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Chapter 2015

Ameli Su looked at Han Qingyan’s grievances, and suddenly remembered that when she met her for the first time, the little girl was wearing a Hanfu, talking about all kinds of secondary elements in her mouth. If it is, I look forward to her and Christianxiu’s success every day, and they also say that they are their number one cp fan, that kind of youthful and energetic aura is so intriguing.

What now?

It seems more stable and mature.

Ameli Su stretched his hand to pull Han Qingyan’s cheeks. She is still small, with collagen on her round face, plump, and feels very good. Ameli Su asked, “Then if you are your favorite anime girl Lord, what would you do?”

“If I were to be born again in another world in this wave, I would definitely be alive again. I’m not afraid to get along with him again…”

Speaking of this, there was light in Han Qingyan’s eyes again. After a while, she wilted again. She reached out and poked Christian on the other hand, and asked softly, “How did you make up with…Sister Ameli Su, how did you make up?”

Christian smiled. It seems that you still want to reconcile with Wei Xin.”

“Who said no.”

Han Qingyan muttered. After poking Christian, she stretched out her index finger and poked at him, “It’s just…Weixin I have to find my girlfriend again in the future. It’s definitely not the same thing to

stay with me.” “You two have to figure out your feelings for each other.”

Ameli Su glanced at Christian, and then faced Han Qing. Yan said, “Do you like him?”


Han Qingyan lowered his head, as if he had lost confidence in himself, “I now feel that I have a wrong perception of liking this kind of feeling. I used to think that I like Gu River, the river Gu was turned down, I’d be particularly sad, I will think harder, and later …… later, Wei Xin pushed me away, I especially so sad. “

as if life and The most important person broke, torn off the flesh and blood.

Hearing Han Qingyan’s words, Ameli Su probably understood. She and Christian’s situation was different from Han Qingyan and Wei Xin’s. She had known since childhood that she liked Christian, but Han Qingyan was different.

“You have never tried each other, so you have never explained your feelings for each other. I think that Wei Xin must also like you. Then you have conflicts because of Gu He. Now the conflict has come up, but you haven’t talked about your liking. It’s an embarrassing state…” Ameli Su still doesn’t know the fact that Wei Xin and Han Qingyan already have skin-to-skin relatives. If this step is done at the end, everyone will be happy, and the torment will be the torment. Something happened ahead of time, and it was forced. It was difficult for Han Qingyan to have a normal relationship with Wei Xin and then fall in love.

When Christian heard Ameli Su, he really wanted to applaud her. It seemed that Ameli Su was still an “old brother”. He was indeed someone who came here. Just when he wanted to say something sweet about his beauty, he heard a few words from him. commotion.

“It’s him!”

“Catch it!”

“Don’t let him run!”

“Xiao Hui, go to the door!”

The voice was not small, and he had already rushed out of the door of Qing Bar. Ameli Su heard the voice again. Feel something is wrong.

“Xiao Hui?”

Christian frowned. “Isn’t that the code name of Lu Fang’s people?”

Han Qingyan looked blank. Ameli Su led her off the bar and walked towards the door. As expected, a group of people seemed to be seen. I caught a certain man and walked into a dark alley with no one. It’s not uncommon for people to drink too much and make trouble in the middle of the night. Everyone didn’t take it seriously. They were just like Ameli Su and Tang. Only when he glanced at each other, he felt that the situation was not right, and there were a few familiar figures in the figure, so he secretly followed.

“I’m so courageous, I dare to show up–“

Han Qingyan exclaimed after hearing a familiar voice after following the alley, “Is it Wei Xin?”

She rushed in and saw that there was a man in the crowd holding another man’s collar and pressing him against the wall, “I know you bastard’s heart is not dead. After provoking the separation between me and Han Qingyan, To track her whereabouts, fortunately, Lu Fang’s people have found your whereabouts-Gu He, you’re looking for death!”

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