His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1987

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Chapter 1987

Wei Xin was still a little surprised. When he looked outside, he heard a familiar voice before anyone could see it. Han Qingyan’s face suddenly changed when he heard the voice, and he washed his face and half of his hands. It all stopped.

“Good morning Uncle Han, Auntie Jiang, I’m bothering you~”

This sounded gentle and gentle voice, and I knew it was Gu He without even thinking about it. He did have a good skin, and it was also from the famous family of Gu, and his natural temperament was also online. At first glance, an outsider can tell that he is a scumbag trying to step on two boats?

This weekend, with the sun shining brightly, Gu He appeared at the door of Han Qingyan’s house with a smile, as if Han Qingyan had said to him not to come to her before. Said, “I’m here to play with Qingyan, and I’m bothering them. This is a little gift.”

“Oh, come here, so polite…”

Jia Qi naturally didn’t know what happened between the juniors, and he held his hand. He stepped forward to greet him, “Isn’t this Gu He, the second youngest of the Gu family? Why come to see us smoke today…”

Han Rang frowned alertly.

Gu He smiled and greeted Jia Qi, and then said, “I went to the company to find Light Smoke in the company a few days ago. She said that the effect is not very good, I think so. After all, the two suddenly got closer, but I and Light Smoke are very close. I’ve known each other a long time ago. In fact, I’ve always been in contact. Today I’m thinking about hanging out with the big guys on the weekend.”

“Ah, that’s it.” Since I met very early…then it’s okay to welcome it, Jia Qi thought. Adding to the fact that he didn’t hit the smiley person with his hand, this Gu He seemed to be young too, and the older generation didn’t have to guard it like this.

Jia Qi also smiled and said to Gu He, “Our family Qingyan just got up…”

After talking, a few people looked at the second floor together and found that Han Qingyan, who had just come out after washing his face, stood on the second floor. Wearing a luxury sportswear, Wei Xin pulled a handsome and white face, and said, “Qianyan didn’t know you are coming?”

Gu He smiled stiffly on the spot, why is Wei Xin so annoying. Are you here again? Why does his appearance feel like Han Qingyan’s family?

He came early enough, and this Wei Xin came earlier-wouldn’t he sleep here last night?

Thinking of this, Gu He’s perfect smirk was distorted, but Jia Qi and Han Rang were present. This was a good opportunity for him to show to Han Qingyan’s parents. He immediately put on a more patient smile and said, “That I was really abrupt, and I thought I should wake up…”

“Oh, in our eyes, you are all children. You will come when you come.” Jia Qi waved his hand and asked Gu He to sit down, “You Where are you going to go later?”

“I want to say go to the amusement park with Qingyan…”

Han Qingyan’s eyes flashed. When he dreamed before, he dreamed that he and Gu He became a couple and went to the amusement park to play. When she woke up, she was still the poor spare tire, but now Gu He really went into the room and said in front of her that she wanted to go out with her…

Han Qingyan’s fingers were squeezed, and she knew that she could not hold back, just now. When Wei Xin heard it, he sneered and narrowed his eyes. The man squeezed Han Qingyan’s chin. Regardless of Gu He’s look below, he asked indifferently, “Do you want to go?”


But Han Qingyan said with tears in her eyes, “I don’t want to.” She has grown up.

Wei Xin looked at her tears, stretched out his hand to wipe her away with satisfaction, and sighed, “More than this, I don’t want to think about everything related to Gu He in the future.”

Han Qingyan nodded, “I know.”

Hey, I really want to ravage her, she looks like the little daughter-in-law he just married in.

So Wei Xin turned to look at Gu He, who was staring down below, and said coldly, “If you have a foreign fiancee, don’t think about domestically coming back to hook up with Han Qingyan, Gu’s second youngest?”

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