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The pain of losing parents is unfathomable. Especially if the person who loses their parents is a kid. That kid knows the world in the true sense.

It is this child that faces the real faces of the people around him. The people, for their part, are not what they seem to us. In their personal capacity humans can be cruel and nasty.

The novel that I am going to discuss here revolves around this theme. But it also teaches us another lesson: there is always an up for a down and vice versa.

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The Return of the God of War:

The Return of the God of War is a novel written by someone who has seen both of the worlds. This story shows us exactly that.

It is a story of a person who has seen the ups and downs of the world plenty of times. Even though the protagonist of this story is a struggler, there are some aspects of his story that make us feel blessed.

In this post, I am going to discuss the life story of Levi Garrison. I will share a synopsis of the story with you first, and then I will review it for you.

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The Return of the God of War Novel: A Brief Summary

The story begins with a tragedy. The protagonist of the story, Levi Garrison, is a young kid. He finds out that the only hope, that is, his parents, is no more.

He is all alone to fend for himself in this cruel world. He begs on the street to satiate his hunger. His life is going nowhere.

But one day he sees light at the end of the tunnel. A well-ti-do family decides to adopt him. It seems that all his trouble is far behind.

But that is not the case. The reader is jolted out of his/her slumber. In the family, Levi is treated no better than on the streets.

He is treated poorly, someone who doesn’t belong. But having to endure such cold behavior, the nerves of Levi have strengthened and he keeps working hard.

He becomes a success story because of his sheer hard work and tenacity. This doesn’t go down well with the family he lives with.

The Return of the God of War Full Story: A Twist to Remember

The family decides that he should be shown his place. They devise a malicious plan. On the wedding day of the hero, they frame him in a crime.

This takes him to prison. He now knows the true faces of his so-called family. Now that he is in prison all hopes seem to vanish. But the strong character that he possesses, he comes out of the prison more successful than before.

The Return of the God of War novel chapter is enough to teach us a lesson or two about life in general.

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The Return of the God of War Novel Read Online:

If you want to know how this story unfolds, you need to read the novel.

You can read the Return of the God of War novel Levi Garrison online.

The Return of the God of War Novel PDF:

If you are someone who prefers PDF format to enjoy novels, you can also download it in PDF. If you are unable to find it, you can let us know in the comments section.


The novel at hand is one of those refreshing works of art that give us hope. It is written beautifully enough to keep us engaged. The story of Levi Garrison should be the only thing in our minds this summer.

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