His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2009

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Chapter 2009

Maybe it’s because he didn’t know how to get along with Han Qingyan for too long, so he took her mobile phone to reply to other people’s news. Wei Xin didn’t feel that this violated any privacy. He feels that his privacy is Han Qingyan’s privacy, so Han Qingyan’s privacy—that is, his privacy. He responds to Han Qingyan’s message, is that interfering?

That’s just going back to my own business.

But I never thought that for the person on the other end of the phone, his reply was beyond the worry that Han Qingyan would reply.

At this moment, Wei Xin wanted to step forward and hug Han Qingyan. He was impulsive and out of control. He was wrong. He gritted his teeth and squeezed a word from his throat after a long time, “Qianyan, are you still willing?” Give me a chance?”

Han Qingyan did not speak, this silence silently revealed her choice.

Wei Xin couldn’t see Han Qingyan treating him with this kind of resisting attitude, but in fact, there are a few more girls who can withstand this humiliation. Next, how could she easily accept Wei Xin’s apology.

Seeing Han Qingyan turning his face and secretly reddening his eyes, Wei Xin felt uncomfortable, so he could only step forward and leaned over, “If you are angry, you can beat me and scold me… Don’t hold your own.

“It’s okay not to say this. When I said that, Han Qingyan couldn’t stop her tears. She pressed her lips to make herself silent, but the tears couldn’t be controlled at all, she straightened out her eyes, and she twitched her shoulders. When I smoked, it seemed like I was aggrieved to the extreme. I obviously didn’t do anything I’m sorry for Wei Xin. Why should I endure this…

Wei Xin’s heart was broken, and he stepped forward and hugged Han Qingyan, aware of her resistance and shaking. The hands trembling around her, “Blam me, blame me for light smoke, you can punish me, you can retaliate against me, don’t ignore me…I’m scheming on impulse, blame me, light smoke, don’t you Don’t talk to me, huh?”

How can you accept that Xiao Qingmei, who has been smiling with her since she was a child, will only shed tears at herself at once?

Han Qingyan’s eyes are full of tears, and she looks pitiful than usual. She sobbed and sobbed so much that she was aggrieved. Originally, Wei Xin was so indifferent, which made her lose face, but now her body is gone.

After losing it all over again, the more Wei Xin admitted her mistake, the more she resisted, “Don’t you, don’t touch me.” Wei Xin felt the same as being struck by lightning. His whole body became stiff, and his Adam’s apple moved up and down. Hardly said, “Qingyan, you won’t… hate me.”


Han Qingyan heard it and paused. After a long time, she smiled and said with a complicated smile, “How could I? I hate you, you have taken care of me for so many years…charge some interest, not too much.”

Charge some interest.

Wasn’t that what he tore her clothes when he was furious?

Wei Xin was so nervous that he didn’t know what to say, “It’s all the bastard things I said when I was impulsive. Don’t take it to your heart, Qingyan. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t say those things. Look at me. Okay? I’ll make amends for you. I will be responsible for this matter. I am afraid that it will become a hurdle in your heart. I am willing to take the responsibility to bear your sadness. Don’t…”

Don’t cry.

The tears made his hands wet.

Jia Qi protected her so well, in the end it was the most trusted person around her that hurt her.

Wei Xin gasped and said, “Does it still hurt? Qingyan, is there any physical discomfort?”

Unexpectedly, Han Qingyan grabbed his wrist and pulled him away bit by bit.

As if telling him by action, don’t touch her.

Wei Xin accompanied Han Qingyan for a few hours. In the following hours, Han Qingyan never said a word to him. When he was about to go to work, Han Qingyan put on his clothes with red eyes and picked up the phone. After taking a look, he said to Wei Xin, “I’ll go to work if I’m okay.,”

He forced her, and she forced her to pretend that nothing happened, and then went to work.

This is a deliberate ignorance, ignoring what he did, is more painful to Wei Xin than scolding him.

Seeing Han Qingyan writhing out of the house, Wei Xin clenched his fingers, and saw that she was obviously trying to hold her legs while she was walking…it must be hurting her, he is such a bastard.

When we went out, Han Qingyan and Mo Zaixi greeted and said thank you. Mo Zaixi was shocked, “Where is Wei Xin? You two have resolved it? Let him send you back first…”

“No need,” I will move out, and we will be ordinary friends in the future.”

Han Qingyan smiled indifferently and said to Mo Zaixi, “I went to work first and nothing happened. Brother Xi, thank you.”

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