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Chapter 7

She saw him wearing a purely handmade black “color” windbreaker with a pure “color” classic shirt inside, and the three buttons down the neckline were casually loose, “showing” a large piece of the ancient appearance of the copper “colored” skin instantly made his enchanting temperament even more charming.

He calmly walked in from the outside, his deep eyes were glowing with a deep blue “color”, and he only glanced at the audience faintly, but the emperor’s noble temperament had nowhere to escape.

Undoubtedly, such a man was born to create pressure on all things in the world.

“Even… it turned out to be him…” Jean couldn’t help murmuring, but a small heart beats like a drum, restlessly beating.

“Jean, what are you muttering?” Kelly lowered her voice and asked suspiciously about her whose face was slightly wrong.

“No, nothing.”

Jean raised her eyes and looked at the man in shock who walked in surrounded by men in black.

And it just so happened that his faint gaze also settled on her…

Two people face each other.

However, he just glanced at her, and then faintly swept away, the dazzling Phoenix eyes never showed half ripples, as if not even a bit of stunned.

“Allison, please…”

The boss of sunshine organizers greeted Jack respectfully.

The originally quiet hall became lively in an instant, and the elegant tunes flowed through the hall again.

With a red wine glass in her hand, Jean sat in a daze on a sofa in the corner of the hall, while Kelly was busy socializing among the people.

“Miss Jean, can I invite you to dance on behalf of Allison?”

Suddenly, a polite question sounded above her head.

She was stunned and looked up, but she met the slightly down-to-earth smiling face of President Sunshine William.

Mr. William smiled and pointed in the direction opposite to Jean.

Jean looked in the direction of his fingers, surprised.

The man on the opposite side is not someone else, it’s that, mysterious and invisible, Jack Allion!!!

At this moment, he was not looking at Jean at all, but focused on talking about something with the lady on the side. The corners of the enchanting lips were still the wanton and dizzying smile. .

“Miss Jean, if you have to seize the opportunity, this is the only time the world will lose pie…”

Mr. William reminded her with a ‘kind’ smile.

Jean finally nodded in response, but not just to seize this opportunity, but because she still had a lot of puzzles to ask the man.

Romantic music rang throughout the hall.

A beautiful duo, with absolute grace, enters the luxurious dance floor and dances to the moving music.

Outside the dance floor, there were pairs of envious eyes, as well as Kelly’s incredible expression.


Finally, Jean tentatively asked the man who danced with her.

“In this world you are the only one who dare to call my full name!!”

In the azure eyes of the sea, a faint “color” appeared, staring straight at Jean’s eyes that were pure as water.

Between the lips, there was a wanton smile, dizzy “confused”, if warned, Jean shuddered.

“Sorry.” She lowered her eyebrows and apologized softly.

After a few seconds, she looked at him again, “Mr. Allison, have we… seen somewhere?”

Jack’s beautiful phoenix eyes squinted dangerously, staring at her coolly, without answering, his coquettish lips collapsed into a straight line.

“Is it really just a dream…” Seeing him not answer, Jean couldn’t help muttering suspiciously.

“Nightclub!” Suddenly, Jack said, breaking the doubt in her heart, “We saw each other in the nightclub!”

As if as a warning, the arms around her slender waist tightened quickly, making her tender body and his icy key body closer.

Jean opened her red lips slightly and stared at him in shock. After a while, she returned to her senses and blushed to apologize, “Yes… I’m sorry, I really drank too high at that time, so I thought you were…”


Two words, elegant to Jack’s thin lips overflowed.

“Yes… I’m sorry…”

OMG! What did she do since she was drunk? She actually regarded the Allison Sect Young Master as a cowboy in a nightclub? !

“It seems that I really drank too much that night! I’m really sorry, Mr. Allison, I hope you don’t mind.”

Jean blushed and was so embarrassed that she could only find a hole and bury herself!

“I don’t mind, it’s just… that night we really had too many things that we couldn’t care about…”

Jack’s arms tightened, and he easily made her soft breasts, without a trace of seams against his sturdy body, he laughed, all enchanting, thin lips close to Jean’s sensitive ears, ambiguous Whispering together, whispered, “You have a lot more style than those unmarried little demons…”

“You…” Jean was instantly “chaotic” by his ambiguous words, her small face flushed even more, her delicate body twisted a few times, trying to keep some distance with the dangerous and evil man in front of her. “Mr. Allison, I know what happened that night was wrong, but I hope you…Don’t let me down, just assume we have never seen each other before!”

“So, you want to say that we are…one-night-love?”


Jean bit her lip, lowered her eyebrows, and said nothing.

Chapter 8

Jack smiled wantonly.

With his thin fingers, he hooked up Jean’s slightly pale jaw, and chuckled in a deep voice, “Miss Jean, there are countless women in this world who want to play with me for one-night love! But, those who dare to play, don’t worry if you can’t afford it, you are still the first one!!”

His meaningful words made her to take two steps back in terror, and her flushed face instantly turned pale.

Just in time, the music stopped.

There was thunderous applause outside the dance floor.

Jean stared at the dangerous man who was like a demon on the opposite side…

He just smiled.

Suddenly, he stepped forward and approached her.

The big hand held her pale little face, and without warning, she pressed a kiss on her slightly red lips.


Next to the week, the audience gasped.

The lips were pulled apart, his unique fragrance still filled the lips, and the blue eyes stared at the woman in front of him deeply, “Jean, before you become servant of Jack, please protect yourself for me. The chastity! One day, I will willingly let you bear under my body and call me respectfully, “Master”…

When the voice fell, he exited the gorgeous dance floor like an aloof king, leaving only the dazed Jean standing in the middle of the dance floor for a long time unable to return to her senses.

“Baby, you are so awesome!!”

Kelly rushed into the center of the dance floor excitedly and hugged her, “I knew that you would never let me down! Believe me, you will be the most shining red star in this circle! Even the young master of Allison Sect If you can handle it, what’s a small entertainment circle?!”

Jean’s emotions hadn’t recovered from the scene just now, obviously she was just dancing with Jack, but she felt that the whole person was like an emptied soul, and she couldn’t lift a trace of strength.

“Kelly, I’m a little tired…” After Jean finished speaking, she quietly retreated from the dance floor.

The panic in Jean’s eyes still has time to fade away, but between her lips, it seems that the smell of that man still lingers…

Cold and icy.

The trip to Japan was like a nightmare for Jean.

Since then, Jack’s enchanting face will always appear in her mind from time to time, and the last words he left, whenever she thinks of it, always make her ‘hairy’ creepy.

However, Jean didn’t expect that after returning to China, a bigger nightmare had been waiting for her.

Jean dragged her heavy luggage and stood outside the entrance, her fingers kept pressing the code on the door lock.



Three times…

Four times, five times, six times, seven or eight times…

As if she did not want to believe it, she stubbornly pressed the password button over and over again, but every time the voice prompt was a cold sentence…

“Wrong password…”

“Wrong password…”


How could this be?

The password was changed privately by Mike? !

Feeling hurt and angry, Jean hurriedly pulled out her mobile phone from her handbag, shaking her hands and dialing the man’s phone.

However, the call was not answered by Mike, but was directly transferred to his secretary’s mobile phone.

“Where is he?” Jean’s tone was cold, and she faintly trembled.

“Sorry, Miss Jean, Mr. Blair said that he has been very busy recently and has no time to answer your call.”

Look, look!!! Even his secretary bullied her!!!

“Let him answer the phone…” Jean shouted angrily into the phone.

At the other end, Secretary Alice was also frightened by the sudden loud noise from jean, because in her memory, no matter how much grievance this young “milk” or “milk” suffered, she always lowered her eyebrows and plucked her eyes and accepted it. It was really the first time for such a big fire.

“You… wait, wait…”

Secretary Alice handed her mobile phone to Mike Blair, who was looking down and busy reviewing the documents, “President Blair, Miss Jean’s call, you… you should answer it yourself!”

Hearing what the secretary said, Mike picked up his head, curled his eyebrows, looked at Secretary Alice unhappily, and said coolly, “I can’t even deal with this little thing, why would you please?”

“No, it’s not…” Secretary Alice’s face turned pale, “Mr. Blair, for my sake, having been with you for more than two years, you have a large number of adults…”

Mike glared at her coldly, until he answered the phone and said, “Go out first!”

“Yes…yes!” Secretary Alice squeezed her cold sweat and hurriedly left the president’s office.

“What are you looking for?” Mike’s tone was poor.

On this end, Jean took a deep breath, trying to reduce the pressure of the fire in her chest a bit, only said, “Mike, the door lock code, you changed it?”

“Yes!” There was a cold sneer between Mike’s lips, and he leaned against the backrest lazily, raising his sword eyebrows, “What? There is a problem?”

“What’s the password?” Jean asked him, enduring the pain in her heart.

“No comment!!”

Just know!!!

She knew it would be the answer!!!

Jean held the phone in small hand and tampered with it a little bit.

The heart also throbbed violently with this compression.

Mike, do you have to “force” me into a blind spot. Only when I can’t retreat will I give up? !

“What’s the password…”

Her trembling voice asked him again.

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