His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2007

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Chapter 2007

It is rare to see that when Wei Xin loses control like this, Mo Zaixi suddenly understood the seriousness of the matter. After listening to Wei Xin Kizui and finished speaking, Mo Zaixi walked him to the place. The living room outside the bedroom, then slammed Wei Xin’s chest severely and said, “You are crazy! That’s Han Qingyan, even if you are stunned, how can you-are you a man!”

“You can scold me for anything now.”

Wei Xin is not someone who doesn’t admit his mistakes. His heartbeat is so fast. Thinking back to what he did, he can’t wait to wait for Han Qingyan to wake up and slap him in front of him. “Don’t say anything. I’m responsible for the light cigarette here, but on the other side of Gu He, I must hold this bastard-it is illegal to use sevoflurane without authorization!”

“What are you talking about? Are you aware of your mistake?”

Mo Zaixi is still not angry, “I know you are like Han Qingyan’s old husband and wife. I always thought you two are just a couple. Do you know that? I know today that you two are the first time I both… It’s not the first time that Han Qingyan has been frightened by you. What will she do in the future, the little girl will ruin you all her life of happiness!”


Wei Xin suddenly said something. Throat, at that moment, he especially wanted to say, then I will marry her.

When this thought crossed his mind, Wei Xin himself was shocked. I don’t know since when he was able to say things like marrying Han Qingyan in such a logical way.

He had always brainwashed himself. He didn’t like Han Qingyan at all. He just lived for a long time, and his possessiveness towards Han Qingyan has surpassed his relatives. He never thought about this series of things he did. Behind the things that he can do is him, who can no longer deceive himself and others to like it.

He should face his heart seriously and calmly.

Wei Xin’s hand was shaking, “You said me, how can I compensate Han Qingyan?”

“Han Qingyan doesn’t have no feelings for you, maybe you two didn’t realize it, did you two have never been in love? ?”

After all, everyone knows that Gu He is Han Qingyan’s first love, and Wei Xin has never rumored it with anyone. This suddenly happened. It must be a mistake in the brains of these two childhood sweethearts who grew up together…

Mo Zaixi He looked at Wei Xin’s face and said, “If you really like Gu He, how could you give up Gu He completely because of a few words? You can only say that you didn’t know what like and love were when you were young. Later, I tacitly acquiesced in imperceptibly, and did not reflect on it, but it is clear that Han Qingyan has suddenly figured it out these few days, and then you are forced to—”

Mo Zaixi is anxious, and if he is not elegant, he just keeps going out. Bounce, “You shamelessly push people out again and again! You said that the little girl has no skin and no face to go to the house to seek peace with you, and you still hug others to stimulate her, what are you doing? She gave up on you?”

Wei Xin’s heart was throbbing with pain, “Don’t talk about me, I…I’m stupid.”

“Very good!”

Mo Zaixi nodded vigorously, “Indeed! You are! When Han Qingyan wakes up, remember to admit his mistakes, remember that his attitude is pitted, and then go and catch Gu He’s embryonic embryo.”

So when Han Qingyan woke up from a coma from the efficacy of the medicine, he saw it. Mo Zaixi was sitting next to the bed. She was frightened and sweated. There was still the process of cooperating with Wei Xin in her brain. It could not be that she was mistaken for being drugged and treated Mo Zaixi as Wei Xin. He is in bed…? !

No way, Han Qingyan was shocked soberly, and said dumbly, “Mo Zaixi, why are you…we, we…” It’s

over, stunned.

Mo Zaixi knew that Han Qingyan had misunderstood this tone, and Wei Xin’s originally guilty expression suddenly became murderous and looked at Mo Zaixi.

Mo Zaixi’s face flushed immediately, “No, it’s not me, Qingyan, don’t get me wrong, it’s him!”

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