His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 97 – 98

Read Chapter 97 – 98 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 97

Chris took Lisa to their room to rest.

The two single beds were neatly laid out.

Lisa sat on one and kept breathing deeply. Chris saw her like this, sighed, took the kettle to boil her water, and asked while putting the water, baby, you must tell me who he is, Lisa smiled helplessly, he is my ex-husband. Oh my goodness. Chris shakes his hand holding the kettle, then I don’t want to sleep with him.

Lisaba said in a loud voice, you want to sleep with my ex-husband. Chris stroked his chin thoughtfully, but he didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable.

He and I might have to fight when we get to bed.

Lisa raised his hand and begged for mercy. Okay, Lord Chris, count my fault.

I shouldn’t keep it from you.

I will tell you in advance next time.

Humph. Chris didn’t have the noble and glamorous aura in front of others.

He helped Lisa boil hot water and sat down with her and said, Hani, you have to think of a way, you can’t hide from him as soon as you see him.

I listen to today’s organizer.

Said, his background is incredible, how did you stay with him back then? When asked by Chris, the past years have poured into his mind.

Lisa laughed at himself, shook his head to shake off those thoughts, and then said, there is nothing to say, it is all over, dear Mr. Curious. Okay, my sweetheart started to hide something from me. Chris pretended to be injured and sighed.

It seems we can’t continue to be girlfriends.

Lisa raised his head to look at the well-known design director.

The man raised his head and smiled at her. We have to be rivals in love.

Lisa laughed, you go, you bend Elbert, and there is still my trouble. Boring. Chris rolled his eyes and looked at the crowd downstairs through the floor-to-ceiling windows. People drank and greeted.

The social life of the upper class is so ambiguous. Each finds its own prey and climbs its own relationship. Everyone has the same purpose. , That is, step up. Your ex-husband is very good. Chris looked at Elbert in the crowd.

The man was tall and slender, and his face was indifferent and handsome. Many celebrities collided with him with wine glasses to show her good.

However, Elbert was always plain and unwavering, as if she was attracted to any woman. Not interested in him. Oh dear, he looks so stern at the woman, I would think he is also a gay.

The water boiled, Chris went to help Lisa pour the water, and then helped her carefully take out the medicine.

After Lisa took the water, he sneered slightly, how could he be possible.

The woman he lacks most. Who is Elbert, he has always been lingering in the flowers, how could he guard someone in the distant crowd for whom, Elbert heard a voice message from the person he sent, Elbert, we found Lisa and Chris lived The hotel room number is the most expensive suite in this hotel. On the top floor, the room number is 2101. Elbert said indifferently, and then asked again, how long have the two of them been in? According to our observation, it has been more than half an hour since they have been in, but they haven’t come out yet. For more than half an hour, Lisa and Chris were in the same room. Before the night came out, his brows frowned.

He didn’t realize that he cared about a woman so much.

The man restrained his irritability, took a deep breath, and continued to observe. , There is news to report to me.

Chapter 98

When the last sunset on the horizon was gradually engulfed by the night, the night was so quietly opened in the sky above the city that never sleeps.

The social evening was in full swing, and the atmosphere was heading to the warmest climax. Everyone was holding the male partner and the female partner. Dancing and communication, some people talk about business in the corner with the idea of cooperation, and even more want to find a better next home, and walk around the venue.

At this time, Elbert was obviously the focus of the women in the audience.

Lisa and Chris were invited by the organizer to go downstairs to have a drink together, so they got up again and came out of the hotel, but they just hit the organizer head-on, the organizer was smiling at them, you are here, just about to go up and call you It.

Lisa smiled generously and bothered Mr.

Su. No trouble, let me introduce my son to you. Just as the organizer wanted to say something, a voice rang from behind, Dad, no need to introduce it.

Marven Suzheng stared at Lisa and the man beside her with a meaningful smile. Miss Tang and I were old acquaintances. Oh, isn’t it? Mr.

Su didn’t understand the deep meaning of his words, but patted Lisa on the shoulder, then I would save a lot of trouble, Miss Tang, I wanted to talk to you about the next time Lisa didn’t expect to run into Marven Su here.

The expression on his face was not ready yet, and the other party bluntly said, Dad, hurry up and entertain the guests.

I can talk to them myself. Don’t mess around. Mr.

Su glanced at Marven Su, then I went down first.

Thanks Mr.

Su. Before he left, Lisa smiled at the organizer, and then Mr.

Su disappeared from his sight.

Marven Su only started to sneer. When he laughed, those blue-green eyes were beautiful for no reason, oh, this will hook up. Going to Chris, I also gave you a mocking smile about Lisa. Now she is no longer alone. Could she let him bully Marven Su and smile more presumptuously like last time, turning her face to deny people, Miss Tang really Ruthless, I don’t know if I will treat Elbert as cleverly as he is now.

He always knows how to hurt her the most.

Such a man is like a beast.

Lisa laughed so badly that he was my old lover. What are you? Marven Su’s expression changed and he was about to catch her when he came up, but Lisa easily avoided him.

The woman was smiling clearly, but her eyes were cold, as if she had expected Marven Su to be angry, her face was beautiful, but cold.

She smiled coldly, with disdain in her eyes. When passing by Marven Su, Lisa lowered his voice and cast a word in his ear softly. Man, it’s so boring. What I tried so hard to hurt was actually gotten with all my thoughts.

In the next second, Marven Su’s pupils shrank a little.

He returned to his senses and turned to look at Lisas, but she had already turned her head back, without even a trace of nostalgia.

Holding Chris, Lisa stepped on high heels and walked towards the elevator step by step.

The red backless dress burned like a fire and bloomed at the end of Marven Su’s sight.

The moment she disappeared, the man stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the one.

Thin lips.

This face is cold and enchanting, but the movements are extremely frivolous.

There was a bit of surprise in the wolf-like eyes, and a few low-pitched syllables overflowed from the throat, he said, interesting.

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