His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 271 – 272

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Chapter 271 Stomach bruised, someone sent her off.

When Lisa closed her eyes and woke up again, what she saw was Han Rang’s haggard expression.

She said that she was sorry, and tears fell.

Han Rang sighed, you didn’t apologize to me, and you couldn’t stop Daniel Ye from the situation at the time.

Lisa clutched his stomach, Han Rang said again, “Stomach contusion, you are recuperating in the hospital for a few days, I will go to Jia Qi.”

Lisa kept saying to Han Rang that she must be brought back. Daniel Ye will definitely not be good to her if he takes her back. You must save her.

Han Rang smiled at Lisa, thank you for caring Jia Qi for me. Jia Qi is her best friend in her life.

If something happens, she can’t leave her alone.

Christian is particularly distressed that Lisa is implicated, Mommy, are we going to change places again.

The children are so smart, they must have guessed that they moved to escape Elbert last time.

Lisa’s eyes flashed, and finally sank, and pressed it on Christian’s head, no, no change.

She has nothing to be afraid of.

The new life has kicked off.

As long as you go forward and go forward, you won’t go back again.

Han Rang stayed with Lisa in the afternoon and left. Probably someone found Jiang. Qi’s footsteps were very anxious when he left, and Lisa also saw his anxiety.

Han Rang is sincere to Jia Qi and can definitely protect her from wind and rain.

Lisa clenched his fists and turned to look at Christian, but we should become stronger.

The little boy looked at Lisa, staring at her with a look that even adults could not predict, as dark as night, and he said, OK. Now that they have escaped from their past prisons, even if the shadow behind them catches up again, they will no longer cringe.

Lisa and Jia Qi’s things quickly reached Elbert’s ears.

Messy Lin looked at the address on the file. , Asked him cautiously, Elbert, whether we should go to Lisa or not, but Elbert hesitated. Now that he thinks back to Lisa, he will feel a little scared. When the truth is before him, he is actually afraid to face Lisa.

In other words, what he was afraid to face was actually the sin he had committed at that time.

As usual, I can’t find a clue to that group of ip addresses, but the hidden feelings of the year have been slowly drawn out. Elbert looked at the rows of words on it, and countless possibilities passed through his mind, but all of them were erased by him. Up.

He sent someone to check An Ru’s situation, but Bialla Anfell into a deep sleep, like a vegetative, and never opened his eyes again. No matter how many questions he had in his heart, he couldn’t get An Ru’s personal answers, so he was wrapped in a ball in his heart. , Hearing and vomiting like thorns, hurting the lungs and organs.

Messy Lin noticed Elbert’s dilemma.

He did not speak on one side, but was silent.

The atmosphere suddenly fell silent.

It took a long time for Elbert to speak.

Are they okay Jia Qi was forcibly taken away by Daniel Ye, Miss Tang did not It happened, but it seemed that Messy Lin hesitated. Elbert narrowed his eyes.

It seemed that Miss Tang was injured by the bodyguards that Daniel Ye took.

She was admitted to the hospital.

Messy Lin said his hesitant words, and then a strange man sent her to the hospital. We haven’t found out who that man’s identity is so far, Elbert, look at Elberttong, a strange man.

Chapter 272 is fine, but he is scared.

But this tingling sensation was followed by a kind of inexplicable loneliness, Elbert laughed at himself, Lisa certainly has no shortage of men around him, without himself, countless suitors will take care of her, and that’s a good thing. .

It’s a good thing, it’s a good thing.

Since it’s a good thing, why is it so sad? Elbert’s fingers clenched into a fist without him noticing it, and Messy Lin, an outsider who noticed his depression.

He wanted to find Lisa again, but he had already lost the courage to face her.

If time can come back, will he let them develop like this? Continue, he hurts; if you leave Lisa, he hurts even more.

Lisa didn’t know when he had already taken root in his heart. Once Elbert remembered the name, he moved his whole body by a moment, and he could only let himself stop thinking about her. But some emotions are not controlled by your brain at all.

The expression on Elbert’s face changed and changed.

He seemed to be experiencing a catastrophe, but at the end he said only a few numbers, as if with a bloody smell, to find out which bodyguard moved the hand, he had to do it. People from Daniel Ye are coming over.

Messy Lin retired with a reply, then Elbert stopped him again, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t say it.

Messy Lin tried to ask himself, Elbert, do you want me to check the man who sent Lisa to the hospital. Elbert was shocked for a few seconds.

Those few seconds seemed to have lost contact with the world.

Then he When he returned to his senses, Messy Lin noticed that there was a bit of red at the end of his eyes, and suddenly felt that the Elbert after Lisa had left was no longer the Elbert before.

In the past, he talked and laughed, but now although the means of overturning the clouds and rain are still the same as yesterday, when he encounters the field related to Lisa, he becomes such a child who can’t retreat. Elbert would have been so scared because of good luck.

He has spent a lot of effort suppressing his courage to go to the door to find Lisa, afraid that it will be her cold eyes when he meets, and his tone is unfamiliar.

Lin dismissed, and Elbert stayed alone in the office for a long time.

There is no room for reversal anymore, how can he get the old man back? Does he want to let go? No, he will never let go These days Rusty asked Lisa to go out for dinner, saying that the general manager of a fashion magazine also wanted to talk to her, because they secretly sent an unpublished inner page of Lisa to the general manager.

He admired it very much.

The picture of Lisa makes Rusty find a time to bring Lisa out to see you.

Lisa refused a few times at the beginning, and then Rusty persisted in asking for an appointment.

She really couldn’t refuse, so she could only go out and take Christian along with her. Christian was wearing a sweatshirt and sportswear.

Lisa led him onto the street. Countless people watched the mother and son along the way.

They were young and beautiful and had a tacit understanding of their partners.

They waited until Lisa brought Christian to the cafe.

Seeing Rusty sitting in a position by the window, with a thin body and long fingers, smiling brightly at her.

The moles of tears glow a little under the sun, and they laugh with small teeth and dimples.

They are especially cute and cynical.

Lisazong was used to seeing beautiful men like Elbert Marven Su, but he was still amazed by Rusty’s face.

After I came back to my senses, I hinted to myself that this is a woman, a woman, a woman more handsome than a man

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