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Chapter 29

Since then, Jean has never seen Jack again.

Of course, Mike had never seen her again, but it was Emma who saw her without looking up.

On this day, as soon as she left the set and entered the dressing room, Kelly greeted her with joy.

“Jean, there is a private party tonight. The people who are there are directors and producers, as well as a few good actors. I heard that they are going to talk about the casting of “Slaying the Wolf” in the lower part of Allison Sect!”


Jean was stunned, and her heart was dazed.

“I finally won a place with the director. You must participate this time! Director Tommy and Director Alex will all be there! And I heard that Jack Allison might also be there!” Kelly said vividly. Paint “color”.

“I… don’t want to go…” Jean lowered her head, her eyes darkened.

“Jean!!” Kelly’s expression darkened a bit, “If you continue like this, I don’t care about you if you are hidden by the company!”

Jean was silent.

After a long while, she sighed, feeling a bit agitated, “Okay! I’ll go.”

Such a private gathering is undoubtedly a way to build relationships!

But, is it that simple for a woman to find a man for a relationship?

The game of unspoken rules everyone knows! To accompany eating, drinking, chatting, and sleeping, this is commonplace!

She is somewhat reluctant to attend such occasions, but she is so “noble” but she lives in this circle, and her dream is also in such a muddy circle.

What can she do? The only thing she can do is to cleanse herself while protecting her dreams!

At night, at eight o’clock…

The location was chosen at the most luxurious club in the city, “Le Nest”.

Le Chao is a gathering place for the upper-class society in City, and only those wealthy businessmen and officials with expensive VIP cards are eligible to enter.

As soon as she entered Le Chao’s independent villa, Jean saw Emma in the middle of the crowd at a glance.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that even a small cast of actors like you would be worthy of participating in Allison Sect’s casting activities!”

Emma would not let go of the opportunity to mock Jean, “What? Who do you want to be with this time?”

Jean glanced at Emma with a cool smile, “Do you think everyone is the same as you, so you can only rely on your body?”


Emma’s face changed abruptly by Jean’s words, and then she smiled proudly, “Anyway, there is one thing I can at least be sure that some people’s former husbands seem to love me more. A graceful body…”

Emma couldn’t help but laugh out loud as she said, “Jean, you’d better keep your body like your husband until you die! Also, like you, you probably want to sell it. Can’t sell it!”

She has to admit that every word of Emma directly hit Jean’s wound.

For a moment, her face was pale with pain.

However, she couldn’t say a powerful word to fight her back!

“Jack Ellison is here!!”

Jean, only heard a low voice from the crowd and saw a long and strong figure walked in from outside surrounded by a group of black bodyguards.

Today, he changed his usual black “color” windbreaker habit and changed into a casual gray “color” “wool” shirt with a pure “color” shirt on the inside and an elegant lower body his black trousers wrapped around his straight legs.

The perfect match and exquisite tailoring instantly set his golden ratio figure to the extreme.

Undoubtedly, he is handsome and noble!

That kind of natural king aura was enough to oppress everyone to breathe.

Standing in the crowd, he just gave a faint glance, then taught others, he could no longer resist…

He can only, drowning in his faint blue eyes, unable to extricate himself.

Jack caught a glimpse of Jean in the corner of the crowd at glance. His beautiful sword eyebrows frowned slightly as if he was a little dissatisfied with her appearance.

Quill, the door of the villa was knocked respectfully.

It is the manager of the “Le Chao” villa area, “Jack Allison, do you think you need the princess to accompany you?”

“Does your princess deserve it too?” Jack did not answer, only the bodyguard David asked the dogleg manager coldly.

“Yes, yes… I don’t deserve it.” The manager squeezed his cold sweat and quit the villa.

“Jack Allison, please over here! Over here…”

All the celebrity directors and actors all stood up to welcome the Allison Sect master.

This…is it too exaggerated? Jean thought.

Jack’s arrival, as if igniting the entire venue, instantly made the hall lively and extraordinary.

Jean still sits in the corner, not hearing things outside the window.

However, with such a faint glance in her eyes, she saw that her sister had already posted to Jack.

They were sitting on the sofa less than two meters away from them, so she could hear them.

“Jack Allison, why haven’t I seen you come looking for someone recently?”

Emma sat down beside Jack weak and boneless.

“Why? I thought about it so soon?” Jack’s cold fingers hooked her pretty jaw.

Thin lips curled up, smiling indifferently.

There was faint ridicule hidden in Jean’s eyes.

“You have different beautiful women to accompany you every day, of course, you don’t want others! No conscience!” Emma complained, but her legs had long been rubbing between Jack’s legs without a trace.

Undoubtedly, this action was disgusting to Jean.

Didn’t Emma already have Mike? She even had his child in her womb, but why is she so flattering to Jack now? Isn’t she worried about being known by Mike? Or did Mike know that, but he didn’t care at all?

“Jean, why are you sitting here alone and don’t go to play with everyone!”

Just as Jean could figure out what she was thinking about, Director Alex sat down beside her with a glass of red wine.

Director Alex, in his 40s and 50s, has directed no less than ten blockbuster movies and won numerous awards. Any star that goes out of his hands is not unpopular.

“Director Alex, hello!!”

Jean was flattered by Alex’s approach.

“Why? Don’t you like playing with everyone?” Alex asked her with a smile.

“No, no! How come.” Jean denied hurriedly.

“Jean! Has anyone ever said that your beauty is like a green lotus?”

“Huh?” Jean laughed embarrassedly, somewhat uncomfortable.

“What about you, like a green lotus, clean, simple and refined, the most important thing is that you are different from those girls…” Alex smiled, shook the red wine in the glass, and took a drink for the next moment. After all, he continued, “Out of the silt but not stained, it is a clean girl like you!”

After that, Alex’s big hand grabbed Jean’s hand without warning, Director Alex loves girls like you.

“Alex…Alex, thanks for your wrong love.”

As Jean said, she struggled, just trying to escape his confinement.

As soon as the panicked water eyes lifted, they ran straight into the dark blue eyes of Jack opposite.

His eyes were as cold as ice ridges, firmly locked on the small hand of Jean that was tightly clasped by Alex.

Jean saw his long arm peeking, and in the next moment, he directly took Emma beside him domineeringly into his arms.

However, he kept staring at Jean who was opposite, and Jean’s thin lips were pressed into a straight line.

“Jean, this is the casting of “Slaying the Wolf”, don’t you want to take a significant role? As long as you like it, I will arrange it for you, what do you think?”

As if Alex couldn’t notice Jean’s resistance, while talking, the other hand was already on the small waist that Jean held.

The soft-touch made the male sex hormones in his body exuberant.

“Director Alex, don’t be like this…”

Jean resisted from the heart and was annoyed to grab the salted pig’s hand on her waist.

Faced with such a situation, she obviously should resist as much as possible, but she couldn’t even shout.

Because of this offense, she could be completely blocked!

“Jean, be good, girl, you should learn to use your charm properly, you know?”

Alex had to admit that this girl had a sense of refinement that other female stars did not.

The more she wanted to keep it clean, the more he wanted to possess it.

Alex’s hand had already started to climb straight up from Jean’s waist.

This bold move scared Jean, “Director Alex, please be more self-respect!!”

Jean stood up suddenly, her face was pale, and her voice couldn’t help raising her voice, “Sorry, I’m not interested in casting!”

After speaking, she moved to leave.

However, before she had time to step out, her delicate body had been pulled back by Alex’s big hands.


She whispered in fright, staggered, and fell directly into Alex’s arms.

“I’m not interested in coming to the party? Who are you lying to?! Jean, my security director gave you this opportunity, don’t you know how to praise!!”

Is she interested in casting? Of course interested!!! However, she has no interest in selling herself for a role!!!

On the opposite side, Jack’s face was completely cold…

Ice and fire blended in the strange blue eyes, which was very shocking.

On the other end, Jean’s eyes were already panicking and tears were about to overflow. At this moment, she was struggling helplessly in Alex’s arms, but the water eyes looked straight at Jack who was opposite, but her heart was praying that he could send kindness to save her.

Because there is only him who can save her!

Others either didn’t dare to speak out, or they didn’t want to speak out, just letting Alex behave.

Just when Alex’s salted pig hand attacked Jean’s chest, Jean saw Emma who was opposite, and suddenly kissed Jack’s tight lips.

That moment…

Jean seemed to hear the sound of her heartstring breaking…

She closed her eyes, couldn’t bear to watch the scene on the other side that made her nauseous, and “fuck” the ashtray on the coffee table…

If you block it, you can block it. !

After all, dreams are more important than reputation and “fuck”!!!


The ashtray slammed on Alex’s head mercilessly, and immediately, blood flowed…


Alex covered his forehead and screamed in pain, “Fuck!!”

The three characters blurted out.

Jean blinked red, and quickly got out of his arms, “It’s…you who “forced” me…”

Tears kept spinning in her eyes.

Everyone looked at this side in shock.

On the opposite side, Jack also pushed Emma away in disgust.

“God! Are you okay with Alex?” The female stars hurriedly stepped forward to show their courtesy.

“Hurry up to the hospital!!” someone suggested.

“I’m going to the police station!! I’m going to sue this bitch!!” Alex “showed” a hideous face, and pointed his finger at Jean, who was panicked on the opposite side.

“I… go to the bathroom first…”

Jean’s face was pale as paper.

In the next instant, he ran to the bathroom outside in a panic.

Long time…

“I’m going to smoke a cigarette.”

Jack said dully, putting his hands in his trouser pockets, with a calm expression, turned around and left the hall.

Everyone can see that at this moment, Jack’s mood is very bad!!!

Chapter 30

In the bathroom, Jean kept washing her small hands that had been caught by Alex.

The kiss between Jack and Emma kept playing in the muddy mind…

Is he so close to every woman? You can hug, hug, kiss, or even…

Knowing that this is not the time to think about this kind of thing, but yet, Jean can’t control her thoughts.

She took a handful of water indiscriminately and patted it on her forehead, trying to make the muddled self sober.

Jean smiled sadly when she looked at her pale face in the mirror and still looked a little desolate.

“Jean, you are really over this time…”

Yes! Offended Alex, she will be hidden by the company!

This time, even Kelly couldn’t make it back!

On the promenade, Jack lowered his eyes, leaned lazily on the cold wall, and indifferently smoked the cigarette in his hand.

As soon as Jean came out of the bathroom, she ran into him.

The expression was stunned for a second, then for a moment, she ignored him and was about to leave.

“Have you washed your hands?”

Jack asked her in a dumb voice.

Jean frowned, settled down, and said, “It’s nothing to do with you!”

Her heart froze for a moment, but it was a little bit painful.

Jack gave a deep smile, picked up the faint eyes, and locked the pale cheek on the opposite side, “Are you angry?”

He pretended to be puzzled, “Why?”

She hates his arrogant attitude.

“Because I didn’t help you?”

Jack smiled coldly and asked her back.

Jean’s eye sockets turned red, “I know that he only needs a word from you, so he won’t act on me, but why don’t you even want to be fair to me?”

She is not angry, she is just, desolate, sad…

Is this man the same as the crowd inside?

“Why should I help you?”

Jack asked her coolly, “Why should I help you? We are very familiar? What’s the relationship? Ordinary friends?”

The thin lips smiled, cruelly and decisively, “You are not qualified to be friends with Jack!!”

After speaking, he forcefully squeezed the cigarette butt out in the ashtray, as if to declare his anger at the moment.

“Jean, in this circle, wanting to rely on her strength to be in the top position is a dream!!”

After speaking in a deep voice, he turned around indifferently, and no longer looked at Jean behind him, pacing into the hall.

Jean stood there blankly, motionless…

The hand, holding the bag, is getting tighter and tighter.

And the palm is getting colder…

After all, Jean was taken into the police station by Alex.

Here, in the villa, Jack is still lazily sitting on the sofa and smoking a cigarette, and the directors’ casting of the role has officially entered the topic.

“I think Emma’s image is quite suitable for the female number one. What do you think of Jack Allison?” Director Tommy suggested to please Jack.

“En…” Jack let out an absent-minded “groan”, then raised his eyes to look at the directors before saying, “You can figure it out!”

“Yes Yes Yes…”

“Thank Jack, thank you for the director!!” Emma thanked them eagerly.

Jack frowned in disgust when he heard her delicate “kneading” voice.

“By the way, does Jean have a role to play?”

Jack asked them, his tone was a little casual as if he was just asking casually.

However, his words caused Emma’s face to change suddenly.

“Uh…because we have considered that Miss Jean is not well-known, and we have just started working on Lucy, she is also a bit bad in character, so she is not considered in the casting of the role. Of course, If Jack, you think she…”

“Okay!” Jack interrupted Tommy, and said lightly, “You can figure it out!”

This sentence is again.

After Jack finished speaking, he put out the cigarette butt heavily in the ashtray, then got up, walked outside the door, and the bodyguard led by David also hurriedly followed.

“Jack Allison, are you leaving?” Emma hurried after seeing Jack as if he was about to leave and asked him softly.

“That’s right…” Jack turned around and glanced at the director and producer on the opposite side, and finally, his gaze fell on Emma.

She could only hear him say, “The heroine’s position, make it clear first!”

After that, before Emma came back to her senses, he was already surrounded by bodyguards and left the villa.


The directors were silent.

Emma came back to her senses and stomped her feet with anger, “Didn’t he say that the director will take care of it!” Director Tommy, what do you do with this…”

With that said, Emma’s soft and soft body pressed towards Tommy again.

Tommy patted the back of her hand, feeling a little helpless, “Emma, we don’t dare to follow Jack’s words! The female number two is also quite good, and the role is not less than that of the female number one.”

“I don’t want it!! I don’t want to be a foil for others.” Emma still didn’t follow it.

“Hey! You don’t want it, but there are still many people rushing in line! Huh?”

“Okay! Then we have to do this first!” Emma pouted dissatisfiedly.

Inside the police station-

“Forest Bureau, I don’t have any other requests, just detain her for a few days!!”

Alex leaned his legs and asked Director Bin like an uncle.

Who let them have friendship in private!

“Why are you detaining me?” Jean looked at Alex angrily.

“Why? Just by hurting my forehead, I can sue you for malicious hurt!!” Alex glared at Jean viciously.

“You are the wicked person to sue first! Police Officer Bin, he planned to insult me first, and I injured him to protect myself.” Jean defended.

“It’s okay, I know.” Director Bin waved his hand impatiently, and said, “Just listen to Director Alex’s meaning. Let’s close it for two days before talking.”

What? Jean lives, angry.

“How can you do this? Why shut me off?! I’m right!!” Jean protested.

The little police officer stepped forward and sighed, “Miss Qin, let’s go! Don’t make our chief embarrassed.”

“You have no right to shut me off!!”


The police officer dragged Jean who was struggling to leave.

“Who are you going to lock up?”

Quill, only a cool questioning sounded to the door of the police station.

The sound is not loud, but it is full of deterrence.

Then, she saw a group of people in black walking in coldly from outside, and in the middle of the crowd, the man shining like a star was the young master of Allison Sect, Jack.

When Jean saw his appearance, she couldn’t help but feel happy. However, recalling the words she had said before, her expression went dark again.

Isn’t he here to save her?!

“Jack Allison?” Alex and Bin hurriedly got up and respectfully greeted the people walking in the door.

“Jack Allison, what is the wind that blows you here!! This makes our little police station shine!!” Director Bin kept complimenting and hurriedly picked up a chair personally. Jack sat down.

“Jack Allison, why are you here?” Alex also asked him flattered.

And only the opposite Jean kept her lips pressed tightly, without saying a word.

“I’ll take a look at what’s going on with Director Alex’s injury,” Jack said lightly, glanced at the opposite Jean with a cold look, then turned to look at Alex, waved lazily. Here, Dr. Li, help the security guide to check the injury and see if the injury is serious.”

Alex was flattered, unexpectedly Jack would invite him for himself, and hurriedly laughed, “Jack Allison, you are so troubled, in fact, you just broke some skin, and it doesn’t matter.”

“So…” Jack nodded lazily.

Jack, raised his chin, compared to the opposite Jean, and asked, “What about her? What do you plan to do?”

“We are about to detain her for a few days before talking!” Bin hurriedly said.

“Detention?” Jack raised his eyebrows and asked lightly.

The slender fingers tapped lazily on the table like a rhythm, making a soft sound.

The movements are very random, but there seems to be a trembling force so that everyone present can’t help but squeeze a cold sweat.

The atmosphere is like freezing.


She doesn’t know how long it took, Jack called to him.

His enchanting eyebrows were smiling, but he was extremely cold, and asked him, “Do you know who she is?”

Jack’s words shocked Alex, his expression suddenly changed for a second, “Isn’t she… Jean?”

“Come, come here…”

Jack didn’t answer Alex’s words, only Jean beckoned.

Jean was stunned for a second, looked at Jack on the opposite side, hesitated, and finally walked towards him.

Now it seems that he…is going to be here to bail her!

This subtle movement caused Alex and Director Bin to change their “colors” at the same time. In a moment, their faces were as “white” as a white paper.

“Jack…Allison, I…I…I don’t know, please forgive me this time!!”

As he spoke, Alex knelt directly in front of Jack with a bang.

This action was undoubtedly frightening Jean.

Jack’s expression did not change at all, but he was still sitting lazily with his legs folded, hands, and supporting that beautiful charming face. He raised his head and looked at Jean, “What do you want to do?”

“Ms. Jean, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I’m Alex who doesn’t know, please have a lot of you, please let me go! I promise there will never be another time! Miss Jean…”

Alex knelt on the ground, begging Jean with a trembling voice.

It was the first time that Jean had seen a man who could be humbled like this. She was so scared that she stepped back several steps and couldn’t say a word.

“You scared her!!” Jack’s face was a little gloomy for an instant.

Subconsciously stretched out his hand, took Jean into his arms, and sat down.

Jean was surprised by his sudden movement and wanted to get up, but she was pressed tightly. She could only hear his cold voice rang in her ears, “If you move again, I will put you in a detention room with this bastard!”


“You dare to try again!!”

Jean was angry.

Jack has always done what he said, no matter where Jean dared to move again, her small body could only sit obediently in his arms, and she didn’t even dare to show up.

Jack lifted his lips in satisfaction.

“Which hand did he “touch” you?”

Jack asked her in a faint tone, holding her waist with his hand, it was very hot.

“Forget it…” Jean doesn’t want to worry about such things anymore, as long as it’s gone next time.

“Then use both hands together! David!”

Regarding such a thing, Jack said so casually, as if it was just such an ordinary thing.

“No, it’s not… Jack, I remember it, it’s… the left hand! Jack, can you stop…”

“Are you interceding for him?”

Jack’s “color” is hard to see in the extreme.

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