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Chapter 31

“No! No!” Jean shook her head, “I just feel that this is too violent, I… don’t like it.”

Jack stunned for a second at Jean’s words.

Quite a while…

“Good!” Jack agreed to her.

“Get off!” Jack coldly ordered Alex, and then cast a deep look at Bin beside him.

“Thank you, Jack Allison, thank you, Miss Jean!! Thank you, thank you…” Alex almost crawled out of the police station, and David followed him out without any delay.

Outside the police station…

“You… what are you going to do…”

There was no trace of blood on Alex’s face, and his whole body was trembling with horror, “Jack Allison said let me go! You can’t do it to me! Ah-“

A miserable scream, accompanied by a “click”, a sound of cracking bones.

Alex’s right hand was easily broken in David’s hand.

“You have to dare to vent the “exposed” a little bit about today’s things, it’s not this hand that is useless!!”

David shook off a cold word, then turned around and went into the police station.

Inside the police station-

Jean hurriedly jumped out of Jack’s arms.

“Jack, thank you…”

She thanked him, her heart was grateful, but she was a little sorry. It seemed that she owed this man more and more.

Jack only glanced at her coolly, his expression was indifferent, without a word, got up, and walked out.


Jean stopped him again.

Jack’s footsteps stopped and looked back at her.

Jean’s eyes didn’t have any ripples.

“You…what is the relationship between you and Emma?” Jean plucked up the courage and asked him.

She doesn’t know why, she seems to care about this issue.

Jack smiled evilly…

The eyes were cold, and he only said, “What is my relationship with her, does it have anything to do with you? Jean, you don’t deserve to ask me a personal question!!”

After speaking, he left without turning his head.

Jean’s white lips were pressed tightly.

“Jean, what did you do!!!”

Kelly sullenly threw the newspaper in front of her, “You even dare to hit the security director, who will dare to use you in the future?!!!”

Jean only felt tired, she didn’t even bother to explain, she only apologized, “I’m sorry…”

“To be angry with you!”

Kelly sat down beside her and reduced the pressure in her heart a little bit, “The company says it will hide you in the snow for a while, you see what to do!”

Jean was stunned for a second, her expression a little bit astringent, “Alright! I also want to take a good rest during this time…”

She is, a little exhausted.

Kelly looked at the weak girl in front of her and sighed, “Sometimes I feel that you are not suitable for this circle!”

Jean put her head on the table, closed her eyes, and said nothing.

“Okay! You can take a good rest during this time! I’ll beg the company when the limelight is over.”

“En…” Jean nodded, smiled faintly, a little apologetic, “Thanks for your hard work, Kelly.”

“Okay! Go back and rest quickly! I will let Leo send you off.”

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Jean returned to her lonely home.

It’s been ten days since she divorced Mike, and the other person is no longer there, but the things haven’t had time to move away, so that every time Jean goes home, there will be an illusion as if he is still there.

Lying on the sofa, inexplicably, her eyes were red again.

“The password is correct.”

Suddenly, Jean on the sofa was surprised when the door lock rang.

In the next instant, Mike was seen coming in from outside, and beside him was…Emma!

“I’m here to move things.” Mike’s voice was extremely cold.

Emma only glanced at Jean mockingly, and then followed Mike upstairs, “Mike! You can get some important things! I will buy clothes for you when I come. It’s been washed by some people, I don’t like it.”


Mike seemed to spoil her so much, as long as it was her words, he would listen.

Jean stood downstairs, staring at their backs stupidly, her hands falling on both sides of her body, her hands tightening.

Her heart trembled fiercely.

She doesn’t know if it is painful or angry because of that unwillingness.

Jean didn’t want to see them back and forth again, and went upstairs, preparing to go back to her room to sleep, but before she walked to the stairwell, she was stopped by Emma.

A bunch of photos was thrown on Jean’s cheek, “Shameless!!”

This is the wedding photo of Jean and Mike.

The photo struck Jean’s cheeks, painful.

But at this moment, she has no time to care so much, “Where did this photo come from?”

She… doesn’t understand!!!

Their wedding photos have never been taken in small photos because Mike does not allow it! But now? Why are there so many small photos in Emma’s hands? Did it come out of Mike’s room?

“Jean, don’t pretend it! Isn’t this picture you hiding in the drawer of Mike?”

Emma sneered, “Do you think that Mike will love you like this? Will you be missed? Overpowering!!”

It’s not like this!!!

This photo is not hers! It’s Mike!!!

She is going to Mike to ask for clarity! Why? Why do you still keep their wedding photos secretly without loving her?!

Jean bent over to pick up the photos on the ground.

Of course, as soon as the little hand touched the photo, she was severely stepped on by a foot wearing sharp stilettos.

It’s Emma.

“Hiss-” Jean exhaled in pain, and tears almost came out of her eyes, “Take your feet away!!”

It hurts!!!

Of course, as if she couldn’t hear Jean’s pain, Emma’s strength was a bit heavier, “Jean, I hate you since I first saw you!!”

The needle-like pain on the back of her hand made Jean sore her nose, “Emma, take your feet away!!”

Jean raised her head, her eyes were red, and she stared at the woman in front of her angrily.

However, Emma proudly raised her head and sneered in disdain, but the strength under her feet increased.


Jean screamed in pain, and at that moment, she felt as if her hand was about to break.

Subconsciously, stretched out her hand, grabbed her leg, and pushed back.

Taking into account the child in Emma’s arms, Jean’s strength has been appropriately reduced, but before she could return to her senses, Emma’s whole body was leaning forward.

“Ah-” a scream…

“Bang bang bang -“

Emma rolled down the stairs.


On the promenade, Mike’s panic cry sounded.

And Jean squatted on the spot for a long time, her mind was abrupt.

His face was as white as a piece of paper.

What just happened?!

Did she push Emma downstairs?

Do not! Not…

Jean shook her head in a panic, “I didn’t push her, it wasn’t…”

She just pushed her back a while ago, her body couldn’t possibly fall forward!!! What’s more, her strength is not heavy…

“Mike, it hurts, it hurts…”

On the ground, Emma clutched her abdomen, screaming in pain, blood continuously poured out of her lower abdomen, dyeing Jean’s eyes red.


Mike ran down the corridor in a panic, and when she passed Jean, he pushed her away angrily and ran towards Emma downstairs.

“Mike, our child… the child… was killed by her, oooooh…”

“It hurts, it hurts…”

Emma paled, crying, crying painfully.

“Emma, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I’ll take you to the hospital…”

Mike picked up Emma who was covered in blood on the ground and ran out of the door frantically.

At that moment, she saw the resentment in Mike’s eyes and the calculated smile at the corner of Emma’s lips…

She was laughing!!!

Because no one would know that this child is a burden to her popularity!!!

Jean couldn’t help shivering, shuddering all over.


“Mr. Blair, I’m sorry! Although Miss Emma was not badly hurt, the child… still failed to keep…”

“woo woo woo woo…”

The doctor’s words caused the weak Emma on the bed to cry bitterly.

There were layers of bloodshot eyes in Mike’s eyes.

With his eyes, he glared fiercely at the pale Jean.

“Jean, you femme-hearted woman!!”

Mike’s hand clamped Jean’s shoulder.

The force between the fingers is very heavy as if it were to be embedded in her shoulder blades.

“Not me!!”

Jean shook her head, very emotional, “I didn’t kill the child!!!”

She yelled at Mike who was out of control on the opposite side.

“I didn’t kill your children!! It was her, Emma, you, and you, who killed your children with your own hands!!!”


Mike raised his hand during the day and slapped Jean’s cheek neatly with a slap.

All of a sudden, she hurt…

She flinched.

Tears poured out wildly.

“You cruel servant!! Even if you want revenge, you can’t find an innocent kid to do it!!!” Mike roared at the sluggish Jean with red eyes.

Jean dropped her hands on both sides, clenching her fists involuntarily.


A slap on Mike’s face fiercely.


Five fingerprints appeared.

This slap was given by Jean!

The palm of her hand is aching…

Tears are blurred.

For the first time, she beat Mike!!!

Everyone in the ward was shocked for a moment.

Mike was there and didn’t move.

Jean turned around and walked towards Emma on the hospital bed…


She slapped Emma’s pale face without hesitation.

Jean’s tears, like rain, poured out from her eyes.

Her heart hurts, and her whole body twitches.

“Emma, to frame others, even her children can be brutally killed! You are not worthy of being a mother! I didn’t slap this for myself, I gave you back for the child in your belly!!!”

After Jean finished speaking, she turned around… stepped out of the ward indifferently.

But at the moment when the door was closed, she couldn’t help covering her mouth and crying bitterly.

But at this moment, she didn’t know that the scene in the ward just now had been secretly recorded by the paparazzi.

The next day-

Overwhelming news and public opinion attacked her strongly.

In the newspaper, Jean was full of pictures of her hitting Mike and Emma.

The news content put Emma so weak, and Jean beat her sister out of jealousy, and even the child in her belly was brutally killed. The most annoying thing is that all of them are pointed the finger at Jean, and Emma is Mike’s real fiancée, and the media even pointed out that her previous reports with Jack were just scandals.

Chapter 32

Suddenly, almost all netizens on the Internet began to complain about her “snake-hearted” woman and even shouted that she should be brought to justice.

“Jean, you have never been so hot like you are now!”

James, the head of the entertainment company, was holding the tablet, and angrily brushing the meager, “You are already on the meager hot topic now! Good job, Jean, you are really good!!!”

“Mr. James, don’t do this! Jean also has her difficulties.” Kelly was busy comforting her.

To tell the truth, Kelly felt that Jean’s actions were a bit too aggressive in the previous fight against Alex, but she supported the “rapist” husband and “women” of Emma and Mike!

“There are difficulties? What is the use of telling me about them? Go and explain to these mobs! You go and tell them about your difficulties, you don’t think they understand! Also, those you used to endorse in the image of a lady Goods, now everyone is boycotted by netizens, and every manufacturer is screaming to sue you! Now your sister wants to sue you for intentional harm, and the company can’t stop it. Let’s see how to deal with this stuff!!”

James’s words shocked Kelly.

It seems that even she didn’t expect things to deteriorate to this point.

On the side, Jean remained expressionless, sitting there with a pale face, without saying a word.

“Jean, since your debut, you have asked yourself how much benefit you have brought to the company. Look at these things you are making now. Every one of them is not trivial. The company has to wipe your ass for you. , Do you think a company will need such employees? I know, you have been observing your “fuck” and reluctant to wrong yourself a little bit, but shame is here, Jean, this circle has always been so muddy, you if you can’t stand the unspoken rules here, you can quit! At least, we don’t need a third-rate actor who is worthless!!!”

James’s words pierced Jean’s heart.

“Sorry, President James…”

Jean took a deep breath and stood up, her expression indifferent, as if she didn’t have any extra expressions.

The pale lips were pursed, a little dry, and a long time, before she heard her dumbly continued, “These things…I will find a way to deal with them! I’m sorry, I made you and the company bother!!”

She bowed guiltily to James, then turned around and walked out of the company for a moment.

Kelly sighed as she looked at her sadly leaving back.

This girl, it’s not easy to walk all the way…

Jean didn’t expect that, as soon as she got out of the company, she was surrounded by a group of people.

These people are not reporters, but Emma’s fans.

“She came out!!”

Someone yelled, and then a few burly men rushed to Jean in one step, smashing dozens of eggs on her without mercy.

“Jean, you shameless woman!! Why are you hitting Emma and apologize to her!!”

“Apologize publicly to her!!”


The egg, like a rain forest, slammed Chao Jean’s face crazy.

The egg blossoms spread, and the egg whites slid from the forehead to the cheeks, dispelling the faint rouge on her face…

So down!

She subconsciously covered her head with her hands, but her lips were kept tight, she stubbornly refused to say a word, let alone look at the hateful faces in the crowd.

“You femme-hearted woman! You still have Emma’s child!!” A female fan yelled in the crowd.

“Beat her!! Say bad anger for Jean!!”

After a loud shout, someone rushed up, too late for Jean to return to her senses, and slapped her fragile with a slap.

This slap was not light.

So that her whole body couldn’t help but sway.

Tears kept rolling in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to drop a tear.

“Why are you hitting me!!!”

In the egg rainforest, Jean screamed angrily at the mob.

She’s right!!! But can she tell this group of people here? Who would believe her? Who wants to believe her?!

“Slap…” A girl rushed over, slapped her severely, and kicked her.

Everyone turned a deaf ear to her screaming.

“What are you doing? What are you doing!!! Ah?” Finally, the company’s security personnel discovered the strangeness here, and a group of people rushed over and broke the violent elements beating Jean away.

“Miss Jean, you go quickly!”

“Thank you…”

With tears in her tears, Jean thanked him in a low voice, nodded politely, and prepared to leave.

However, after inadvertently scanning the entertainment news on the screen on the wall, her steps suddenly froze.

On TV, it was Emma who was not someone else.

A press conference is like a TV drama with bitterness, and Emma is the heroine of this drama, and of course, she is also a screenwriter and director.

Going into battle with illness, her face is pale, tears are rippling…

“I only know that she has always loved Mike, but I never thought that she would suddenly fight me, or even push me downstairs…”

Emma cried…


“Bang…” The countless eggs smashed toward Jean again, and the insults continued.

But she still stood there, quietly looking at the ugly face on the screen.

Back of hand…

At the center, there is already a bruise, and there is still a lot of pain there.

That’s the pain that the ugly woman on the screen gave her!!!

But now, she is pointing at her…

Frame her as a murderer!!!

“The child is because she doesn’t have it. I don’t know what to do. I can only listen to Mike. After all, Jean is still my sister…”

Look! Emma started acting again!!! If she doesn’t get the actress award this year, is she too wronged?!

Mike Blair was also there at this press conference.

At this moment, he did not shy away from it and held Emma’s hand tightly.

Jean’s heart was ruthlessly “kneaded” to pieces…

When he married her before, he didn’t want to make it public, but now it is Emma, but he can show his love in such a generous way!

Mike, do you really… love her so much?!

Tears shed…

Jean heard him say on TV, “I will not allow my children and my fiancée to suffer any harm! Miss Jean, if you are on the other side of the TV, then please listen carefully. I won’t just leave things like that, even if you’re just being “sexy”, I think you should take the necessary responsibility for your willfulness! Sorry, I can’t listen to Emma’s words, I still follow my Personal opinion, because of your bad behavior, my child was killed. So, from now on, I will formally sue you!”


Mike’s voice was as cold as thousand-year-old ice, and it pierced Jean’s heart, causing her to laugh ridiculously.

Tears flowed silently…

Eggs and tomatoes are like heavy rain, constantly slamming at her.


My body hurts, but my heart hurts even more…

Hands, hanging on both sides…

The tampering gets tighter!!!

Mike, Emma…

Why, why do you have to “force” step by step on the path of absolute?

Jean turned around and walked out of the crowd…


“Jean, you devil!! You are going to jail sooner or later!!”


Behind her, the yelling voice haunted her like a fierce beast…

The steps under her feet were getting faster and faster until finally, she started to run wildly on the road…

Shouting with exhaustion, crying hysterically!!!

All passers-by regarded her as a madman, but only she knew that she was not a madman, but a fool, a foolish person who was played around by ugly people.


The madness spread down and fell on her devastated.

She stood outside the big Iron Gate, slapping the door lock with all her strength, “Open the door!!! Jack, please open the door…”

The tears of despair shed like a flood.

At this moment, she was as devastated as a beggar abandoned by the world!!!


In the rain and fog, Jean was desperate, yelling the man’s name!!!


This man…can help her!!!

It can help her keep pace, and it can help her to put all the people who trample on her under their feet!!!

In a luxurious villa

Thomas Allison was sitting in front of the fireplace looking at the exquisite picture album in front of him, and the man who turned the book for him was his brother Jack.


Finally, he couldn’t help but raise his head and look at his brother.

“The big cat has been barking outside for a long time…” Thomas Allison reminded him.

“What?” Jack curled the corners of his lips demonly, “Does her heartily?”

Big hand, caressed his head fondly, warning like a reminder, “Don’t worry about others, especially her.”

The tone was plain but inexplicably deterrent.

“I just think she is noisy.” Thomas Allison explained.

Jack picked up the corners of his mouth before he ordered David to the side, “Let Miss Jean go directly to the sixth floor to find me.”


David nodded and went out.

“Sister, please come over and help the young master look through the book.” Jack gave a light command, patted Thomas’s head, “Brother will not accompany you.”

“Well, brother, go ahead and do your job!”

Sixth floor-

The lone figure stood by the window, the enchanting blue eyes grabbed the desolate figure in the rain, and the cool lips lifted deeply.

There are too many complicated feelings in that smile that is not a smile…

Like ridicule, like disdain, or the joy of victory!!!


My fish, you finally got the bait!!!

Jean stood naked on the white Persian carpet.

The rain, glued with egg whites and tomato residues, poured over the top of the head…

Contaminated on her body, she was disappointed.

Tears, poked in the scarlet eyes… kept spinning, but she stubbornly refused to let them fall.


Her fists fell on the sides, tampering tightly.

The little arm was still trembling, and she didn’t know if it was cold or angry!!!

Having known Jean for so many days, it was the first time he saw her so emotionally excited.

“Do those things you said before count?” She asked him dumbly, her voice trembling.

Jack was buried in the sofa, squinting his eyes lazily, so that he could look at the woman opposite in his spare time.

Thin lips, moved, the sword eyebrows raised slightly, and asked her in a puzzled way, “Did I say anything to you?”

His hand lazily supported his enchanting chin, and there was a cool chuckle between his lips.

“You said, let me be your woman!!”

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