding day. He held her hand. This time, he didn’t let go.

When I woke up, there was a sheet of cold tears on the pillow, all of him alone.

Han Qingyan crawled out of the bed with a bird’s nest. The sky was just right outside. This weekend, she should relax herself, but she just got out of the bedroom just a few steps, and saw Wei Xin zoom Hundreds of times the handsome face came up directly.

Han Qingyan was taken aback, “Scared, I live in my own home today, why are you here?”

“My dad has tea over there, send me some for your dad.” Wei Xin pointed to the living room downstairs, Shun. Looking in his direction, Han Qingyan found that his father Han Rangzheng was holding Jia Qi in the living room, playing with the tea leaves sent by Wei Xin, as if smelling the fragrance.

“Oh…” Han Qingyan murmured, “I didn’t expect to see you on weekends.”

Wei Xinshuai clicked his face, “Why, you are not happy to comment on me?”

Han Qingyan brushed his teeth while grunting. Said, “I want to go out and play by

myself” “You talk to me after brushing your teeth and spray my face!”

Wei Xin wiped his face, and then said, “Hehe, go out alone. I think I want Gu He to pick you up to play, right?”

Han Qingyan gurgled her mouth snoringly, “Why do you say Gu He again?”

Wei Xin sneered quite beautifully, “You treat Gu He as a baby, others In his eyes he is just rubbish.”

As a result, the sound of the car came from outside the door not long after the words were said.

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