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Chapter 5

The nice voice is like a cello outline, magnetic “s3xy”, calm, and seemingly cold.

And his tone was not a mere statement, but an order.

The man’s hand touched Jean’s sweaty forehead, and the palm of his hand was cold.

“You look so good…”

Jean couldn’t help but let out a soft compliment, “Are you also here… Cowboy?” On the side, all the men in black couldn’t help shed a drop of cold sweat.

Unexpectedly, they could only hear their boss, and replied indifferently, “Yes…”


“And, you have already bought me…”


God! ! Who dares to buy Jack, Mr. Allison of the Allison Mafia Sect? Who can afford this dangerous man who can’t be measured by value? ! !

“Tonight, I am your man!”

“…” It’s a dream! This must be just a gorgeous dream! !

Not only was drunken Jean thinking so, but even Jack’s men thought so.

How could a young man from Allison Sect treat a woman so tenderly? How can he be willing to be a woman’s exclusive man? Even, admit that he is the Cowboy here? ! This is definitely not something Jack, a young man from the Allison Sect, would do! !

All night, “lost” and “stumbled” in confusion. “No, I don’t want this…” At the last moment, she seemed to grab the edge of the line of reason and stretched out her hand against the man’s strong chest.

Tears still kept rolling in the eyes, “We can’t do this…”

This man, he’s not Mike! !

She can’t be so close to any other man except Mike!

Even though, this man is nearly a hundred times better than Mike! !

“Why not?” The man’s magnetic voice whispered in Jean’s ear and asked her.

“I…I am married!! I am a married “women”…”

Even though, her husband never touched her! Even though, her husband will divorce her soon!

The man smiled coldly, “So what?”

He didn’t care.

“You like me to touch you, that’s enough…” While speaking, his slender fingers flicked across her tender b0dy frivolously as if they were magical, and provoke her sensitive are@s, shaking involuntarily, softly begging. She said, “Don’t… don’t do this…”

“Little fairy, your b0dy is much more honest than your little mouth…” With a coquettish smile, he said arrogantly, “Jean, this world is so small, we were even early We met…”

The next day– she woke up.

The thin morning light spilled lazily into the room through the glass window, giving Jean who was sitting on the quilt outside with a golden halo.

Was everything last night just a dream?

There is no cowboy in a nightclub, nor a man who looks like a fairy…

but her clothes are still neatly dressed, and there is no trace of being touched!

It seems that she was really drunk last night! !

“Ding Ding…”

Suddenly, the cell phone in the handbag rang like a bomber.

“That’s it!” Jean seemed to be thinking of something, and the little hand knocked her chaotic head annoyedly, “Missed the work time!”

Of course the call came from Kelly.

Chapter 6

“Jean, where are you?” On the other end, Kelly’s patience seemed to have been polished by her. “Do you know what time it is now!” She yelled at the Jean on the phone.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry…” Jean apologized hurriedly, “I’ll be back soon! Quickly…”

Jean started washing up while calling.

At the other end, Kelly’s anger seemed to be suppressed a bit, and she only said, “Where are you, I will send a car to pick you up.”


Jean glanced around at this strange but extremely luxurious presidential suite.

Why is she here? Also, where is this place? Did everything last night…

Isn’t it just a dream? !!!


“Ah…” she came back to her senses, her face paled, “Um…Kelly, you don’t want to pick me up, I will just take a taxi and go back by myself!”

“But…” Kelly was obviously still a little worried.

“Don’t worry! This is in Japan, no one will recognize me!”

Besides, even in China, no one might know her, because she is just a very third-rate ordinary actor!

“Well then!” Kelly nodded, “Then be careful on your way.”

“Ok, I will…”

Jean finally breathed a sigh of relief. If Kelly knows that she not only entered the nightclub last night, she even got drunk, and she seems to have had some intimate behavior with a completely strange man…

Kelly’s fiery temper would surely make her scolded bloody.

She have been busy in Japan for nearly half a month.

On this day, at four o’clock in the afternoon, it was rare to close work ahead of schedule.

Jean was sorting her cosmetic bag in the dressing room, and suddenly she saw Kelly and her assistant walking in with a rack of small dresses.

“Jean, this is a dress sponsored by sunshine. You can try them all and choose the two most suitable ones.”

She looked at Kelly in a puzzle, “Isn’t it all over for today’s itinerary? This is…”

“Yes! The trip is over, but…” Kelly smiled cheerfully, “Jean, you are making a big deal this time!! I just received a call from the president of sunshine personally, saying that there is something important tonight The banquet lets you attend!”

Jean blinked suspiciously, expressing her confusion.

In fact, when she was in China, Kelly always received calls from many wealthy businessmen asking Jean to attend various important dinners. Although each attendance cost was quite high, they were all rejected by Kelly.

But this time, it’s different!

“Actually, it seems that you are not in a good condition recently, so I wanted to push it away! But then the organizer said that a distinguished guest would be there. So, I don’t care what you think this time. In short, you must Got to participate!!!”

“Guest?” Jean couldn’t help but frowned.



A young man from Allison Sect, anyone who is active in the upper class will hear about this person.

The Japanese mafia has few masters in Allison men, and has a mysterious and huge social background. The consortium has spread from the service industry to the communications industry, and even spread to the current film and television industry, leaving his glorious footprints everywhere, especially in the political world. Call the wind and call the rain, cover the sky with one hand.

It is a rumor that he is evil like a demon, but as fierce as a demon.

It was a rumor that he was angry, and Asia was shaking three times. However, he rarely gets angry.

Such an unfathomable man easily turned the entire Asia, and even the entire world, into the palm of his hand.

However, no one knows his origin, except that he is of Chinese descent, with one-third of the British aristocratic blood flowing in his body, and is now based in Japan.

She heard that the young Allison seems to have plans to return to China for development recently, so many domestic movie stars and singers are rushing to him, and even Kelly is reluctant to let Jean pass this great opportunity.

“Hurry up and change clothes!” Seeing Jean hesitated, Kelly urged, “Jean, I don’t care if I can make it, but there is one thing we must admit, if we are lucky enough to climb the tall branch of Allison, even if we only know Acknowledge, that also opens up a path for you in the future!”

Indeed, Kelly is right! Therefore, she has no reason to refuse.

The banquet was held in the hall of Jinluang.

Very few distinguished guests were invited, but in the preliminary count, fewer than twenty.

The hall, however, is decorated with magnificent majestic, majestic atmosphere, and impeccable exquisiteness.

The elegant and beautiful violin sounded through the ears, circling and “swinging” in the hall, making all the people in the hall immersed in this elegant atmosphere, it was difficult to extricate themselves…

“Allison is here…”

Suddenly, she heard a cheerful low voice from the crowd.

Everyone subconsciously looked at the Jinluan Gate that was gradually being pushed open, startled and stunned.

And when she saw the dazzling “confused” face that was as cool as a demon, she completely jawed.

Is… Is it him? That, the coquettish man who came out of her dream!!!

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