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The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Complete Chapters Link

This novel brings for us the story of Levi Garrison. He is an orphan who loses his parents at an early age. With no one else to go to, he starts living on the streets begging for food, the sky his roof.

Soon a man finds him and takes him to his family named Garrisons. The orphan finds it hard to adapt to this new family. Even his so-called parents in this house abuse him and beat him, not to mention the unkind attitude of extended family members.

Despite all this, he grows up to be a talented man. Out of sheer gratitude, he works hard for the progress of this family. He starts a business that brings in wealth for the family, as his status rises, it alerts his haters inside the house he calls home.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Read Online

 Not all the people who identify with you deserve the respect and gratitude. The same happens with the hero of this novel Levi Garrison. As he works hard for the members of the family and their secure future, they perceive his existence as a threat.

Thus they start to hatch plans to remove this thorn from their lives for good. On the wedding night, they successfully frame Levi and send him to jail for five years.

After sending him behind the bars. They start living with the comfortable feeling that they can live happily from now on.

Yet they are totally unaware, this point turns out to be a turning point in the life of this hero. Soon, from jail, he goes to the warzone as a fighter. Where the journey will take a major turn catapulting him to the helm of power and prestige.

What will happen next? Find out by reading the full novel online for free on this site.

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