Girl Life Turns Around Chapter 03 – 04

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Chapter 3

At two o’clock at night, Jean went crazy, sweeping out all the ingredients in the refrigerator and throwing them into the trash can.

It’s like, that b@stard man, without mercy, stepped her heart and her love on the soles of his feet without mercy, and then threw them into the trash can with disdain…

Five o’clock in the morning At that time, Mike was still asleep, but Jean had left the house with her luggage.

Kelly and her assistant were already waiting downstairs in the exclusive commercial vehicle.

When she saw Jean with a lonely expression and pale face, Kelly was shocked. The next second, she hurriedly greeted her and took the suitcase in her hand.

“Jean, cheer up! This month, I think it’s a vacation in Japan!”


Jean responded with an obscure smile.

At seven, the plane took off on time.

Kelly wanted to use her free time to talk to Jean about her work schedule for this month, but when she saw that she was in a bad mood, she had to give up.

With a low sigh, she put the papers in her hand aside, and persuaded her,”

Jean, to be honest , I heard that you are going to divorce the b@stard Mike , I am very happy for you!” Kelly said, let Jean’s stiff heart moved slightly, her cheek pressed against the window, not responding to her.

“Jean, if it weren’t for this empty marriage, you would have been as famous as your sister. How could you have been wandering in the entertainment circle outside the third line.” Kelly’s words all revealed a little Regret.

Yes! In her opinion, Jean has the capital to fight for first-line red stars, and can even do better than her sister, but many high-ranking opportunities have been rejected by her. The reason is only that her husband Mike, doesn’t like his wife to show up too much! For a while, she even had the urge to retire from the entertainment industry for the sake of Mike, but fortunately, she was persuaded by Kelly after all. After all, film and television have always been Jean’s dream.

“I’m sorry…” Jean turned her head and apologized in a low voice, “In fact, you can lead a better artist, but you haven’t given up on me! Kelly, thank you, really…”

Kelly just smiled, “That’s because I see the value of your future! Jean, believe me! You will definitely become the brightest red star on the summit in the future!! The premise is, don’t foolishly ruin yourself for the kind of beast-like Mike! He! He is really not worth your effort!!”

Jean squeezed a faint smile, “I will work hard…”

Soon after, Jean really did what Kelly expected, she can successfully reach the top. Become the most shining star in everyone’s eyes, and put Mike and others, all on the soles of her feet! Of course, these are all things to do.

On the fifth day in Japan, Jean’s personal cell phone still didn’t ring, and Mike had never given any calls.

In the daytime, it was like a growing bacteria. The madness gnawed at her festering heart. As time went by, it gradually deepened and intensified.

At night, after the magazine photo was taken, she said that she wanted to walk alone, so she left Kelly’s care.

Walking aimlessly on the streets of Japan, she stopped in front of a lively nightclub.

Staring blankly at the hustle and bustle of the hall inside the glass door, Jean’s expression became extremely dazed, and the steps under her feet moved inwardly.

Maybe she should really get drunk! !

When you are drunk, you don’t remember anything! If you don’t remember, you won’t feel hurt!

She didn’t know how much wine she had drunk. In short, this was the most she drank since she can remember.

“Mysterious” “Mysterious” looking at everything in the hall vaguely, there will always be cute Japanese boys coming up to talk, and most of them are cowboys in nightclubs!

Jean refused to answer them, but took out her mobile phone, to make a call to Mike without knowing it.

“Mike, what are you doing?” On the phone, she cried and asked the man over there.

Mike’s attitude is very cold, “Jean, I am very busy now, if you have something, tell my secretary!!”

“It is night, what are you busy…” Jean drank some wine and played a little s3ductively, “You’ll find a secretary every time!

Mike, my husband is you, not your secretary, woo woo …” “Jean, are you drinking?” On the other end, Mike’s tone became awe-inspiring.

But here, Jean’s heart was slightly happy.

“Mike, you still worry about me…” She smiled, very satisfied.

“Worry?” Mike sneered, “Jean, I just want to remind you, if you are going to get drunk crazy, go find someone else! I’m very busy, I’m not free!! I’m going to sleep!!”

Chapter 4

While Mike was talking , it seemed to be accompanied by a girl’s complaint, “Mike, it’s so late, who is calling you! Hang up! Come on, so sleepy…”

“Toot toot–” The woman’s voice fell, and the phone was cut off mercilessly by the person over there.

Only Jean remained, holding the phone stiffly, motionless.

Tears flowed silently from the eye sockets… the palm of the hand was icy, and the small hand holding the phone was still trembling.

“Hmm–” All of a sudden, she felt a violent churn in her stomach.

Busily got up, staggered, covered her mouth and “fumbled” to the bathroom.

Jean doesn’t know how long she has been walking in the corridor, she only knows that every step she takes, the steps under her feet become heavier, and the consciousness in her head becomes more and more chaotic…

Tears are like broken pearls. The eye sockets surged out, and the churning pain in the stomach seemed to affect the internal organs, and the whole body was also aching.

Pushing open the door of the ‘toilet’, Jean lives.

And inside, everyone was stunned for a second at the same time, erecting a defensive wall for the drunken woman who suddenly broke into the box room.

Jean stared at this high-class washroom

inside … Inside, the lights were dim, and there was a breath of mystery that was overwhelming.

A group of black-clothed men, their faces coldly “faced”, lined up on both sides, standing in an orderly manner.

And at this moment, the “fascinated” drunken Jean didn’t even notice. The men held a new high-end pistol in their hands, and the muzzles were aimed at her chest neatly.

With a single order, Jean could be battered on the spot.

And in the middle of the crowd, there was a man in black, specifically, a handsome man in black! !

Under the faint blue light, what kind of a charming and mysterious face is that?

Even Jean, who met countless handsome men in the entertainment industry, was stunned at that moment.

The man possessed a pair of magical eyes, like the boundless sea, glowing with a deep blue light.

The light eyes’ “color” is mysterious and unpredictable, and there is no way to figure it out.

The tall nose bridge is like a manual peck, so delicate that no dead spots can be found.

Below the bridge of the nose, a pair of arrogant thin lips rose slightly, and a presumptuous smile hung on the lips, but it was so cool that everyone shuddered.

He, standing by the window under the cold moonlight, if he is independent of the world, he cannot be prying into the mystery.

And those strange strong eyes were straight, staring at the slightly drunk woman at the door.

The sight of that “forced” bullying, if it can see everything.

“Yes… I’m sorry, I looked for the bathroom, it seems I went wrong…”

Looking at the cold scene in front of her, the alcohol in Jean’s mind seemed to wake up a lot in an instant.

In the gloom, the coquettish man seemed to pass a glance to his subordinates, and he heard someone say, “Miss, the toilet is this way, please here.” The black-clothed man graciously led her into the exclusive bathroom of the private room.

The slightly drunk girl didn’t notice any dangerous aura. Now she just wanted to expel the pain in her stomach quickly from her body.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she squatted in front of the toilet, vomiting uncomfortably.

It felt like if all her internal organs were to be vomited out, tears overflowed from the eye sockets like broken pearls, one by one, painfully falling into the water, “swinging” circle after circle. Muddy ripples…

Mike, three words, like a sharp ice skate, slammed into her weak heart! ! So painful, so painful! !

“Mike Blair, you b@stard!!”

She cried, and screamed into the toilet as if she broke down.

“How can you treat me like this? You can be so cruel, woohoo…”

“Do you know how much I love you? Mike! Mike Blair……”

Jean squatted by the toilet, curled up her injured body whimpered in pain.

Later, she didn’t know how she stepped out of the bathroom in despair. When she was passing by the hall, she was confused and thoughtless, picked up the whole *** on the bar counter and poured it into her little mouth.

Obviously, it doesn’t hurt if she is drunk, but she still hurts so much, so she is not drunk yet! She is still not drunk enough! !

In the hall, no one came to stop her extreme behavior.

The enchanting man just leaned on the sofa, slender legs folded lazily, one hand propped his gorgeous face, his phoenix eyes narrowed, and an outsider watching the majestic scene before him.

His lips curled, a touch of wanton laugh…

Cold, deep, instructive, elusive, but shuddering.

She knew she was completely drunk.

In front of her, there was no longer the cold face of Mike, instead, it was a coquettish charm.

“Who…who are you?”

she asked him vaguely with her drunken eyes.

The man laughed, strange and cold, “Jack Allison! My name, remember me.”

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