His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2012

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Chapter 2012

Hearing Han Qingyan saying this, Wei Xin felt even more uncomfortable. He didn’t really say that Han Qingyan would take his things away, but Han Qingyan seemed to be impatient to leave him. As if the relationship is clear…

Wei Xin’s throat moved up and down, and he opened his mouth and said, “Do you have to move?”

“I don’t know how to deal with our next relationship.”

Han Qingyan was also frank, and this happened. Although she knows that both of them were designed by Gu He to some extent, she is also a victim, so she will naturally feel resentful, “Let’s stay apart for a while…”

It seemed like she didn’t know each other. Similar.

Wei Xin grabbed Han Qingyan’s hand in the past, “Things have already happened, Qingyan, can you treat it as never happened?”

“I can.” There were tears in Han Qingyan’s eyes when he said this. , I even said with a smile, “Why can’t I, I am an adult, this kind of thing is not very common to me, let alone… Actually you are right, you taught me a big lesson, men and women There is indeed a difference between them, and they have not avoided suspicion for so many years. Now it is time to avoid suspicion.”

Avoid suspicion and avoid suspicion!

Is it necessary to avoid suspicion between them!

Between them Wei Xin spoke with a gasp, “Why didn’t you want to avoid suspicion at the beginning! Now you say you want to avoid suspicion, do you treat me as a human?!”

“So, I have to thank you. It was you who gave it. I took the class, I just took it and paid the tuition.” Han Qingyan said this, trying to keep the smile on her face looking pretty, but the more she resisted, the more she held it. In his eyes, the more it hurts him.

Don’t say that, don’t say that…

all the emotions in his heart are entangled in a ball, and he is about to be crushed.

Guilt, pain, impulsiveness, anger, all the feelings rushed up, and Wei Xin couldn’t control his thoughts. He could only say instinctively, “Do you hate me?”

“How can I hate you since I was a child? It’s you who accompanied me.”

Han Qingyan trembles when she talks about the word hate. She can’t say the next thing because she can’t help tears. She used to think she likes Gu He. Yes, but never thought of being hurt by Wei Xin, it was even more painful than being rejected by Gu He.


In so many days, what was the shape of her feelings for Wei Xin? It was really because they were too close and neglected to give or receive between men and women, or it was because – as early as a hundred years ago, I must have loved you.

Han Qingyan stretched out her hand and wiped her tears severely. No one was going to teach them what love is like. She was protected so well that she could only touch a dimly indistinguishable shape through the transparent glass. The outline of her love may be just an understatement for Gu He, and she mistakenly regarded it as love.

As for Wei Xin, those long-lasting feelings, delicately and intensely, had already wrapped her up, and even made her forget that she was living with him in this kind of emotion.

Han Qingyan pulled her hand out of Wei Xin’s. She said, “Let’s calm down for a while, okay?”

She has exhausted her strength to say this, but she never thought that Wei Xin would disagree. he was too afraid, so afraid to leave Han smoke from his side, “do not move, so many things …… I do not want you walked, we also function as before, the good or bad?”

also like Same as before?

Han Qingyan froze for a moment with tears, “Do you mean… to return to the way we were before?” The

kind of appearance that nothing will happen, and it is impossible to deceive each other, to deceive oneself. No two minds.

Wei Xin, after doing such a thing, can we really go back?

“Give me a chance, don’t move away…” Wei Xin was anxious, “Let them go, will you stay with me, OK?”

Wei Xin’s words made Han Qingyan feel that she was like in his eyes Still a toy.

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