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Chapter 27

“You must be divorced!!” Father’s voice was as heavy as a mountain, “The house is yours, and Mike will move out to live with Emma.”


The chopsticks that Jean picked up, were thrown on the table again by her, making a muffled noise.

She stood up indifferently, staring at her father, her eyes filled with too much cold and despair, “You are not worthy of being my dad…”

Should the real father be like this? Not! Not!!! A real father can’t treat his daughter like this!

Jean turned around and walked out.

Tears unconsciously blurred her eyes…

“Jean!!” Mike called her from behind.

The voice is so deep and so cold.

“I’m going to be a father…”

The sudden word from Mike made Jean tremble and stiffened.

Tears, like a bank burst, crazily flowed out…

She stood there, covering her mouth, crying uncontrollably.

How ironic! Her husband became the father of her sister’s child!!!

Why, they have never, never considered her feelings?!

Jean stood there and didn’t know how long she had been crying, until Housekeeper came over and handed her a tissue, “Second Miss, stop crying! Madam will look at you in heaven…”

If housekeeper meant something deeply, Jean suddenly came back to her senses.

Taking a deep breath, the corners of the beautiful lips filled with a faint smile, yeah! Mother is still looking at her!!!

She stubbornly wiped away the tears on her cheeks, and no longer looked at the indifferent faces behind her. She straightened her chest and walked out of this indifferent home proudly…

Mike, thank you for your unfeeling, let me learn to give up completely!!!

Jean didn’t know how she got out of Glover’s house.

Tears, wet cheeks… But she, like a walking corpse, wandered in the desolate city, with nowhere to stay.

The red light was on, and she was alone, standing in front of the zebra crossing sluggishly, waiting for the green light in a daze.

A black Maybach galloped past her…

However, he stopped.

The car window slid down, revealing a demon-cool face.

He, just sitting in the car, indifferently looked at the broken figure in the cold wind.

Jean seemed to feel his cold eyes…

As soon as she raised her eyes, she slammed into his mysterious and deep eyes. In the next instant, she couldn’t control herself, and she burst into tears…

It’s him!!!

Jack! Whenever she was in despair, he was always like a domineering knight, breaking into her life without breaking up!!!

Car door, open.

The long black figure, like a king, walked out of the car gracefully and calmly.

However, he didn’t approach her, he was just that, leaning on the car, took out a cigarette, slid a match, lit it, and took a lazy sip.

The smoke-filled him, enveloped his bewitching and extraordinary beauty, adding a bit of mystery to him who was already charmed.

With his faint blue eyes half-squinted, he looked at the woman who was out of control on the other side, her thin lips pressed tightly, and she said nothing.

The cold wind blew Jean’s face, making her aching.

The red light flashed and the green light turned on, and her legs were frozen, she could only stand in place for a while, staring at the person opposite.

Jack finished a cigarette without hesitation and squeezed out the cigarette butt in the ashtray on the trash can. Then, he paced towards the woman opposite.

Jean didn’t seem to expect that he would suddenly walk towards her, and she was in a daze. She was panicked for a second. The next moment, she subconsciously turned her back, afraid to look at him.

However, she only feels tight…

A pair of strong arms hugged her tightly from behind.

Powerful, domineering, and powerful.

The small body fell into his sturdy and warm arms. Before she could return to her senses, she had been wrapped solidly from behind by the thick windbreaker.

The icy body, tightly attached to his scorching chest, hearing the strong heartbeat, Jean only felt an inexplicable warmth hitting her heart along her back, and then… spreading to every cell in the body…

“Jean, do you have to make yourself so downhearted?”

Jack asked her, his tone still seemed a bit annoying.

Jean’s tears flooded from her eyes like a flood bursting a bank, “Why are you there every time I am down?”

“I didn’t want to come here!” Jack tightly wrapped her windbreaker, and sighed, “But I can’t let my woman leave it alone!”

Jack’s domineering words caused Jean’s heart to sway suddenly, and throbbing ripples spread out in the heart pond…


Jean whimpered and turned around, burying her head deeply in his sturdy chest.

Her small arms wrapped around his strong waist, helplessly crying in his arms.

At that moment, she encircled him, like a drowning herself, tightly hugging life-saving driftwood…

Her painful heart gradually eased because of his temperature…

Her heart was gradually warmed, and the strange sense of peace slowly penetrated…

For the first time, Jean felt that it was great to have Jack here!!!

“Do not cry!”

He had no way to deal with women’s tears, “I hate you for crying for other men!!”

In his arms, Jean’s delicate body paused for a while. The next moment, she raised her head and looked at the handsome demon man in front of her with her misty eyes, “Jack, I want to correct what I said during the day.”

“En?” Jack’s demon-cooled eyes narrowed.

“I don’t love Mike anymore!!”

After breaking his “rapist” relationship with her sister that day, she planned to never love him again!!! Although it is impossible to say that she will not love, she is already working hard!!!

“Also…” Jean paused slightly, her voice choked up, “From tomorrow, I will no longer be a married woman!”

Tomorrow, she will be divorced from Mike!!!

Jack squinted his eyes and laughed, a bit wicked, “Very good! So, you are giving me… some kind of “sex” hint?”

“…” Jean was speechless.

This man is full of evil thoughts.

“You know I didn’t mean that.” She was not in the mood to make these jokes with him at the moment.

Jack stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, “Stop teasing you, get in the car first! It’s freezing to death outside.”

“Thank you, Jack…”

This is today, the first sunshine in her heart…

Jack did not send her home but took her back to his home again.

Jean sits in the bathtub as big as a swimming pool, leaning her head gently on the edge of the tank, closing her eyes…

In the muddled mind, Mike’s sharp words like a knife kept echoing.

I am going to be a father!

Her heart hurts!!!

Once upon a time, she wished she could have children for that man, but now…

Such an idea is so ironic!!!

“What do you think? So absorbed!”

Quill, someone asked her.

“Nothing…” Jean closed her eyes, shook her head, and waved away all the pain in her mind.

Of course, the next moment…

Suddenly recovered.

Suddenly, she stared at Jack who suddenly appeared in shock.

She was anxious and annoyed, and shyer, her arms embarrassedly protected her “naked” and “exposed” little three points in the water, “You…you are perverted!! Get out!”

When did this man come in? Was it that her body had already been seen by this man?!

Jack took off the bathrobe wrapped around his body leisurely, “showing” his sturdy body, and then walked into the bathtub with his slender legs.

He turned a deaf ear to Jean’s words.

“Jack, what are you doing!!”

Jean was anxious, her small body kept retreating, ashamed to run away “naked”.

What should she do? Seeing the man approaching her step by step, Jean was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, her small face flushed even more, and she became more and more pink and tender under the dense mist.

“Jean, dare to take a step back, I will directly strengthen you here!”


Damn, this man can do it all the time!!!

Jean is almost crying.


Jack did not approach her anymore, but instead lay down on the edge of the tank lazily, “Come and help me poke the back.”

“I do not want!!”

Jean refused and protested, “Jack, how can you be like this! Both of us…”

“You say one more word, I will immediately strengthen you!” Jack tilted his head and squinted at her.

The tone is not heavy, even the corners of his lips are accompanied by a smile, but the lethality is enough to make Jean afraid to say more.

Bastard!!! Beasts!!! Metamorphosis!!! Rogue!!!

“Come here…” He beckoned to her.

No!!! Jean shook her head stubbornly, she was looking for a chance to escape.

“Want to run?” Jack seemed to see through her mind with just one glance, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, and a bit of evil was revealed in the monster, “The bathroom is full of bodyguards! You want to be seen by the men outside. You still want to be observed by me, you choose yourself.”

He finished speaking slowly, then closed his eyes lazily and continued lying on his stomach.

“Jack, how you can be so insidious and cunning!!” Jean was so angry that her cheeks bulged.

“Are women like you like you?” He opened his eyes and looked at her dangerously.

Jack’s patience has been lost.

However, he was not waiting for Jean to come back to her senses. Suddenly, with a probing hand, he grabbed her in the corner and pushed her aggressively into his arms.

In the next instant, it was a heart-burning kiss that directly swallowed Jean in the chaos.

His kiss…

Domineering and lingering.

It was so hot as to burn her alive…

Hot and damp lips, domineeringly pry open her white teeth, like a drought in the rain, he madly demanded every inch of her breath from her mouth…

Her taste is sweet!!!

Too sweet, enough to make him “rippling” in his heart pond, and his emotions are out of control…

Jack let out a snorted, arm, strongly fished over her neck, forcing her to raise her head, without a trace of a seam, following his arrogant kiss.


“I…I can’t breathe…”

He was too wild and too rough so that it made her a little hard to breathe.

Her protest did not make Jack stop the kiss…

His lips and teeth grabbed her lips, gnawed shallowly, sucked deeply, and looked like he wanted to swallow her alive.

“Hmm -“

Finally, in Jean’s helpless low voice, Jack was reluctant to move her lips half an inch away, and his “disturbed” eyes stared at her scorching eyes, “Idiot.”

He scolded her lightly, with a smile in his eyes, “confused” with a demon.

“You have to learn how to breathe when kissing! I have never seen a woman with such poor kissing skills!”

Jean curled her lips and blushed, “You think everyone is as experienced as you!”

“Then you should be taught with humility and study hard!”

Chapter 28

When the voice fell, she held up her blushing little face domineeringly…

The hot and humid kiss swept toward her again like a gust of wind.

She has to admit, this man’s kissing skills are really good…

Obviously, it is so rude, but it makes her hardly disgusted, even in his skillful teasing action, she is reborn, and she who resists, can only softly lie in his arms and obediently cater to him.

This man, as if he was born with him, has a magical power to induce crime!!!

That kind of taboo-like temptation!!!

People can’t help but sink deep step by step!!!

Her catering has undoubtedly added a few fires to Jack who was already scorching fire…

In the body, the temperature rises instantly.

Lower abdomen, squirt!

Every cell in the body began to shout and scream excitedly…

Desire, hidden in the blue eyes, jumping wildly!

Big hand, unable to control the soft snowball in the water, play with it, **…

Soft, in the palm of his hand, various shapes changed, stimulating his most primitive body desire-hope.

The factors of excitement and shyness occupied her in an instant.

“Allison… Jack, don’t…”

Do not do that…

Jean wanted to resist, but when the words came out of her lips, why did she become so weak and weak?!

That feeling, not even like resistance, but a…disguised temptation?!

The corners of Jack’s wicked lips were raised, drawing a frivolous arc, and the big hand holding her snowball became ruder, “When did you learn to refuse and welcome this trick? Huh?”

“I…I didn’t…have. Ah…”

Jean denied it innocently but did not expect that his fingers would suddenly move down, and she couldn’t help but chant.

Shame, anger, and embarrassment filled Jean.

“Don’t… don’t ‘chaos’, um-“

OMG!!! She will be tortured by this man.

“Little Demon Girl!!” Jack chuckled, condescendingly looking down at her small face struggling with desire and reason.


Once again deeply annihilated her.

She was hugged by him and sat on him, feeling his sturdy figure without a trace.

She panicked like a child, but couldn’t resist his heart-wrenching kiss.

For a while, she could only let him, kiss, and “touch”…


Just as the atmosphere was about to rise to the highest point but squeaky, a harsh ringing tone interrupted their love without mercy.

Jean suddenly came back to her senses, and her reason returned instantly. The next moment, she hurriedly pushed away from the grinning paws on her body, “Jack, stop making trouble, I will answer the phone.”

“You’ll pick up later.”

Jack held her face domineeringly, very dissatisfied with her distraction, and bit her red lips, “Give me focus.”

“Hmm -“

Jean was beaten up by him again.

However, the bell sound was like a tug of war with them. They didn’t listen, and the people over there kept going.


Jack let go of Jean in his arms in disappointment, and squeezed her hips with a big hand, “Go to the phone.”

Jean flushed with shame because of his provocative action and hurriedly stretched out her hand to get the phone on the edge of the tank.

At first glance at the telegraph, Jean’s blushing face suddenly stiffened.


Jack’s demon-cooled eyes glanced at her faintly. From the change in her expression, he knew who the person on the other side of the phone was without even looking.

He took the bath towel by the bathtub and threw it to Jean, “Take a shower for me.”

The bath towel covered Jean’s small face, making her instantly come back to her senses. The little hand hurriedly grabbed the bath towel on her face, and after taking a deep breath, she answers Mike’s phone.


Her tone was very cold.

However, she didn’t know when, her waist was tightly held by a hot arm.

For a moment, Jean’s heart seemed to pop out of her throat.

Hastily stretched out her hand to grab his restless big hand, but did not dare to make a strange sound.

“What are you doing? Why are you listening to the phone now?”

Mike on the other end also had a cold tone.

“Mr. Blair, does this have anything to do with you?” The current Jean didn’t want to talk to him again.

There was silence over there.

And here, Jack’s restless claws had long been involuntarily probing towards her.

Head, leaning on her white shoulders, hot and humid lips, constantly rubbing together…

But gradually, the action became ruder and ruder, as if there was still some sullen in it, and the lips and tongue were “licked” at the beginning, and then gnawed heavily!



Jean couldn’t help but exhale in pain.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mike suddenly angered.

Jean was anxious and annoyed, “What the hell are you looking for?”

Jack’s cold fingers gripped the pink grape on her chest…

Jean couldn’t help shaking her whole body.

This guy hurt her on purpose!!!

Jean flushed with shame, lest she would lose control of her voice under his teasing, she hurriedly said, “If you want to talk about divorce, tomorrow, I will wait for you at the Civil Affairs Bureau! See or leave!”

Jean finished speaking in a hurry and hung up the phone anxiously without waiting for Mike to reply over there.

Her cheeks were flushed and she was a little frustrated, “Jack, stop making trouble.”

“I don’t make trouble, I just do it.”

Jack’s hand still kept raging on her soft body.

Jean went to catch, “I’m done washing, I’m going up.”

Such them gave her a feeling of…stealing and affection!

She has not officially divorced Mike! Such behavior, to her, feels somewhat…shame and shame.

“Think of that man in my heart?”

It’s just a phone call, so she can easily take away her enthusiasm and her mind.

Jack’s heart is somewhat frustrated, but besides the frustration, more emotions make him confused…

That is a kind of hard to control, sulking!

He feels very disgusted!

His hand held her chin tightly, with great force.

Jean glared at him lowly, “Jack, you are hurting!!”

However, Jack didn’t mean to let her go. The other big hand directly attached to her abundance, like punishment, cruelly “kneading”, “Tell me, Mike is in your heart. Is it that important?”

He is inexplicable and annoyed.

“Don’t be like this, you…you let me go!!”

Jean grabbed his restless big hand in embarrassment. Facing his punishing provocation, Jean felt humiliated in her heart, “Jack, he is not important and has nothing to do with you, no?”

She doesn’t know why this man cares so much!!!

Because he likes her? Of course, she would not think so! This man’s heart is beyond ordinary people’s imagination!

Jack’s dangerous eyes were half-squinted, and his whole body was surrounded by a breath of cold bird.

Jean took a deep breath without a trace, “Jack, we shouldn’t be like this…”

She said that she should keep a proper distance from him, but…

She lowered her eyes, “Thank you for being with me when I was the most unbearable! Jack, I know you are a good person, but… I’m sorry, this kind of game is not suitable for me! Let’s stop playing like this!”

Jean’s voice was a little muffled, “Let’s be the most appropriate friends!”

To be honest, if this goes on, she is really afraid that she will sink!

It’s just that she can’t play the emotional game anymore!

She is so broken, she only hopes to have a solid love, not such a vague, ambiguous relationship!

Jack’s icy blue eyes grabbed Jean’s watery eyes, her thin lips twitched slightly, and he smiled, “Very good…Jean, you can grasp the scale of this game very well!!!”

The ironic tone made Jean a little embarrassed.

Without waiting for her to return to her senses, Jack stood up indifferently, swept over the edge of the tank, and was wrapped in the bathrobe he threw down, then stepped away from her legs, and went out of the bathroom without looking back.

He is angry!!!

The hostility and coldness that radiated from the whole body caused the entire engulfed bathroom to drop to freezing point in an instant.

Jean looked at his back, but she was inexplicably lost in her heart…

The next day…

At nine o’clock, Jean stood at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, waiting for Mike on time.

At ten o’clock, finally, a familiar red Ferrari parked in the outdoor parking lot of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Mike wore a white suit and walked out of the car slowly.

Undoubtedly, this man is extraordinarily handsome, especially in this well-tailored suit, which makes him stand tall and perfect like a gentleman.

Jean’s chest still felt dull.

Don’t open your eyes and stop looking at him.

A true gentleman will not be late.

Until he approached and asked her, “Did you bring everything together?”

The muffled voice rang up to the top of her head.

“Of course.” Jean didn’t look at him but replied lightly.

“Let’s go!”

His attitude is as thin as water.

After speaking, he walked away from his long legs and walked into the hall.

Many people get married, but many people get divorced.

Therefore, they had to wait patiently on the sidelines.

“With Jack last night?”

Mike asked her.

The tone is neither salty nor light.

“Oh…” Jean answered even more casually.

Her answer seemed to make Mike’s face “frozen” for a second, and a while, before she could hear him again, “You are in love with that man?”

The tone seemed a bit ridiculous.

Jean turned her head, looked at him, frowned, “Mr. Blair, this question seems to have nothing to do with you, right?”

Her tone was very alienated.

Love? Of course not!

She is devastated, and how can she still have the heart to love other men again!

Mike snorted slightly, and then said meaningfully, “Jean, that man, you can’t love him at all! So, if you don’t want to make yourself too embarrassed in the future, it’s best to hold on to your heart…”

What Mike said made Jean smile, “No matter how embarrassed it is, it can’t be better than now…”

“Really?” Mike only curled his lips deeply but didn’t say anything.

Jean, if you don’t hold your heart well, one day, you will find that the current embarrassment and pain will only be one ten thousandths of the future…


Jean and Mike are completely divorced.

After holding the dazzling red divorce certificate, Jean couldn’t help but wet her eyes.

However, she stubbornly raised her head, facing the golden sunlight, not allowing herself to shed a tear.

The red “colored” Ferrari passed by in a high-profile manner, and the cool breeze that set off made her shudder…

Heart, cold and cold…

However, she told herself that tomorrow… it will be another day!!!

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