His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2000

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Chapter 2000

Wei Xin glanced alertly at the interaction between Wei Lan and Han Qingyan, but they seemed to be particularly polite and alienated, although Wei Lan looked at Han Qingyan with a smile. …

Wei Xin stared at Wei Raan’s face, and found that he seemed to be smiling hypocritically. He had done everything on the surface, except that his eyes were extremely cold.

My little uncle, did he experience something abroad too…

A bunch of people went to the restaurant in a noisy manner, and Han Qingyan’s position was placed between Wei Xin and Wei Ran, with Wei Ran in his left hand and Wei Lan in his right hand. Xin, she was a bit embarrassed to be caught between them, and Wei Xin was not particularly satisfied with the seating arrangement.

“Weiran, come here for a little longer this time, everyone in my family misses you a lot,” Wei Xin’s mother gave Weiran the meat on the side, the latter gentleman said thank you, and then turned to Han Qing. Yan said, “Is there anything you want to eat?”

Han Qingyan was stunned, and said after a while, “I want to eat that fruit…”

Fruit before the meal.

Wei Ren understood it, and then reached out and put the fruit on Han Qingyan’s dinner plate, and said indifferently, “My hand is longer than yours and the table is bigger. Tell me if I want to eat, I’ll help you if I can’t. “

Han Qingyan was flattered, “Thank you, uncle, thank you, uncle——”

“Don’t call my uncle after you said.” Wei Ran broke his power and smiled helplessly, “Call me my full name.”

Han Qingyan also laughed, “Thank you.” Weiqi, thank you Weiqi.”

After saying this, she ate the fruit that was on the plate for her, but not to the outside, only one side of Wei Xin clenched his fingers in the whole process.

He seemed to have never been so close to Han Qingyan in public. Although everyone knew that they lived together and everyone knew that they did not distinguish between you and me, Wei Rian’s behavior still stabbed him at him like a knife.

His uncle is like a mature gentleman’s man taking care of junior women, and he can only watch from the side.

Wei Xin didn’t know how to describe this strange feeling in his heart, sour, with a slight tingling, as if… something that he cared about was taken away.

He always felt that the relationship between himself and Han Qingyan was very close. He couldn’t break off relationship with Han Qingyan, but now he knew that there was another possibility between him and Han Qingyan, that is. How intimate and selfless was once, will gradually drift away in the future…

Now, Han Qingyan is standing at the fork in the road where he parted ways, and he… personally pushed her over.

If you didn’t talk to her so badly because of Gu He’s affairs, if you didn’t deliberately find Qin Ruo to pass the loneliness and be irritated by her seeing her, if you didn’t lower her head when Han Qingyan asked him to beg for peace, she would still laugh at her overpowering… …

Then Han Qingyan now doesn’t feel like he is going further and further away from him.

Wei Xin was uncomfortable after eating this meal. When he turned his head, it was the scene of Wei Rian politely feeding Han Qingyan. It was so eye-catching, he also thought…

but he didn’t understand why, he didn’t dare to do it anymore.

During the whole meal, Wei Ran was almost taking care of Han Qingyan. She always had fresh dishes in front of her. Jia Qi and Han Rang didn’t even have to ask their little daughter what they wanted to eat. Han Qingyan’s plates were almost full Up.

At the end of the meal, Jia Qi walked over to Wei Ran and deliberately asked, “You’re not too young, haven’t you thought about finding a girlfriend?”

Wei Ran deliberately practiced Tai Chi, “It’s still important to make money, don’t you need to force it? “

Oh, so ambitious! Jia Qi immediately gave Wei Ran a high score again, “Auntie is watching for you…”

“I don’t want to force it.” Wei Ran smiled and waved, “I’ll send you back, and come back to the company tomorrow. Let’s check the details of the contract.”

“Okay.” Jia Qi took a look outside. A car came over, obviously waiting for Wei Lan, who changed his expression when he saw the license plate number. He said coldly, “Auntie, I seem to have something to deal with. It may be too late to send you off…”

Jia Qi didn’t notice it, and waved his hand with a smile, “It’s okay, you’re busy, and I and your Uncle Han will send them off.”

After she said she glanced towards the car, it seemed that the driver was a woman, looking through the window of the car. A vague outline can be seen, but the beautiful chin shape is enough to tell a beauty.

Leading Han Qingyan and Wei Xin away, Wei Ran opened the door and raised an eyebrow at the woman who was driving and said, “Didn’t the driver’s license be revoked?”

“I just got the test the day before yesterday.” A driver’s license was pulled out from her chest, and Bai Huahua’s chest trembled. She said, “Get in the car, who is the little handsome guy next to you just now?”

“Weixin, my nephew.” Wei Ran said in a tone. Bad, “what?”

“Oh~” the woman curled her lips, “so tender.”

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