His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2004

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Chapter 2004

When Wei Xin said that, Han Qingyan didn’t dare to move at all. Now that she is so close to Wei Xin, she feels no different from flesh to flesh, she tensed her body and did not dare to relax. , Wei Xin could perceive her limbs trembling slightly.

For some reason, Han Qingyan tightened harder, he lowered his voice, “Are you hiding from me?”

Han Qingyan stretched out his hand and broke Wei Xin’s hand holding her, “Don’t do this…”

“We take a bath in kindergarten. They were washed together.” Wei Xin’s voice was low and magnetic, “Why are you so resistant now?”

Han Qingyan pushed Wei Xin and stood up from the bathtub staggeringly, her expression still in shock, facing Wei Xin. Said, “We are all adults now, this is not good…”

“You never talked to me like this before.” Wei Xin frowned, “Is it because of Gu He?”

“I said I don’t care about Gu He. “Something…”

“Are you speaking for Gu He?” At this moment, Wei Xin’s voice became colder and horrible, as if he was not the person who had caught her in the bathtub ambiguously just now, “You excuse Gu He, then Will a white-eyed wolf thank you?”

Han Qingyan shook his head in disbelief, “Why do you look at me like this, Wei Xin.”

“What you did makes me look at you like this.” Wei Xin looked cold.” Get out of here if you’re okay. Gu He was too unlucky before me.”

But obviously…you mentioned it first…

Han Qingyan didn’t refute, he staggered, and walked out of the bathtub wet, looking at him. She looked embarrassed, like a soup chicken soaked in heavy rain, she turned her head, her wet hair was pressed against her face, and her skin was too white, making her look pitiful.

Han Qingyan is beautiful, and Wei Xin has always known that the men who chased her have never stopped since she was a child.

At this moment, Wei Xin’s pupils shrank, and he felt a bit dumb in his throat, just when Han Qingyan was watching with such eyes.

Taking a deep look at Wei Xin, Han Qingyan pursed her lips and lowered her head and left from the bathroom. The drenched splash dragged all the way. Wei Xin watched her move slowly to close the door, not knowing why, from her back. I felt a wave of despair and powerlessness.

The more anxious he was, the more he cared, the easier it was to conflict with Han Qingyan, causing the relationship to become more and more stiff…

Anxiously, he slammed his face with water spray, and Wei Xin took a deep breath, but still couldn’t relieve the depression in his chest. .

What’s wrong with Han Qingyan? What’s wrong with him again.

The next day, Han Qing got up earlier than Wei Xin, and went out to work without saying a note. When Wei Xin saw the note, he was the only one left in the house. It was empty, nothing like the past. The appearance of living together with Han Qingyan.

Going to the company sulking, Wei Xin remembered that Gu He had sent a text message to find Han Qingyan after get off work at night… He had to go to Han Qingyan’s company before leaving get off work at night, or she might be entangled by Gu He. What is it!

But thinking of this, Wei Xinyou gritted his teeth.

Han Qingyan can help Gu He speak, why should he be sentimental and unhappy in the past? Wouldn’t they be more to her if they resurrected?

So that night, Wei Xin resisted his desire to find Han Qingyan, but he went home and waited. He didn’t wait until Han Qingyan came home, so he couldn’t help but check Han Qingyan’s ip. The address was actually in… the hotel.

At that moment, Wuminghuo suddenly jumped from his chest, and Wei Xin couldn’t control his anger, grabbing the car key and heading straight to the hotel! ! !

Han Qingyan felt weak when she woke up. She recalled why she was in a coma, as if… Gu He came to the parking lot to look for her after work, and had a dispute with her , And later, she lost consciousness.

When she opened her eyes, she found that she was in the hotel. Han Qingyan wanted to move, but found that her limbs were not obedient at all. They were soft like a ball of cotton. This state made her particularly vigilant, for fear of something unexpected and struggling. When I wanted to touch the phone, there was a movement outside the door.

It was Wei Xin who rushed in angrily.

His eyes were scarlet, no matter why the hotel door was not closed when he came in, he saw Han Qingyan lying on the bed and his clothes were disheveled, he understood, Gu He probably just left!

“Han Qingyan, are you so mean?”

Wei Xin pressed one knee to the bed! Reaching out to pinch Han Qingyan’s chin, Han Qingyan felt that he must have been given some medicine, and he didn’t have the strength to speak. He opened his mouth and made a weak and muffled hum. This voice was even more exciting to Wei Xin, he His eyes were flushed, and he lifted the quilt fiercely, “What did Gu He do with you in the hotel? Do you know how long I waited for you at home? You just crawled on his bed shamelessly! The front foot just said that he had refused. He opened a room with him on the back foot. You really have to be a bitch and have to set up a torii!”

Han Qingyan had never been said by Wei Xin before, and tears began to roll in her eyes on the spot, “No…”

She was struggling. He was talking, but was interrupted by the furious Wei Xin. Wei Xin himself could no longer think about what he was talking about and doing. The moment he saw Han Qingyan lying on the bed, the nerves named Reason were completely broken. The man pressed up and pulled Han Qingyan’s collar fiercely, “I knew you were this kind of woman, what would I have to bear with you? If I can sleep with someone, then I will hold you in my hand. Princess Lidang is in pain, should I charge some interest too?”

Han Qingyan’s pupils contracted, and shook his head weakly, feeling like a gossamer, “No, Axin, no…”

Wei Xin tore her apart hard. At that moment, his eyes were completely dark, and there was no light anymore, as if they had been swallowed by darkness.

In the next second, it was her Han Qingyan who was swallowed.

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