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Chapter 33

Jean’s eyes were covered in mist, and her vision became a little blurred.

In a daze, she seemed to see the ridiculous smile on his lips, “Miss Jean, I don’t remember what I said…”

He paused for a second, Jack smiled, and then turned to say, “I just remember, I told you to be Jack’s…bed, slave!!”

He bit the words ‘bed, slave’ very hard.

Jean’s tears flowed down helplessly…

The shoulders shivered fragilely…

Long time…

“Okay…” Her voice choked, already hoarse, “I promise you…”

The whole body was shaking constantly.

She no longer dared to raise her eyes to look at the man opposite.

At that moment, her heart completely turned to ashes, sank to the bottom of the sea…

Jack smiled wantonly, that smile was cold.

“I also have my conditions…”

Jean’s fists were clenched tightly, and her face was as pale as paper.


“I want to be red!!” Jean raised her eyes, her firm water eyes met Jack’s unfathomable pair of eyes, “Jack, I want you to cheer me up! I will be a more popular star than Emma!!!”

This is her condition!!!

Moreover, she believed that this condition was just a matter of a flash of a finger for Allison Sect Young Master!!!

Jack condensed a smile…

Jean, it turns out that you are nothing but that!!!


He agreed to her and the agreement was formally established.

Jack folded his legs lazily, with his head tilted in his palms, and squinted at her who was dirty on the opposite side.

Jack said, “Take off your clothes…”

The plain tone, but extremely compelling, made Jean tremble all over.

Jack said, “Take off your clothes…”

The plain tone, but extremely compelling, made Jean tremble all over.

Seeing her motionless, Jack frowned slightly, and stood up lazily, “Miss Jean, your sincerity seems…”

“I take it off!!”

Jean shuddered and shouted.

Her shoulders were trembling, her wet hands trembling, bit by bit, she moved the buttons on his chest…

One after another…

The buttons were loosened, and the pink lace breasts-clothes gradually appeared.

The “sex” feeling of ‘still holding the half-hidden made the whole bedroom boil for a while.

Jack’s monster eyes are a bit sunken…

Jean closed her eyes resignedly.

He has to admit that this woman is extremely beautiful…

From the face, all the way to the toes, there was no flaw in it.

The blushing face of Jean, the “sex”-feeling collarbone, the slender waist is gripped, and the pink pants cover her shyness.

The slender legs are plump and delicate, and the white skin is full of seductive “flash” red, standing close together, shaking constantly with horror.

And such a delicate woman, like a lonely fallen leaf in the cold wind, was down and out, yet she exudes a charm that men can’t help but cherish.

For an instant, the air condensed…

The heat, immersed in the bedroom, made Jack unable to help but narrow his eyes.


He muttered and ordered her.

She beckoned to him lazily, staring at his eyes as hot as it would burn her.

Jean looked at him with misty eyes…

She hesitated for a while, bit her lip, and then moved towards him.

When half a meter away from him…

As soon as he probed his hand, he directly pulled the opposite her into his arms and sat down on his legs.

Let her…

Spread your legs apart and sit facing him.

“Don’t… don’t do this…”

Jean panicked.

The embarrassment is written on the face, and the cowardice is even stronger.

Because there was only a small amount of cover left, Jean was too embarrassed to look at him.

Jack turned a deaf ear to her embarrassment.

The big burning hands, intentionally or unintentionally, touched her white tender skin…

Jean was horrified for a second, her face suddenly pale…

Jean’s body squeezed, tears almost overflowed in her eyes, “I…I haven’t prepared…”

Jack snorted demon coolly, “This is not for you!! Bed/slave only obediently can bear it!!”


Jean opened her lips as if she wanted to say something, but before she could say her words, the man’s arrogant kiss had already rained on her.

In an instant, breathing started to become unsmooth…

The hot and humid kiss moved down from her trembling lips, past the tender neck, and continued to Jean’s white and weak shoulders…

Following his kiss, Jean’s delicate body trembled more and more to leave.


With his hand, he rudely tore off her pink breasts-clothes…

With a soft “hiss-“, the clothes were torn in half.

Jack only felt tightness in his lower abdomen for no reason, every cell seemed to scream for her!!!

This feeling made him unexpected.


Jean couldn’t help but whisper…

Tears flowed down her delicate cheeks.

As if feeling her pain, Jack’s lips and teeth became rougher, sucking her lips and tongue, and constantly torturing her.

At last…

Jean couldn’t stand it and closed her eyes resigning.

She can only let him, tear her whole soul to pieces!!!

In her mind…

It was all the ugly faces of Mike and Emma!!!

She told herself unwillingly in her heart, Jean, the road was your choice!!!

So… don’t cry, don’t regret it!!!

Jack’s scorching breath wandered wildly on every inch of her sensitive skin…

Every kiss almost made Jean dizzy under her.

Faced with such a passionate provocation-teasing, no matter how shy she was, she was about to be overwhelmed.

The petite body shuddered constantly, but it was no longer the embarrassment at first, but a kind of excitement that was difficult to suppress……

With her trembling little hand, she went to hold Jack’s restless face, trying to stop the “lost” kiss.

However, the strength in the hands is not able to make any difference, so she can only let it go, bit by bit, attacking the city on her jerky body…

But suddenly…


With Jean’s roar, Jack already occupied her deeply without her preparation.

Let her sit on his lap…

Without a trace of seams, it swallowed up his huge searing heat!!!

Jean closed her eyebrows because of the pain, her forehead was already covered with a thin layer of sweat…

The little hands firmly grasped his sturdy arms, her lips had already been bitten by her teeth and almost lost her color.


She finally couldn’t help but groan in pain, tears slipped from her eyes…

She never knew it turned out, for the first time, it hurts so much!!!

Not only the body hurts, but the heart also hurts more!!!

It seemed that the heart was torn apart fiercely along with the thin membrane.

The feeling of betraying the soul…

So awkward, but also so disgusting!!!

Jean, it turns out that you are nothing but that!!!

A few days ago, she told Emma so arrogantly that she disdains to rely on her body to be in power, but now?

Isn’t her current self reduced to such a sad point…

“The first time, it always hurts! Just bear with it, it will be better soon!!”

A low-pitched voice, still full of erotic factors, sounded above her head, and a faint tone comforted her.

Jack never knew…

It turns out that the taste of a woman can be so beautiful!!!

Woman, he hasn’t touched her, but, like her so tight that he can’t control himself, it’s the first time he has met…

Jean didn’t speak, just bit her red lips, letting the pain permeate her body a little bit…

Jack’s movements slowed down unconsciously, looking at the small face that was distorted by pain, he finally stopped the movement of his waist…

The faintly blue eyes, with the fireworks of desire, stared at her deeply.

Hot sweat, on their tightly attached, shed…

It was sticky, and there was a strong smell of lust, which was so ambiguous that Jean couldn’t help but blush, and she did not dare to look at him more.

At last…

Jack moved slightly as if testing something…

“Does it hurt?”

He muttered and asked her.

Jean narrowed her eyebrows slightly but did not answer.

Looking at her painful little face, Jack couldn’t help but chuckle.

His thin lips touched her pale red lips gently…

With a dumb voice, he smiled, “Don’t put on a painful look, it seems that my technique makes you very dissatisfied!”

Jack’s teasing words made Jean blush, but she felt that she was getting up faster and faster…

The strength is getting bigger and bigger…

Jean’s small hand, subconsciously climbed onto his sturdy shoulder…

Feeling the change in her body’s adaptation, Jack became more excited.

He has to admit that this woman has him, the taste of expectation!!!

Her body…

More like a poppy-like drug!!!

Knowing that he shouldn’t be too enamored, but he just couldn’t control himself…

Only crazy, want her!!!

Constantly trying to find happiness in her…

Again and again!!!

Chapter 34

He hugged her, moved from the sofa to the big bed…

In the end, the two fell into the charming bathtub together…

And he didn’t mean to give up yet.

Jack couldn’t bear to let her go until Jean whimpered and began to beg for mercy in a low pain.

In the bathtub…

She was like a ball of slime without any life, lying in his arms, her body no longer had any strength…

It is even difficult to speak!

He seems to be going too far…

However, she had already been eaten and “touched”, but she was still reluctant to let him taste.

With arms around her tightly, the hot and humid lips, still like a fire, kept chewing on her white neck…

The heavy gasp also foreshadows her desire and dissatisfaction!

This feeling made Jean in his arms a little panic…

“I…I really can’t…”

As if afraid that he would continue, Jean tremblingly said.

Jack picked up his head and gazed at her deeply, Jean’s lips rose slightly unconsciously.

It seems that tonight is exhausting her…

Jean is tired!!!

She has never been as tired as today!!!

The body is tired, the heart is more tired…

At this moment, she can only collapse in his arms, struggling, panting…

Bigmouth, big mouth!!!

She seemed to have just come off the battlefield, and her body was sore that she fell apart.

“Soaking in a hot bath will make you more comfortable…”

Jack comforted her with a dumb voice.

“Come on, get your hands up.”

He grabbed her hands and placed them on the edge of the tank, with her body facing him.

Jean was a little shy, “Jack, what are you doing?”

Then, as soon as she asked, she felt a pair of hot hands that had drifted away on her slender shoulders, constantly “kneading”…

Strong, just right!!!

Then, massage her…

From the shoulders to the waist…

Jean squeezed, but she couldn’t resist this comfortable feeling.

As if by magic, gradually, the soreness in the body seemed to be relieved by his hand…


She lay on the edge of the tank, closing her eyes…

There were tears in her eyes.

In a low voice, murmured, “I still became like them…”

Her heart hurts!!!

Her words caused Jack to pause for a second, and then, in the next moment, he stretched out his hand to embrace her soft body.

“Sleep when you are tired!”

His tone is exceptionally gentle.

Let her fall asleep in his arms, soaking her painful body in warm water.

Because Jean was too tired, she finally fell asleep.

When Jean woke up, it turned out to be late at night.

Opening her eyes, what she saw was not Jack’s demon-cooled face, but a…unfamiliar handsome face.

The handsome eyebrows, the deep black eyes like ink, a pair of thin and evil lips under the straight nose peak, the ultimate beauty, but without losing a tough air.

Jean froze slightly, and she couldn’t help but relax for a while.

“Miss Jean, don’t be afraid, I am not a bad person.”

The man smiled, with a gentleman’s smile on his lips.

“My name is Jacob, Jack Allison’s exclusive doctor, and friend.” He introduced himself politely, “You suddenly have a high fever, so I am here to see you on the order of Jack.”

Does she have a high fever?

Jean “touched” her forehead, and the temperature was not low as expected, “Thank you.”

She showed her face, thanked him, her face was still pale.

“No thanks, I should.”

He smiled gracefully, and continued, “Let’s take a break! The high fever should be gone after a while. I won’t accompany you, for now, I have to report your situation to Jack Allison.”

“Okay.” Jean nodded, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“No.” He pursed his lips and smiled before exiting her room.

On the top of the building, in the “exposed” coffee shop-

From a distance, He saw Jack standing by the railing.

He leaned lazily in front of the railing, still casually dangling a cigarette in his hand.

The warm light of the pale yellow “color” poured down from his side, faintly covering it as if it gave him a golden “color” halo.

The beautiful and enchanting facial features become more mysterious and charming at this moment…

Undoubtedly, this man is beautiful…

It’s the kind, the beauty is at its extreme, even Jacob, as a man, has times when he is silly.

It’s just that behind such a handsome man, how much burden is carried…

Everyone knows that Allison Sect Young Master’s methods are so ruthless that every shouting person is frightened.

Some people say that when Jack Allison gets angry, Asia will tremble three times, but so far, his Allison Sect Young Master has been angry once…

That time, his brother Thomas was kidnapped by the Gang, the leader of the Asian underworld, because of the hatred of the rivers and lakes. As a result, that night…

It is rumored that all the affiliated stores of Gang were blood-bathed…

Rumor has it that the fire almost burned the entire Gang.

It is also rumored that the bloodshed from the gang that night almost stained the streets of Osaka, Japan…

Jack has always been so cruel and unrelenting towards people who hate!

And he is carrying a so-called, unshakable hatred!!!

It was this kind of hatred that made Jack unconsciously reveal an air of ice and desert all over his body, which always made people shudder.

“Jack Allison.”

Jacob approached him and took a sip of the still-hot coffee.

Jack glanced at him with demon-cool blue eyes, “How’s it going?”

He took a deep breath of the cigarette in his hand and asked him coolly.

“It’s okay, it’s just a bit of wind and cold.” He leaned back on the railing lazily and returned.

“En…” Jack let out a deep “groan”, expressing his understanding.

“Jack Allison, you and this lady whose surname is Glover…”

“Don’t say something that shouldn’t be said.” Jack interrupted him without waiting for him to finish.

His tone was still unhappy, but the sense of deterrence emanating from the inside out made people shudder.

But, Jacob is not someone else!

For Jack, it is more fear than fear.

“Jack Allison, I just hope you can think about Ava’s feelings a little bit, after all, she is your fiancée!”

While talking, Jacob lit a cigarette and smoked himself.

Jack chuckled, his blue eyes flickering, and he couldn’t see the expression in his eyes.

Jack squinted deeply, looking at Jacob who was aside, “Do you still love her?”

Jacob’s faint eyes froze for a while, and then shook his head for a while, “I don’t love anymore…”

He said calmly, “But I still hope she can be happy…”


Ah! Jack laughed lightly, “Jacob, don’t always think of yourself as a saint, no one in this world can give anyone happiness!”

Jack’s words made him startled…

“Don’t you admire Ava?”

Jack frowned, “Is love and not love that important?”

He sighed lightly, “Love it!”

At least, he is willing to marry her!

At least, he is willing to spoil her!

At least, in his heart, that woman is the holiest and inviolable!

At least, in his heart, no woman in this world can be more important than her!!!

Isn’t that enough?

Jacob sighed leisurely, only hope that this smart man in front of him won’t be mistaken by his cleverness!

“Go back by yourself! I’ll go see her.”

Jack said suddenly, after speaking, he went downstairs.

Jean was lying on the bed, staring at the pale ceiling blankly.

Eye sockets, can’t help being moist again…

She was a little dizzy, and her body was a little tired, but unfortunately, she just couldn’t sleep.

In her mind, there are all scenes of the love between her and that man…

Jean never knew it was such a feeling, so painful, yet so exciting…

The thought that she even had under him for a moment, she felt ashamed and angry.

Suddenly, only the sound of the bedroom door rang.

Jean was stunned, and for a moment, she closed her eyes quickly, not daring to look at the black figure approaching her at the door.

For a while…

The soft bed seemed a bit sunken.

He sat down on the edge of her bed.

Yeah, Jean only felt a wicked heat pouring toward her nose…

Eyebrows jumped nervously twice.

“Jean, if you pretend to sleep, I kissed it.”

Jack’s enchanting voice sounded directly above Jean.

Jean was so scared that she opened her eyes without even thinking about it.

In the next instant, a wicked kiss swept towards her like a wave…

Thin lips, hot.

With her red and swollen lips, he seemed to swallow her alive.


Jean struggled and vaguely accused the man of her, “Liar!!”

Jack smiled.

The big hand grabbed her restless little hand and smiled wickedly at her.

That smile…

Demonly, Jean was stunned for almost a second.

This man…

Beautiful as a stunner!!!

But, aren’t all beautiful men bad? Why is this man so wicked, yet he is so strong, even below…

It was so strong that she couldn’t resist it at all!!!

“I never said that I won’t kiss you unless you pretend to sleep!”



“Looking at me so obsessively, I would think…you still want…”

Jack’s evil voice was fascinated by the demon, making Jean’s heart tremble, but she quickly recovered and wanted to push him, “Jack, stop making trouble, I’ll be quick Worn out.”

Jean was ashamed and annoyed.


Jack’s cell phone rang untimely.

He took the phone and took a look at it. It was a little surprising that it was Ava’s call.

Jack let go of Jean, did not hesitate, picked up the phone, and walked to the balcony of the bedroom.

“Ava, why did you call so late?”

In his mellow voice, there was an unconcealed favor.

Such sincere petting made Jean’s heart jump.

Eyes subconsciously followed him.

“Want to come back? What’s the matter? Unhappy living over there?”

Jack seemed to be particularly concerned about the girl on the phone.

“En! Well, you want to come back and I’ll pick you up…”

Jean retracted her gaze and stared at the ceiling blankly.

Blink, blink again.

The heart, inexplicably, a bit astringent.


Jack can also be so gentle and so flesh and blood…

She thought that he had always spoken the kind of high above, cold and cold, and taught people not to get close at will!

It turns out that this feeling depends on people!!!


Who is she? Is she his girlfriend?

Thinking of this, Jean’s heart gave a fierce chuckle, it was as if she had remembered something important.

During the day, she was so dazzled by anger and fear that she suddenly forgot about him having a girlfriend!!!

Jean panicked…

Does this mean that, like Emma, she became a despicable junior?!

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