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Chapter 2024

sending this text message, Wei Ying thinks about it and still feels unwilling. Since his ex-wife ran away with someone, he has only one baby boy left in his life, and now the baby boy also turned his elbow out. Now…

he imagined that when he was old, no one would push his wheelchair in the nursing home.

Wei Ying made a phone call to Han Rang, “Lao Han, if you see my little bunny in a while, remember to help me.” Beat him so badly for me!”

Han Rang was revising the contract. He was angry and funny after hearing this. “What did you say suddenly?”

“My son is no longer raised, I don’t want it, I decided I left it at your house.” Wei Ying Dala fell back on the sofa, looked at the chandelier on the ceiling of the house and said, “It depends on your mood for life or death!”

… It’s like “father is kind and filial.”

Han Rang didn’t understand the meaning of Wei Ying’s words at first, but he didn’t realize that Wei Xin was really here until he heard the car stalling outside his house twenty minutes later.

How can the security guard of the Han family understand that the relationship between the two families is now embarrassing? Seeing that Wei Xin’s license plate number is as cordial as seeing his own person, he didn’t want to let him go directly. When Wei Xin stood at the door, his expression was still a little nervous and afraid It was because he didn’t behave well enough, and was turned away by Han Rang’s family.

Hearing the sound of Wei Xin ringing the doorbell, Han Rang frowned, probably thinking that his daughter was not feeling well these days, he hesitated for a while, and finally opened the door to Wei Xin.

At the moment when the door was opened, Wei Xin adjusted his expression immediately, and then directed at Han Ran, “Uncle Han Rang, have you eaten dinner? Well, I made it at home…”

Looking at the big box in Wei Xin’s hand The box and the appearance are all the anime styles that Han Qingyan likes. They are cute and beautiful. They must have taken a lot of thought…Han made the Adam’s apple move up and down, “I haven’t eaten it yet.”

He is indeed angry with Weixin. But seeing Wei Xin bowing his head like this, he felt a little unreasonable.

With a sigh, Han Rang said, “Wei Xin, come in first. It’s getting late, and it’s not good to have a cold wind at the door.”

Wei Xin’s eyes were a little red. He didn’t expect Han Rang to allow him to go in. He did the best. Bad plan-that is, carrying the vegetables and waiting until it is cold and unable to enter. Unexpectedly, Han Rang would still be willing to talk to him.

“I made a light smoke favorite.” Wei Xin put the things on the table and said to Han Rang, “Uncle Han Rang, I…”

Han Rang glanced at Wei Xin complicatedly.

“I’m sorry.”

Wei Xin had nothing to excuse for himself, but he bent his waist deeply, and his actions were so determined that he didn’t leave any way behind. “I didn’t do this today to sell miserable people or please you…I I just want to make up for the fact that I have not been good to Qingyan these days. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t forgive me, but I don’t want her to be hungry without eating.”

Ameli Su called him and said that Han Qingyan has a poor appetite these days. His complexion was not good, so Wei Xin was so worried that he couldn’t eat in the past two days.

“Because I or Gu He hurt my body, it’s not worth it.” Wei Xin still didn’t lift his head. “I’ll come here to deliver a meal. I just want her to get a starter appetite, and I will roll myself.”

“Ah. Xin, you don’t need to say the word’get off’…” Han Rang couldn’t bear to hear it, “Actually, as long as Qingyan forgive you, we don’t care. You don’t need to be so low profile…”

“I want to see you. On the smoky side, Uncle Han Rang, can you tell me, I will come every day until she is willing to see me and listen to me…” Wei Xin knew he was boring, pursing her lips, her eyes were red and red.” I guess today…she won’t want to see me, so I’ll leave first. Thank you, Uncle Han, for letting me into the house.”

“I’m willing to listen now . “

I don’t know when, the door on the second floor opened and there was a door. The female voice went straight into the conversation between the two. Wei Xin had originally planned to straighten up and turn away. At this moment, Tongren suddenly tightened.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at Han Qingyan who was standing by the handrail of the stairs on the second floor.

When the two looked at each other, they found that everyone’s eyes were flushed.

Perhaps the lyrics are correct-“Those who can become close friends probably have love”, and they have been close friends for more than ten years, only to realize that there is love between them.

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