His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2018

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Chapter 2018

Gu He never thought that he could hear such words from Christian’s mouth. Perhaps Tang is the only person who dares to say such words. He kicked Gu He into the air, and then frowned as if Gu He had soiled his pants, and said indifferently, “How could the Gu family breed you?”

Gu family, Gu family, Gu family Everyone only knows the famous Gu Ye, and his Gu He is nothing more than a nominal rubbish against the second master of the Gu family!

Who is willing to be someone else’s foil for a lifetime!

He gritted his teeth and wanted to climb up, so at all costs!

Gu He was lying on the ground, as if the situation was gone. He laughed and coughed out a mouthful of blood, “You are all people who have got everything… In my position, you might be more disgusting than me. Dirty!”

Perhaps from a certain point of view, Gu He is pathetic. He has to be compared when he is born. He has learned how to steal and cheat with his scheming, living with low self-esteem and conceit. A complete joke.

Han Qingyan shook his head and looked at Gu He’s appearance. He only felt that the world was tricking people. Why did it become like this? When I saw him before, he was still the senior who studied hard, but now…the

unscrupulous means makes him hateful.

“I never understood you, so I can’t be you either.”

Lu Zai watched Gu He say those things that sounded reasonable, just smiled.

All beings are suffering. Who in this world has never been to hell?

Whether you just become a devil or become a human being, you choose this path yourself, and you can’t blame others.

“Indeed, doing a lot of evil should be the end of the game. Don’t expect to say these words to try to get a certain resonance from others. Gu He, you are a lowly creature, even ordinary people can’t compare with it! Try to use nasty things like medicine to instigate the relationship between others. You were Han Qingyan who approached with bad thoughts from the beginning. Now that you are exposed, you still have to say that you are forced by life. You deceive this kind of reason. ! “

Ameli Su know things after also angry, but added Lu Wei Xin put looked at one side, and found the man from that will now not spoken, as if angry to the extreme, his eyes red, presumably with just punch down He tried his best, but now that Gu He was lying on the ground and almost motionless, he didn’t even want to do it.

It was as if it was such a thing, it was no longer worthy for him to continue to vent.

Wei Xin took a deep breath and said to Christian, “You have a better relationship with Gu Ye, right… Or give him a call.”


Gu He suddenly glared and was beaten. Originally intended to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, when the time came to call the police, the matter was going to be a big deal, and Gu’s family might have a quarrel with Wei Xin’s house. He thought so, and it was so miserable. Now I heard the words Gu Ye , But it seemed as if the end of the world had arrived. He struggled to sit up from the ground, “What are you going to do!”

This look absolutely cannot be seen by Gulliver Gu, his elder brother Gulliver Gu is his old enemy!

“Let everyone in the Gu family see what their youngest son will do in order to compete.”

Wei Xin’s expression was cold and stern, “Don’t you like to sell miserables? You like to carry the slogan of’people under the world bear me’. Let all of your actions sound logical, so how about I help you?”

This is to make him completely ugly, directly dignified!

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