His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 79 – 80

Read Chapter 79 – 80 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 79

Elbert and the medical staff searched for a full fifteen minutes, and finally caught her trace through the monitoring probe.

This woman even learned to avoid the camera.

She was so smart at this time that he felt terrible. Finally, people saw Lisa standing in the corner of the morgue next to Braden’s position.

She was talking non-stop, crying while talking. . When Elbert stepped forward, he heard her apologizing.

Apologize over and over again.

She said, I’m sorry, brother, I’m sorry, you must have lied to me, right? I still have to celebrate your birthday.

I’m sorry I didn’t take Weiwei home.

Sorry, don’t make jokes with me, okay, brother, I beg you to get up I can’t live without you.

How could you leave me my brother today is Braden’s birthday, he specifically called at midnight to remind Lisa to spend the evening together Birthday, but Lisa never thought that such a beautiful birthday plan would be broken unpreparedly.

The moment she learned of Braden’s sad news, she heard the sound of the entire world collapsing from her mobile phone.

Lisa looked up and saw Elbert coming.

She numbly tilted her head and looked at Elbert.

The blood was still bleeding under her ears, and the back of her hands was dripping with blood.

The medical staff couldn’t bear it, and Elbert Yinren’s figure trembled slightly, he said , Lisa, you are injured and need to rest.

Resting Lisa murmured and repeated it, Elbert, are you trying to kill me? You asked Elbert’s heart to suffocate, Lisa smiled softly, isn’t this the one you would like to see? Today is my brother’s birthday, I To accompany him on his birthday here, I’m enough.

Lisa Elbert didn’t know where his strength came forward and grabbed Lisa’s wrist.

The woman’s arm was so thin that he would break with a little effort. Don’t do this again.

Braden has already left, you have to look away, Christian still needs you to say less beautiful things here.

Lisa shakes him off and yells sharply. You think it’s all because of someone.

It’s not because you keep saying I made up Excuse, but it’s the truth, Elbert, tell me, where did I cheat you? My brother came to pick me up.

He died because of me. Don’t want to get out of the relationship. You are the original sin. You are the original sin.

These five words are like a knife Through his lungs, Elbert only felt that the nerves in his whole body were tense.

He took two steps backwards, looking at Lisa, you were calm and calm.

Lisa suddenly laughed.

She used a nearly silent tone, like a hoarse man groaning, every word stuck in Elbert’s heart.

In fact, where did Elbert come from, I’m sorry for you.

In this life, you are the best. Don’t forgive me, because I won’t forgive you anymore. What should I do, what else can she lose when she has reached the end of the road? Without it, she will no longer be threatened by Elbertsuo because her weakness has already been killed by her and Elbert. Ye looked at Lisa in front of him, Jun’s face was full of wind and rain. You shouldn’t be here but Lisa has spoken.

She spoke very softly and directly interrupted Elbert’s next words.

She says. God is kind, he forgives everyone, but Elbert, I am vicious, I hope you, come down. Ground. prison.

Chapter 80

Lisa was discharged from the hospital. Elbert thought that Lisa had calmed down temporarily, watching her return to the ward, watching her lie down quietly, but unexpectedly all of this was pretending. Pretend that she is in peace and calm.

So later when she went to the company during the night, Lisa went through the discharge procedures for herself.

She cleaned herself up, wiped the wounds, and had cosmetic makeup.

The whole person was terribly calm.

It’s like the last part of the dying person’s return to light. When she was discharged from the hospital, Lisa walked in a hurry.

She bought a cake on the way home. When she got home, she cleaned up the house.

Then she burned a table of dishes, put the cake in the middle, put candles in, and then quietly. Watching the candle burn out quietly.

As if it was her life that was burning.

Lisa stared at the candle and said softly for a long time, brother, happy birthday.

Sorry, I didn’t spend my birthday with you and your life will stay at 27 forever.

Lisa didn’t cry, sat down and started to eat by herself, then cut the cake and put a small piece of it.

This is for Christian.

If he knew that he could not catch his uncle’s birthday, he would definitely be clamoring to eat. cake.

Lisa couldn’t send it to Bo’s house to Christian, she could no longer face Elbert. Once faced, the uncontrollable pain and hatred deep in her heart will turn her into a devil, Elbert, the man who ruined her life, the nightmare she could not escape with all her strength, Lisa was occupied by thoughts and grief and pain. From the initial astonishment and shock to the later hoarseness, she seemed to have exhausted all her strength, resisting the desperate stinging night.

And only at this time, when she was silent by herself, that kind of dense and huge pain like a tide was used at her at once, the most helpless, the most desperate, but the silence was terribly silent.

It turns out that real despair is not crying and crying, but so lifeless.

Lisa’s eyes were red, and when she was full, she cleaned up the table.

She tried to laugh, but the corners of her mouth were too heavy. Finally, she sat back on the sofa and buried her head in her palms.

She twitched her body like a trapped animal. , Let out a depressed growl.

As if to roar through his soul.

At this time, Lisa thought of someone who might be able to help her transfer the cake to Christian, so Lisa touched her mobile phone, only to find that the mobile phone had been broken at the door of Bo’s house and she had no communication tools on her body.

Lisa was silent for a long time and decided to go out.

She randomly picked a mobile phone from a mobile phone shop downstairs and bought a new number.

She went upstairs and returned home, found her business card, dialed the number and called it.

After a long time, the other side was connected. Gillian Fu’s voice sounded colder than usual.

He asked who had a lot of thoughts in Lisa’s mind, and finally he said, Gillian Fu, it’s me, I am Lisa.

Lisa’s name seemed to affect a certain nerve in Gillian Fu’s mind.

The man’s eyes were deep and he subconsciously asked, how did you change this phone number? Lisa didn’t know how to explain it. My phone broke and was at Bo’s house.

At the door, I have something I want to ask you.

The Lisas at the door of Bo’s house have reached this point. Why are you still entangled with Elbert? The anger from somehow occupied Gillian Fu’s mind, no, he shouldn’t be angry Yes, he is not such a person who is easily affected. But subconsciously speaking from his mouth, he completely exposed his anger, Lisa, do you need to be more self-respectful? Why did you go to Elbert again?

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