His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 73 – 74

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Chapter 73 Braden’s birthday, she forgot.

After Lisa went back that night, he sent the design sketch of the box bag to Mr. Xu and Gillian Fu for viewing. Both said that this is very creative, because Lisa combined the recent trend of ornaments and launched a private name.

The acronym logo pendant can be hung on the hanging chain outside the box bag, which is novel and unique at first glance. Mr. Xu was very satisfied and sent two good messages in succession, saying that he would invite Lisa to dinner again. Gillian Fu’s attitude was not as excited as Lisa’s.

He seemed to have known her abilities a long time ago, and he just praised it lightly, and then asked Lisa if she was free.

Lisa said that when they were free, the two went for an appointment and sat for a while in a small quiet bar.

The quiet bar was not as noisy as a bar.

The people who came over were men and women who came out to chat and date. Gillian Fu finished a glass of liqueur, while Lisa ordered a glass of gin and tonic.

After the two discussed the design plan for a while, Gillian Fu finally asked subconsciously about five years ago.

This time he came out about Lisas in order to get some evidence from Lisas that could overturn the inference five years ago.

It is a pity that Lisa only said that she had not thought of harm Sarah An, and she had nothing to prove. Otherwise, who would dare to send the Tang family’s daughter to prison? Gillian Fu finally shook his head with regret.

It seems that there is a long way to go to clear Lisa’s charge. But Lisa didn’t know all of this.

She thought Gillian Fu was just talking about it in the end, but she didn’t think that the man wanted to vindicate herself.

The scene where the two were talking in secret was soon secretly photographed by the mysterious person who was being followed, and these intimate photos were sent by that person to someone else’s mobile phone. Gillian Fu and Lisa finished their wine and parted in the quiet bar.

Then the two went home.

Lisa answered the phone on the way.

It was his brother who called.

He said, baby, have you forgotten something? Lisa thought I forgot what job I did during the day.

I quickly glanced at the time.

The pointer just pointed to 12 o’clock.

She frowned, and subconsciously asked, what is it that hurts you for nothing? Braden shouted at the other side, hurry up, I wish you brother Happy 27th birthday, Lisa’s eyes lit up, and she immediately laughed on the street. When women laughed, their eyes seemed to be shining.

The men passing by were envied by who on the other end of the phone made her so happy.

She smiled.

She looks like an innocent girl.

It must be a boyfriend, alas. Passers-by were all wondering. Brother, I’m sorry, I forgot, I wish you a happy birthday and I will make one more for you tonight. Okay, let’s take Weiwei and live together.

Braden also smiled happily, or if it really doesn’t work, give him a piece of cake, otherwise this stinky boy will be unbalanced again.

I went to pick up Lisa and volunteered, if you don’t say I have forgotten it, my birthday will be fast even if I count it.

How about you have no conscience.

Braden cursed with a smile, then you go be careful tomorrow, if it doesn’t work, just call me, I don’t believe that we can’t take Christian out of the Bo family for one day. By the way, come back so late, don’t go out with wild men, they are comparable to your brother, I can’t be compared, you are the most handsome Lisa and immediately take a taxi home after hanging up, Braden’s The birthday made her suddenly feel very excited, only once a year, indeed, she should help him, after all, her brother’s energy was wasted on cultivating Christian, and he would not consider his own future.

Chapter 74 Follow-up investigation, her truth!

Lisa went home while thinking so, and at the other end, as soon as Gillian Fu finally returned to Fu’s house, the light in the living room suddenly turned on. Where have you been? Gillian Fu’s mother, Zheng Qiushui, sits in the living room.

The well-maintained wealthy wife still has a noble and elegant temperament even in middle age.

There is an invisible sense of majesty when looking at people. Gillian Fu could only smile, Mom, I went out to drink with friends. My friend Zheng Qiushui sneered. Gillian Fu, a mother who was divorced and had a child in jail with a woman, finally changed her face. You sent someone to follow me.

If it weren’t for someone to remind me, I don’t know if you weren’t the same. Zheng Qiushui sneered even more when the women were mixed together.

A while ago, she went shopping and met An Ru.

She accidentally mentioned it to me. Only then did I know that there was something Bialla Anand Gillian Fu didn’t even want to blurt out. What the hell is that woman doing. Pay attention to the wording of your words. Zheng Qiushui’s tone is getting more serious.

An as good or bad as you are, and your innocent mother, don’t think too much about it.

That’s a friend of mine.

The woman in the bottle, I don’t think she’s only wanting to make friends with you. Zheng Qiushui said nothing to believe that Lisa and Gillian Fu are just friends.

She said sternly, can you tell me something about it? , I took the initiative to contact her to come out, okay, finally, you have grown up. Mom has raised you for so long, and introduced you to so many family ladies. Now you take the initiative to ask such a filthy woman for us.

Are you trying to shame our family’s face? Zheng Qiushui stared at Gillian Fu fiercely. You should stay at Fu’s house and reflect on mom. Don’t be like this. Gillian Fu is really not good at fighting his mother. , I can only be submissive, I am playful, but don’t say anything so ugly, nothing else really happened between me and her, there is no photo of Zheng Qiushui who doesn’t know where it came from and fell in front of Gillian Fu.

Then look at what this is. When you see those unsightly images in the photo, Gillian Fu shrank the face of the heroine of the pornographic photo.

It is indeed Lisa, but he has never touched him. What is it? Let me tell you, I sent someone to investigate these photos for me, and my mom asked someone to check it out.

It’s not ps at all.

If I hadn’t seen these photos with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that my superior son actually wanted this.

A disgusting woman, Gillian Fu, was occupied by a huge shock lock.

Impossible, the actor in this photo is not him, let alone Elbert Bo.

His mother misunderstood, but who is this man? He believes that Lisa is not that kind of person, but the heroine in the photo has the same face as her. Did I misunderstand you, or is this a premeditated scam? Gillian Fu’s mind was in confusion, his handsome face was pale, and Zheng Qiushui was also breathing deeply, because every time she saw this photo, her blood surged.

It took a lot of effort to calm down. Zheng Qiushui could no longer let his son be ruined by that kind of woman, so he took a serious tone. You stay at home for me these days, don’t go out. Mom won’t agree with you and this.

This kind of woman who came and went, Gillian Fu final stared at the photo, her fingers hanging beside her tightly clenched.

It’s not a photo processed by ps, Lisa, don’t let my trust down

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