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Chapter 2023

Hearing his father said this, Wei Xin was also a little uncomfortable. In fact, he also knew what his parents were like back then.

For a long time, he thought that his father and mother would be good again.

Wei Xin’s mother was a beautiful woman who was one of the best in the past. There is a domineering brother in the business world, and a star brother in the entertainment industry. Too much, my mother shouldn’t leave without looking back.

With a sigh, Wei Xin understood Wei Ying’s worries. His father had been like this in his entire life, but he certainly didn’t want to watch Wei Xin go the same way.

“I know, in two days, I will go to find light cigarettes .” Wei Xin pursed her lips, and said softly, “also go and find Aunt Jia Qi.”

Apology and remedy are necessary. I’m sorry that the three words are not here. After you finish talking, you can sit back and relax. If you are truly sorry, and truly admit your mistakes, you must be prepared for other people’s emotional counterattacks instead of thinking that the matter is over after you are sorry.

Wei Xin was indeed bored in her home for two days. He didn’t eat much for the past two days, and sat in a daze in front of the computer.

Wei Ying deliberately asked his favorite takeaway to come home, but Wei Xin didn’t move a bit.

Leaving Han Qingyan seemed to deprive him of his happiness.

Until the third day, Wei Xin finally walked out of his room. Wei Ying glanced at the instant noodles in his room, frowned and said, “After eating instant noodles for two days, you are in a better mood now No?”

“It’s okay.”

Wei Xin’s tone was indifferent, as if nothing could withstand his waves. He went out of the room and took a shower, and then called for a takeaway. Wei Ying took a look. , All the ingredients are delivered.

He knew that his son could cook. Wei Ying thought that Wei Xin wanted to eat. He wanted to cook his own meal to change his mood, so he didn’t stop him, and looked at Wei Xin’s inside and out again. The stew is porridge again, the biscuits are baked in the oven, the chicken wings are fried in the fryer, and he is proficient in 18 martial arts. He has been busy for most of the day. In the evening, Dad sat down at the table.

He also consciously prepared a plate, held a knife and fork, and said to Wei Xin like a child, “Eat a big meal tonight?” Wei Xin gave him a look, and then Wei Ying saw that his son opened it very cutely. The bento box, and then the various delicacies that have been made beautifully packed into the bento box.

There is no half on the old father’s table.

Wei Ying was dumbfounded.

“This…” Isn’t it for Lao Tzu to eat?

Wei Xin packed the bento box and said, “I made it for Han Qingyan.”

“That’s all?”

“Aunt Jia Qi and Uncle Han Rang are included.”

…Wei Ying is stunned. Thinking that there was no one of his own in this pile of big meals, he stared at Wei Xin dumbfounded, framed the table and patted the table, “No, what about mine?”

Wei Xinzi carefully packed the lunch box, and then took out a box from the kitchen. The barrels of instant noodles were placed on the high-end dining table and said to Wei Ying, “I was hungry last night and wanted to eat supper and I didn’t eat it specially. I left it for you.”

Looking at the barrel of instant noodles in front of him , Wei Ying was angry. My eyes turned black, “Do I have to thank you?”

Wei Xin smiled, “You’re welcome, I’m going out.”

Yes , I sent dinner to Han Qingyan’s family of three.

It’s not his part anyway.

Raised for nothing.

Wei Ying watched Wei Xin go out like this, and sent a text message to her ex-wife. As for WeChat, he must have been blackmailed by his beautiful ex-wife.

——【Take your little conscientious son back, I don’t want to raise it anymore! 】

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