His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2005

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Chapter 2005

Wei Xin admitted that at that moment, the beautiful past passed through his mind, trying to stop the violent violent rushing out of his heart, but… it was like a man’s arm.

The moment when he saw Han Qingyan lying on the bed fragilely, Wei Xin’s sanity had been burned out.

Wei Xin gasped, as if he could no longer restrain his fierceness, “How did you and Gu He do it? Why can he trick you out of you by scribbling a few words every time? Han Qingyan, you turned out to be Is this kind of thin and meaningless woman?”

Han Qingyan squeezed out from between her teeth, “Weixin, calm down…”

She spoke intermittently, as if she had just experienced a violent exercise. Looking at Wei Xin, his eyes were red, “Listen to me…explain…”

But it was too late.

Wei Xin leaned over and blocked her lips like a bite, not a gentle kiss, but a bite with a killing intent, wishing to kill her and then chew and swallow her quickly.

The pain eroded Han Qingyan, as if she had fallen into the biting cold ice water, and the suffocation and pain rushed towards her irresistibly. If she had strength now, she must have made a sharp scream, Han Qingyan only felt that his head became more and more groggy, and his body seemed to be pierced away by a sharp blade.

What flashed out of their minds were bits and pieces of their past.

Wei Xin, who made her breakfast, helped her get rid of the annoying little boy, Wei Xin, who was waiting at the entrance of the school in advance, regardless of the worldly eyes, had a one-shoulder backpack on her shoulder and smiled Wei Xin on her shoulders. Wei Xin who will prepare all kinds of gifts.

Did n’t we buy one and get one free.” ——”I am the one who bought it, and you are the one who gave it away.”

“There is a girl chasing me outside . She doesn’t look as good as you, so let’s pull it down.”

——”What do you mean? , What does it mean is not as good as I am, meaning I am the lowest line!”

“What do you have for dinner? Grilled lamb chops with little green dragon?”

——”Add a plate of hot and sour boneless chicken feet!”

“I repaired the paper for you. If you want to be grateful, do the C4D modeling work for me. a. “

-.” Wei Xin you gave me to buy a new video card, I’ll give you a job to do C4D “

bit by bit, they are intimate goes past.

At the moment when the tingling spread to the depths of the body, the mirror image of the memory appeared cracks. With the stretching of the pain, the fine cracks began to spread wildly, and finally fell apart with a bang!

No more.

Wrong payment.

Their… happiness.

Closing his eyes, Han Qingyan gave up struggling. This kind of physical contact was supposed to be intimate and full of love… But why, Wei Xin was full of rage and hatred.


Why do you hate me…

Han Qingyan’s tears flowed down the pillow, until Wei Xin’s violence subsided, she was still crying silently, and Wei Xin subconsciously adjusted her hair and found that the hair on both sides of her cheeks was gone. I was wet with tears and stuck to my face.

Wei Xin’s hand shook fiercely.

“Why are you crying?”

Han Qingyan was still speechless. She was given the medicine and didn’t know what kind of medicine she was. She was groggy and weak. The syllables when she opened her mouth were all stumbling, and only at this moment-the impulse slowed down. Wei Xin, who was slowly over, suddenly discovered that something was wrong.

“Are you…” Wei Xin felt his throat become hoarse in an instant, as if someone had cut his throat. “Are you in the wrong state?”

Han Qingyan didn’t speak, cold sweat and tears fell into a ball. , She slowly closed her eyes, silently conveying the truth in this way.

Wei Xin’s whole body shook violently, her hand was still on Han Qingyan’s lap, and he touched her face in a panic, “Are you all right? Qingyan, I—”

Wei Xin was speechless. Come, the whole person seems to have lost his soul, his voice is too nervous, and it seems to be trembling when he listens carefully, “No, I don’t want to do this…Wait for light smoke, I, you listen to me explain …”

Han Qingyan didn’t speak, and didn’t respond. Wei Xin felt wrong halfway through his words. When he touched her again, she found that her hands and feet were weak and weak. This was clearly-she passed out in a coma!

Wei Xin grabbed the phone, everyone was trembling, “Mo Zaixi, it’s me…I…I’ve done a big deal…It’s over…You come to the hotel now…”

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