His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2011

Read Chapter 2011 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 2011

Wei Xin was almost puffed up by his assistant, “You don’t know anything, you are’great’, is this something worthy of’great’!”

The assistant immediately snatched Wei Xin’s laptop from his desk and said, “Master Wei, just look at it! I’ll take care of these things for you, and leave the busy tasks to me. You can go to Han Qing tonight without worry. Miss Yan, go on a date!” Does

his assistant want to be so “caring”!

Wei Xin’s face was red and white, followed him up from the president’s desk, and unbuttoned a collar button impatiently, “Are you sure you can finish?”

His face was disgusted, he was still thinking about going. Did you look for her… the little assistant murmured in his heart, but didn’t dare to show it, so he nodded again and again, “It’s okay, boss, I am here, you can rest assured to chase Miss Han!”

Wei Xin didn’t hear this sentence for a while. There was something wrong, or subconsciously, he had already acquiesced in his relationship with Han Qingyan. He grabbed the coat on the back of the chair and walked out with his long legs. The pace was extremely fast. The assistant stared at him as he hurried away. Back view, his mouth crooked with a smile.

Miss Han, isn’t that a perfect match with her boss? Great, there will be a lady boss in the future!

Who knows that Wei Xin rushed home in such a hurry and saw that there was a car parked at the door of his house, and people in professional work clothes were walking up and down from the car, holding a few boxes in his hand, and going in and out of his house. With.

Wei Xin trembled fiercely and stepped forward and asked aloud, “What are you doing?!”

A staff member was taken aback, and then he immediately came over and said hello, “We are moving the hostess here. Hello from the company.”


She really wants to move…

Wei Xin was so flustered that she rushed in to look for Han Qingyan’s figure. Sure enough, she was taking apart the game console in the living room. Seeing the game console, Wei Xin felt a tingling sensation and started slowly crawling from her back. Up here.

It was a birthday gift she bought him. They once played through the horror game online together, and kept setting new records.

But now—Han Qingyan’s small hands were two or two, just like the data cables were unplugged, and then this game console was put into the box, and the game console body that lost its electricity was moving in the box without any sound. There was silence inside, as if it were a lifeless stone.

It also ran through the night, carrying the joys, sorrows and sorrows of him and her countless nights.

Wei Xin’s throat moved up and down, “Qingyan…”

Hearing the voice, Han Qingyan was taking her book from the shelf. She held the book on her chest and glanced back, and found Wei Xinzheng who had hurried home. Standing at the door with panic and pain on his face, he looked at her with an indescribable look.

It seems to be the extreme sadness.

Han Qingyan laughed in a low voice, “I deliberately got off work early to move things, but I didn’t expect you to come back so early…”

Remembering that his assistant took over the job for himself and asked him to rush home, Wei Xin only It felt ironic that someone gave up his rest time for him, but reality gave him a slap in the face.

“You told so many people to move things…”

Wei Xin choked, speaking with anger and accusation, “Are you planning to move my entire house out!!!”

“How could…”

Han Qingyan’s shoulders trembled Trembling, after a long time, she slowly revealed a sad smile, “It’s just that I have too many memories with you, and I won’t be able to move them all in a while, so I called someone and I will only take away what belongs to me, yours. I won’t encroach on things, don’t worry.”

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