His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2013

Read Chapter 2013 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 2013

They are all the first time, and they still don’t know what the shape of true love is. They fumbled with instinct, and carefully stretched out their tentacles and thorns kept colliding with each other.

Han Qingyan lowered her head and whispered to Wei Xin, “We may have misunderstood each other too much…so we might as well separate and calm down.”

She insisted on leaving.

She also wants to separate, and think about her feelings for Wei Xin, how could she break it after so many years, but…

it seems that some of the feelings really have a shelf life and order, and maybe Wei Xin will find herself in the future. For those you love, think about it. No one can accept that your boyfriend has been living and getting along with another woman.

Han Smoke think so, so against Wei Xin shook his head, “I do not want to continue to sleepwalk anymore.”


Wei Xin was shocked. He seemed to be confused all the time, believing that Han Qingyan should belong to him, but he never really said anything to her or gave her any guarantee.

Han Qingyan picked up the box on the side again, “I have almost moved my house, this is the last car…”

“You came back from work specially early, just want to move out when I am away?”

Wei Xin watched Han Qingyan turn around and walked a few steps forward, shouting at her back, “Qingyan! Are you on purpose!”

Yes, she did it on purpose.

She was afraid that she would be reluctant to see him back.

Holding back the tears and not letting it fall, Han Qingyan pursed his lips and did not speak, and the shouts of Wei Xin from behind were still coming-he seemed to be in pain, so he was talking hoarsely, but he couldn’t get sadness. Any venting.

I can only watch her go.

“I know I made mistakes, and everyone will make mistakes. Can’t you give me a chance? After so many years, you really don’t think about it for the sake of old love”

Wei Xin’s throat trembled, “We don’t have any old feelings…I also treat you well when I make a mistake. Don’t erase everything from me, Han Qingyan, is this fair to me?”

Fair .

Han Qingyan’s eyes dimmed with tears, she decisively got into the moving company’s car and didn’t look back again.

The moment the car door closed, the crack of the door cut Wei Xin’s heart in half like a knife. He was panting for breath, and suddenly felt a sense of despair in his heart. The appearance of Gu He caused them. Everything was ruined. After chasing the car, the man rushed out in vain the car left, taking away Han Qingyan who lived with him and everything related to her at home!

He chased the car for two steps, the cart started slowly, and Wei Xin shouted, “Qingyan, get out of the car! Get out of the car!”

Han Qingyan did not expect that Wei Xin would chase the car out, and immediately shouted He stopped the driver and said, “Stop the car!” The driver murmured, “Girl, this is your boyfriend? How dangerous it is to chase the car, or you should go down and talk to him.”

Han Qingyan didn’t want to go down, so he moved out. No need to look back. She called Wei Xin with her mobile phone. The man stood behind the car to connect. At that moment, Han Qingyan trembled badly when he saw his red eyes, and said to the phone. “Don’t… chase the car, it’s very dangerous.”

“Will you come back?”

Wei Xin said incoherently, “My fault, I shouldn’t just look for other women. I shouldn’t force you on impulse and wait for me. After dealing with Gu He, call the police and arrest me, Han Qingyan, as long as you don’t leave.”

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