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Chapter 2022

I never thought that one day I would encounter the cold eyes of the Han family. Wei Xin’s heart was a little unbearable. He stood for a long time, and Wei Ying looked uncomfortable. Give your own son, “You two should separate and calm down first.”

Indeed, his son did a bastard thing, and this Han Qingyan belonged to the girl’s family. How could he get out of this kind of stimulation so quickly.

Wei Xin didn’t say a word, and followed Wei Ying’s buttocks, as if he was sluggish. When he walked out of Han’s door, he walked a few steps and turned back, reluctantly as if he had been driven out of his own home.

After getting in the car, Wei Ying sighed and didn’t start the car. He watched Wei Xin buckle the seat belt silently in the passenger seat, and his father knocked on his son’s head, “What’s wrong, are you frustrated?” “

Wei Xin turned her face to the other side, not looking at Wei Ying.


Wei Ying patted Wei Xin on the shoulder, “Oh, what a big deal, look at your father and me, my wife ran away with people, it’s not the same as good.”

Wei Xin muttered, “You pushed my mother by yourself. For others, the situation is different.”

Isn’t it the same?

Other emotions flashed in Wei Ying’s eyes, as if only for a few seconds, a serious look appeared on his face of this dishonest father, but he quickly covered it up with carelessness, “Same, you father and me. I also loved your mother back then.”

“You loved her and you pushed her to others.”

Wei Xin said grimly, “Then why did you treat her so badly in the first place.”

“I didn’t think I had the protagonist’s aura. Was it?” Wei Ying didn’t start the car at all. She sat in the car and chatted with her son. “Well, I don’t know that I like your mother. If your mother is pregnant with you, I haven’t seen it. , After your mother gave birth to you, you divorced me. I don’t think it is anything. Anyway, I have a son and I am not at a loss. Later, your mother will marry someone else.”

I always thought that what I had would not leave me.

But when Xin Da walked with others without looking back, Wei Ying felt that the sky had fallen.

“I don’t want you to follow my old path.” Wei Ying stretched out his hand and rubbed his son’s hair. “Han Qingyan is pretty good. If you two don’t like each other, can you live together for so many years? You can believe in feelings without feelings. If you don’t believe me, you just get along with her for too long, you’re so used to it, you haven’t even asked about your feelings yourself.”

Wei Xin lowered his head, “Yeah.”

“You haven’t looked for anyone for so many years. This is not representative. Is everything done.” Wei Ying said, “Is Qingyan special in your eyes?”


She said she was innocent, but she was constantly learning and growing. She was really stupid and sweet, but She made rapid progress, just like this time, Wei Xin thought that Han Qingyan came to stop him, but he didn’t expect that Han Qingyan would not be soft-hearted to Gu He.

In a way, his stereotype of women is too heavy, and he always thinks that Han Qingyan is also a brainless and virgin woman.

Now, it’s time for him to pay for his mistakes.

“Don’t always think it’s too early, your mother was young when she left me.” Wei Ying seemed to remember something, and shook her head with a smile, “I still think it’s not true when I think about it, so if you make a mistake, you should chase it as soon as possible. Make up.”

“Are you and Uncle Daniel Ye the same?” Wei Xin looked at his father’s face and asked, “Do you regret it?”

“No regrets.”

Wei Ying finally started the car, he said with a smile In a word, but don’t know why, Wei Xin felt that his father’s words were bloody.

It seems to be uncovering the scar.

“It’s good for her to be away from me, so I don’t regret it. Leaving someone like me is her right choice. There is nothing to regret.” After lighting a cigarette, the smoke filled his vision, and Wei Ying narrowed his eyes.

Regret it?

He dangled a cigarette and said, “Son, you have to do things that you won’t regret.”

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