His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2017

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Chapter 2017

Wei Xin didn’t expect Han Qingyan to appear. His angry face showed a trace of panic and dazedness. After a while, he pushed Han Qingyan and said, “Go and stand on the side. Now, I must ask Gu He to give an explanation today.”

It was his impulse that ruined everything. He had nothing to say. Han Qingyan would not forgive him that it was something he deserved to bear later, but now— Gu He is a scumbag, it is impossible for him to let go!

After saying that, Lu was just beside him, and he winked at Christian, “Why are you here?”

“My wife and I came back to see our family, and we just arranged a light cigarette to chat together.”

Christian stood with his hands in his pockets. On the side, he didn’t see his good brother for a long time. He didn’t care about Gu He’s mouth full of blood, and he smiled rebelliously and rushed to the ground and waved. “

Lu Fang rolled his eyes to the sky, “Weak and small? Do you call this shameless person the weak and small? Relying on the fact that your family is the Gu family, you can’t be lawless. This kind of person doesn’t give him a bit of hardship, and he will go to society in the future. Maybe you’ll do more excessive things!”


“Are you going to stop me?”

Wei Xin turned to look at Christian. This look made Christian curl his lips. What a kid, This look is really familiar.

Only men can understand the look of men at this time.

Christian finally stretched his hands out of his pockets, applauded, and said, “Guess?”

Seeing someone coming, Gu He was beaten on the ground by Wei Xin, and immediately walked in Christian’s direction, “Christian? Young Master Tang–Is it right? Young Master Tang? You save me, Young Master Tang, I have no grievances with Young Master Wei, Young Master Tang–you can’t just watch me get beaten!”

He was obviously the one who did a lot of evil. Nowadays, he still brazenly described Wei Xin as a bad person!

It’s really cheap to break a tooth, he should have his jaw dislocated and speechless!

While doing this, Gu He also worked hard to look up at Han Qingyan, as if deliberately to let Han Qingyan see his tragic situation clearly, “Qianyan? Qingyan—Qianyan blames me. I didn’t accept you back then, I regret it. , Qingyan, I really like you now…”

Does he think that this can make Han Qingyan feel soft?

Perhaps this trick was useful in the past, because at that time Han Qingyan was a silly white sweet who lacked the heart.

But now.

Just when Wei Xin thought that Han Qingyan would really call him to stop him, Han Qingyan was motionless and stared at Gu He on the ground and said, “I really regret that I was blind and treated you as the male god in my heart. Chase, I know that your true face is so disgusting! I will even call my father to tell the Gu family about this matter, and if you make a mistake, you can bear the price yourself!”

Don’t be soft-hearted when you shouldn’t be soft-hearted, Han Qingyan clenched tightly. He lifted his fingers and stepped forward to touch Wei Xin’s fist, “Does your hand hurt?”

“It hurts? Don’t say it hurts, I guess his mouth will be crooked.” Lu Zai said coolly on the side, “You are like this. The choice is so happy for Wei Xin.”

Gu He’s face was as gray as death , and he couldn’t believe that the little white rabbit who had been cheated in the past, Han Qingyan, actually chose to stand on Wei Xin’s side at this moment. Now, his last hope. Only Christian is left, otherwise something will really happen… This Wei Xin is desperate, he dares to sacrifice anything!

So Gu He grabbed Christian’s trouser legs tightly and said to Christian, “Tang Shao, Tang Shao, look at me, as long as you help me today, Gu’s family will definitely help you in the future–“

As long as Christianhe Ameli Su is still there, he still has a chance, he doesn’t believe that Wei Xin can beat him in front of so many people!

Unexpectedly, Christian raised his other leg blankly, and then stomped on Gu He’s head–

understatement, he glanced at Gu He, and at that moment there was like a huge devil slowing down behind him. Slowly raising the sickle from the smoke, Christian finally smiled.

He said, “Don’t touch me, I don’t know whether I am right or wrong, you hurry up and die.”

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