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Chapter 25

Jean yelled hysterically at the man in front of her, “Keep your eyes open to see, I am not your Emma, I am Jean!!! That silly, cheap, and extremely boring Jean !!!”


After all, in this roar, the bank collapsed.

She turned hurriedly, rushed into the water room again, and began to rinse her mouth constantly.

Her actions are very rude…

It seems that she wants to use this to conceal the unquenchable tears in her eyes!

“Let’s… get a divorce!!!”

Five words…

It rang behind her.

Obviously, with such a short sentence, why does Jean only feel so pain!!!

Those five words would pop out of Mike’s chest, word by word, with difficulty.

“Jean, let me go!!”

Mike’s voice sounded again.

Jean’s tears were uncontrollable in the end, one by one overflowed into her eye sockets, and fell into the sink, causing waves of ripples…

The hand, holding the wiping step, became tighter and tighter.

Mike, let you go, but who came to let her go again? Let go of her already overwhelmed heart? !!!


Jean turned around and looked at the expressionless man on the opposite side.

Tears, blur…

Voice, choked.

“Do you want to get a divorce? Yes!!” Jean nodded, her tears showed her unprecedented determination, “You moved out of this home!! We separated, and after two years we will no longer be a husband and wife. !!! So, get out!!!”

Jean’s words made Mike’s dark eyes shrink a little…

“Jean, sooner or later, you will take the initiative to divorce me.”

Mike’s voice was so low that it was almost inaudible to Jean.

He finished speaking deeply, turned around, and stepped out of the house decisively, no longer looking at the teary Jean behind him.

“Bang…” The entrance door closed.

Just like, she slammed her heart down, and her whole body was trembling with pain.

Mike left, and Jean carried the bucket and mop and started frantically doing the most comprehensive cleaning of the entire dirty house.

She just wants to sweep away the “kinky”-slavish air from her house and her world!

When Jean wiped the door lock of the hallway again, her fingers stiffened…

Then she suddenly realized why the so-called password is 19880316!


There was a slight smile on her lips, no wonder this set of numbers is so familiar, just because…this is Emma’s birthday!!!

She should have thought of it!!! However, at that time, she was innocent, how could she think that the woman who climbed onto her husband’s bed would be her sister? !!!

The heart, as if pierced by an ice ridge…

It hurts terribly!!!

It was three days after she saw Emma again.

However, what makes Jean unexpectedly uncomfortable is that Emma also knows Jack, and the relationship between them seems… quite familiar!

Today’s Jack wears a black “color” windbreaker with the texture of Ouhua, perfectly cut, and his already tall figure is even longer and taller.

Inside the windbreaker, there is a plain “color” classic shirt. The three buttons of the shirt are loosened lazily, revealing a strong and sexual-sensing breast muscle, which spurs the hearts of every girl present…¦

Standing in the middle of the crowd, he smiled thinly between Jean’s lips.

Half-bent, Jack was close to the cleverly smiling Emma beside him. The two of them rubbed their ears together as if talking about something.

Jean could not hear the conversation between them, but seeing the playful smile between them and Emma’s shameful face, Jean seemed to understand something.

Isn’t Jack’s best job to tease girls?!

On the other end, Jack seemed to be aware of her eyes here…

Sweeping his eyes, he directly met his rippling water eyes playfully.

Jean didn’t expect Jack to suddenly turn his eyes to look over. At the moment when she met his sharp gaze, Jean didn’t panic.

“Do you know her?”

Emma’s defensive questioning sounded in Jack’s ear.

“I saw her in the magazine.”

Jack watched lazily, and the answer seemed a little careless.

“She seems to be very interested in you.”

Emma sneered at her sister opposite her, “However, Jack Allison must look down on her.”

“Oh?” Jack “exposed” a playful expression.

“Because she is already a married young ‘woman’!! And, she will soon become a torn shoe! How can such a low-status woman, the young master of Allison Sect, get along?!”

Emma smiled seductively, but her eyes were full of calculations.

She deliberately cut off all the back of the woman opposite!!!

Regarding Emma’s words, Jack only chuckled deeply and said nothing.

“Do you know why she is hotter than you?”

Kelly’s question came from Jean’s ear.

Jean was startled and looked back at her.

“Her communication skills are much better than you!”

Jean smiled, “Yes…”

At least, at the point of surrendering men, she is indeed much better than her!

Her eyes once again inadvertently swept across the pair of chatting and laughing people on the opposite side, Jean’s heart was a little bit sour for no reason…

The chest, as if blocked by a big stone, felt a little panic for a while.

“Kelly, I’ll go out and breathe out, and I will be called later…”

After speaking, Jean walked out of the set without any hesitation.

She was afraid that if she stayed any longer, she would be in danger of suffocation at any time!!!

Jean’s announcement is over.

As soon as she came out of the set, she was surrounded by reporters.

When she was suspicious of Kelly, she suddenly realized that it was Jack who was behind them and the woman beside him, Emma!!!

“Mr. Allison, what is your relationship with Miss Glover?”

“Is it a couple relationship?”

“When did you start to be together?”

“Mr. Allison, are you planning to stay in China this time?”

“Mr. Allison…”

The reporter followed them all the way…

In the crowd, Jean seemed to have seen Emma’s triumphant gaze and was shooting at her.

Then, she saw Emma following Jack into his exclusive car.

The door is closed…

Countless flashing lights kept flashing, piercing Jean’s eyes, a little pain…

The car sprinted away like an arrow, but the man in the car didn’t turn his head to look at Jean here from beginning to end.

Heart, inexplicable…

Some are in vain, she can’t say what it feels like, that is, it is very uncomfortable.

“It’s great! Tomorrow Emma will be the headline again! Hey, this time it’s a big hit!”

Besides, there was the envy of the minority stars.

“That’s not necessarily!” Kelly said indifferently, “If Minger’s front-page headline is her, it proves that Jack Allison acquiesced to this girlfriend, then it will be difficult for Emma not to be popular by then! But if you don’t see any news tomorrow, then it proves that the news was blocked by Allison. It is natural in his eyes, and his Emma is no good! In short, everything will be clear tomorrow!!”

What Kelly said made Jean startled for half a second.


Jack’s girlfriend…

Could it be Emma?

Just thinking about it, Jean felt a chill in her heart! The whole body is so cold that there is no trace of temperature.

Last night, Mike seemed to have not returned all night.

Early in the morning, when Jean was still eating breakfast, she heard the doorbell ring as expected, the postman delivering the paper.

Holding the toast in hand, she tightened it slightly. In the next instant, before she could wash her hands, Jean hurried out to get the newspaper.

When she got the newspaper, her heart still tightened…

After taking a deep, unmarked breath, she dared to glance at the headline of the entertainment newspaper.

“Emma’s new boyfriend has surfaced, he is the young master of Allison Sect!”

The huge headline exploded in front of Jean’s eyes. For a moment, there was a blank in her mind…

Kelly said, ‘If Minger’s headline is her, it proves that Jack Allison acquiesced to this girlfriend. ‘

So, now is… Did Jack admit her identity as Emma to the world? !!!

So, his girlfriend turned out to be… her?!

Jean had a tingling pain in her heart for a moment, and she was still bored. It’s hard to say what it was like…

That is, even breathing seems to be a little uncomfortable!

In her chest, anger is piling up…

There is always a feeling of being played in the palm of their hands by the three of them at the same time!!!

Jack, why did you come to provoke me when you have my sister?!

Just as Kelly said, once the news came out, it was hard for her to be popular.

The whole set was surrounded by reporters inside and outside, and Emma was just sitting in a small circle guarded by bodyguards with an arrogant attitude. On the side, her agent was talking on the phone and busy. It’s so fun.

“From now on, Emma will only become more and more arrogant!” Kelly sighed.

Jean, who has just filmed a lot of scenes in a row, will just feel a little tired, “Kelly, I will go to the lounge for a while and call me something.

After explaining, Jean went directly to the lounge.

The lounge was luxurious and clean, but there was no one. This was good and clean.

Recently, she was exhausted physically and mentally by the piles of chaotic things around her.

Lying on the couch, she found a comfortable sleeping position, closed her eyes, and Jean tried to calm her mind for a few minutes.

However, she felt a black “color” shadow pressing down on her, and Jean opened her eyes vigilantly, but her eyes were directly facing a pair of demon cool pupils…

It turned out to be Jack?!

In front of her, his lips curled indifferently, watching her with a smile.

“You… why are you here?”

Jean felt uncomfortable when she was stared at by his strange gaze.

Busily got up, sat up from the recliner.

“I should ask you this!”

Jack leaned over and leaned toward her without warning. He spread his hands on the recliner and circled her.

Four eyes, confrontation.

The hot breath is close at hand.

The temperature in the air keeps rising.

Jack raised his sword eyebrows slightly, his thin lips lightly opened, “Why did you show up in my lounge? Still, sleeping on my recliner?! On purpose? What do you want to do? Seduce me?”

A playful smile appeared between his demon-cooled lips.

“Mr. Allison, is your opinion too strong?” Jean said coldly and said again, “Sorry, I don’t know this is your exclusive lounge for Mr. Allison, I will go out immediately.”

Jean said she was about to get up.

Of course, the man in front of her didn’t mean to give way.

“Mr. Alllison, please let me please.” Jean didn’t look at his sharp eyes but said distantly.

“Miss Jean seems to be very angry today?”

“Nothing!” Jean frowned and pushed his sturdy arm.

However, Jack turned around and sat down on the recliner. With his long arms, he habitually put Jean beside him on his lap and sat down.

“Tell me, what’s wrong?”

His slender fingers are slightly cold, and Jean’s slightly indifferent pink jaws are hooked on, and there is a smile in the enchanting phoenix eyes, “Who upset you?”

Chapter 26

The magnetic “sex” voice, like a mellow scent of wine, bewitched her, teaching people not to drink but to get drunk.

For a second…

Jean almost fell into the mystery barrier he arranged again!

“Enough, Jack!!”

Jean took a deep breath…

“Don’t mess with me again, okay?”

In her misty eyes, there were requests and indifference, “I have a husband, and you… you are already with my sister? Why do you want to provoke me?!”

Jean shook her head, but her heart was inexplicably painful, “Jack, although I don’t know you and my sister, or even Mike, I don’t know if the three of you are playing me like a fool! But …I won’t let you bully me endlessly like this!!!”

Speaking of the last sentence, Jean’s emotions became a little agitated, her pink cheeks flushed, and her chest undulated violently.

“Don’t compare me with them!! They are not qualified yet!!”

Jack’s charming face sank a little.

The arm wrapped Jean’s struggling body tighter.

“You are like them!!” Jean flushed her eyes and accused him, “Jack, you are not a good person!! You let me go! I don’t want to be mistaken for a third party!”

Jack certainly refused to let her go.

Fingers, cold, hooked on Jean’s sharp jaw, forcing her slightly angry eyes to meet her biting gaze.

“Do you think the dignified young master of the Allison Sect will be attracted to Emma’s kind of “color”? In your eyes, Jack’s taste is so bad?”

As he spoke, his demon-cooled phoenix eyes squinted lazily, and “shot” dangerous eyes…

Jean looked at him in confusion, “Your girlfriend is not my sister?”

Jack sneered, “She is not qualified!!”

“In that newspaper…”

“As a star, do you believe anything in the entertainment newspaper?”

That’s also true! But…

“No…” Jean shook her head and looked at Jack’s seemingly calm face like scrutiny, “If you and my sister are nothing, then this entertainment headline today isn’t supposed to be both of you! Jack, you didn’t block this news to make this result appear! What are you…what are you thinking?”

Jean realized that she really couldn’t see the strange man in front of her at all.

“Do you want to praise her?”


Jack did not deny it.

“Why?” Jean’s heart was in a daze, “She gave you… benefits?”

When asked this sentence, Jean could feel that something was cut in her heart.

“Jean, I don’t have any ‘sex’ interest in women like potential!!”

Jack frowned in disgust.

However, he just wanted to use this incident to tell an unconscious woman one thing that is…

As long as it is the woman whose Jack wants to be popular, just one action can make her soar into the sky!!!

So, he waited, come to her when she has nowhere to go!!!

Jean frowned and looked at him, “Jack, you are such a man who makes people wonder…”

Jack smiled demonly, and raised her chin with his fingers teasingly, “So, don’t try to dialyze me!”

Because, as a result of dialysis, he worried about her and couldn’t bear it!!!


The phone in Jean’s pocket rang, it was Kelly’s call.

“I should go back to the set!”

Jean moved in his arms and motioned for him to let go.

“En…” Jack let out a deep “groan” but didn’t mean to let her go.

“Jack…” Jean struggled.

“Jean, your sister said you were interested in me, is it true?” Jack asked her suddenly.

“Ah?” Jean stunned, her eyes blinked “confused”, and for a while, she hurriedly shook her head, her cheeks flushed, “No! Jack, don’t listen to her “chaos”! I’m not…interested in you!!!”

Jean defended her anxiously, looking embarrassed.

The panicked eyes met Jack’s increasingly gloomy blue eyes. In the end, she was afraid that he would not believe in her, and hurriedly added, “You know, the person I love has always been Mike!! How could his wife…”

“Get out!!”

Jack commanded in a deep voice, his tone was cold, without the slightest temperature.


Jean lives.

She didn’t even know what was wrong with this man, did she provoke him again?


Jack narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Don’t let me say it a second time!!”

The voice was so cold that Jean shuddered.

“Jack, I still have something to tell you before I leave.” Jean took a deep breath and mustered the courage to continue, “We two…be the most ordinary friends! That’s the kind, keep the safest distance. Put the most decent words! You know, I am a woman with a husband, although my husband is not chaste to me, I don’t want to let myself become the same person like him! If we can… We will keep a proper distance in the future! Besides, you are still my sister’s boyfriend, I don’t want to be misunderstood! As for the last time, I took the initiative to find you, I am deeply sorry! In the future, there will never be a second time… I’m sorry!!”

When she saw her sister chatting with him intimately, Jean felt that there was a place in her heart that was astringent.

At that moment, she was panicked, scared…

She was afraid that she would not be able to resist the charm of this man, and she began to be tempted and emotional with him…

So, the only thing she has to do is to stay away from him!!!

Only by staying far away from him, she can retreat without injury!

“I have finished what I should say, goodbye…”

After Jean finished speaking, she was about to leave.

Quietly, Jack’s cold words sounded coldly behind her, “Jean, remember these words you said today!!

“I hope you… don’t regret it!!”

Between Jack’s strange lips, there was a cold chuckle, cold into his bones.

Jean’s heart couldn’t help but squeeze a circle, and the next second, she escaped out of the lounge.

“Miss Jean is good!!”

Outside the door, rows of Jack’s bodyguards stood.

Jean’s smile was a little stiff, “Okay…”

With a perfunctory greeting, she hurriedly left.

Later, after the whole day, Jean did not see Jack again. However, in her spare time, she always couldn’t help but look towards the lounge, but the result always made her a little disappointed.

“Jean, Jean? What are you thinking about, so fascinating! The phone has rung several times, please listen to the phone!” Kelly pushed the dazed Jean.

“Ah…” Jean suddenly returned to her senses and hurriedly picked up the mobile phone on the table. She was very surprised. It turned out to be the call from her father George.


“Jean, are you busy?” Father’s voice was a little dumb during the call.

“En! I was busy! What’s the matter? You suddenly called me. Is there anything wrong?”

“Hey! Jean, how long have you said you haven’t been back to this house…”

Her father’s words caused Jean’s heart to tremble slightly for a second.

Yes! How long has it been since I stepped into that home again?! Is it from the death of my mother? Or from the time when my father led my sister and Aunt Megan into their home?

Even Jean doesn’t remember it clearly!

“Jean! Come back today! Dad misses you!”


Faced with her father’s request, Jean did not refuse.

She still remembers that her mother was beaten up by her father. After she became ill, Jean had a lot of resistance to her father. When her mother passed away due to illness and her bones were still cold, her father led Aunt Megan and was half older than herself. When the year-old sister came back, Jean’s love for her father also collapsed at that moment.

There is no longer in her own home!

It was early evening when Jean arrived home. Emma was at home, but she didn’t expect that Mike was there.

“Oh! This is a rare guest!!” Emma’s mother Megan couldn’t help but feel sour when she saw Jean coming in.

“Aunt Megan.”

Jean’s attitude is very weak.

In the hall, Mike on the sofa was still sitting there blankly, while Emma leaned beside him with a smile on her face.

It looks like they are a real couple!

Jean held the handbag, tightened slightly, and asked the housekeeper on the side “where is my dad?”

“Master is still busy in the study!!”

“Sister, go and call the master down, ready to have dinner.” Megan gave a light command.

“Yes,” the Housekeeper responded and went upstairs to invite George.

Dinner table-

“Jean! Dad thought you didn’t plan to have this home anymore!” George sighed while looking at his daughter who had not seen him for many days.

“George, what to do with some of these things! Tell me something about business!” Megan’s expression was a little ugly.

“That’s right, Dad! Let’s talk about business!” Emma urged.

However, Mike still just ate the rice in the bowl quietly.

“Dad, what’s the matter with me?” Jean finally understood the purpose of the meal.

Putting down the chopsticks in her hand, she looked at her father indifferently.

George Glover glanced at Jean and then at the others in the room. He finally sighed and put his chopsticks down, “Jean! Dad knows you… Mike…”

“Dad! Let’s talk about the topic!”

Jean took a deep breath without a trace, blocking her father’s words.

Sooner or later, she wants to kill, but it’s not as good as one cut, happy!

“Jean, divorce Mike!!” George said in a dumb voice.

The corners of Emma’s proud lips rose slightly.

However, Mike, holding his chopsticks, stiffened for a second but quickly recovered.

“Why?” Jean’s heart was cold and cold…

The voice was a little choked, and the tone became a bit more arrogant that did not belong to her before, “Dad, since you know I love Mike, why did you let me divorce him? Just because Your eldest daughter loves him? So the youngest daughter should unconditionally sell?! The same is your daughter, how can you be so…eccentric!!”

Is it painful because she divorced Mike?

Not!!! It’s because of her father’s too partial love!!!

Apart from the heartache, it is more of…… chilling.

“I won’t get a divorce!!!”

The more so, the more paranoid she is!

Not because of love, but because…unwilling!

With a word from Jean, the faces of all the people present became cold.

“You must be divorced!!” Father’s voice was as heavy as a mountain, “The house is yours, and Mike will move out to live with Emma.”

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