His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2001

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Chapter 2001

Regarding the name “nen” in the woman’s mouth, Wei Rian obviously smiled indifferently, “I like it? I will push him on WeChat?”

“No.” The driving woman beckoned. “Good brother, get in the car, I’m afraid of being posted after a long time. Don’t give me another penalty for the driver’s license that I just got out of the exam.”

Wei Lan said nothing, and opened the passenger seat door.

It stands to reason that it should be the handsome guy driving a luxury car to pick up the beauties, but getting to them is a little bit the other way around. Instead, the big beauties drive to pick up the beauties.

After getting in the car, the captain greedily fastened the seat belt automatically, and then glanced at the woman’s profile. He said, “Have you seen the Ji family?”


The woman’s voice paused a bit, unlike just now. When talking to Wei Lan, she was so spirited. After a long time, she started the car and slowly said, “He really is like that.”

Wei Lan sneered, “I can’t imagine how you fell in love with that ugly man. “The woman was so angry that she stepped on the accelerator pedal, and the car accelerated in an instant, and galloped across the road, leaving Wei Xin and Han Qingyan standing on the side of the road looking at each other, “Is there a woman in the car just now?

“That’s right.” Han Qingyan’s eyes glowed, and he felt like he was about to hit a new CP. “Looking at the profile, he is still a big beauty!”

Jia Qi said with a smile, “Oh, let me just say it, so excellent. How can such a handsome man be without a woman by his side~”

After she finished speaking, she took Han Qingyan and Wei Xin into her car, “Are you two having enough trouble? I will let your father send you home soon. “

The meaning of sending home is to send the two of them back to the villa where they lived together before.

Han Qingyan’s eyes changed, she just wanted to say something, and held back, so she acquiesced to her mother’s choice, and then Han Rang drove the car and put the two juniors at the door of the villa, and Jia Qi lightly patted him as he left. He patted Han Qingyan on the shoulder, as if silently conveying something to her.

The elders were all gone, and only Han Qingyan and Wei Xin were left. She remembered that when she opened this door last time, she saw a scene of Wei Xin and other women leaning together. She didn’t know why she didn’t want to reach out.

However, Wei Xin opened the door with a cold face, turned his head and said to Han Qingyan who was in a daze outside the door, “Why are you stupefied, don’t you enter the house?”

Han Qingyan was awakened abruptly and stepped forward. Stepping forward, Wei Xin slammed the door hard, and with a bang, walked upstairs by himself, “have a bath.”

“Oh…” Han Qingyan replied in a daze, and then walked up. If Wei Xin wanted to take a bath, she would put the water in the bathtubs of both bathrooms. I just walked to Wei Xin’s bathroom today and saw the men’s skin care products placed on his sink, Han Qingyan’s face. It’s a little burnt.

It seems that since Gu He woke up from this incident, her eyes suddenly looked strange at Wei Xin.

In the past, we never regarded Wei Xin as a man. After all, we have lived together for so long, but now…

Han Qingyan stood at the door and didn’t move. Wei Xin went back and walked over, wearing a pair of floral pants, and his abdominal muscles were very tight. , He came over and reached out and flicked Han Qingyan’s forehead, “Don’t you help me put some water?”

Han Qingyan backed away like an electric shock, “Why are you… naked upper body——”

“What clothes should I wear at my own house? Besides, I didn’t take off my pants.” Wei Xin looked at Han Qingyan as if he had heard something strange, with one hand on his waist and the other holding his hair, thinking that Han Qingyan was just fine looking for trouble. “You suddenly awakened after watching it for more than ten years?”

Han Qingyan flushed, “Wash it myself! I won’t help you with the water!”

“…” If the fart is a big deal, just let it go. Wei Xin murmured as he watched Han Qingyan fled from the back, and was a little confused about the situation,

“No, is there something terrible on me today? Why did you run away when you saw me!”

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