The Poorest Rich Man Novel Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062

“Not today.” Erye Feixu frowned.

“That’s not today, but you’d better stay with us for a few days. We are familiar with it. If the wedding is held as soon as possible, as long as we get married, we will help you Erye’s family. This is set by our two families long ago. The rules, I think Miss Feixu should know?” Jin Chuanjiesan

did not hide the lust in his eyes at all. When speaking, he stretched out his hand to Erye Feixu.

“Mr. Jinchuan, I hope you can respect yourself. We don’t have any relationship yet.” Er Ye Feixu looked at him with some disgust, and took two steps back.

“It’s me who was abrupt. Miss Feixu first go to the guest room and take a rest. We will have a meal together in the evening. By the way, I will introduce your family to you and discuss the wedding.” Jinchuan Jiesan rubbed his hands in embarrassment.

He was afraid that he would behave too suddenly, Erye Feixu might be afraid to leave. He didn’t care if he didn’t cooperate with the Erye family, but he was afraid that if he didn’t cooperate, he wouldn’t be able to get Erye Feixu, so he restrained a little.

“Thank you.” Er Ye Feixu breathed a sigh of relief when he heard his words.

Jinchuan Jiesan personally sent Erye Feixu to the guest room, and after she entered, he quickly called his subordinates in front of him.

“You stared at me the man named sheldon. The Erye family cannot send someone to follow for no reason. If he does anything unusual, please tell me in time. In addition, prepare some medicine. I will use it at night. “

Jin Chuan Sukezo called his subordinates in front of him and whispered.

“What kind of medicine, is it drugged or…” When the subordinates spoke, they subconsciously looked at Jin Chuan Sukezo’s crotch. They had been behind Jin Chuan Sukezo for so many years, and they had known that his body had been drunk. I’m empty, and I can only live by taking medicine. If I don’t have medicine, I’m afraid it will not even reach the standard.

“What kind of medicine are you talking about, she is my future daughter-in-law, so I can just force it, can I still get the drug!” Jin Chuanjie Sany slapped his hand on the face and said angrily.

Even though these are all his confidants, but he knows who he is talking about, of course he is a little dissatisfied. After all, the most taboo of a man is to be said no, and he still needs medication to maintain it. ability.

“Yes, yes, I understand, I’m going to prepare now!” He held his head under his hand, and quickly nodded in agreement, for fear of being slapped twice.

Watching his subordinates leave, Jin Chuanjiesan’s face smiled. He wants to get Erye Feixu today. He must have a reason to get married by then, and the other party will not refuse too much. When he gets bored, he will You can just throw her away.

And the Erye family absolutely didn’t dare to oppose their Jinchuan family.

In the evening, the sky gradually darkened. Two henchmen of Jinchuan Sukezo went outside to sell new medicines and handed them to him, while Jinchuan Sukezo asked the nanny in the family to prepare a richer dinner, ready to be on the dinner table. After getting Erye Feixu drunk, do it again.

Everything is ready, Jinchuan Sukezo let his hands go down and invite Erye Feixu.

But as soon as his subordinates left, sheldon came uninvited.

“What are you doing here?” Seeing sheldon, Jinchuan Sukezo immediately frowned. He was very disgusted with this Erye family.

“Of course I’m here for dinner. It seems that Mr. Jinchuan has prepared very well, but he lacks good wine. Isn’t there any treasured wine in your family?” sheldon sat at the dining table and picked up his chopsticks. I ate with vegetables.

“Master, or me…” the subordinate stepped forward and asked in a low voice.

“Go busy with you.” Thinking that Erye Feixu would come soon, Jinchuan Jiesan could only hold back the anger in his heart. He didn’t want to get angry because of sheldon about such a happy thing, nor did he want Erye Fei. Xu saw her brutal side.

sheldon heard what they said clearly, but pretended not to hear anything, still eating food.

After a while, Er Ye Feixu came in under the leadership of another subordinate.

She originally hated meeting Jin Chuan Sukezo alone, but when she saw sheldon sitting by the dining table, Erye Feixu’s face appeared with a smile, and she walked to the dining table lightly and naturally sat down with sheldon. next to.

“Feixu, sit next to me.” Seeing sheldon and Erye Feixu sitting together, Jinchuan Jiesan’s face was a little unwilling.

“I’m just sitting here, I don’t have to eat a meal, I can sit anywhere.” Even if she knows that she will soon be the wife of Jinchuan Sukezo, she still hopes to be closer to sheldon, even if only for a short time, It’s such a chance for a meal.

“By the way, Mr. Jinchuan, I have heard some of your rumors in the country, I don’t know if it is true?” sheldon asked with a smile while drinking the wine the housekeeper brought.

“Mr. Chen, don’t believe the rumors from the outside. Our Jinchuan family is one of the big families in the country, and I am the young master in the family. The outside world must have framed me and rumors. Don’t believe them, they are all false! “

Hearing sheldon’s words, Jin Chuan Sukezo’s face turned a little gloomy, but he recovered quickly, and responded with a smile like sheldon, but his smile revealed cruelty and murder.

Demolition of his platform in front of Erye Feixu had already made him murderous.

“Is it fake?” Er Ye Feixu raised his head and looked at him with a smile.

“Of course it’s fake, Miss Feixu probably won’t believe the rumors outside, I am the young master of the Jinchuan family, how can I do those things!” Jinchuan Sukezo explained with his fist clenched.

He hasn’t provoke sheldon, but sheldon took the initiative to attack. He has already made a decision in his heart. When the meal is finished and Er Ye Feixu is soaked in his hands, he will arrange for someone in the family to solve sheldon secretly. Drop.

“Mr. Chen, you don’t want to frame our young master at will, otherwise we will trace it down, and you may have to bear the consequences!” Jinchuan Sukezo did not say clearly, but his men were threatening sheldon.

“I just said casually, don’t take it seriously, of course I believe that your young master is a person!” sheldon smiled and waved his hand.

“You’d better just say it casually, otherwise, you might not be able to get out of our Jinchuan family’s door easily today.” Jin Chuanjie San said with squinting eyes, no matter what, he already has the mind to kill sheldon.

“Haha, eat and eat!” sheldon could see his thoughts from Jinchuan Jiesan’s eyes, but did not reveal it.

It’s not easy to eat a meal, Jinchuan Sukezo’s eyes are always on Erye Feixu’s body, and the medicine he has just given has been secretly eaten in, and now he is feeling like a lump in his lower abdomen. The fire is burning.

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