His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 277 – 278

Read Chapter 277 – 278 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 277 is a friend, how is she?

According to rumors, there is a woman who has been in love with Bo for a long time.

Some people say that she is dead. Others say that she was just well protected by him.

I don’t know if it is true or false. Pounding, the famous Elbert was standing next to him, almost winning the 5 million lottery ticket.

However, Elbert went all the way to Eugene’s office without stopping her eyes for a moment along the way.

The little girl at the front desk was a bit disappointed again.

Sure enough, the rumored overbearing president was not so good to slap the door in the night, just to see Eugene sitting on the sofa, turning around, and squinting at him. You are also for our sake.

The heroine of the commercial film came with a word, Elbert was taken aback for a moment, and his voice was lowered. Who else is the Su family? Eugene didn’t know the festival between them, but just said the name so casually, his expression was exactly the same as you when he rushed in. Elbert stood up straight, and as expected, Marven Su also realized that if you are here to ask me for the contact information of this young lady, with all due respect, I can’t help. Eugene always said that she was the same.

It was a great honour for me to be able to shoot commercials. Now I can no longer tell outsiders about her news.

This will affect her normal life.

This means that even if Elbert and I are old friends, I cannot tell you about her. Elbert clenched a fist.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t check where Lisa was, but he knew that if he appeared in front of her again, he would only welcome her indifference.

So even if you are close to her, it is good to get a little bit of news about her.

Then, how is her life recently? When Elbert said this, she was hoarse. Eugene was taken aback by his sad words, and then slowly came back to his senses. You and her once knew the numberless eyes toss and turn between your lips and teeth, and finally only a few numbers spoke out, a friend.

He didn’t dare to tell the past, it was bloody and too hurtful.

She is fine. Eugene didn’t have much doubt, but said to Bo Elbert. When we asked her out, her aura and posture surprised me.

It seemed that she had no troubles in life recently and her eyes were very clear. Elbert’s heart was sore and painful, not knowing whether he should be happy or painful.

I am happy that she will never have a relapse of depression like before, and it is painful because she has left him, so she can live so happy. Oh, yes, she also has a son. Eugene smiled when he thought of Lisa’s son.

He seemed to like Christian very much.

He was a very smart son who could speak English and seemed to be well-educated. Moreover, the sense of fashion is very strong, I think he grew up as a supermodel material. Elbert didn’t speak.

At that moment, he remembered the defensive look in Christian’s face when he faced him, and suddenly felt that his father was really a failure.

The child seems a little like you.

After observing Elbert for a long time, Eugene said jokingly that his facial features are a bit similar, probably you all look pretty. Elbert smiled sourly, holding back the trembling of his voice, thank you for the compliment.

Then he simply said goodbye to Eugene, and when he walked out of the office, he had stepped into an abyss like a first class.

Chapter 278 He gave up everything for her!

Hearing Eugene’s words about how Lisa was so good these days, he began to feel uneasy, and she really retreated from then and left his world.

It is said that if a relationship is in a parallel state, it will be very painful, because it will always be parallel and never meet. But Elbert felt that when the relationship between the two became two intersecting lines, it was the most heartbreaking, because after only one crossing, they ran in opposite directions, each rushing in their respective directions.

See you again.

He suddenly walked out of the office, and entered the elevator to leave Eugene’s company alone. When he left, the little girl at the front desk looked at his back and suddenly rubbed her eyes.

I don’t know why, I always feel that the man’s back looks so lonely.

That night, Han Rang came back early, exhausted, and Lisa just finished editing a whole set of projects with Christian.

He saw him go home and poured him a cup of hot water.

Are you okay? Daniel Ye refused to let go.

Han Rang took a sip of hot water and punched the sofa. Damn, my father had a good relationship with their family and couldn’t tear his face.

This is the most painful place for me.

Lisa was a little disappointed, but didn’t want to give up hope, so he encouraged him, it doesn’t matter, Jia Qi will definitely believe you if you are there.

I hate that I am not an executive of the company.

If I am, I have the right to use my company to confront Daniel Ye’s enterprise.

Han Rang suddenly raised his head and looked at Lisa, every word, Lisa, you said me, should you go back to take over my father’s company? What’s the matter? Your favorite is cooking. No, as a chef, you can’t get anything.

Han Rang can’t bear to scream, because when I reach this age, I still care about my own life and have a happy life.

I didn’t fully inherit my family business, so I didn’t have peace. Daniel Ye’s ability to directly conflict with him can give up his favorite interests for Jia Qi, and he can completely restrain his free and unrestrained temperament, just like going to the battlefield. Even for Jia Qi, he has to kill him to go back to Han Rang and watch him motionless.

Reading Lisa, he said, I will never let Jia Qi return to Daniel Ye again, absolutely. Give her everything and bring her back from other men.

Lisa sighed, patted Han Rang’s shoulder, and did her best. Don’t put too much pressure on it. We will definitely try our best to escape. .

Han Rang didn’t speak, Lisa asked Christianduo to play with him, and she couldn’t mix things up between them. Walked back to the room and fell into the bed. Jia Qi is really happy.

There are people who can go through all fires for her. Compared to her, she is much lucky.

I really hope she can be happy in the future. Outside the door, Christian looked at Han Rang and whispered softly, brother, are you going to go back to accept your father’s company? Han Rang touched his face with a sad smile, right.

Christian said, can you take me with you when you go to work if I am on holiday.

Han Rang was taken aback, what do you want to learn? I want to learn how you talk about business.

Christian said to him very seriously, I want to train my thinking ability. You Han let your mouth vomit at the end and swallowed it, then smiled and said, okay, let’s study together. Wait, one day, they will be able to protect the people they want to protect.

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